Huawei Mate X vs Galaxy Fold - Which Is Best?


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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy   6 months back

    Which would you pick - Samsung Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X?

    • Paul Coletti
      Paul Coletti  7 days back

      The X has the VERY delicate plastic screen wrapped 'externally' so as to be exposed rather than protected like the Folds. That's going to get trashed so fast. Its a flawed concept ! The Fold has had issues due to the wrinkling of the very tight radius. But IMHO that is the correct design route to pursue. You will likely see ALL other manufacturers go that route in time as it's just the common sense approach. I think this is will be more of a showcase phone only for Huawei rather than a serious contender and will be killed off in time. The Fold has the better design approach but its execution is having a difficult birth atm

    • Fanstin Y.
      Fanstin Y.  1 weeks back

      @Tomislav Šagovac s/he meant the mate x

    • Absolute-Pro Studios // A-PS TUBE
      Absolute-Pro Studios // A-PS TUBE  4 weeks back

      Huawei Mate X

    • DoesItTakeGlockMags?
      DoesItTakeGlockMags?  1 months back

      Apple iFold

    • Upsy Tubes - Aly Mohamed Ansary
      Upsy Tubes - Aly Mohamed Ansary  2 months back

      Mate x

  • David Tolentino
    David Tolentino  3 days back


    • SC The Great
      SC The Great  4 days back

      Galaxy fold is far better than mate x

      • Angel Proton
        Angel Proton  4 days back


        • Galaxy Fold Fan
          Galaxy Fold Fan  5 days back

          Mate X owners will feel very protective and scared with their phone with or without case. They are paying 2600 for a device without waterproofing abd has a plastic display that will always be exposed. Samsung fold owners will feel more confident with the design knowing the screen is protected and will use it more, those are my thoughts at least. I can't think of a reason why you would use the Mate X when it's not unfolded, there's no point when paying so much to not use it as a tablet because you are paying for the extra screen not for an excuse to unfold your screen once in a while. That's why I prefer the galaxy fold because it invites you to use it's main screen instead of being distracted by the smaller one and not utilizing its potential to the fullest. If you actually read to the end people on Unbox Therapy thank you for reading my comment and cant wait for your review on both these revolutionary phones.

          • Lucas Yearwood
            Lucas Yearwood  5 days back

            But honestly I want to see a smartphone unfold into the size of two Galaxy Note 10. You can make a wallpaper TV we can make these phones slimmer

            • Lucas Yearwood
              Lucas Yearwood  5 days back

              I like the Galaxy fold

              • Qwerty5863
                Qwerty5863  6 days back

                Huawei mate x can smash on both sides

                • Hristo Georgiev
                  Hristo Georgiev  6 days back

                  Its so dumb to say that the fold is better Mate x is just so much better

                  • Ryan Patterson
                    Ryan Patterson  2 weeks back

                    Will be picking up the fold

                    • Alexandru Cătălin Iordache

                      Mate X is the best! In my opinion...

                      • fireblaid72
                        fireblaid72  2 weeks back

                        They gonna give you the bullshit hell when the phone fuckn up ... to pay that kinda money for the distress an all the energy it's going to take to NOT run a foot up a azz for the bullshit there going to run on you when in less than a week your going to need a replacement THEY ARE GOING YO RUN ALLLLL KINDS OF BULL ON THE CUSTOMERS. they already have it set up in how they going to play people . So if y'all don't mind being tricked on bullshit buy the phone at the end of the day😂😂😂😂

                        • G K
                          G K  2 weeks back

                          How can Huawei be a loss in profits? They didn't have to R&D their tech much... they stole it from samsung.

                          • DarnMofo
                            DarnMofo  2 weeks back

                            So the next thing will be laptops with 2 screens? Replacing the keyboard area with another same sized screen? I think that would be really cool and worth $2.6K.

                            • YT DANIAL ARBA ADAM OFFICAL TWF


                              • 뭐지이름이
                                뭐지이름이  4 weeks back

                                If you get that huawei thing in your hand, youl'll say that the samsung foldable phone is much better.

                                • jesse young
                                  jesse young  4 weeks back

                                  they will stay prototype forever

                                  • kiran oza
                                    kiran oza  4 weeks back

                                    What is the price

                                  • 3vol lady
                                    3vol lady  4 weeks back

                                    I agree with you on on the Huawei, the only concern I would have is a case for either of them actually. I'm sure there will be a way to figure that out but I would surely hate to have the other the back side of the Huawei screen scratched

                                    • Afif Javed
                                      Afif Javed  1 months back

                                      Mate x is the best
                                      Samsung again 👎
                                      Apple is out of game

                                      • ghdghdzl
                                        ghdghdzl  1 months back

                                        Samsung >>>> Huawei

                                        • Bari Forever
                                          Bari Forever  1 months back

                                          Samsung's in-folding tech is harder to manufacture than Huawei's out-folding..

                                          • Mr Jibs
                                            Mr Jibs  1 months back

                                            Anyone spending that kind of money on a phone that bends must be crazy and In desperate need of a status symbol

                                            • justice Genesis
                                              justice Genesis  1 months back

                                              Huawei is a ccp spy organisation to steal military technologies Backdoor in China thief

                                              • Issy -Duz-It
                                                Issy -Duz-It  4 weeks back

                                                justice Genesis so militants should have Huawei...the rest of us...we DGAF

                                            • Eduardo Cabildo
                                              Eduardo Cabildo  1 months back

                                              Huawei of course, since they came out at the market i bought Huawei Mate 7, i'm waiting this to come out

                                              • Xavier Lee
                                                Xavier Lee  1 months back

                                                huawei nmsl~

                                                • Mariam Torres
                                                  Mariam Torres  1 months back

                                                  No no no thank u . Not a fan of metal wallet . Rather buy a car for that price

                                                  • daorkykid
                                                    daorkykid  1 months back

                                                    why dont u review it like gsmarena?

                                                    • Jack Shin
                                                      Jack Shin  2 months back

                                                      Samsung seems to be more solid, practical, and classy in practical use. I'm gonna wait for Samsung Galaxy fold 2nd. Gen.

                                                    • The Animation Master
                                                      The Animation Master  2 months back

                                                      I have something amazing to say.

                                                      You can fold paper.

                                                    • knightrcer
                                                      knightrcer  2 months back

                                                      Operating system for the mate x won't be android. Thats the only reason i wouldnt get it. That and tbe price $2,500 can pay for a lot of stuff including rent. Sad that the mate x wont be able to connnect to any smart warch either or pay using samsung pay.

                                                      • aaron lite
                                                        aaron lite  2 months back

                                                        samsung is an ordinary flap fon

                                                        • Amer Alomair
                                                          Amer Alomair  2 months back

                                                          Umm but the case and protector

                                                          • Justin Daleo
                                                            Justin Daleo  2 months back

                                                            Why so expensive
                                                            Great phones tho
                                                            But too expensive

                                                            • I'm Random
                                                              I'm Random  2 months back

                                                              I'm a samsung fan, but i gotta admit that huawei mate x is better than galaxy fold

                                                              • Meet The God Kenchuwa
                                                                Meet The God Kenchuwa  2 months back

                                                                Galaxy : lets make a fold phone
                                                                Huawei : Lets steal that idea
                                                                Flip Phone : Are you a joke to me?

                                                                • Ronel Dalagan
                                                                  Ronel Dalagan  2 months back

                                                                  Mate x

                                                                  • Kevin Erickson
                                                                    Kevin Erickson  2 months back

                                                                    Any noises during folding?

                                                                    • منتظر البرائي

                                                                      I wonder how much the iphold will cost

                                                                      • Joshua Nf
                                                                        Joshua Nf  2 months back

                                                                        Mate x is way better

                                                                        • SlitWristMisfit
                                                                          SlitWristMisfit  2 months back

                                                                          Mate Z looks like crap. The screen wrinkles and bends and looks like a awkward bootleg knock off. Samsung is gorgeous.

                                                                          • SlitWristMisfit
                                                                            SlitWristMisfit  2 months back

                                                                            In a few years all phones will probably be like this.

                                                                            • Rizwan Butt
                                                                              Rizwan Butt  2 months back

                                                                              I'm waiting 4 Folding apple.🍎

                                                                              • Slash
                                                                                Slash  2 months back

                                                                                Huawei Mate X

                                                                                • Joe Conley
                                                                                  Joe Conley  2 months back

                                                                                  That's the phone that the screen would break after so many times like I think 3 times I'd break.

                                                                                  • 1Ephraimite
                                                                                    1Ephraimite  2 months back

                                                                                    I would have to go with the Samsung Galaxy Fold, I guess primarily because I can see normal users dropping these phones that have no protection. However, Samsung is already promoting a leather cover that gives a little bit of assurance that if the phone does slip from your hand, it could possibly withstand the impact (of course it depends on the type of fall😏). The Huawei doesn’t have any promotional protection sleeves of any kind that I’m aware of, which causes me to be a bit concerned after paying this kind of money for a phone/tablet.

                                                                                    • Itay Marlov
                                                                                      Itay Marlov  2 months back

                                                                                      I want to buy the ZTE axon M. Can you tell me if it's a good choice?

                                                                                      • Otaku 707
                                                                                        Otaku 707  2 months back

                                                                                        If I were to choose .. It would be a bigger battery life phone than those fancy folding phones 😅