Change your hand path for a purer strike

  • Published: 21 September 2018
  • Strike the ball cleaner with the help of a better hand path.

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Comments • 50

    REGINALD WEEKX  1 months back

    You just saved my swing with this vid, thanks for that, i was indeed killing snakes

    • Johnny Parker
      Johnny Parker  7 months back

      This does change my prospective, much needed by the way.

      • Glen Kirk
        Glen Kirk  7 months back

        Capt. K This may be the best explanation of what the golf club does on the downswing. It may fix my socketing, fat, and heel shots. I always get the stock answer about how to stop shanking but I still hit one or two now and then. I still hit too many fat shots for a single digit handicapper. II can hardly wait to get to the range.
        Thanks, Jonathan.

        • Hurts Donut
          Hurts Donut  7 months back

          Ive never killed a snake but im sure ive ruined a worms day when i swing

        • Overhand Golf Channel
          Overhand Golf Channel  8 months back

          The fulcrum point of the club actually moves throughout the swing. It begins, at the top, in your hands, then slides down the shaft until impact then back up to the hands as the club is released after impact.

          • Jason Hurt AHA!
            Jason Hurt AHA!  8 months back

            Do you have any drills to work this feeling?

            • Alexz
              Alexz  8 months back

              First time somebody explains that we have to play in front of the right hip, not the left !
              Thank you to confirm a feeling that I have but I dared not apply...
              Same idea in the Danny Willet move, with Pete Cowen :

              • Kwan Mok
                Kwan Mok  10 months back

                Thank you for your insightful explanation, so very helpful!

                • Aussie Scots
                  Aussie Scots  1 years back

                  Simply genius!

                  • MizunoIronMan
                    MizunoIronMan  1 years back

                    There speaks a man who has killed a snake 😀 Great video, simple yet so informative .

                    • Rodney Blackwell
                      Rodney Blackwell  1 years back

                      I wish i knew what i do different between good strikes and bad strikes.

                      • John C
                        John C  1 years back

                        Good video, very useful.

                        • Julio Rodriguez
                          Julio Rodriguez  1 years back

                          Wow thank you Sir, that was moving!!

                          • Max Mills
                            Max Mills  1 years back

                            Brilliant! Thank you soooooooo much! You are great teacher!

                            • stryker2828
                              stryker2828  1 years back

                              Jonathan, important idea that's explained in an easy to understand manner. Thanks!
                              - Drills would be great
                              - how do we tie this concept in with body sequencing?
                              - how doesn't apply to driver?


                              • toddie 07
                                toddie 07  1 years back

                                thanks mate great explanation

                                • Terry Defy 1
                                  Terry Defy 1  1 years back

                                  Hi Jonathan
                                  You forgot to mention that this also improves trajectory. A really piercing ball flight and superb spin and stop on the green. You have a great insight and put across your views clearly. Thankyou

                                  • don monfort
                                    don monfort  1 years back

                                    Very good presentation.

                                    • Dawn Hill Anders
                                      Dawn Hill Anders  1 years back

                                      Well done! Simple but so important. I can feel it when it happens so now maybe I can repeat it more often with this knowledge. Thank you!!

                                      • Oscar C
                                        Oscar C  1 years back

                                        It is done by the body posting up and posturing up.

                                    • Woo Kim
                                      Woo Kim  1 years back

                                      wow...thank you for the ah ha moment ! so many lessons and nobody has ever discussed this. thank you!!!

                                      • Oscar C
                                        Oscar C  1 years back

                                        Google parametric acceleration golf.

                                    • force driven
                                      force driven  1 years back

                                      You're a great teacher. Thank you

                                      • Thomas Lutz
                                        Thomas Lutz  1 years back

                                        Need a drill. I'm killing snakes.

                                        • Oscar C
                                          Oscar C  1 years back

                                          Post up and posture up with your body. The body moves the hands up and back.

                                        • Jonathan Taylor
                                          Jonathan Taylor   1 years back


                                      • Sunk TheBirdie
                                        Sunk TheBirdie  1 years back

                                        @Jonathan Taylor - how much does this hand path idea apply to chipping ?

                                        • Jonathan Taylor
                                          Jonathan Taylor   1 years back

                                          It depends to what extent you use your wrists. The hand path will be closer to the club head path if the elbows and wrists are stiff. If you use your wrists the same rules apply to the chip as the full swing.

                                      • M. Lymann
                                        M. Lymann  1 years back

                                        Wonderful tempo. Pretty swing.

                                        • Peter Morrison
                                          Peter Morrison  1 years back

                                          This is a great tip Jonathan, Took it to the course today and had my best striking round in ages. Didn't go in a bunker which leads me to ask (what might be a silly question), does this apply to bunker shots as well?

                                          • Peter Morrison
                                            Peter Morrison  1 years back

                                            Thank you!

                                          • Jonathan Taylor
                                            Jonathan Taylor   1 years back

                                            Absolutely, but in a bunker, you should release the wrist angle earlier to get a flatter angle of attack.

                                        • G L
                                          G L  1 years back

                                          Actually, this is actually very good instruction actually.

                                          I am actually going to try this and see if it actually works. I bet it actually does.


                                          • Sim 250
                                            Sim 250  1 years back

                                            I actually thought you were serious for a minute!

                                        • Max Evans
                                          Max Evans  1 years back

                                          My favorite instructor is talking about the issue I'm plagued with! I understand the concept but I'm lost as to how to apply it and get a feeling of the proper movements, any drills for this?

                                        • Melted Butter
                                          Melted Butter  1 years back

                                          Well articulated as always 👍🏼 Does this cause blocks too?

                                          • Melted Butter
                                            Melted Butter  1 years back

                                            Jonathan Taylor. Thanks. I’ve been struggling with club face control despite good path. Maybe this will help.

                                          • Jonathan Taylor
                                            Jonathan Taylor   1 years back

                                            Can do, but the best thing is to just try it out and forget your bad shot:)

                                        • samj
                                          samj  1 years back

                                          Great explanation. Would explain times when I chunk because I wasn't pulling up fast enough or thinning because I pull hands up too early or hands weren't deep enough..

                                          • Mark Morgan
                                            Mark Morgan  1 years back

                                            What kind of a shot is a socket?

                                            • Mark Morgan
                                              Mark Morgan  1 years back

                                              Jonathan Taylor Thanks. I have another “s” word for that!

                                            • Jonathan Taylor
                                              Jonathan Taylor   1 years back

                                              When the neck/shaft of the club hits the ball rather than the face.

                                          • Martin Ball
                                            Martin Ball  1 years back

                                            wow that solved my ball striking issues, such a simple thought as well, thanks Jon

                                            • Victor Y
                                              Victor Y  1 years back

                                              Damn Jon, this is good stuff!

                                              • Donnie Raines
                                                Donnie Raines  1 years back

                                                At what point do you initiate internal hip rotation...?

                                                • Jonathan Taylor
                                                  Jonathan Taylor   1 years back

                                                  It will vary a little depending on the individual but my feeling is when the hands reach their lowest point (right thigh).

                                              • Sunk TheBirdie
                                                Sunk TheBirdie  1 years back

                                                I think i'm a snake 🐍 killer 😜