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  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    What should the NBA do about load management?

    • Brandon Ohara
      Brandon Ohara  2 hours back

      @SBanks Uptown the spurs didn't force anyone's hand silly boy. It's NBA's fault for letting it slide. The spurs situation is different then kawhi's situation. The league office is too afraid to do anything cuz they have given the players too much power. 🔋

    • Brandon Ohara
      Brandon Ohara  2 hours back

      @Allen Xiang yup and these fools only have a job cuz there's a fan base but they seem to forget that. If even half the people stopped going to games and watching games on T.V then these players wouldn't even be making half of what they're making, that would remind them quickly who's really writing their checks. Without customers there's no work, that simple!

    • Brandon Ohara
      Brandon Ohara  2 hours back

      @Troy Hung facts. 💯💯💯💯 I agree fully!

  • Ricardo Loza
    Ricardo Loza  11 minutes back

    God y’all are so dumb the reason why Kawhi is sitting is his knee is never going to the same it’s an Injury for life not because he doesn’t want to play

    • Will Joyce
      Will Joyce  1 hours back

      How is it deceitful if you knew the guy was managing himself years before signing him? It's not deceit to be provided the exact thing you are paying for. The media feels decieved as they don't get 82 Kawhi games to cover, everyone else expected this

      • Noah McNaughton
        Noah McNaughton  2 hours back

        If this continues espn and tnt need to call adam silver and demand that the price be lower to have the rights to nba games when superstars don't play the game just isn't the same

        • TrapMoney Benny
          TrapMoney Benny  2 hours back

          Kawhi should have stayed in San Antonio. He let uncle Dennis f it up for him

          • Jules Verde
            Jules Verde  2 hours back

            I enjoyed this convo but that was a really half-assed comparison to the NFL that they made. Don't touch the subject if you not prepared to make a full comparison with all the major pros and cons.

            • Dan Han
              Dan Han  2 hours back

              colin sucks whoever he thinks will elevate his career

              • Brandon Ohara
                Brandon Ohara  3 hours back

                This is ridiculous, yes he's probably the best in the nba right now but that still doesn't give him the right to only play 65 out of 82 games. So he's just casually going to take off 17 games even if he's injury free hah what a joke. I like kawhi just as much as anyone but I don't see any other stars in the league doing this to this extent. If you want to take off 5 games for rest then okay that's understandable. They need to reconstruct his contract to pay him for only 65 games. His sense of entitlement has gone way way too far. I believe kawhi is an emo diva on the down low smh

                • Steven Walker
                  Steven Walker  3 hours back

                  I think many of these folks are missing the point by being so focused on the end result. I believe it is about putting butts in the seats. I get it, the die-hards will show up no matter what but you are tempting fate with the causal fan. Short story: My sister and brother-in-law attended their first NBA game last Saturday. They invested and entire day to drive almost four hours to Memphis to see Ja Morant play. My brother in law graduated from Murray State so he wanted to see Ja.. Guess what? Ja Morant, a rookie, was not on the floor for load management. Very disappointing.

                  • TheYoungwet
                    TheYoungwet  4 hours back

                    365 days in a year and most people have to work 5 days a week probably 8 hrs a day and most people won’t even see $100,000 in a year u telling me NBA guys are getting paid Millions and can’t work 82 days in a year for the regular season and remember if a game doesn’t go to OT there work day is 48 mins lol something wrong with the system don’t ask why the youth would rather be entertainers then firemen or policemen or teachers

                    • Dushawn21
                      Dushawn21  4 hours back

                      So we all know coach pop started load management for his older spurs players.... but are we gonna act like LeBron wasn't the cause of (healthy player) load management before kawhi? Are we really gonna act like LeBron want doing load management in 2015 , 2016, and 2017... IT HGOT SO BAD IN 2017 THE YOUTUBER @ Oprahside  really made a video crying his eyes out because he spent thousands on tickets and lbj sat and it got so much attention the conversation of load management really became a topic on Espn then LeBron came out  a day later or later that week and said ty lue was the reason he sat out I believe it was before a lakers game I know he played vs the lakers but he sat out a game earlier that week back in march 2017...

                      • siyanda yaka
                        siyanda yaka  5 hours back

                        If he wins he can do what he wants.

                        • paul kho
                          paul kho  6 hours back

                          Kawhi is already a target. Because by doing load management ,some big companies will lost much money. Fans especially those go to the games buy very expensive tickets , then know that the best player wasn't playing. To make those fans more upset is he is not hurt, just do not feel like playing.This will hurt the league's reputation , and ability to make money in the future. Even Adam Silvers can lost his job, if his response is not satifactory with the big companies. That will be YAHOOOOO SILVER AWAYYYYYY.🐎🏇

                          • Elite Clinical Research

                            There is also Pros to load management. I.E being able to make a deep playoff run, getting your bench stronger because they get a lot more playing time. So in playoff time you have a much stronger all around team.

                            • Gregory L
                              Gregory L  7 hours back

                              Possible solutions to Load Management issue:
                              - make the top 2 seeds get a bye for the 1st round, thus making teams put even more emphasis on pushing for wins during the regular season
                              - promote winning the regular season more (e.g. big trophy with multi-million bonuses spread out to all players of a team that wins the regular season)
                              - all-stars must play a minimum number of games to be eligible for all-star game
                              - players must play a minimum # of games to be considered for year-end awards
                              - is it possible to get rid of back to back games?

                              • Mister Clutch
                                Mister Clutch  9 hours back

                                Load management should be a mandatory 12 minutes/1 quarter.

                                And the professional basketball players have abandoned the high-top gym shoes.

                                • Marcin Skóra
                                  Marcin Skóra  10 hours back

                                  for all those bronsexuals claiming lebron would be killed for load management....
                                  i would like to remind that in 16 seasons in league Lebrick only played 1 time full 82 games. every season he sits around 10 games for load management for first 15 seasons. look at his days in miami !!

                                  • Satya Legawa
                                    Satya Legawa  10 hours back

                                    At the same age and harder competition, Jordan played all 82 games in a season..lebron also did..and also kobe and also other nba legend..kawhi is young not even 30 yo but missed 20 games in a season for load management?..those legend will call him soft..

                                    • Renata Johns
                                      Renata Johns  11 hours back

                                      Of course he'll win a title. He's less beat up. He lowers his chance of getting injured by 20%! Everyone else is putting mad miles on their bodies. Not him. To me it's cheating.

                                      • Ellis Lee
                                        Ellis Lee  12 hours back

                                        This is just a job ppl we all take days off ...but if you make playoffs going in healthy who cares..🤔🤔 on the flipside ain’t kleonard giving the backup more experience in games situation an will help in playoffs

                                        • Donte Gist
                                          Donte Gist  15 hours back

                                          I going to say this and I was thinking this before Chris said it. Kawhi Is not the best player in the NBA. Using Load management. Jordan and Kobe never used load management.

                                          • alvin081988
                                            alvin081988  17 hours back

                                            I have LaC Denver Lal and Houston as my Top 4 in the west

                                            • adavidmon
                                              adavidmon  18 hours back

                                              4:47 because more rest leads to better performance. But yes pay the players less when they choose more rest

                                              • John Seo
                                                John Seo  18 hours back

                                                Broussard just mad "his sauces" failed him with the Kawhi FA news over the summer

                                                • GodofSport24
                                                  GodofSport24  20 hours back

                                                  They're going about this load management thing the wrong way. They should play but on limited minutes. Just not playing cause you don't want to is slap in the face to the fans who pay their hard earned money to see the top product.

                                                  • SiriusBlack88
                                                    SiriusBlack88  20 hours back

                                                    Broussard speaking truth!

                                                    • MCES LEX
                                                      MCES LEX  20 hours back

                                                      Imagine if Jordan had done this, if Magic had done this, if Bird would have done this, no Jordan vs Magic, no Magic vs Bird. No entertainment. 👎

                                                      • Happy Camper
                                                        Happy Camper  21 hours back

                                                        Don't cut the season. If you go down to 60 games those load management will go to 40 games

                                                        • Max 117
                                                          Max 117  21 hours back

                                                          This is exactly what the Spurs were saying but everyone turned a blind eye or criticized the Spurs because they wanted Kawhi to go to LA. It's that bias against small market teams.

                                                          You got your wish.

                                                          • Living Like Jalen
                                                            Living Like Jalen  21 hours back

                                                            In Kawhi's defense, although it may not be a good one he learned a little bit of this culture from the Spurs. So load management is kind of an indoctrinated thing for him, just my opinion.😀

                                                            • Xu Jayden
                                                              Xu Jayden  21 hours back

                                                              They sound like kawhi won the ring because of load management... he won because kd and klay got hurt ! ...stop it guys.

                                                              • Calvin Adams
                                                                Calvin Adams  21 hours back

                                                                Chris stop hating if it was labron James load managing you wouldn't say nothing. C'mon guys

                                                                • James Hendricks
                                                                  James Hendricks  22 hours back

                                                                  I do not believe a player that sits, just to sit, should get paid for that game. That's why I don't watch the NBA anymore, until that changes.

                                                                  • Pahanin
                                                                    Pahanin  22 hours back

                                                                    I work two jobs, leaving home from 6:30 am without returning until 11 pm. I thought about not going into work today to see what load management feels like. It felt wrong and punitive to my team so I went into work.

                                                                    • Brittany Andrews
                                                                      Brittany Andrews  24 hours back

                                                                      Agree Chris

                                                                      • A Reitz
                                                                        A Reitz  1 days back

                                                                        Can't compare 16 to 82 games. Every game matters in the NFL, NBA it doesn't. Shorten the schedule, decrease the number of teams that can make the playoffs. Load Mgmt. goes away. It's that simple. The regular season is marginalized in the NBA

                                                                        • Simmond Cannon
                                                                          Simmond Cannon  1 days back

                                                                          How much is lebron paying you all to say these things lol. They won't win more than 45 games. This machine you are talking about he's building WILL fall apart. They are too old and Davis is already hurt, only a matter of time before he has shoulder surgery.

                                                                          • Smoove Talk
                                                                            Smoove Talk  1 days back

                                                                            Don't do load management, just take the day off while your playing in the game..lol

                                                                            • carlos 617
                                                                              carlos 617  1 days back

                                                                              cut the season to 60 games!!!!

                                                                              • chironjo
                                                                                chironjo  1 days back

                                                                                I can't believe I am in agreement with Chris LeBroussard! I mean, his opinion about load management. Not about Lakers and his "chemistry". This is not a team. This is a bunch of mercenaries, lead by LeMercenary and Class-less A.D. (don't forget the t-shirt incident at NOLA last season).

                                                                                • Dbrezze iEa
                                                                                  Dbrezze iEa  1 days back

                                                                                  So...We went from knee injury to he's healthy now?? Which one is it?

                                                                                  • Mike Smith
                                                                                    Mike Smith  1 days back

                                                                                    It’s not a mental block it’s strategy/protection against re-aggravating an injury.

                                                                                    • AlmightyMe
                                                                                      AlmightyMe  1 days back

                                                                                      I think the load management is good when the star player(s) sot out on weakest teams...and they play the strong high ranking teams. Besides that it is bad for business

                                                                                      • Steven Washington
                                                                                        Steven Washington  1 days back

                                                                                        after hearing the commentary by Chris broussard today I am extremely disappointed I think your viewpoint is very simplistic and not taking the overall situation into account if Kawhi Leonard wins his third NBA championship and finals MVP do you not think that the money he has earned was worth it even though worth it even though he only played 65 games Chris broussard needs to get a life

                                                                                        • Steven Washington
                                                                                          Steven Washington  1 days back

                                                                                          Kawhi does not give a damn about the media's take on his load management campaign he will win his third NBA title this year and also be awarded with the finals MVP as a result this will make him the best basketball player of all time possibly the best athlete of all time maybe with the exception of Tom Brady

                                                                                          • God's Sun_1
                                                                                            God's Sun_1  1 days back

                                                                                            I don’t mind him sitting out some games, but not against real competition. Sit out against Charlotte, or the Knicks, etc.

                                                                                            • JBF Midnightson
                                                                                              JBF Midnightson  1 days back

                                                                                              Exactly CB pro rate income so fan know the diva players aren't fleecing the NBA. Gonna have to grow a sac commish

                                                                                              • Couaovi H
                                                                                                Couaovi H  1 days back

                                                                                                4:22 Oooh please Chris! You're wrong on this! Lebron can't get buckets as many ways as kawhi ... Please!