• Published: 05 June 2019
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    Today’s video is my full face drug store makeup routine for beginners! This full face beat only utilizes 5 products. All you need to get started with your makeup journey! The next video I will be showing you guys the makeup tools starter kit that will include 5 essential brushes to achieve a beat face. Let me know what other videos you are interested in seeing! Until next time....xoxo, slim
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    ► Coty Airspun Loose Setting Powder (Naturally Neutral) -
    ► Black Radiance True Complexion Contour Palette (Dark to Deep) -
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  • Sade Yemaya
    Sade Yemaya  1 hours back

    Thank you so much for this amazing tutorial ❤️

    • Margaret Finny
      Margaret Finny  11 hours back

      almond shaped eyes are soooo pretty

    • jvickers67
      jvickers67  12 hours back

      short of not putting the product details in the description box--the vid was very informative.

      • Slim Reshae
        Slim Reshae   2 hours back

        jvickers67 it’s okay! I’m sorry you had to scroll to find them initially 🙏🏾 thank you for your kind words ❤️

      • jvickers67
        jvickers67  2 hours back

        @Slim Reshae when i viewed earlier, there was no detail in description area, and i had to scroll thru vid to the part where you recap prods..but i see it i stand corrected...needless to say --still impressive.

      • Slim Reshae
        Slim Reshae   2 hours back

        Thank you! & all products are listed in the description box ❤️

    • jvickers67
      jvickers67  12 hours back

      impressive...579k views with only 81k subs!!! rvrn if u know how to do makeup i think u can still pick up something from this vid. the important thing is that it looks easy and u come out looking very natural. great job!

    • Renee Hicks
      Renee Hicks  15 hours back

      This video was very easy to follow for a beginner. I learned to do makeup back in the 80’s and makeup application was much different/simple. For years I stopped wearing makeup when I was raising my children but now my children are grown and it’s all about me. So I’m learning again. Thanks

      • Slim Reshae
        Slim Reshae   12 hours back

        yassssss i love this! you got this renee! xoxo

    • Aisha Hagan
      Aisha Hagan  1 days back

      Finally something cute and affordable and beginner friendly 😍😍 love it...buying soon

    • Ariah Lea
      Ariah Lea  2 days back

      You are divine. Thanks for the info :)

    • Shon Mann
      Shon Mann  2 days back

      Do the concealer need to be at skin tone or lighter or darker

    • Janine Mundell
      Janine Mundell  2 days back

      A true beginners makeup tutorial. Thank you so much.

    • saucegaysucks
      saucegaysucks  3 days back

      Thanks for the honest and simple tutorial and not being all "you really should use brush #876868876, Foundation from sdkjfgskjdfgsdf, and some ectoplasm from your nearest ghost for moisture". Appreciate you!

    • Nadia Braimah
      Nadia Braimah  3 days back

      You look like Justin Skye

    • Emily Thompson
      Emily Thompson  3 days back

      Hey so how would I know which foundation match my skin tone because on Friday I'm thinking about going to the drug store and getting all these products you listed so I can start doing my own make up because idk how to do my own

      • Slim Reshae
        Slim Reshae   3 days back

        i have a video on this dropping tomorrow!

    • Thelsuice Gonzalez
      Thelsuice Gonzalez  3 days back

      You did an excellent job. I only needed something quick and natural and uncomplicated and this worked.

      You were thorough especially with the option of going with only the first 3 products. I had no problems with applying makeup in the past but with a physical disability I can't apply as much.

      I really appreciate the care you put into creating the tutorial.

      • Slim Reshae
        Slim Reshae   2 days back

        @Thelsuice Gonzalez thank you & same to you! xoxo

      • Thelsuice Gonzalez
        Thelsuice Gonzalez  2 days back

        @Slim Reshae You're welcome.😇 Sometimes all it takes is to hear someone talk it out to get inspired or motivated.

        Thanks again and best of wishes to you.

      • Slim Reshae
        Slim Reshae   3 days back

        thank you so much! this means a lot to me, i try to be as helpful as possible! xoxo

    • Queen aka SuperNova MEI Inc CEO

      Also me: Thankyou for creating a TRULY beginner's tutorial. I've never worn makeup because I've never had a need for it. BUT I like dressing my face up on occasion. I always go to the Mac counter but I end up looking like I'm about to hit the Pole smh. Thankyouuu

    • Queen aka SuperNova MEI Inc CEO

      Ok, are you Angela Bassett's long lost daughter? Lol

      • Slim Reshae
        Slim Reshae   3 days back

        lol everyone always says that on my channel!

    • Lashae Smith
      Lashae Smith  4 days back

      I love this.. I have no clue what I’m doing when it comes to makeup.. but I have always liked natural looks so Im def gonna try this. Thank you

    • Melissa G
      Melissa G  4 days back

      I can’t set my concealer it looks hella dry 🥺

      • Slim Reshae
        Slim Reshae   3 days back

        you may need to try a lighter powder or a different technique.

    • Chanté
      Chanté  4 days back

      Whats the name of the fit me product?

      • Slim Reshae
        Slim Reshae   3 days back

        linked in the description box! xoxo

    • life no. 9
      life no. 9  4 days back

      I can’t get over how beautiful you are. Anyway thank you for this! I’m not necessarily an amateur but it’s been a minute since I’ve had an actual regimen, this fits my everyday look goals.

    • Abrian Smith
      Abrian Smith  4 days back

      Finally a makeup tutorial I love.

    • Shameka Ramsey
      Shameka Ramsey  4 days back

      This is one of the best and simplest videos I came across the other they add about 50 products to there face I can't even keep up thank u for making me feel like I can do it

    • girl BYE!
      girl BYE!  4 days back

      Ooo I already have a Sephora mascara and fenty foundation imma go ahead and cop that LA girl concealer!

    • Latoya Ward
      Latoya Ward  5 days back

      I want that beauty blender !

      • Karis Middleton
        Karis Middleton  5 days back

        Ok first tutorial I've watch making me run with $20 in hand and get the natural look that's absolutely simple and beautiful.

      • Yasmin Styles
        Yasmin Styles  6 days back

        I have MAC and it’s 48. Is there any way to find out what shade it would be in the Maybelline ?

        • Slim Reshae
          Slim Reshae   3 days back

          im not sure what MAC 48 shade is comparable to the Maybelline Fit Me shades

      • Minnie Jerry
        Minnie Jerry  6 days back

        Very simple and you described everything thank you ☺️

      • Busisiwe Khumalo
        Busisiwe Khumalo  6 days back

        Now true beginners make up tutorial❤️❤️❤️. I don't like heavy make up and this is so helpful as I have these products

      • dreamergirlbaby
        dreamergirlbaby  6 days back

        After you put that foundation on I was shook 😮 that coverage 😭

      • Aafreen Khan
        Aafreen Khan  6 days back

        What type of lipistics colours usesl please tell me

      • Mera Brown
        Mera Brown  7 days back

        Your video was the best I seen so far hands down plain & simple your definitely the best 😍❤️ between I watched all the ads so that you could get your 💰💰 💰

      • Stella Harris
        Stella Harris  1 weeks back

        Thank you for this video. I’m 39 and want to wear make, but I want it to look as natural as possible. I will be going to the store tomorrow to purchase these products!!! Thank you for making this video simple and explaining it so well. ❤️

        • Slim Reshae
          Slim Reshae   3 days back

          youre welcome! im glad it could help!

      • NICNIC 1972
        NICNIC 1972  1 weeks back

        Perfect video love love it.. I am a beginner thank you so much 😊 You are beautiful!

      • Canyoushut Thefuckup
        Canyoushut Thefuckup  1 weeks back

        Had to give a thumbs down for more than 4 ads in less than a 30 minute video. 🤦🏾‍♀️

        • Slim Reshae
          Slim Reshae   7 days back

          Canyoushut Thefuckup word! Thank you for your feedback 🙏🏾

        • Canyoushut Thefuckup
          Canyoushut Thefuckup  1 weeks back

          @Slim Reshae I clicked off before you got to the concealer, it was helpful though!

        • Slim Reshae
          Slim Reshae   1 weeks back

          dag nabbit. thats cool, did you at least enjoy the 22minutes and 58seconds of it? lol

      • Yasmin Styles
        Yasmin Styles  1 weeks back

        For the concealer, can you just get any conclear or does it have to match your skin colour like foundation?

        • Slim Reshae
          Slim Reshae   1 weeks back

          it can be a shade or two lighter than your skin/foundation color.

      • Abdi Hassan
        Abdi Hassan  1 weeks back

        I have MAC foundation and I have blemishes and acne. Idk how you covered up your acne so well, mine is always still visible

        • Abdi Hassan
          Abdi Hassan  5 days back

          Slim Reshae wow that worker lied to me 😭

        • Slim Reshae
          Slim Reshae   1 weeks back

          i dont use MAC... that product is not like full coverage so you may need to switch foundations

      • kay J
        kay J  1 weeks back

        now this is a beginner friendly video!! thank you, very helpful!! you`re gorgeous by the waaaay

      • Takeyla Harrison
        Takeyla Harrison  1 weeks back

        No primer or setting spray? Or is that only for summer?

        • Slim Reshae
          Slim Reshae   1 weeks back

          watch til the end babe, i mention both primer and setting spray options! xoxo

      • Samke Vilakazi
        Samke Vilakazi  1 weeks back


        • Alicia Williams
          Alicia Williams  1 weeks back

          Very nice natural look.

        • Nina James
          Nina James  1 weeks back

          What about that spray for when ur done

          • Slim Reshae
            Slim Reshae   1 weeks back


        • Nina James
          Nina James  1 weeks back

          I can’t wait to try these steps I have no idea what I’m doing lol

          • Nina James
            Nina James  1 weeks back

            Slim Reshae thank u I hope so lol

          • Slim Reshae
            Slim Reshae   1 weeks back

            lol you got this! just keep practicing

        • Bellz Njollz
          Bellz Njollz  2 weeks back

          Real beginner

          • Wonderful Peace
            Wonderful Peace  2 weeks back

            😊 I bet jealous women bother you lol
            You're blessed girl

            • Slim Reshae
              Slim Reshae   1 weeks back

              lol thank you, and not often actually lol, positive vibes attract positive people for the most part! xoxo

          • Tracy lamont92
            Tracy lamont92  2 weeks back

            I love this video omg I have everything except for the powder !!! And I’m about to go try this now. Best video yet!! Thank you because I’m truly a beginner and this did it for me.

            • Slim Reshae
              Slim Reshae   1 weeks back

              youre welcome love im glad this helps!

          • Doreen Bash
            Doreen Bash  2 weeks back

            This is so real and really nice

          • Candi Girl
            Candi Girl  2 weeks back

            Girl!!! I was literally telling my cousin TODAY about wanting to have a natural look with just like 5 products then BOOM!!! Thank you so much for this video!! New subbie!!!

            • Slim Reshae
              Slim Reshae   2 weeks back

              youre welcome babe! welcome to the #GemSquad !

          • I Am Success
            I Am Success  2 weeks back

            You’re one of the first to actually describe how & why you contour ! Thank you. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💕

          • Tawanda Peebles
            Tawanda Peebles  2 weeks back

            Great video!