Was Trevante Rhodes Nervous About Kissing Sandra Bullock In 'Bird Box'?


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  • Juliana Price
    Juliana Price  3 weeks back

    H...hold up, she’s 55 and he’s 29 oh...oh my GOD so we ain’t gone ignore this??

      I YAM WHITE  5 months back

      Remember Sandra Bullock said Michael was very handsome in the football movie. She looks so good with a black man..as all us white women do.

      • Tanya Karazan
        Tanya Karazan  6 months back

        Heading to the store to buy wintergreen mints NOW

        • Patricia isha Sebastian
          Patricia isha Sebastian  8 months back


          • Juwan Crisostomo
            Juwan Crisostomo  10 months back

            trevante is like half as young as sandra lol

          • stryfetc1
            stryfetc1  10 months back

            He was trying to give the "PC, "I am an Arteeest", it's about the work" type of answer and Sandra made it lighthearted and real....love her personality

            • Morpheus
              Morpheus  10 months back

              Interesting tidbit......Trevante Rhodes, who plays Sandra Bullock’s love interest was born in 1990. Sandra Bullock was born in 1964. Speed, Sandra Bullock’s first breakthrough movie came out in 1994. So when Speed dropped, Trevante was four years old.....now they are doing love scenes together.....yeesh LOL

            • MrCHARLESGATES
              MrCHARLESGATES  10 months back

              A asian would of been more compatible since thats who whites are dating in high volumes........ 🤷🏽‍♂️

            • KLM Hooked Moore
              KLM Hooked Moore  10 months back

              The racists will go bat shit crazy about SB kissing a Black man. Maybe their heads will combust!

              • Chris Rivers
                Chris Rivers  10 months back

                Lucky devil. Good for him...

                • Bianca Aletti
                  Bianca Aletti  10 months back

                  he's almost 30 and she's almost 60 smh

                  • Jerico
                    Jerico  9 months back

                    @Fred Rick yes it's mostly the makeup that makes her look young but she's still in good shape

                  • Fred Rick
                    Fred Rick  9 months back

                    @Jerico she's 54?? 😲

                  • Sara x
                    Sara x  9 months back

                    Let her enjoy her boy toy 😂

                  • Jerico
                    Jerico  10 months back

                    She's 54 not 59 plus she looks like she's in her 30s she takes care of her body

                  • Fred Rick
                    Fred Rick  10 months back

                    It's a movie, Damn!

                • AARON JOHNSON
                  AARON JOHNSON  10 months back

                  I just wondering what took Sandra so long to star opposite a black dude in an onscreen romantic situation. There were rumors about 5 to 10 years ago she would star opposite a black guy that would involve romantic relations but I thought the guy would be a rapper. She went into cougar mode....LOL!

                  • paige awesomewolf
                    paige awesomewolf  10 months back

                    I watched with my family and I ship them both

                    • Entertainment movies and art uploads

                      calling all my black sisters, this is the reason why we can't be loved bye our black husband's and children's father is because a desperate other race is trying to put a witchcraft's spell on our black men to steal our love from our men, but I tell you what it better not happen to me because I am quick to pull out my motherfucking stinger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      • Sara x
                        Sara x  9 months back

                        Girl you must just be ugly because I’ve seen plenty of black men with black women , only a small minority date interracially stop trolling

                      • Leon Barnett
                        Leon Barnett  10 months back

                        @Entertainment movies and art uploads blackwomen loved scandal and monstersball. Blackwomen loved Whitney Houston the bodyguard. Blackwomen love omarosa kissing trumps ass. Blackwomen are still doing ghettogaggers. Com. Blackwomen love Megan markel and Serena Williams........ Blackwomen and blackmen are nolonger counterparts we owe each other nothing blackwomen have a movement called swirling and it's growing. I wanna be a hero like Tom

                      • Mdf gg_zt
                        Mdf gg_zt  10 months back

                        Sofia The Savage what do you mean... you people?

                      • Mdf gg_zt
                        Mdf gg_zt  10 months back

                        Fred Rick ok... and?

                      • Fred Rick
                        Fred Rick  10 months back

                        @Mdf gg_zt you're single...Soo sad

                    • Enheritance Derrico
                      Enheritance Derrico  11 months back

                      He’s a handsome man I’m sure Sandra was very attracted to him he fine 😍😍

                      • Last-one-left
                        Last-one-left  10 months back

                        You look beautiful, I would take you over Sandra any day.

                      • Leon Barnett
                        Leon Barnett  10 months back

                        @stryfetc1 u gotta rub it in a Lil bit lol. They did it with scandal. It was yas all over the internet

                      • stryfetc1
                        stryfetc1  10 months back

                        @Leon Barnett you a clown.

                      • Vegan Demon
                        Vegan Demon  10 months back

                        Didnt look like it, but nothin wrong wit it lol.

                      • Leon Barnett
                        Leon Barnett  10 months back

                        Yes whitewomen and blackmen yasssss

                    • Singh& Dance
                      Singh& Dance  11 months back

                      SB you flirting? Lol