Film Theory: My Hero Academia - All Might's SECRET Quirk!


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  • The Film Theorists
    The Film Theorists   2 years back

    A few thoughts that I'm excited to discuss:
    - As far as "Why wouldn't Deku inherit the same transformation power?" As I understand it, One for All isn't about actual POWERS getting passed down, but rather storing ENERGY. Despite being the eighth in line, All Might is just really strong -- he doesn't really demonstrate a lot of other quirks/powers like you would expect. That would imply either A) everyone who came before him had the quirk of "Super Strength" which seems unlikely or B) that One for All is more about absorbing the ENERGY of the users who came before and adding it up in the next person, almost as if you're adding the power levels from Dragon Ball Z.

    - Regarding the "I'm always flexing" explanation from Episode 2...he still needs a certain amount of energy to flex. That's' why he's only able to do it for a few hours and why, as One for All fades away, he can no longer "flex." But wouldn't that still classify it as a Transformation Quirk? His body IS changing. It just feels like an incomplete explanation...It could also be that he's lying. At this point in the series, Deku is still just a random kid, not a candidate for One for All, so presumably All Might wouldn't want to give away too much information. That's also why he avoids the specifics around where he got his injury from.

    - It's also clear that All Might's normal form is his skinny form. As we see in the training clips of young All Might, he was never naturally that buff. And that's him using One for All at nearly 100% right off the bat? Maybe I'm just reading too far into that moment.

    • o_o ,.,
      o_o ,.,  5 months back

      I’m beyond late here, but, if you listen to the anime, the user of OFA makes it their own, perhaps that All Might modified OFA for him to make him simply stronger and more buff, making him have a different form, Deku probably wasn’t able to use the same form because his body was “Different” probably because Deku rushed, as you said, perhaps that it flows through All Mights body. Not saying your theory is wrong or bad, but it’s a good chance that it is wrong.

    • Julian Gaming
      Julian Gaming  7 months back

      The Film Theorists did you not know one for all is different for each user

    • evb v ht yfiud
      evb v ht yfiud  7 months back

      You have a gift matpat your smart, very very gifted,and have very VERY good eye sight all I have to saw.

    • Clear Beard
      Clear Beard  11 months back

      Spoiler alert if you haven't read the manga .

      In the latest chapter Deku gets a third quirk from one of the predecessors of One For All . It's unclear what it was but he was shooting off this black substance that looked like lightning , or Venom's black tendrils . So One For All isn't just 2 quirks . It's actually 3 confirmed quirks with potentially 6 more on the way from the other users , not including All Might .

    • am z
      am z  11 months back

      I think 8:25 is the best foreshadowing you're going to get with this theory, until more information comes out

  • GenjiBone
    GenjiBone  8 hours back

    MHA should make a game like DC Universe online

    • Fatima Anguiano
      Fatima Anguiano  9 hours back

      Every woman's quirk. *JUMPING! TO CONCLUSIONS!*

      • TheCubFox LastStanding
        TheCubFox LastStanding  15 hours back

        The reason why dekus body doesn't change is bc all might got hit by cucular saw and can only be hero for 3 hours

        • Naked Steak
          Naked Steak  16 hours back

          All might trained himself to that level. Then after the battle with all for one he then reverted to that since he lost a bunch of organs.

          • G - Dragon
            G - Dragon  21 hours back

            dude literally all might has a skinny form now because of his fight with all for one that made him very weak its pretty complicated as in a few flashbacks he is sometimes seen with his skinny form talking to his master but the most best guess is that all might got that form due to his fight with all for one

            • Foxco bot
              Foxco bot  1 days back

              Stop don't say you have magical powers I am just trying to learn more. Also I like your video keep it up

              • Tzer
                Tzer  1 days back

                Debunked one for all has multiple quirks in it so if all might did have a quirk then midoriya has it too.

                • アンドリュー
                  アンドリュー  2 days back

                  Because I watch the Japanese version of the anime, hearing the English counterpart was soooo wierd. Like Deku when he commented on the limbs exploding off, in the Japanese he says 'They... WHAT?!' if memory serves right. Yet in the English dub he just says 'Seriously?!' Also in the same scene, all might says in the Japanese anime: 'You limbs would explode off!' and in the English dub he said: 'You arms and legs surely would fly off!' Which I know for a fact is different.

                  There you go matpat, have fun reading an over the top comparison of the Japanese and English dub versions of the anime.

                  (This wasn't needed was it?)

                  • Random User
                    Random User  2 days back

                    I DONT NEED SLEEP I NEED ANSWERS!

                    • Mr epic Y E E T
                      Mr epic Y E E T  2 days back

                      I think that since all might uses way more of one for all then deku his body needs to muscle up as a result to the quirk having that much power. If deku did use one million percent, his body must have not been able to grow with only one punch. Think about it, all might uses a lot of one for all and knows he is going to use it a lot. Deku has a 5 percent limit and knows it. His body knows it. This is why he doesn’t muscle up. Going back to the million percent punch, deku didn’t know he had to use it and couldn’t prep his body up for it.

                      • Random User
                        Random User  2 days back

                        He used 1000,000 and he still remains the same...oh he mentioned it.

                        • Pedro Rosa
                          Pedro Rosa  2 days back

                          Wich we know, Deku should Have all might supost quirk.....

                          • Sir Alex
                            Sir Alex  2 days back

                            Deku doesn’t change because all might had a injury inside his shirt which is his weak spot he got that injury from a villain attack 5 years ago so all might is only able to use One For All for 3 hours only due to his injury

                            • Tsukio
                              Tsukio  2 days back

                              ughh i hate the english dub...

                              • P K
                                P K  2 days back

                                I'm at s4 I'm waiting for ep9

                                • Chozen Hauraki
                                  Chozen Hauraki  2 days back

                                  I really love your channel and is a sub but Sorry but your wrong about his form his original size is the big one but he lost mass from an accident but your right about the quirk being in two genres he shouldn't be to gain mass instantly if his quirk is not transformation type quirk which means he does have two types transformation and emitter type because deku had to activate it by focusing it in a part of the body like how he does to his fingers, arms and legs

                                  • Anme-__ aura
                                    Anme-__ aura  2 days back

                                    One for all is a stock power or a enhancement quirk so ita power

                                    • Sari Miniad
                                      Sari Miniad  2 days back

                                      Can you do a Naruto film theory?

                                      • Useless Squirrel
                                        Useless Squirrel  2 days back

                                        Doesn’t all might say that every time you pass one for all it gives you an extra ability?

                                        • TeeLel
                                          TeeLel  2 days back

                                          "Minor spoilers" bitc-

                                          • Teaguedapuppy
                                            Teaguedapuppy  3 days back

                                            Uhhhh who is dayku it reminds me of Deku

                                            • Frenzy Rush
                                              Frenzy Rush  3 days back

                                              Soooo, it’s a balloon. All Might is a balloon. They even said his true form looks “deflated”

                                              • alec mestdagh
                                                alec mestdagh  3 days back

                                                kinda missing the fact that one for all passes the quirks onto the next person, so deku would also get the transformation quirk almight has...

                                                • Sig Mas
                                                  Sig Mas  3 days back

                                                  I think this is what actually happens his quirk was originally a transformation quirk that was irrelevant as it allows the user to flex harder let me explain when he flexed he looked buffer so basically he has no quirk but he thought he could have thought oh I have no quirk

                                                  Booom explained and also it's been stated that one for all enhance s quirks

                                                  • Mason Strom
                                                    Mason Strom  3 days back

                                                    it was said that all might flex’s all of his muscles to gain his muscle form, maybe he has some other resistance to damage tho

                                                    • Isaiah Scott
                                                      Isaiah Scott  3 days back

                                                      You should join adum ruins everything

                                                      • Llama
                                                        Llama  3 days back

                                                        So basically the three type quirks r logia (emitter) perimeca (transformation) zoan (mutant) seems legit

                                                        • Llama
                                                          Llama  3 days back

                                                          No one piece betr

                                                          • GamergirlRaeiou
                                                            GamergirlRaeiou  3 days back

                                                            I didn’t know you made this till today and I really need to start going thru Chanel’s for no reason....

                                                            • TholKrothu
                                                              TholKrothu  4 days back

                                                              One for all works by passing quirks to another person. That's literally all it does on it's own. Its literally the opposite of One for All, that steals quirks. Each time a user passed it on, their innate quirk goes with it. That's how it grows. It the series, almight is given a hard time because he chose a quirkless successor.

                                                              • Carn0
                                                                Carn0  4 days back


                                                              • Maxtendo
                                                                Maxtendo  4 days back

                                                                WHY DID YOU USE THE DUB, USE THE SUBTITLES AAAAAAA ANIME IS WORSE IN DUB

                                                                • Mektek19
                                                                  Mektek19  4 days back

                                                                  My Hero is completely mediocre.

                                                                  • Why You Here?
                                                                    Why You Here?  4 days back

                                                                    If All Might did have a quirk wouldn't his quirk also be passed down to Deku?

                                                                    • Nick Garcia
                                                                      Nick Garcia  4 days back

                                                                      All Might probably had a pump up quirk as we see in an episode where someone pumps their muscles to a bigger size

                                                                      • Conquistador Computers

                                                                        if all might had another quirk it would be transfer to deku via one for all, considering one for all collect quirks in a way

                                                                        • lol oll
                                                                          lol oll  4 days back

                                                                          You're f*cking stupid all might doesn't have quirk.

                                                                          • Henry Ngo
                                                                            Henry Ngo  4 days back

                                                                            No its his stomach

                                                                            • Average Meme
                                                                              Average Meme  5 days back

                                                                              Bro what if “one punch man” is just the 500th user of one for all.

                                                                              • OtakuBoi ツ
                                                                                OtakuBoi ツ  5 days back

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                                                                                VRV: Sorry! Not in your country!
                                                                                Me: *sad deku*

                                                                                • TalhaYT
                                                                                  TalhaYT  5 days back

                                                                                  All might doesn’t have a quirk

                                                                                  • TSG_KIRBY
                                                                                    TSG_KIRBY  5 days back

                                                                                    Yo deku using 100000 percent was actually using like 25 percent lmao

                                                                                    • Terrible Tyler
                                                                                      Terrible Tyler  5 days back

                                                                                      ITS DEKU NOT DAYKU

                                                                                      • Morganite Gem
                                                                                        Morganite Gem  5 days back

                                                                                        @thefilmtheorist didn't All Might admit that he was basically just... flexing... to look buff? If he no longer has the strength that one for all had, he wouldn't be able to flex. All Might could just be too weak to flex now, like how if you excersize too much you get too weak flex your muscles in your arms and legs, or when you break a toe you can't move many of the other 5 on that foot very well, as I have foumd out within the last week. I love yhe theory, but you looked over what All Mighy has already said about yhe way he looks

                                                                                        • Getsouko
                                                                                          Getsouko  5 days back

                                                                                          when deku fought muscular, he did not use 10000% of One For All. He pissibly used about 30%. He just said to himself it 10000% to raise his own morale. But yeah the point still remains. Deku does not transform even when he uses One For All at 30%

                                                                                          • AkioPlayz AKA BurbPlayz

                                                                                            Harden any part of their body eh?


                                                                                            • asylus runaway
                                                                                              asylus runaway  5 days back

                                                                                              There's a lot that's explained in this current season after the rescue of Emi. Especially with what One for All can do, what Emi can do, what Deku is about to learn. Gonna be a good season