Ronny Chieng at Uptown Showdown - Millennials vs. Gen-X

  • Published: 21 October 2018
  • The only thing worse than being called aloof underachievers is being replaced by coddled crybabies. Two maligned generations face off to prove which one is superior: the slackers of Generation X or the digital natives of the Millennial crowd. This installment features debaters Rosebud Baker (Two Less Lonely Girls), Ronny Chieng (The Daily Show, Crazy Rich Asians), Jessica Delfino (Funny Songs Festival), Christian Finnegan (The Fun Part), Dylan Marron (Conversations with People Who Hate Me), and Yedoye Travis (Dark Tank).

    You never know what to expect at this bi-monthly, wacky debate series that brings together two teams of comedians, writers, and performers to argue a chosen topic, such as which pet is superior cats or dogs and is it better to be comfortable or fashionable? Debaters will argue these lingering questions, drawing from historical fact and personal opinion in equal measure, and with plenty of silliness and audience participation. Forget about school reform and health care, these issues, heatedly argued by some of the funniest, smartest, intensely wacky creative thinkers around, are the topics that keep us awake at a good way. Winner decided by the audience. Hosted by Matthew Love.
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Comments • 66

  • kangjhha
    kangjhha  1 months back

    mm.. who takes the blame for trump hahaha nvmind he just answered literally while I was asking kkkkk

    • Andrew Roberts
      Andrew Roberts  1 months back

      The Subway thing is very funny.

      • Andy NC
        Andy NC  3 months back

        This guy is on another level

        • Graf Zeppelin
          Graf Zeppelin  4 months back

          As if we cared...

          • Howie Tran
            Howie Tran  4 months back

            Evolution backwards
            Gen X
            Gen X went outside and did stuffs with their friends...
            Millennials got trophies for participating...
            Snowflakes want safe space...

            • Ameer Rehman
              Ameer Rehman  4 months back

              What the fuck are you on? You act as if it’s millennials fault for getting participation trophies. Tell me which generation made participation trophies and designed the school system to reward participation. Gen x did that. Also millennials have it harder and most other generations. You have to go bankrupt to get a decent education

          • Howie Tran
            Howie Tran  4 months back

            Gen X had MySpace and Windows 95 & 98, MapQuest, cell phones...
            Millennials just took the inventions and called theirs...
            Windows 7 &10
            Google map
            Last but not least iPhone...

            • Angel Matos
              Angel Matos  6 months back

              George Carlin would be proud of him.

              • Jose Villanueva
                Jose Villanueva  7 months back

                This was half ignorant but still funny

                • MrVangassen
                  MrVangassen  7 months back

                  Funny libtard that's new.

                  • MrVangassen
                    MrVangassen  6 months back

                    @Son oh I think you miss read my point. I'm not very conservative I just don't think libtards are funny. This one is.

                  • Son
                    Son  6 months back

                    He can be funny and own you cuntservatives simultaneously

                • rubyray777
                  rubyray777  7 months back

                  Apparently all you can do is cuss...a definite millennial trademark...

                  • Jay Muzquiz
                    Jay Muzquiz  7 months back

                    Just came across this dude yesterday. He's a genius!

                    • Rosa Garcia
                      Rosa Garcia  7 months back

                      You are right gen x gave birth to you... We suck...😂😂😂

                      • Tito Tim Travels
                        Tito Tim Travels  8 months back

                        Say what you will Ronny, but back in the day - Geocities was the shit, man!

                        • 赵吟
                          赵吟  8 months back

                          He says F this F that yet he is Asian. I feel so ashamed since I am Chinese. He is cheap comedian. Look Joe Wong never says one dirty word. I am proud Joe Wang is a Chinese. I hope this guy is not an Chinese.

                          • David Davis
                            David Davis  4 weeks back

                            This guy is funnnnnnny as a person. He got me watching other Asian comics wishing they were funny as him ( no luck) a talent and National treasure

                          • Chris Radnedge
                            Chris Radnedge  3 months back

                            赵吟 bahaha. Snowflake

                          • Sim Kian Kiong
                            Sim Kian Kiong  6 months back

                            he is malaysian of chinese descent (fuchew). a law graduate from australian university...but decided to give up law practise and be a is ronny chieng....BTW, its dont be so sensitive

                          • Sofieqqq Q
                            Sofieqqq Q  6 months back

                            Ashamed of what? Being Chinese doesn’t give you the position to justify your nonsense. I’m Chinese and I find him incredibly funny and talented.

                            What do you mean by ‘ yet he’s an asian’ anyways? Asians also cuss and there’s no problems to it. Stop being such a hypocrite.

                          • Joey Lee
                            Joey Lee  7 months back

                            Get over yourself, not all Chinese are as uptight as you are, dumbass. If you dont like him, stay the fuck away, nobody forced you to watch his videos, Mr Zhao.

                        • 羊义
                          羊义  8 months back

                          If possible I want him to be the president

                          • nomorehumans
                            nomorehumans  8 months back

                            Millennials: Worst, least original music, least original fashion, first generation to party LESS hard than previous generation, most selfish generation, most conceited, most whiny, and least self-sufficient. I kid, I kid, just using stereotypes. I'm actually hoping you guys save the animals and the planet. My gen is too tiny and cynical and we have no faith in humanity and as you get older (every generation) you care less about anything but (money) your family (money) and yourself (money). Everybody thinks it won't happen to them, but it does for most. I really hope you guys can turn it around, but I can't help but think it'll be more of the same. Humanity (on the whole) is too selfish an unwilling to sacrifice comfort or money or stop fuckin breeding to stop our self-destructive ways. All of us are killing the planet and all the innocent, feeling, living beings on it. We suck. All of us. “I hate mankind, for I think myself one of the best of them, and I know how bad I am.”
                            ― Samuel Johnson

                          • Kenneth Wong
                            Kenneth Wong  9 months back

                            ANDREW YANG 2020 #yanggang2020

                            • Naji Elkhuri
                              Naji Elkhuri  9 months back

                              Hilarious....but he did forget one thing about Gen X....we don't get offended by comedy. LOVE this guy!

                              • murray webb
                                murray webb  9 months back

                                I’m barely Gen X, but I still am. Chieng OWNED us!

                                • Ralaca
                                  Ralaca  9 months back

                                  20 sek in god dam

                                  • Lisa Wood
                                    Lisa Wood  9 months back

                                    Uhhhhh Ronny is blaming Gen X for boomers creations

                                    • Lanchiang Lo
                                      Lanchiang Lo  9 months back

                                      Andrew Yang 2020 president!

                                    • 0lAllan
                                      0lAllan  9 months back

                                      As much as I dislike "reboots" they should reboot Alf for a season or to and give himna proper send off. The original series ended rather shittly, with Alf being halled off by the ATF and tbe Tanner family looking all dumbfounded (as if it were a cliffhanger which was just left hanging off the cliff).

                                      • David Ngo
                                        David Ngo  9 months back

                                        Man it’s hard enough coming up with cogent arguments on the spot but to make them funny too? Goes to show how well of a writer you have to be to make it as a standup comedian

                                        • Andrew Roberts
                                          Andrew Roberts  1 months back

                                          They don't come up with cogent arguments on the spot, they write it beforehand.

                                      • Ben G
                                        Ben G  9 months back

                                        Scientist checked Subway For traces for food

                                        • TheUrbanEpicure
                                          TheUrbanEpicure  9 months back

                                          Picking on Yahoo and Netscape but not talking about Google and Firefox? Literally everything those retarded, degenerated Millennials love today is just an evolution of a ground-breaking innovation a Gen Xer came up with. Have some more avocado toast and STFU.

                                          • justin couture
                                            justin couture  7 months back

                                            Great way to show you're an inconsiderate prick, terrible word choice.

                                        • Matt Su
                                          Matt Su  10 months back

                                          As a genXer, we are the lost generation, he has zero fuck about us!

                                          • K P
                                            K P  10 months back

                                            My disappointment with Gen X is nowhere near my hatred of Gen Z.

                                            • Sicknasty
                                              Sicknasty  1 months back

                                              @Derrick Kwak bruh Fuck that, I'm going to run a business and make it a rule that only gen y can be the janitors so us gen z can make fun of them

                                            • Alejandro Bonfil
                                              Alejandro Bonfil  5 months back


                                              Boomers are the ones that fucked everything up to begin with

                                            • Captain T
                                              Captain T  8 months back

                                              Oh come on, I'm sure we can all unite under hating boomers still

                                            • Derrick Kwak
                                              Derrick Kwak  9 months back

                                              So typical. So sad that Gen Z has to have you guys have their boss. People who could never pay their dues are going to be whinny and tyrannical boss. No concept of leadership in millennial. There is a good reason why both Gen X and Gen Z hate Gen Y.

                                          • Neil M.
                                            Neil M.  10 months back

                                            Was it really necessary to pick up that mic and say Im young cmon, let the comedian do his thing

                                            • ph4tboy
                                              ph4tboy  9 months back

                                              nothing sadder nor more typical than an ageing woman protesting again her own indignant reality

                                            • Matthew
                                              Matthew  9 months back

                                              That, in itself, pretty much won the debate for Millennials

                                          • Carina Lam
                                            Carina Lam  12 months back

                                            Omg this is so funny!

                                            • Phirum Yin
                                              Phirum Yin  1 years back

                                              Haha he went savage on genX.

                                              • Amb Amb
                                                Amb Amb  6 months back

                                                @ExtremeWeather 11 was bout to say he is a millenial i liked - but he lost me on blaming gen x for everything - done bye

                                              • Amb Amb
                                                Amb Amb  6 months back

                                                what the hell has gen x done to anyone, fuck

                                              • ExtremeWeather 11
                                                ExtremeWeather 11  7 months back

                                                S Lee-Choi I Hope you know he’s a comedian. He’s just playing around.

                                              • S Lee-Choi
                                                S Lee-Choi  9 months back

                                                Um not really. Finnegan guy showed ronny a thing or two about a thing or two. Millenials acting like they invented and created everything.

                                            • Yavuz Baysal
                                              Yavuz Baysal  1 years back

                                              Found this guy through Andrew Schultz’s unsafe sets series, he’s historical

                                              • Tito Tim Travels
                                                Tito Tim Travels  8 months back

                                                As a true Gen-Xer I found him from the Daily Show ha ha 😎

                                              • Dog
                                                Dog  1 years back

                                                Same. Youtube doing a good job of recommendations lmao

                                            • darkdragon88
                                              darkdragon88  1 years back

                                              Loved it

                                              • Polymath Tutoring
                                                Polymath Tutoring  1 years back

                                                *"There wasn't enough chicken in the Subway chicken... to be classified as chicken."*