• Published: 29 May 2019
  • J Lo's Makeup Artist, Scott Barnes teaches me how to create my own J Lo Glow ... Many Pro Secrets Revealed!!! #SNATURAL Click the Thumbs-up for more Scott, love you guys! xo's ~ Tati
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    Flawless Face #65

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  • Crochet Me Jami
    Crochet Me Jami  2 hours back

    YAAAAS!! More Scott videos pleeeeeaze!!

    • Kylee
      Kylee  13 hours back

      I love videos of you both

      • Hi Hi
        Hi Hi  19 hours back

        more Scottt !!!

        • Xenomorph _
          Xenomorph _  24 hours back

          I love him ❤️

          • Carmen Almado
            Carmen Almado  1 days back

            love your friendship omg

            • Raybran
              Raybran  2 days back


              • Raybran
                Raybran  2 days back

                Omg I LOVE Scott so much! Awesome guy!❤❤❤❤

                • Sanchali S
                  Sanchali S  2 days back

                  You are pretty awesome with makeup Tati, but have to say Scott Barnes transformed you into a Hollywood star! 🌟 You look stunning! And he is fitness goals 🙌🏼

                  • Shannon Laxton
                    Shannon Laxton  2 days back

                    I wanna see more of you and Scott. I really enjoyed watching you guys together. Gives me a warm feeling and I really need that in my life right now. Thank you so much for being real. Plus now I can be beautiful too!

                    • Megan Russell
                      Megan Russell  2 days back

                      Oooh you should've done a full face show off between you and Scott!

                      • Olga
                        Olga  2 days back

                        When he put his glasses on 💀💀💀💀😂😂😂 "oh i can see everything"

                        • M Blair
                          M Blair  2 days back

                          “I have books of liners...” ❤️❤️❤️

                          • M Blair
                            M Blair  2 days back

                            Any video with Scott is my favorite! Thank you! He’s so calming and accepting. He just wants all to be our prettiest. Such a golden soul.

                            • SpOild Artist
                              SpOild Artist  2 days back

                              The world needs more adventures of Scot and Tati LoL 😂

                              • Krystan Bellows
                                Krystan Bellows  3 days back

                                I would LOVE if y'all did more stuff together! <3

                                • Tara Swanson
                                  Tara Swanson  3 days back

                                  New subscriber...and this may be the best beauty, makeup tutorial, teach me everything 😀😉 video I have ever watched!! Tati is hilarious and Scott Barnes...amazing at what he does!! OMG 😱😱❤❤

                                  • Janine
                                    Janine  3 days back

                                    Absolute Genius!!! Loved this video....and couldn't stop laughing (Snatchrel) lol Tati Please have Scott Barnes back for more videos xx

                                    • Leslie Aussem
                                      Leslie Aussem  3 days back

                                      I love Scott! OMGoodness....he's absolutely wonderful..Tati, you look gorgeous..but i love the blush under your eyes..and that above on lids..omy...beautiful darling...xo

                                      • Anna Epstein
                                        Anna Epstein  5 days back

                                        Yes!!! You are guys soooooo good with you together. And it is fun. And I have learn so much. Thank you!!!👍👍👍

                                        • june marie
                                          june marie  5 days back

                                          please make a channel together already i think we are all waiting...please.

                                          • eiyse 1
                                            eiyse 1  5 days back

                                            Please come back !!

                                            • Bowann80
                                              Bowann80  5 days back

                                              Do more please

                                              • Erica Salti
                                                Erica Salti  6 days back

                                                I think it’s time for a new Tati + Scott Barnes video!!!

                                                • Ana Berger
                                                  Ana Berger  6 days back

                                                  You got me to subscribe because of this video!

                                                  • blackcrampons
                                                    blackcrampons  6 days back

                                                    When he took out his book of liners i think i came...

                                                    • StephanieMarie 1336
                                                      StephanieMarie 1336  6 days back

                                                      Omg Scott is amazing! I wish he could be in every video I think I have watched his videos with u now 4 times each.

                                                      • Bibi Justiniani
                                                        Bibi Justiniani  6 days back

                                                        YouTube channel, ha more like a talk show, this man is everything, handsome. Smart, funny, charming, personable , sign him up because we want more of him. Love you Scott 💗

                                                        • Cheryl D
                                                          Cheryl D  6 days back

                                                          Got a few of his brushes! I am sooo hoping they are as good as said. :)

                                                          • Misako237
                                                            Misako237  7 days back

                                                            Scott Barnes neeeds to have his own youtube channel !!!!

                                                          • Ali Luna
                                                            Ali Luna  7 days back

                                                            LOOOOVE Scott and Tati videos. Would love to see him do different techniques for different scenarios. And different face shapes, ages, sizes, and skin colors. Maybe even different skin types. It’s so interesting to learn from both of you for all kinds of things and people.

                                                            • Madiha Syed
                                                              Madiha Syed  7 days back

                                                              Please make more videos together!! I learn so much from you both!! I love the contour before foundation tip. Love it!!

                                                              • Maddie Abigail
                                                                Maddie Abigail  7 days back

                                                                PLEASE KEEP MAKING VIDEOS TOGETHER. Seeing you both together makes my day😅💚

                                                                • Doroteja Štimac
                                                                  Doroteja Štimac  1 weeks back

                                                                  Scott is makeup god.

                                                                  • Bari Wimmer
                                                                    Bari Wimmer  1 weeks back

                                                                    I would love to see more stuff of you all together!

                                                                    • Spirit Medium Kerri
                                                                      Spirit Medium Kerri  1 weeks back

                                                                      Amazing. Next time please show how to make your natural skin tone look just as amazing. Scott and Tati you’re so cute and down to earth.

                                                                      • Rubaiyat Rahman
                                                                        Rubaiyat Rahman  1 weeks back

                                                                        miss scott

                                                                        • Pam Anatalio
                                                                          Pam Anatalio  1 weeks back

                                                                          I love it when Scott is in your videos!

                                                                          • it’s carpet
                                                                            it’s carpet  1 weeks back

                                                                            love this! Love him!!!!

                                                                            • Christi Thompson
                                                                              Christi Thompson  1 weeks back

                                                                              I absolutely LOVE these Scott Barnes videos. ❤️❤️ I’m not very good with makeup BUT I feel like I’m learning so much! Can’t wait for him to come in again!!!

                                                                              • Tamara Valero
                                                                                Tamara Valero  1 weeks back

                                                                                Yeeeees another video pleeeease

                                                                                • Sally Shah
                                                                                  Sally Shah  1 weeks back

                                                                                  Tatiiiiii....more on Scott Barnes plzzzzz....😘

                                                                                  • jennifer lupino
                                                                                    jennifer lupino  1 weeks back

                                                                                    SERIOUSLY SO INLOVE WITH THE BOTH OF YOU, KEEP FILMING TOGETHER 🦋 been working non stop at my boutique to get his products but shh don’t tell my lancôme boss 🥰😂

                                                                                    • Dhara Hasan
                                                                                      Dhara Hasan  1 weeks back

                                                                                      Please please please bring him back. He is such a breath of fresh air and everything out of his mouth is either hilarious or constructive. Also the 8.5k haters could go make a straight line on the side of their face and call it contour.

                                                                                      • Anne Seldon
                                                                                        Anne Seldon  1 weeks back

                                                                                        Oh my gosh. I think I'm in love with Scott Barnes. So lovely and genuine and wouldn't let you say a single negative word about yourself. What a fantastic guy. X

                                                                                        • Veronika
                                                                                          Veronika  1 weeks back

                                                                                          I love Tati's hair here.

                                                                                          • Ryan Moral
                                                                                            Ryan Moral  1 weeks back

                                                                                            WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH OH MY GOD PLEASE COMEBACKKKKKKK

                                                                                            • the weirdo
                                                                                              the weirdo  1 weeks back

                                                                                              I NEED MORE SCOTT BARNESSSSSSSSS

                                                                                              • Jennifer Tripp
                                                                                                Jennifer Tripp  1 weeks back

                                                                                                Omg love him on your channel 😍😍🤓🤓