Mark Sievers - Updates From Today and Investigation Homework

  • Published: 03 December 2019
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Comments • 22

  • Danette Costa
    Danette Costa  7 days back

    Thank you, I appreciate you covering all of this. It makes my theory that at-least Wright had something to do with Bolland disappearance and if you check out close up pics of Rodgers tattoos (not against tattoos have some of my own) but his are very specific to murder. I believe both of these people have done this before, Sievers might’ve known this info..and knew exactly who to go to for this horrendous ordeal. :(

    ETA: I saw an interview by the family of Bolland he was the last person to be seen with him. So that’s enough for me to suspect. And for the Rodgers tattoos close ups (they have to take them while processing in jail I think has them documented.

    • free meow
      free meow  1 weeks back

      I never laughed so hard the doggies in the background and jimmy scolding the puppy lol

      • free meow
        free meow  24 hours back

        @miraclehearts2 its my life now lol

      • miraclehearts2
        miraclehearts2  1 days back

        Same! Love checking in to see what Carolyn is doing & what cases she is covering...she's the best!

      • free meow
        free meow  1 days back

        @miraclehearts2 I love this channel keeps me occupied at work and at home

      • miraclehearts2
        miraclehearts2  1 days back

        I know! I don't know why that sounds so cute!!❤️Hilarious!

    • Cathy
      Cathy  1 weeks back

      I thought Angela said her son died 4 months earlier; but I saw her 24 year old daughter died 4 months earlier.

      • Lisa S
        Lisa S  1 weeks back

        I'm going to buy the stuff for the snowmen and maybe get my kids to do them with me this weekend.

        • Linda Ohara
          Linda Ohara  1 weeks back

          I’m here Jim how are you your wife’s live last night was brill

          • Wendy Dickerson
            Wendy Dickerson  1 weeks back


            • margo81172
              margo81172  1 weeks back

              @2scooter chic That was a beautiful message. She had such a beautiful smile and kind eyes. My heart goes out to you. 😢💕

              • margo81172
                margo81172  1 weeks back

                You should hear my old Chihuahua and the 7 month old Dogue De Bordeaux... Their play sounds horrible! Old Chihuahua hurt her back the other night playing too hard. Now the DDB puppy is trying to get the old Pekingese to play and that is not going well.
                That note from the bone bag is extremely creepy 😳

                • MamaAmes
                  MamaAmes  1 weeks back

                  Oh sweet @2scooterchic I’m so sorry for your family. The loss of a child is devastating. Our family knows your pain and I’m praying for you. Sending hugs to you. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

                  • MamaAmes
                    MamaAmes  1 weeks back

                    Cute snowmen!!! We made some over Thanksgiving...I will email you the pics. ♥️

                    • carol clark
                      carol clark  1 weeks back

                      Enjoying the replay this morning, always great! The interview with Anna Lisa was so good, she really was able to compartmentalize her emotions to give clear answers and provide pertinent information. Thanks so much Carolyn!

                      • Janelle Kean
                        Janelle Kean  1 weeks back

                        Thank you for all your hard work! You're the best ❤

                        • Jeannette Hallo
                          Jeannette Hallo  1 weeks back

                          Mommy BTW i love the reindeer sign : Bambi very nice yes the vintage reindeer sign behind you...

                          • Jeannette Hallo
                            Jeannette Hallo  1 weeks back

                            Thank you Mommy for this : i was listening thank you ...again amazing live :) Alot information. Everytime i see pictures of Teresa Sievers i always think wow this beautiful woman : how can he do this to her ? i hope that the jurors will have the right verdict : Mark Sievers is guilty ....He is guilty ...

                            • moeebay1
                              moeebay1  1 weeks back

                              Little Bub died

                              • Your Best Friend
                                Your Best Friend  1 weeks back

                                Just finished replay. These interviews are so interesting, ty Carolyn 💖 2scooter chic 🤗💖 hugs🤗

                                • Jeana 715
                                  Jeana 715  1 weeks back

                                  So creepy about the dog bones!! You know I’ve noticed a lot lately that my Amazon items in the last year or so, are hit or miss. No creepy notes yet. But I’ve also been a long time eBay member, and I feel like that’s exactly what Amazon is now days. They have it set up so anyone can sell through them. I always read reviews, before purchasing anything. 🤔
                                  P.S. I recommend for anything pet related. They’re the cheapest, and the best quality control. They also deliver in 2 business days. :)

                                  • Bethany Scobbie
                                    Bethany Scobbie  1 weeks back

                                    Excellent live MRB.. as always great coverage and mommy could read table salt and make it exciting lol it's her inflexion on certain sounds in words .. thats just so cool to the ear ..

                                    I got in, in the middle again though 😶 . But will rewatch all later .

                                    And fascinating fact Diane Mulroney was saying the witness taylor in the seiver trial was saying mark Sievers is pervy and that the defense certainly weren't expecting that .. I love surprises lol..wonder what the jury made of that comment..🤔🤣. I'm also wondering if mark was doodling that on his note pad 🤣🤣 ... I didn't get back into chat to get more goss but did pop on n off as had to do ze school run .

                                    Luv to mommy n all my fellow ramblers 🤗💜🤗x