Tiger Woods Masters 2019 Comeback!!


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  • Dino Iosifov
    Dino Iosifov  23 hours back

    When Tiger wins, everybody wins, when Tiger hurts all of us hurt ! I would never give up on Tiger, he gave us so much !!

    • Blue Cloud
      Blue Cloud  1 weeks back

      Thank you Tiger, now I am watching golf again.

      • DBEENE123
        DBEENE123  2 weeks back

        Tiger has won 3 tournaments since the middle of 2018. Every single person who crapped on Tiger, said he wouldn't win, laughed at him... should seriously step down from their comfortable "sports analyst" positions. To be THAT WRONG and still have a job is unacceptable. It's awesome what Tiger has done, but I don't see a lot of people eating crow.

        • Jesse Starks
          Jesse Starks  3 weeks back

          Love the Bon Iver song choice

          • Michael Mitchell
            Michael Mitchell  3 weeks back

            He's not done......

            • Jhhwang Hwang
              Jhhwang Hwang  4 weeks back

              TIGER IS BACK

              • Ja Wyll
                Ja Wyll  4 weeks back

                dumb fat ass wanna bees. It's a amazing that these athletes don't waste their time listening to anything but their inner drive.

                • Fultonfalcons86
                  Fultonfalcons86  1 months back

                  Tiger has proved with determination and heart anything is possible not to mention making the critics look idiots is a bonus .........

                  • eco8gator
                    eco8gator  1 months back

                    The greatest super power of all, proving your haters and doubters wrong. Tiger is the GOAT.

                    • Ronald Dixon
                      Ronald Dixon  3 weeks back

                      The very best of all golfers ever! TIGER WOODS!!!!!

                  • CHANKI CHOI
                    CHANKI CHOI  1 months back

                    Wow,so emotional,thanks.

                    • TheStarlitetraining
                      TheStarlitetraining  2 months back

                      Really ... if you believe he won it instead of given him the win - then you are so gullible!

                      • Proud Canuck
                        Proud Canuck  6 days back

                        You are a MORON!

                      • Aaron Smith
                        Aaron Smith  4 weeks back

                        It doesn't seem like you even know what the word "gullible" means.

                        Gullible refers to a person easily believing something to be true because someone told them it was true & they are naive & easily manipulated & duped. For that to be the case, you'd have to be asserting that this was given to him in the sense that all of the other players got together beforehand and decided "We are going to let Tiger win this major," and that happening would have to make some kind of sense for someone to be "gullible" in not believing that to be the case.

                        But that doesn't make any kind of sense. This isn't the WWF (or whatever it's called when people watch fake wrestling) .

                        You stating that Tiger winning this tournament was a result of it being given to him, unless you are as stupid as you are uneducated, sounds more like a suggestion that Tiger won because the other golfers made mistakes or played poorly because you can't be stupid enough to believe golf is "fixed." That being established, even if it is your opinion that Tiger was not the best player that week doesn't mean that people who disagree with you are in any way "gullible." It just means they probably understand the game better than you.

                        It's not like Tiger just randomly popped up on the leader board in a major after not showing he had the ability to win for a long time or anything. Tiger was in contention in the two majors before he won at the Masters. That is how golf works these days now. You cannot just show up & expect to win every major. Sometimes someone who is just an above average TOUR player is having the best week of their life and just beats a great player. Sometimes a good player is just really on and wins the tournament. Sometimes,, if you know how to play real majors (where all parts of your game are tested - we don't see that much anymore because if you have noticed, this new generation of younger golfers whine a lot when they play on courses where they can't take a driver off of every tee & fire at every flagstick but instead, including the mental aspect of thinking your way around the course. Experience in a course like Augusta really helps too.

                        Tiger has the best record of anyone at Augusta outside of Jack Nicklaus. On top of that, going in, he had experience winning at this venue four times and experience winning 14 majors. He was playing against other players who either had not won a major, had not won at Augusta, or had not won while playing against Tiger. On top of that, the best measure of a golfer is consistency which is why Tiger is the best. As Hogan said "golf is not about how well you play when you are playing your best but about how well you play when you aren't." Tiger didn't lose his patience, he didn't press & he executed his game plan while some of the other players, who don't have the experience or intellect to know that you can't win the tournament on 12 but you can damn well lose it on 12, which is what some of his younger competitors clearly didn't understand. On top of that, if Tiger was not in contention & right there to take advantage of their mistake, he would not have won.

                        So it wasn't like Tiger lucked into contention & then just lucked into winning the tournament. He was in good form & made better decisions (that is part of golf - not that you would know). Sometimes that is good enough, sometimes it isn't. This time it was.

                        However, I will make my point (and make you look ignorant in the process) this way: Tiger has won 15 majors and only one of them was won when he wasn't leading going into the final round. Because his competitors hit some bad shots & bad decisions doesn't mean it was given to him, otherwise you'd have to also assert that considering Nicklaus won more than half of his majors coming from behind on Sunday that those majors were GIVEN to him.

                        It doesn't sound like you know anything about golf.

                      • eco8gator
                        eco8gator  1 months back

                        This wasn't the WWE boobie... 82 and going!

                      • Mike Grizz
                        Mike Grizz  1 months back

                        Go to the nearest brick wall. Proceed in banging your head until it stops hurting ... If you truly believe it was given too Tiger ...

                    • Max Caysey
                      Max Caysey  6 months back

                      Still gets misty eyed on this win!

                      • Gary Mercer
                        Gary Mercer  7 months back

                        The hugs at the end were endearing.....which is an understatement. This incredible achievement was one of the most precious moments ever in sports history!! Thanks, Tiger....for this moment....

                        • the boss
                          the boss  7 months back

                          wow great video last 3 minutes were tear jerking man

                          • queen bee
                            queen bee  7 months back

                            Ikr.#GOAT..HANDS DOWN