Honest Trailers Commentary | Alita: Battle Angel

  • Published: 31 July 2019
  • The writers of Honest Trailers talk about manga adaptations, James Cameron, and battle angels! - it’s Honest Trailers Commentary for Alita: Battle Angel!

    Honest Trailers Commentary | Alita: Battle Angel
    Hosted by Spencer Gilbert
    Featuring Dan Murrell, Joe Starr, & Danielle Radford
    Produced by Ryan O’Toole
    Tech Director: Josh “JTE” Tapia
    Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand
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  • fangal12
    fangal12  2 weeks back

    I keep coming back for the Christoph Waltz impressions

    • Sporkaganza
      Sporkaganza  3 weeks back

      Those Christoph Waltz impressions veered straight into Heinz Doofenshmirtz territory at the end there

      • Kelvin Ordon
        Kelvin Ordon  3 weeks back

        You guys are the reason anime adaptations don’t work. They film makers rush to movie and remove important elements to satisfy movie goers and then that ruins the movie. Same goes for video game movies

        • Rick Jones
          Rick Jones  4 weeks back

          You guys should write critiques for Rotten Tomatoes. You obviously know more than regular viewers that are too stupid to know that the movie actually sucked. You people are as useful as a music critic from Rolling Stone.

          • Michael Smith
            Michael Smith  4 weeks back

            Live Die Repeat was a light novel. Not a manga.

            • Michael Heyness
              Michael Heyness  1 months back

              Yuri on Ice!!!?

              Didn't see that coming, but nice one, JoeJoe.

              • Craig Farnham
                Craig Farnham  2 months back

                Lon Harris is now officially one of my favorite people ever, as I will never again be able to hear the name James Cameron without picturing him ending every meeting by holding his nose and falling backward like a scuba diver.

                • proverbial 42
                  proverbial 42  2 months back

                  You guys stayed too long on that sort of "impression" of Christoph Waltz going Schwarzennegger.

                  • Brittany Hernandez
                    Brittany Hernandez  2 months back

                    I liked this movie.

                    • Kritawat Sae-Lo
                      Kritawat Sae-Lo  2 months back

                      Stop calling Edge of Tomorrow the best manga adaptation. The Novel came out 10 years before manga did. So technically Alita is the best manga adaptation. 😎

                      • NicKeLas
                        NicKeLas  2 months back

                        Besides, although I mostly enjoyed the movie, I felt like the third act was rather disappointing. And it definitely lacked the emotions the novel had. So, I really doubt any of them has read it either. In regards of adapting and keeping it faithful to the source material I agree that "Alita" is much more successful.

                    • Kathleen McDowell
                      Kathleen McDowell  2 months back

                      Love the Waltz impressions...

                      • Jerónimo de Jesús
                        Jerónimo de Jesús  2 months back

                        Dan is so mad about the obvious comparisons with stuff like The Fellowship of the Ring and The Matrix that he stubbornly denies to see.

                        • Carlos A Sanchez
                          Carlos A Sanchez  2 months back

                          I couldn't make it past 10 minutes of these blabbering dorks and their sexist jokes. Unsubscribing.

                          • Patrick Sullivan
                            Patrick Sullivan  2 months back

                            Space karate
                            Electromagnetic karate
                            Slaughter Master

                            • Dave Rickert
                              Dave Rickert  2 months back

                              Hey honest trailers. Is there anywhere where the audio feed for these commentaries is available? I work a job where I cant have YouTube open but enjoy listening to these

                              • Hannah Summers
                                Hannah Summers  2 months back

                                Please do an honest trailer about the miniseries "Good Omens" from Amazon Prime Video starring Michael Sheen and David Tennant.

                                • Aaron Sokolowski
                                  Aaron Sokolowski  2 months back

                                  id love if you do that bit. even if i wait till next april

                                  • Ace Diamonds
                                    Ace Diamonds  2 months back

                                    ♪ His name is James, James Cameron
                                    The bravest pioneer
                                    No budget too steep, no sea too deep
                                    Who's that?
                                    It's him, James Cameron
                                    James, James Cameron explorer of the sea
                                    With a dying thirst to be the first
                                    Could it be? Yeah that's him!
                                    James Cameron ♪

                                    • Ace Diamonds
                                      Ace Diamonds  2 months back

                                      motorball: its all made up and the points dont matter.

                                      • Ace Diamonds
                                        Ace Diamonds  2 months back

                                        why dont any of the other robots have big adorable eyes?...

                                        ...because youre not suppose to want to fuck the other robots.

                                        • mildse7en1
                                          mildse7en1  2 months back

                                          Screen Junkies just lost a ton of cred! Smug commentaries on what is a beloved IP that is trying to be true to the source material while being compressed into movie format is unoriginal and a shame. The most ridiculous parallel of this commentary is to “The Matrix”. SJ, after the first movie try defending the value “Reloaded” and “Revolutions”. Please propagate your panel with at least some who have more background of the source material (manga) to see where this IP could go. SJ, you really missed the (motor) ball on how entertaining, a visual thrill ride, and an endearing story, the movie and character Alita is!

                                          • Luís Sôlha
                                            Luís Sôlha  2 months back

                                            A little Alitist

                                            • Dan Black
                                              Dan Black  2 months back

                                              27:54: *MURDERBALL!*
                                              Is that seriously a Thing, like from another franchise?
                                              If not, it should be!

                                              • Dan Black
                                                Dan Black  2 months back

                                                13:14 to 13:50 - That's exactly one of the main reasons I think the Harry Potter storyline is pretty weak, especially the first three or four stories. And why I think Harry Potter himself is a weak character. Harry is nothing but an avatar for the audience to ask, "Wot's that? Wot's going on?" They use the excuse that he was brought up in the muggle world, and that's it. He's not the hero at all. Hermione is the one who did all the studying and practice, knows what she's doing, and has a handle on everything. Harry's really just dragging her down. Then Rowling writes some weak junk to let Harry come in and save the day at the end of each story… after Hermione basically sets everything up for him.

                                                • Sep Sepulveda
                                                  Sep Sepulveda  2 months back

                                                  🤦🏻‍♂️ Geez! Just shut up and go take a shower.

                                                  • Bubblegum
                                                    Bubblegum  2 months back

                                                    it's pronounce GANMOU. it means Gun Dream in japanese

                                                    • Thales87 G
                                                      Thales87 G  2 months back

                                                      I feel like if they ever make a warhammer 40k film even if it isnt good i will still love it just because i love that world. This feeling is the only way i can understand all the people who liked this film, because this film was painful to watch. Idk anything about any of the things this is based off, i watch films for what they are not what their connected media is and as someone who has no prior knowledge of this world god it was bad. So many cringey moments, so many moments that only exist to set things up, the entire existence of motorball makes this feel dated, one wheeled motorcycles and rollerblading?? Gross. Im happy for those who enjoyed it but i really wish itunes gave refunds

                                                      • Bryan Ngo
                                                        Bryan Ngo  2 months back

                                                        There is a movie adaptation of the first few chapters of JJBA part 4

                                                        • MetaGnomePictures
                                                          MetaGnomePictures  2 months back

                                                          Riffing on the foreign language title of Gunnm had me fall off of my high horse of internet observation only to comment about how WTF that seemed. And was it bad writing or culturally different writing? If Rodriguez and Cameron wanted to stay true to the manga, or even to the eastern style of story telling, then the exposition would have been given exactly like that. Beloved Kung fu films and anime are full of expositional vomit because that's not the point of there story. It also just makes sense with this character. Is it easy to have a character who is like a newborn in a strange world to ask a bunch of questions for the audience? Sure. Does it narratively make sense and fit in convincingly? Also yes. So why does it have to be considered bad writing if a script doesn't look for more difficult ways to explain things?

                                                          • Anton Adelson
                                                            Anton Adelson  2 months back

                                                            For the record, any critic who heavily negatively criticised the movie when it came out is useless in my books. Why i don't trust ANY reviews from these guys or from angry joe after Alita. Why I'll keep trusting Mr Stuckman and that hyper guy dressed in black, forget his name

                                                            • Chilapa of the Amazons
                                                              Chilapa of the Amazons  2 months back

                                                              This felt like very shallow commentary. None of you had read the original material, you all have pretty similar opinions...

                                                              It could have been useful to bring in a fan of Alita who has read the manga and liked the movie to provide some counterpoints and make the commentary more interesting.

                                                              The Honest Trailer itself was good, though.

                                                              • Simon Goodman
                                                                Simon Goodman  2 months back

                                                                It was entertaining and the main character was believable given the setup. There was a good amount of world building but most was necessary. You guys seem to be nit picking. Good acting, good graphics, interesting story... Why you mad?

                                                                • Martin Smith
                                                                  Martin Smith  2 months back

                                                                  So was it set in WW1 then?

                                                                  • ci0ci0san
                                                                    ci0ci0san  2 months back

                                                                    I loved it and really hope we get a sequel.

                                                                    • Machtyn
                                                                      Machtyn  2 months back

                                                                      Movies that should have been geared toward teens to adults, but the studios screwed up the marketing and advertised to kids:
                                                                      Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole (and the original books are very nice)
                                                                      Titan A.E. (under appreciated)
                                                                      Watership Down (the 80s version. The Netflix original isn't bad, but definitely toned down for younger audiences.)
                                                                      Coraline (arguably could be a kids show...)
                                                                      Rango (crazy and beautiful)

                                                                      Hon. mention, because it really did target the younger audiences
                                                                      The Secet of NIMH (Don Bluth is a genius who was able to make this tough topic a kids show.)

                                                                      • Ms Zee Zed
                                                                        Ms Zee Zed  2 months back

                                                                        Joe hit it with the Desperado ref. There really are no lies told in this movie, direct questions & answers only and spontaneous confessions. No tension basically.

                                                                        • Ms Zee Zed
                                                                          Ms Zee Zed  2 months back

                                                                          The sign of a good actor is one who will not question why the script says that and just say that. Too much is made of the Harrison Ford / Brad Pitt school of FKU, its rarely better. Jon Bailey is becoming the “that guy” of voice-overs (to paraphrase Samuel L Jackson’s opinion of his own career)

                                                                          • Ms Zee Zed
                                                                            Ms Zee Zed  2 months back

                                                                            Yeah after her love died, she dreamt a little more of her original battle and she wakes to the sun, time speeds up, we see the championship match & then says, I coming for you, then its the matrix. Hey if nothing else the 90s are cool!

                                                                            • Ms Zee Zed
                                                                              Ms Zee Zed  2 months back

                                                                              So Panzer Kuntz would translate as Bold Battle Armor in German, so that’s why he can sell the line.

                                                                              • Ms Zee Zed
                                                                                Ms Zee Zed  2 months back

                                                                                Isn’t it more worrying that she is a master of a fighting technique that means to battle fully armored, but she is forever taking off her helmet?

                                                                              • DoomchildXXL
                                                                                DoomchildXXL  2 months back

                                                                                Panzer-Kunst = Tank Art (or Armor Art, if you went medieval with it)

                                                                            • Ms Zee Zed
                                                                              Ms Zee Zed  2 months back

                                                                              The game is clearly Rollerball AGAIN Go watch the original James Caan film (it has acting in it and everything). Its the same movie but for adults. Watch it and tell me if our world or dark future has changed in the last 50 years!

                                                                              • Ms Zee Zed
                                                                                Ms Zee Zed  2 months back

                                                                                Yep this movie is 90% laying pipe

                                                                                • MoronFeministJang
                                                                                  MoronFeministJang  2 months back

                                                                                  King of the monsters

                                                                                  • Mariko True
                                                                                    Mariko True  2 months back

                                                                                    I read the first book in the manga series and still enjoyed the movie. The script could have used some updating, along with a less lame romantic subplot. It is so tiring to have people in charge spend so much time getting the look of a movie to an almost breathtaking level and then seemingly forget that movies are not silent anymore.

                                                                                    • Wade Smalling
                                                                                      Wade Smalling  2 months back

                                                                                      I love LOTR but be HONEST... it's pretty much 8 hours of walking.

                                                                                      • Wade Smalling
                                                                                        Wade Smalling  2 months back

                                                                                        I think you guys dropped the "roller ball" on this one.

                                                                                        • jose manuel arzola lugo
                                                                                          jose manuel arzola lugo  2 months back

                                                                                          eso es lo lindo cuando uno comenta ha mi me encanta comentar y hago bastantes comentario sobre todo pero cuando yo quiero ver una pelicula y ustedes colocan todas las trava del mundo ustedes podran tener toda las rasones del mundo pero cuando un viejo como yo que no se trabajar muy bien con una tabla delas mas vieja del mundo porque todavia funciona para mi es lo mas fructante del mundo soy inpertenso pero el errol mas grande del ser humano es que insiste hasi le cueste la vidad y eso me arrecha la impotencia de no aprende lo nuevo porque estoy con lo viejo una cuelda de estupido para mi asi yo no tenga la razon pero hay que poners en el pellejo del otro cuelda de pendejo

                                                                                          • J Meldo
                                                                                            J Meldo  2 months back

                                                                                            You guys def know very little about anime

                                                                                            • PappyM
                                                                                              PappyM  2 months back

                                                                                              I actually really like this movie..until the end; then found out it was always a lead-in. Then stopped hating it. Also, Danielle talking about the 90's tropes; so NOT killing the black guy first is a nod to killing the black guy first? HUH?