Iggy Azalea - Interview - #VEVOHalloween


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  • 罗 Low瑞南 Soke Lam
    罗 Low瑞南 Soke Lam  3 months back

    Am also going USA

    • Booker Wiggins
      Booker Wiggins  8 months back

      She got the Adams family look here! It works for her!

      • Charlie Ruiz
        Charlie Ruiz  1 years back


        • Yessenia Diaz
          Yessenia Diaz  3 years back

          I should be subtitled not hit much to English....

          • marcelloVitorGamer Vitor

            Very sexy

            • lui !!!
              lui !!!  5 years back

              I love Iggys music 💚

              • Roykin Ch. Asadee
                Roykin Ch. Asadee  5 years back

                I like her hair.

                • Laura Will
                  Laura Will  5 years back

                  I know all the words to everything in reclassified!!

                  • Todd Preston
                    Todd Preston  5 years back

                    I'd tap that

                    • Vineet Mehta
                      Vineet Mehta  5 years back

                      1:15 which is that music in background?

                    • Inde Francis
                      Inde Francis  5 years back

                      She looks very cruella.

                      • Quantaya Robertson
                        Quantaya Robertson  5 years back

                        I been up all night trynna get that rich I been work work work work working on my shyttttt

                      • Alicia Graceffa
                        Alicia Graceffa  5 years back

                        Omg she sang my world

                        • Robert the happy dog
                          Robert the happy dog  5 years back

                          Iggy is an entertainer . Don't this into more than what it is.

                          • Shamim Khan
                            Shamim Khan  5 years back


                            • brad guidry
                              brad guidry  5 years back


                              • Yuyu
                                Yuyu  5 years back

                                cruella XD

                                • mininovaq
                                  mininovaq  5 years back

                                  What did they do to you? Poor Iggy ; |

                                  • Sharon xVengeance
                                    Sharon xVengeance  5 years back

                                    Some of u guys are a little slow because it was Halloween when she did this interview and she was dressed a cruella deville (I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong) from 101 dalmations...

                                    • Belieber Lovator
                                      Belieber Lovator  5 years back

                                      love you

                                      • Lisanne verwater
                                        Lisanne verwater  5 years back

                                        woow she looks like cruella the vil from 1001 dalmatiërs  :$

                                        • Alecksia Murillo
                                          Alecksia Murillo  5 years back

                                          Nice costume iggy

                                          • Amber Tousett
                                            Amber Tousett  5 years back

                                            Any one else notice that one of her eyebrow's has like 2 tails or whatever you wanna call it XD

                                            • Natasha E.
                                              Natasha E.  5 years back

                                              Yeah 😃

                                            • Gaby
                                              Gaby  5 years back

                                              I did I was getting annoyed and wanted to pluck or wipe it off aha

                                            • Sercan A
                                              Sercan A  5 years back

                                              that attention to detail ... WOW!

                                          • Emily Sawtelle
                                            Emily Sawtelle  5 years back

                                            Am I the only one that thinks she could be Demi's twin??

                                            • ArtisPhoto
                                              ArtisPhoto  5 years back

                                              Whats that song on 1:07 pls i need it <3

                                            • Little Star
                                              Little Star  5 years back

                                              Look like lady gaga

                                              • F
                                                F  5 years back

                                                she is losing her Aussie accent

                                                • local pope
                                                  local pope  5 years back

                                                  Now keep your voice that way!

                                                  • Joe Swanson
                                                    Joe Swanson  5 years back

                                                    Wow her voice sounds nothing like when she raps... Her rapping voice sounds terrible like an uneducated person.

                                                    • A Z
                                                      A Z  5 years back

                                                      She raps like that because it's what sells. I don't think rapping with an Australian accent would sound good

                                                    • Natasha E.
                                                      Natasha E.  5 years back

                                                      You've got to be kidding me... 😒She raps great and that's the reason why her tracks are awesome.

                                                    • really? seriously?
                                                      really? seriously?  5 years back

                                                      im suggesting that Raymond Crooks is implying that because many people say that she sounds black when she raps and hes saying she sounds uneducated. i didnt say i agree with him.

                                                    • Sanfran JDC
                                                      Sanfran JDC  5 years back

                                                      @really? seriously? Racist much? Really? Seriously? LOL

                                                    • really? seriously?
                                                      really? seriously?  5 years back

                                                      hahaha you mean like a black person?

                                                  • Christina Rusu
                                                    Christina Rusu  5 years back

                                                    what song is that at 1:13 

                                                    • kitekeiaho tuita
                                                      kitekeiaho tuita  5 years back

                                                      It that a hollaween

                                                      • Mackenzie Greenhawk
                                                        Mackenzie Greenhawk  5 years back

                                                        Cruela Deville

                                                        • Racheal buckley
                                                          Racheal buckley  5 years back

                                                          omg this song is amazing

                                                          • Samantha S
                                                            Samantha S  5 years back

                                                            her teeth look waay to big for her mouth

                                                            • Shaé Wise
                                                              Shaé Wise  5 years back

                                                              Her wig is insane!!! I love it 😍😘

                                                              • Moonlandx
                                                                Moonlandx  5 years back

                                                                OMG I didn't know I watch this before FANCY......... So weird.

                                                                • Mariana Correa
                                                                  Mariana Correa  5 years back

                                                                  she looks so much like mirandasings/colleen!

                                                                  • patience smith
                                                                    patience smith  5 years back

                                                                    In her music she sounds like she's a rapper but in this interview she sounds like a sweet British girl.. I love her music but I'm confusing

                                                                    • Sercan A
                                                                      Sercan A  5 years back

                                                                      My thoughts exactly. In her interviews she's so princess like and then watching her sing I'm like "WTF! is that the same person?", swearing and dancing like that ... 

                                                                    • Bey & Mariah
                                                                      Bey & Mariah  5 years back

                                                                      She's Australian not British.

                                                                  • Lolly Leonard
                                                                    Lolly Leonard  5 years back

                                                                    Her hair is cray cray

                                                                    • Lauren Bowden
                                                                      Lauren Bowden  5 years back

                                                                      @Lolly Leonard I agree, it is cray cray, but awesome :3

                                                                    • Lolly Leonard
                                                                      Lolly Leonard  5 years back

                                                                      Her hair a cray cray in a good way! I'm not trying to be offensive or anything. Sorry

                                                                    • Lucas Jover
                                                                      Lucas Jover  5 years back

                                                                      Anderw lam lol

                                                                    • Sam Tang
                                                                      Sam Tang  5 years back

                                                                      @natasha thomas OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!

                                                                    • Tasha
                                                                      Tasha  5 years back

                                                                      @Andrew Lam lilke u 

                                                                  • 81queencobra
                                                                    81queencobra  5 years back

                                                                    I love her accent

                                                                    • KITTY LEXUS
                                                                      KITTY LEXUS  5 years back

                                                                      that's how I wear my hair...love the style

                                                                      • Mslovelyshot Mrs. Dawn
                                                                        Mslovelyshot Mrs. Dawn  6 years back

                                                                        I don't get how you sing like you have a ghetto american accent but you're an Aussie....

                                                                        • Kane S
                                                                          Kane S  6 years back

                                                                          She's loosing her Aussie accent

                                                                          • Lewis
                                                                            Lewis  5 years back

                                                                            Oi cunts. She's Australian but she over pronounces r sounds to make herself sound American. I know this because I'm a full blown Aussie. So you can all shut up now.

                                                                          • Petit Homme
                                                                            Petit Homme  5 years back

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                                                                          • Alana
                                                                            Alana  5 years back

                                                                            When she says "work" and "learn" its got a slight bit of american accent but other then that she still sounds Aussie to me.

                                                                          • Christopher Todoroski
                                                                            Christopher Todoroski  5 years back

                                                                            @Ella Newman nah mate some words she is pronouncing in an American accent.

                                                                          • Kane S
                                                                            Kane S  6 years back

                                                                            @Ella Newman I'm Australian lol she still sounds Aussie 90% of the time.

                                                                        • AnalGiraffez
                                                                          AnalGiraffez  6 years back

                                                                          It's the woman from 101 Dalmatians

                                                                          • Kitty xoxo
                                                                            Kitty xoxo  6 years back

                                                                            I miss that long hair :( 

                                                                          • Kelsie Blake
                                                                            Kelsie Blake  6 years back

                                                                            bitcch be lookin like Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians 

                                                                            • A Z
                                                                              A Z  5 years back

                                                                              That's the point. It was halloween. She was wearing a costume

                                                                          • lucas mackenzie
                                                                            lucas mackenzie  6 years back

                                                                            "Im excited for Change Your Life to actually be good" god I love her

                                                                            • Shamanikdancer 369
                                                                              Shamanikdancer 369  6 years back