BLACK MIRROR Season 5 Trailer (2019) Netflix

  • Published: 15 May 2019
  • Official Black Mirror Series Season 5 Trailer 2019 | Subscribe ➤ | Miley Cyrus Series Trailer | Release: 5 Jun 2019 | More
    A contemporary British re-working of The Twilight Zone with stories that tap into the collective unease about our modern world.

    Over the last ten years, technology has transformed almost every aspect of our lives before we've had time to stop and question it. In every home; on every desk; in every palm - a plasma screen; a monitor; a smartphone - a black mirror of our 21st Century existence.

    Black Mirror (2011) is the new drama.

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Comments • 55

  • Cornelius Lücking
    Cornelius Lücking  7 days back

    worst season

    • Simon Beeson
      Simon Beeson  3 months back

      The producers of The Twighlight Zone 2019.. check this show out

      • A Man
        A Man  4 months back

        Cap gave you the shield. And this is what you doing, Sam.

      • royandescartes
        royandescartes  4 months back

        i am so ready for this!!!

        • Оля Годунова
          Оля Годунова  4 months back

          Когда выйдет???

        • NS C
          NS C  4 months back

          Yes, yes and yes!

          • Fusion Flarez
            Fusion Flarez  4 months back

            little sad about only 3 i hope theyre not too long i dont wanna watch a movie i love how the others are all shortish and sweet with a punch only 3 makes me think theyre gonna be long and slightly drawn out and if they are perfect like the others then ill be slightly upset there is only 3 cos its been ages

            • random commenter
              random commenter  4 months back

              Another bandersnatch please and thanks

              • HypGnosis
                HypGnosis  4 months back

                Only 3 episodes!? That sucks!

                • Yonko Channel : Series Et Mangas

                  it looks to me for beautiful stories

                  • Hong Ha
                    Hong Ha  4 months back

                    Black Mata vs Falcon. Nice

                    • alcatraz14
                      alcatraz14  4 months back

                      I thought the thumbnail was a music video with Miley Cyrus in it

                      • Destiny Begins
                        Destiny Begins  4 months back

                        Miley Cyrus was great till she had a mental breakdown, short hair, tattoos everywhere and I'm not even starting about her nudes..

                        • Tru Story
                          Tru Story  4 months back

                          She has such a stupid look to her

                          • Emerson Wallace
                            Emerson Wallace  4 months back

                            Was that Topher Grace?! From that 70s show?

                            • Emerson Wallace
                              Emerson Wallace  4 months back

                              @ian s Eesh can it be Topher Grace from That 70s show? Please...?

                            • ian s
                              ian s  4 months back

                              No it was Topher Grace from Spider-Man 3.

                          • thecircledance
                            thecircledance  4 months back

                            Yes! I love Miley. This looks awesome.

                            • Ivan Gonzalez
                              Ivan Gonzalez  4 months back

                              This is a show ? 🤔

                              • FMtechHax
                                FMtechHax  4 months back

                                Yup, recommend watching it if you've never seen it before

                            • DownSouth Ninja
                              DownSouth Ninja  4 months back

                              Can we hope for miley getting naked? Nevermind just googled naked miley.her penis looks wierd

                              • ruya x
                                ruya x  4 months back

                                found how I'm going to recover from the last season of GoT

                                • Rohan Cook422
                                  Rohan Cook422  3 months back

                                  May have just been my opinion.. just didn’t like them at all. Especially the 2nd episode, pretty sure I’d seen the exact same story in a law and order episode.

                                • ruya x
                                  ruya x  3 months back

                                  waiting for rick and morty now

                                • ruya x
                                  ruya x  3 months back

                                  @Rohan Cook422 I am saaaad

                                • Rohan Cook422
                                  Rohan Cook422  3 months back

                                  ruya x to bad season 5 sucks

                              • Mantis Toboggan
                                Mantis Toboggan  4 months back

                                uuuuuugggggggghhhhhh, miley cyrus. why?!?!!!!!

                                • Barbatos Lupus
                                  Barbatos Lupus  4 months back


                                  • Thiago Almeida
                                    Thiago Almeida  4 months back

                                    *Ye hehe boy..*

                                    • birench
                                      birench  4 months back

                                      Finally !!

                                      • PopCross Studios
                                        PopCross Studios  4 months back

                                        I'm so glad it's just three! Hopefully means it's 3 AWESOME episodes!!!

                                        • MDavis13
                                          MDavis13  4 months back

                                          Maybe multiple episodes for each story

                                      • GD WARRIOR
                                        GD WARRIOR  4 months back

                                        What is the song?

                                      • makncheeze
                                        makncheeze  4 months back

                                        3 stories????? Not enough

                                        • BALA KISHORE
                                          BALA KISHORE  4 months back

                                          After watching this,,,douuuuuuuuu

                                          • Dis Noodle
                                            Dis Noodle  4 months back

                                            Why is Hannah Montana and Falcon in this show?

                                            • Alexander Eliassen09122002

                                              Fucking amazing

                                              • KoolShady45
                                                KoolShady45  4 months back

                                                Looks like a recipe for disaster!

                                                • kal-el
                                                  kal-el  4 months back

                                                  hannah Montana, falcon and sherlock villain (moriarty) in this season? niceeeee

                                                  • Sebi 98
                                                    Sebi 98  4 months back

                                                    kal-el hahaha ma nigga

                                                  • kal-el
                                                    kal-el  4 months back

                                                    @daddydojang oh hahah ys

                                                  • kal-el
                                                    kal-el  4 months back

                                                    @Christian Arroyo no captain Africa

                                                  • Christian Arroyo
                                                    Christian Arroyo  4 months back

                                                    You mean Captian America?

                                                • travel er
                                                  travel er  4 months back

                                                  Not first comment like pls SUPSCRIBE ME💜💙💜💙💜💛💜💙💜💙💜💚💜

                                                  • Tabacchum Taba
                                                    Tabacchum Taba  4 months back

                                                    Anyone from Bangladesh, India??


                                                  • Chastity Faye
                                                    Chastity Faye  4 months back

                                                    Who else clicked faster than usaine bolt? 😂

                                                    (Also I do skits & funny vids🎉🎉)

                                                    • jim dunk
                                                      jim dunk  4 months back

                                                      I watched a few but that 4/20 rap/poem was epic we should colab I'm from London

                                                    • jim dunk
                                                      jim dunk  4 months back

                                                      I subbed you better not let me down I'm gonna check you out now

                                                  • love _west
                                                    love _west  4 months back


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