Rebuilding 2013 Ford F350 from Copart prt1 | ROLLED OVER


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  • Dmitriy Shelubay
    Dmitriy Shelubay  2 days back

    Your wife is winning that bet. No way you finish by nov 1st.

    • Данил Ильин
      Данил Ильин  1 months back

      Бро, ты не русский случайно?)) Акцент выдает)

      • Stephen Schofield
        Stephen Schofield  1 months back

        Just subscribed, but only because you have Boxer dogs, awsome!!

        • Test Fortester
          Test Fortester  2 months back

          For $10k the engine and transmission is worth that alone good work

          • Иван Чибизов
            Иван Чибизов  2 months back

            Белорус? Украинец? Русский? )))

          • keshore samaroo
            keshore samaroo  4 months back


            • Matthew Daugherty
              Matthew Daugherty  4 months back

              Is he polish lol

              • James Crews
                James Crews  6 months back

                The frame might still be good. Looks like most of the damage is in the roof section.

                • outlawjjwales
                  outlawjjwales  6 months back

                  I’m so expecting John Wick to show up looking for his truck

                  • bronco Clement
                    bronco Clement  6 months back

                    Why the music is so lourd

                    • Ernesto Gaytan vargas
                      Ernesto Gaytan vargas  6 months back

                      like si eres mexicano y no entendiste ni mais

                      • Wes Chace
                        Wes Chace  6 months back

                        1.5x playback’re welcome

                        • Pablo Navarro
                          Pablo Navarro  6 months back

                          WarningGiraffe 01 He paid too much , I paid 12K grand for a 2013 6.7 King ranch Came with a RV i am lucky , Front damage , Got it all replace and its a brand new truck , This guy has to fix , Bed , Cabin , Everythijg !!!!!!!

                          • Pablo Navarro
                            Pablo Navarro  6 months back

                            I spended $12k Grand on a 2013 F250 6.7L King ranch and it came with a Palomino Maverick RV , Also came deleted , This guy paid too much for this truck on this condition

                            • Andrew Newman
                              Andrew Newman  6 months back

                              For 10 grand, I'll drive it like that! Maybe Jack the roof up a bit..... First time watcher, now a lifetime subscriber!

                            • Leonardo Arcos
                              Leonardo Arcos  6 months back

                              Like si eres mexicano

                              • GeNimas
                                GeNimas  6 months back

                                10:41 moment of stinky

                                • Antonio Reyes
                                  Antonio Reyes  6 months back

                                  Yo no entiendo inglés, pero todo lo que tenga que ver con automóviles me gusta, y me entretiene, y aprendo mirando. Gracias por subir videos de automóviles destruidos para reparación.

                                  • Rikko 83
                                    Rikko 83  6 months back

                                    How much you want for the rims..they look great on my H3

                                    • Rikko 83
                                      Rikko 83  6 months back

                                      @SalvageMasterV if sale the rims.. you can fixs the crew cab with no hustle

                                    • SalvageMasterV
                                      SalvageMasterV   6 months back

                                      They also look good on it. Not for sale

                                  • Cameron Louis
                                    Cameron Louis  6 months back

                                    Insane! You definitely are a salvage master to take on a project like this! Can’t wait to see the finishing product! Good work man.

                                  • Jose Medrano
                                    Jose Medrano  6 months back


                                    • Banjo Benson
                                      Banjo Benson  6 months back

                                      wow 10K is a lot of money , hope you got another body to help save the parts

                                      • Saul Rubio
                                        Saul Rubio  6 months back

                                        Amazing bro!!

                                        • ItsMeStrange Nate
                                          ItsMeStrange Nate  6 months back

                                          It was reked because its a ford

                                          • ItsMeStrange Nate
                                            ItsMeStrange Nate  6 months back

                                            @THAT_1999_7.3 ___ it's a joke unless you've never heard a ford joke that's one mate, I am not giving an official statement.

                                          • THAT_1999_7.3 ___
                                            THAT_1999_7.3 ___  6 months back

                                            ItsMeStrange Nate bud your like 10 for one 2 could’ve been driver error do to texting and driving falling asleep or worse such as having a medical problem behind the wheel 3 you don’t know what the weather conditions were when this happened roads were probably slick and iced. And lastly it doesn’t matter what you drive as long as it gets from point a to point b also learn how to spell it’s *wrecked not reked

                                        • Robert Terranova
                                          Robert Terranova  6 months back

                                          Who else love these videos?

                                          • Robson Junior
                                            Robson Junior  6 months back


                                            • DIY Chad
                                              DIY Chad  6 months back

                                              beautiful boxer, they are the best, excited for the build. Just subbed

                                              • PRO HEN
                                                PRO HEN  6 months back

                                                That's a lot of work for a truck that's only going to be worth $10-15k when done

                                                • SalvageMasterV
                                                  SalvageMasterV   6 months back

                                                  I wonder where did you get those prices? Check out craigslist and find one with salvage title and you will be surprised how much they are

                                              • Luis Quezada
                                                Luis Quezada  6 months back

                                                tremendo cajon de lata con ruedas

                                                • qaz wsx
                                                  qaz wsx  6 months back

                                                  good joob

                                                • qaz wsx
                                                  qaz wsx  6 months back

                                                  did u advic me to buy f 150

                                                • Vern Tv
                                                  Vern Tv  6 months back

                                                  Sweet deal

                                                  • TanglingmIlk 858YT
                                                    TanglingmIlk 858YT  6 months back

                                                    Not hating but that truck needs whole cab, doors , and bed only quality really is what's left of the intior and the motor and transmission

                                                    • Cruzredeye
                                                      Cruzredeye  6 months back

                                                      Yeah, it's a really big job

                                                  • RS biker india
                                                    RS biker india  6 months back

                                                    Truck looks good without roof top

                                                    • Gerardo Castaneda
                                                      Gerardo Castaneda  6 months back

                                                      I always have had salvage title pick ups since I own a construction business and put a lot of milles on them ,,there is no need to spent lots aa money on a clean title with a higher price since they get all abused and workers don't care ,,lots of people are afraid of salvage titles but I never had any issues with my trucks other that regular maintenance, ,keep up the good work vato ,,,

                                                      • Geloartex
                                                        Geloartex  6 months back

                                                        0:29 look at the dogs XD

                                                        • Rigoberto Rubalcaba
                                                          Rigoberto Rubalcaba  6 months back

                                                          Sounds like crazy Russian hacker!

                                                        • Skyhawk1987Turbo
                                                          Skyhawk1987Turbo  6 months back

                                                          That will never be road worthy, it’s scrap

                                                          • SalvageMasterV
                                                            SalvageMasterV   6 months back

                                                            Keep watching and you will see that is not hard to fix this truck, a lot easier then fixing the Lexus (hopefully you've seen Lexus rebuilt) ✌

                                                        • Brandon Redman
                                                          Brandon Redman  6 months back

                                                          @autoauctionrebuilds this ways in your last copper walk around

                                                          • FLORIDA LIFE
                                                            FLORIDA LIFE  6 months back

                                                            Shit just a little bit of wax and some elbow grease and you'd be good to go

                                                          • Gethin Jones
                                                            Gethin Jones  6 months back

                                                            Best of luck in the rebuild!

                                                          • Ohioguy
                                                            Ohioguy  6 months back

                                                            If it were me, I would pull the engine and transmission and send the rest of it to be flattened at the junkyard.

                                                          • ford nut
                                                            ford nut  6 months back

                                                            deep. Atleast the grills good shape that will cut down on cost😂

                                                          • Masaniello 69
                                                            Masaniello 69  6 months back

                                                            Madonna che macello. Lots of wuork to be done. Cheers from Canada

                                                          • Nnamdi Ubani
                                                            Nnamdi Ubani  6 months back

                                                            Loving the x6👍

                                                            • CitiGolfStories
                                                              CitiGolfStories  6 months back

                                                              It's only got a bill of sale, how do you plan to get the title

                                                              • SalvageMasterV
                                                                SalvageMasterV   6 months back

                                                                That's what you get in Washington on any total losses. After you fixed a vehicle you have to pass state patrol, if they approve your rebuild they give you paperwork that you safely passed it, with thos paperworks you going to DMV to register the vehicle and then you waiting for a title anywhere from 4-8 weeks.

                                                            • Savage Nava
                                                              Savage Nava  6 months back

                                                              Built ford though haha door still shuts like a brand new truck

                                                            • Corbett Knowles
                                                              Corbett Knowles  6 months back

                                                              All vehicles have s rollover cut off switch