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  • Hodey FU
    Hodey FU  3 days back

    I don't always agree with him, but he is so intelligent and articulate, and has made me think a few times.

    • Gaby
      Gaby  4 days back

      Agree 100%

      • BuildingCenter
        BuildingCenter  6 days back


        • Nyati-MeLissa SMILE MINISTRY

          Trevor your view is so honest it seem obvious. However certain people in this country choose to be blissfully ignorant. You are amazing, and I would love to sit and share intellectual conversation with you. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

          • Maoli2013
            Maoli2013  1 weeks back

            Trevor, get Tulsi Gabbard on your show. I promise you won't feel the same about the next elections.

            • Dee Brodigan
              Dee Brodigan  1 weeks back

              Voting "for the thing" can be a waste of a vote if you don't have a majority (throw away vote)

              • Stakes media
                Stakes media  1 weeks back

                I like Trevor but i think the Democrats are using him against Trump. Vote for a Democrats this coming election and watch America go down due to their anti-God policies. Trump might not be the best in terms of character, but he’s certainly not the worst like you guys are making him look. Trump is one of the best thing to ever happen to America just that the media wasn’t fair to him from day one when his rise to power was put under trivial & disgraceful trial that never yielded any result. A total waste of time!

                • Smilley MLK
                  Smilley MLK  5 days back

                  *Vote for a Democrats this coming election and watch America go down due to their anti-God policies.*
                  Name one! Also, if people learned to care for each other, they wouldn't need gods.
                  And if your God is so impotent that policy can be "Anti-God", that's not any politician's fault.

                  *Trump might not be the best in terms of character, but he’s certainly not the worst like you guys are making him look.*
                  Seriously? He's a cheating grifter and serial liar. The one and only thing important to him is himself. If holy water had any actual powers and you sprinkled it on him, he would melt like the Wicked Witch of the West.

                  *Trump is one of the best thing to ever happen to America*
                  As a bad example never to repeat, at best.

                  *just that the media wasn’t fair to him*
                  Because they show what he says and does. Bad press! Bad! /sarcasm

                  *was put under trivial & disgraceful trial that never yielded any result*
                  Trial? Never happened. No jury, no prosecution, no defense. And Mueller himself said that if Trump wasn't president, they would have charged him without a second thought.

                  *A total waste of time!*
                  Au contraire. The public knows more about his business dealings before and during his presidency than ever before. And once he's dragged out of the White House, he will learn to love the color orange of his prison garb.

              • Lionel C
                Lionel C  1 weeks back

                A problem France left wing voters have been struggling with for more than 20 years. And fear might get reaaal in the next elections... I really wish we had an equivalent of TDS or Patriot Act here!
                I really love listen to you!

                • Farty McGee
                  Farty McGee  1 weeks back

                  although Trevor is required to keep it funny, this clip was worth every second. Thank you, Trevor. His message was MUCH needed.

                  • Farty McGee
                    Farty McGee  1 weeks back

                    Joe Biden 2020 is a revamped ShillDawg 2016

                    • Farty McGee
                      Farty McGee  1 weeks back

                      Not voting out of fear, but out of conviction, will result in an historic victory and beat down of a Donald Dumps by Bernie Sanders....hopefully! And, if not, then Warren, even with her establishment leanings

                      • W B
                        W B  1 weeks back

                        Accents don't make you smart or witty, Trevor.

                        • Matt DoesGame
                          Matt DoesGame  1 weeks back

                          Most of the Democratic candidates are worse than trump... what are you talking about. Andrew Yang is like the only normal one...

                          • sion8
                            sion8  1 weeks back


                        • Kay Heatmaker
                          Kay Heatmaker  2 weeks back

                          Cant Believe I enjoy Between The Scenes more than the actual prepared show.

                          • Megan Pearl
                            Megan Pearl  2 weeks back

                            Can Trevor Noah just run for President?

                            • SixD Second Cinema
                              SixD Second Cinema  2 weeks back

                              Hell yeah vote with conviction!!! #Trump2020 💪🇺🇸

                              • Matt DoesGame
                                Matt DoesGame  1 weeks back

                                SixD Second Cinema HELL YEAH THE DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES ARE TRASH. I don’t want any of those pieces of garbage in that office.

                            • felixvelariusbos
                              felixvelariusbos  2 weeks back

                              This is gonna get me a lot of shit but, whatever: I genuinely liked Hilary Clinton and wanted her to be president and supported her way before Trump and Bernie and all the other candidates and Supreme Court and all that other crap. I thought she'd be good at the job, had an agenda I liked and a plan to back it up. My only major beef with her was how terrible she was at campaigning.
                              One of my biggest regrets from 2016 is I was absolutely terrified to ever voice that to people because I saw all the vitrol aimed at her, so I often pretended that I was voting for her while holding my nose. I never openly supported her because I figured I'd just get shouted down. Even if my friends truly did disagree with me, I think it was just a disservice to everyone.
                              Long story short, this year there's a lot of really good candidates (and one VERY bad one), and I'm not going to be such a pansy about who I support. If we don't have some emotion behind who Democrats nominate, it's just going to be 2016 all over again.

                              • Kategari
                                Kategari  2 weeks back

                                Don't just vote for the dude coz you're super worried the guy you actually like won't win.
                                Vote for the guy whose policies are what you want.

                                • Jeff Kay
                                  Jeff Kay  2 weeks back

                                  Selected to be elected, people living under a rock have a laugh about the democracy in the USA. Its really a joke thats not even funny anymore.

                                  • Adel Marvel
                                    Adel Marvel  2 weeks back

                                    It's beautiful the way trevor is able 2 capture people's would not believe the blood that runs in him is d same that run in Xenophobic South Africans. Smhw, I pray this reaches Trevor..please talk 2 ur people, tell them that killing Nigerians would never make then better than us, would never stop us. They are shaming themselves in front of the whole world, they are tearing apart the hard earned reputation Mandela built 4 them. Tell them they are not pleasing God and most importantly, tell them, if they think Nigerians are fools, there is a reason why we are called the giants of Africa. Tell them 2 stop playing with fire. Nigerians arent cowards and they would not love d repercussion. Please speak to your people , they are ruining their reputations and indirectly, it would backfire to u, Trevor. I dont want 2 sound rude but the pain of loss is not something to be entertained. Certainly not in Naija.

                                    • Luebla Blacknell
                                      Luebla Blacknell  2 weeks back

                                      The UN should send in their poll watchers into the US. It's time out for the BS about it being a democracy! When there is full fledged cheating/voter suppression/ changing votes/ & fraud going on. Get real- Malcolm X said years ago - " It is who that Count the votes- that matters." As long as you have old scoundrels like moscow mitch/mccarthy/pence & other corrupt repubs (& some Dems) - there will NEVER BE A HONEST ELECTION....

                                      • A learning Programmer
                                        A learning Programmer  2 weeks back

                                        I really felt the same back in the French presidential elections a few years back. The feeling was general when electing Emmanuel Macron against extremist partisan Marine LePen. It was a sort of anger from some Macron-voters whose opinion was straight different from Macron's views, but without any alternative against Marine and her party's view on immigration and many other topics.

                                        • Anjali Baskar
                                          Anjali Baskar  2 weeks back

                                          how eloquent- god, even the first sentence hit me

                                          • Tito Tim Travels
                                            Tito Tim Travels  2 weeks back

                                            In the primary I can honestly vote with conviction for my favorite (whoever it is by then). Then, in the general election I can vote with conviction for whoever has the Democratic nomination. Like Trevor said - they are all better than trump. I just hope the 3rd party & protest voters do not throw this election like they did in 2016.

                                            • Meg Paul
                                              Meg Paul  2 weeks back

                                              I legitimately thought this narrative died with 2017... because it's unfounded, falsifiable, and needs to be treated as such.

                                            • Meg Paul
                                              Meg Paul  2 weeks back

                                              That's literally not what happened. No matter how many times you say it to yourself, the data will not back you up here. Dems lost because they nominated the worse of the two primary candidates, who thought she had it SO bagged up, she didn't do enough in states that rely heavily on trade and unions - and HEAVILY so because of her stance TPP - and people were not _INSPIRED_ to vote for her. Voter turnout was embarrassingly low *because nobody earned their vote, PERIOD.*

                                              Not a single state was lost because of protestors or 3rd party votes. Not one.

                                          • Ciara R
                                            Ciara R  2 weeks back

                                            It’s a pity how voting operates in the USA. In the Republic of Ireland, we use a numbered voting system where you vote 1, 2, 3... for the candidates that you wish to vote for ensuring that you’re vote is not wasted even if you’re first choice is eliminated from the voting process. I wonder hat countries have the best democratic approach for voting.

                                            • Emma Coleman
                                              Emma Coleman  2 weeks back

                                              Politics aside. Trevor, I don’t have the words, I’m just so proud of him.

                                              • TheBestYouTubeVideosAndYouCantSeeThem

                                                Dems offer nothing realistic.

                                                • Poo Pee
                                                  Poo Pee  2 weeks back

                                                  I want to like #Biden, but he seems to be in the lead only because has more prestige, money, connections.. Which, seems a bit at odds with the what the Democratic party is all about, standing up people who don't have a voice, minorities. #YangGang

                                                  • Alyse Hein
                                                    Alyse Hein  2 weeks back

                                                    I REALLY love this. I'm excited for 2020 because I can actually vote for my convictions.

                                                    • Ezajur Rahman
                                                      Ezajur Rahman  3 weeks back

                                                      Trevor, make your admiration and support for Bernie unequivocal.

                                                      • West Paul
                                                        West Paul  3 weeks back

                                                        @Trevor Noah, you talking about R-Kelly, why dont you use your platform
                                                        to telll your fellow South Africans to stop killing Nigerians and other
                                                        Africans in your country?

                                                        • West Paul
                                                          West Paul  3 weeks back

                                                          @Trevor Noah, you talking about R-Kelly, why dont you use your platform
                                                          to telll your fellow South Africans to stop killing Nigerians and other
                                                          Africans in your country?

                                                          • Skoyatt Beaujouan
                                                            Skoyatt Beaujouan  3 weeks back

                                                            In France, we have been voting against a candidate rather than for a candidate for as long as I can remember (I'm 27), and it's been a catastrophe.

                                                            • Ronjon Dhar Baruah
                                                              Ronjon Dhar Baruah  3 weeks back

                                                              I am from India but I would love to see Trevor as the next President of America

                                                              • Alec Kelsey
                                                                Alec Kelsey  3 weeks back

                                                                Trevor Noah is my spirit animal.

                                                                Wait... that can't be right.
                                                                Yeah, no... yeah I'll stick with that. The man is my spirit animal.

                                                                • Isaac Rigel
                                                                  Isaac Rigel  3 weeks back


                                                                  • Aruna Harpalani
                                                                    Aruna Harpalani  3 weeks back

                                                                    Wait... why are most of the comment section Yang or Bernie supporters?

                                                                    • J I
                                                                      J I  3 weeks back

                                                                      Well you know how sand people ride in single file to hide their numbers?

                                                                  • Aruna Harpalani
                                                                    Aruna Harpalani  3 weeks back

                                                                    I support Bernie out of conviction!

                                                                    • RKingdom
                                                                      RKingdom  3 weeks back

                                                                      Hillary is the 2nd worst after Donald

                                                                      • Nicolle Barrett
                                                                        Nicolle Barrett  3 weeks back

                                                                        If democrats vote Biden, Trump will win.

                                                                        • hagar2025
                                                                          hagar2025  3 weeks back

                                                                          A man from South Africa educating Americans on fair politics because otherwise they will definitely mess it up. Again.

                                                                          • Ford Warrick Jr
                                                                            Ford Warrick Jr  3 weeks back

                                                                            Andrew Yang 2020!

                                                                            • VplusMuffin
                                                                              VplusMuffin  3 weeks back

                                                                              Why aren‘t your videos not available in Germany anymore? :(( Your show is the only prove, that your country isn‘t completely insane. Now we have to deal with all that Trump shit alone... :O

                                                                              • Jennifer Montgomery
                                                                                Jennifer Montgomery  3 weeks back

                                                                                Republican voters now have three or so choices, including Trump, on their side. They have to vote based upon how pro or anti Trump they are. That forces both parties to choose how they decide if Trump is reelected or not.

                                                                                It is not often that we see challengers of the party of the incumbent President. Most voters of the same party as the incumbent during Presidential Election years do not have to make that choice.

                                                                                • Paulo Alexandre
                                                                                  Paulo Alexandre  3 weeks back

                                                                                  The DNC won't want to give away their power to the people. Republicans, Democrats, they're all the same, they don't represent change. And they don't want change. It's a one party system disguised as a parliamentary democracy, but in reality there are 2 parties who will bully voters into not voting Greens and Libertarians, and they will join forces if they need to discredit an outsider. The GOP didn't want Trump to win, and the DNC didn't want Bernie to win.

                                                                                  I'll tell you what, I respect a person who voted Trump with conviction MORE than I respect a person who blames Bernie and Jill voters for Hillary not winning.

                                                                                  • Jonny Axelsson
                                                                                    Jonny Axelsson  3 weeks back

                                                                                    Sure to a considerable extent it doesn't matter WHICH Democratic candidate wins, as long as s/he beats Trump, and then it's fine to go for whichever Democratic flavour that tickles your fancy.

                                                                                    The weakness of this argument is that most of the time, in a system like this, neither candidate will tickle your fancy, but the difference between the alternatives will be HUGE. That's how Trump won in 2016, and that is how he plans to win in 2020. Just like the Trump campaign did with Hillary Clinton they will do with . Republicans vote for the Republican candidate, they see that as their duty, but Democrats need to feel inspired by their candidate, if not they vote third party or stay home. In 2016 the Trump campaign succeeded in making enough potential Clinton supporters do that to win the election. Hopefully voters won't be so stupid again.

                                                                                    Simply ask: Who of the two will be the better president? Who will be the far worse? And then vote Whoever-2020.

                                                                                    • ncc1701dfreddyvulcan
                                                                                      ncc1701dfreddyvulcan  3 weeks back

                                                                                      I’m just worried about I slew dropping out. None of this matters if we don’t address climate change.

                                                                                      • mjimih
                                                                                        mjimih  3 weeks back

                                                                                        Pres. Warren/Sanders Biden Sec of State