Let us talk | Minecraft is a horror game 2.0 - part 8


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  • Thijn Boswinkel
    Thijn Boswinkel  2 weeks back

    Love u

    • Griffix2603
      Griffix2603   2 weeks back

      Thank you to everyone that joined the stream, even if it was for a brief moment, or if you stayed almost through the whole thing, we are genuinely appreciative of the complements we get when doing streams, of course theses chats can be wack at times but are overall fun to read or listen to that Siri voice say them. Even though it’s only 200 subs, we are GREATLY thankful of everyone that has subbed, and to those who have even just simply clicked on one of our videos. We are genuinely, from the bottom of our hearts thankful. We will try in the future to be more better content creators than we are now, we are both just some random kids who decide to do this for fun, but truly hope to make something out of it. In the future we want to make videos where we can play the games we love and help those who just want a little light in their day.