Kristaps Porzingis Makes Mavericks Debut With Luka Doncic


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  • Reuben Ahmed
    Reuben Ahmed  4 days back


    • Sublime Music Channel
      Sublime Music Channel  5 days back

      Odds on how long his body holds out? One month? Six? Feel free to seek your local bookie.

      • Sublime Music Channel
        Sublime Music Channel  4 days back

        @Lena 51 I'm actually a mean OPTIMIST. List the GREAT 7 footers in today's track-meet version of NBA basketball whose bodies can and have tolerated running up and down court to shoot the quick three in 7 seconds or less. There ARE none. This is why the game's been taken over by smaller guys. Investing in a 7 footer as one of your "big two" (or three) is as risky as betting on one winning the next Olympics' 100 meter dash. I don't mean it CAN'T happen, only that there's a REALLY good reason it hasn't happened yet--their bodies aren't made for that, they're just not. Sorry.

      • Lena 51
        Lena 51  4 days back

        Are you pure pessimist or just a mean one?

      • MavsFanForLife
        MavsFanForLife  4 days back

        Ain't worried. MFFLs now how good the medical staff is in Dallas. They're able to condition Dirk to play til he's 40, you know.

    • Michael Brice
      Michael Brice  5 days back

      These guys going to be a problem. Mavs making the playoffs

    • Zach Peysakhovich
      Zach Peysakhovich  5 days back

      Kp averaging 24,9,2.6

      • Adam  Fofana
        Adam Fofana  4 days back

        @Zach Peysakhovich I think he will eventually, but not coming back after a year and a half

      • Zach Peysakhovich
        Zach Peysakhovich  5 days back

        @Adam Fofana he avergaed 2.4 in his third season so I think he can top that

      • Adam  Fofana
        Adam Fofana  5 days back

        I think 24,7.7, 1.9Blk

    • Jake Smith
      Jake Smith  5 days back

      Guy looked a bit rusty but he played A LOT better than I thought he would.

      • Adolfo Rios
        Adolfo Rios  5 days back

        Porzingod out here pullin it from 30 ... jeez him and luka looking nasty

        • Jhosen Rendon
          Jhosen Rendon  6 days back

          Luca and Kristaps = Stallion & Unicorn

          • Run The Likes
            Run The Likes  6 days back

            The pelicans will not win 30 games

            • Chugg
              Chugg  6 days back

              Run The Likes dats cap

          • Ryzha
            Ryzha  6 days back

            Deadly duo don't sleep ppl 👀

            • Amazinj Muzik
              Amazinj Muzik  6 days back

              lukas lob passes are not accurate. he needs to stop or hes gona get a team mate injured like what happened to Gordon Hayward

              • Lover Baseball
                Lover Baseball  22 hours back

                @Amazinj Muzik Have you ever heard of a guy named Dwight Powell?

              • Amazinj Muzik
                Amazinj Muzik  4 days back

                Mike Jones lmao nah its because luka isnt playing with deandre jordan, or someone like javale mcgee or anthony davis that will go get it no matter how bad the pass is. porzingas not athletic like that. luka wont be throwing them lobs alot on this unathletic team. mavs are the euro team of the nba just stick to euro style ball movement and hes good. not the fancy lobs with this team.

              • Mike Jones
                Mike Jones  4 days back

                he's white that's why

              • The Troll Judge
                The Troll Judge  4 days back

                To Lukas agrument he always throws pretty lob passes that’s what he’s know for when you said he needs to stop that’s the dumbest thing you could say. But i do agree in this game he did throw him a high one that could of been scary a bit . But hell hes 7’3 luka thought he could go up with out jumping lol

              • Amazinj Muzik
                Amazinj Muzik  5 days back

                Leland Nixon yup. but they are so focused on catching and finishing a bad lob pass, that they miss time the landing too. especially in traffic. luka needs to be careful with those setups. make the safe pass

            • ThA MAN C MAcK
              ThA MAN C MAcK  6 days back

              Dude that’s a fresh combo.

              Win some you lose some but Luka & The Unicorn is a cool combo.

              Even fresher that they’re taking over for Dirk too.

              Freshest White Boys in the Game. Lol

              Is a fire combo.

              • ThA MAN C MAcK
                ThA MAN C MAcK  4 days back

                Sublime Music Channel
                Why would I need to explain?

                And you seriously don’t get it?

                It’s a statement, they’re a fresh new duo but there’s no reason It would matter to me if they’re no longer playing fresh except for wanting to see everyone play fresh so from that stand point but there’s always fresh duos our there.

                Harden & Westbrook is a heck of a lot fresher than these two.

              • Sublime Music Channel
                Sublime Music Channel  4 days back

                @ThA MAN C MAcK You like their being "fresh" but need it explained why you won't like their no longer being "fresh"? Are you being serious? For the same reason you won't eat this morning's bagel a month from now! ARE YOU SOME KIND OF MORON? HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU NEED THIS EXPLAINED?

              • ThA MAN C MAcK
                ThA MAN C MAcK  4 days back

                Sublime Music Channel
                The bagel & cream cheese “hence” the lol because they’re white boys that was funny but still makes no sense as to why “i’d better hope”

              • ThA MAN C MAcK
                ThA MAN C MAcK  4 days back

                Sublime Music Channel why had I Better hope? Why would I care if they lose their freshness?
                They’re a fresh duo.

              • Sublime Music Channel
                Sublime Music Channel  4 days back

                ​@ThA MAN C MAcK While from what you say you seem prepared to consider them "fresh" at this moment, I would suggest that "freshness" wears off in time. Hence, my reference to the bagel and cream cheese, which will NOT be fresh a month from now, (or even in two days) but, rather, STALE. My sarcastically suggesting "prayer" as your best hope that they remain fresh forever was just that-- sarcasm--because 7 footers playing today's track-meet version of professional basketball have an incredibly difficult time remaining OFF the injured reserve. Witness Porzingis, Joel Embiid, Kevin Durant, Boogie Cousins, Anthony Davis, etc., etc., etc....shall I go on? Should I explain further?

            • CeezyThaGod
              CeezyThaGod  6 days back

              Empty ass arena

              • ROY KAPOOR
                ROY KAPOOR  6 days back

                Unicorn power

                • Wuck Wuck
                  Wuck Wuck  6 days back

                  What an absolute monster. The UNICORN is back and hes going for that MVP.

                  • Reuben Ahmed
                    Reuben Ahmed  4 days back

                    @Sublime Music Channel exactly. zion has a better chance at mvp than premadonna

                  • Sublime Music Channel
                    Sublime Music Channel  5 days back

                    Which he'll win if the take the vote this month before he goes back on injured reserve. Don't hold your breath.

                  • tn15
                    tn15  6 days back

                    @Kenshin Himura you forgot Big Honey

                  • Austin Illagan
                    Austin Illagan  6 days back

                    Kenshin Himura 😂 Tacko and chips

                  • Kenshin Himura
                    Kenshin Himura  6 days back

                    Everyone is going for MVP on this season with chips on their shoulders

                • Von Wiley
                  Von Wiley  6 days back

                  Oh my Oh my

                  • XBeastModeXEPIC
                    XBeastModeXEPIC  6 days back

                    WHAT A SCARY DUO!😨

                    • Mike Jones
                      Mike Jones  4 days back

                      slowcic and porzingis will be back in trash euroleage in 2 years

                    • Sublime Music Channel
                      Sublime Music Channel  5 days back

                      Yeah, for the 8 weeks it'll take for "The Zinger's" body to break down on him. Clear room on your IR list, Mavs fans.