Rebuilding a Totaled wrecked Pt Cruiser Part 6 from copart at 14 years old


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  • Chris Healey
    Chris Healey  1 weeks back

    Well done youngun slow ya pace down measure twice cut once as the old saying goes. You're doing great for a 14 year old kid. Dad must be proud of you.

    • Brit Venia
      Brit Venia  2 months back

      Nice Work, Max. Don't forget the plastic bags for the bolts :-)

    • Maria G Gammon
      Maria G Gammon  2 months back

      Keep up the good work Max!

    • Andrea Conti
      Andrea Conti  2 months back

      Good job Fantastic family :)

    • James Crews
      James Crews  2 months back

      Are you going to keep it silver or paint it a different color? Love the brz BTW. That was one hell of a deal!

      • Rebuilder Max
        Rebuilder Max   2 months back

        Thank you and we are gonna paint it two colers

    • habib mojaddedi
      habib mojaddedi  2 months back

      You guys are both awesome and I love both your channels..... keep up the awesome work... I will always be a fan! Max your totally going to make this huge... I have major confidence in you

      RODZILLA  2 months back

      Custom badge's... "Kondor Kruiser"

      RODZILLA  2 months back

      I see a LOT of teardown... Color change? Midnight Blue or Red Hot Red! Come on MAX, go for it.

      • Rebuilder Max
        Rebuilder Max   2 months back

        We already have a cooler picked new video soon

    • Barry Abbott
      Barry Abbott  2 months back

      Hay max your doing a great job as far as the chrome wheel you can send it out and have it restore and that sucks what they did to the quiter palel on your new build don't blame your dad for being upset at all you got a lot of work a head of you to get them done but you have a great support system with your dad and brother keep up the good work and video s

    • neil robertson
      neil robertson  2 months back

      Great video Max luv music it makes it, not the easyest cars to work on great work

    • Deksam101
      Deksam101  2 months back

      The 2nd panel is always a lot faster.

      • 2Moza
        2Moza  2 months back

        Max Time is on your side mate just slow down and look at it before trying to take it apart ,i always say if it went on it must come off ,you will get more damage on parts if you rush at it ,And ask Dad or your Brother there is a lot to learn from them both trust me when i say that but a great job on the car so looking forward to all your builds .lol

      • habib mojaddedi
        habib mojaddedi  2 months back

        Talk a little slower dude... like your brother. He’s excellent. I’m sure you will be great just slow down your pace a bit. Just good criticism.... Good work

      • Howard Rice
        Howard Rice  2 months back

        Just take it easy Max it will come to you, Thank your Dad too.

        • Wayne A Clarke
          Wayne A Clarke  2 months back

          Nice Job! Can't wait to see the finished product.

        • TheKerb Channel
          TheKerb Channel  2 months back

          AWESOME ...AWESOME . kEEP GOING . \0/

        • Bruce Pierson
          Bruce Pierson  2 months back

          A lot of work stripping the car down for paint, but worth the effort of doing the job properly.. The end result is worth the extra time and effort involved with the preparation. We have a saying "Do it right the first time" and that's what you are doing. Keep up the good work.

          • Rebuilder Max
            Rebuilder Max   2 months back

            If you want a awesome paint job then yes but you will see in next video how the panels are going to turn out.

        • Julian 7160
          Julian 7160  2 months back

          If you are going to change the color I would paint it blue then leave the roll bar silver I think that would look good if you are going to do a color change

          DJ LEOPOLD PHILHARMONIC  2 months back

          And great work buddy

          DJ LEOPOLD PHILHARMONIC  2 months back

          At least you a good driver 😁😁😁😁😁😁

        • Tony Kruebbe
          Tony Kruebbe  2 months back

          Dude I’m liking this pt cruiser! Keep up the great job and effort Max!

        • Tom Varnado
          Tom Varnado  2 months back

          you guys are amazing.i like watching your videos .i could watch you guys all day long.

        • Brian mcm
          Brian mcm  2 months back

          Excellent video and excellent content

        • Bobby A
          Bobby A  2 months back

          For second there I thought that bumper was going to bite your head off! Good job and good video.

        • Hepkat 64
          Hepkat 64  2 months back

          Well done Max you have done well getting this far. Looking forward to the next stage👍👍

        • chris siano
          chris siano  2 months back

          I would do a awful lot of cleaning around that car before you paint..

          • chris siano
            chris siano  2 months back

            The normal thought process, went out the window, when designing that bumber.

            • David Christopher
              David Christopher  2 months back

              Understood. I'd buy one of your rebuilds. Seeing as how you put that much attention to detail on a PT cruiser.

            • fallon55
              fallon55  2 months back

              Great job, Max! Yeah, you had some trouble figuting out how things were attached, but that's OK. That is how you will learn. Keep it up and you will be giving your brother & dad a run for their money.

            • Stephen Vigilante
              Stephen Vigilante  2 months back

              God bless you little kondor

            • Eddie Hannah
              Eddie Hannah  2 months back

              Getting closer to finished.. learning and patience is always a good thing

            • Jaap-Roderick
              Jaap-Roderick  2 months back

              Don't you have to go to school?

              • Heino Hinrichs
                Heino Hinrichs  2 months back

                It is a good car to start with. Get rid of the boring silver color.

              • Nikolai A.
                Nikolai A.  2 months back

                батя втащил контент ))))))

                • David Christopher
                  David Christopher  2 months back

                  That's A lot of work. Do you really have to take all that apart to fix it?

                • Jayman XRF2X
                  Jayman XRF2X  2 months back

                  Good job 🤗😀😁

                • David Mcpherson
                  David Mcpherson  2 months back

                  Its a pt cruiser they are the ugliest cars no matter what you do to them they will still be ugly

                  • Боло Янг
                    Боло Янг  2 months back

                    Very good molodec

                  • Farmers Code
                    Farmers Code  2 months back

                    Good video!! But i really dont like the music...

                    • Enderson Perozo
                      Enderson Perozo  2 months back

                      Very good

                      • MacLeighnoughton
                        MacLeighnoughton  2 months back

                        Are you selling the car after you are done or will you keep it?

                      • walter Gonzalez
                        walter Gonzalez  2 months back


                        • Paulo G
                          Paulo G  2 months back

                          What's your father has been feeding you? You're growing by the minute!!! 😀😀 Next time use the lift that was empty will make things much easier.

                        • Bill Streber
                          Bill Streber  2 months back

                          Way to go Max keep up the good work

                        • Jon Smith
                          Jon Smith  2 months back

                          I’d still use the chrome rims. I’m sure you can find a cheap used one to replace the burned one.

                        • Jon Smith
                          Jon Smith  2 months back

                          Nice haircut! 👍