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  • StarTalk
    StarTalk   2 months back

    When in time would you travel?

    • Ocean Bongdropper
      Ocean Bongdropper  2 days back

      To the past.Not to change anything,but to experience some things twice.

    • matty205224
      matty205224  2 weeks back

      I would go back and give H.G. Wells my time machine.

    • NinjaZXRR
      NinjaZXRR  3 weeks back

      I'd travel perhaps only one year in the past. but before I leave I'd memorise the winning lottery numbers for a date that had a high jackpot.

    • Sunil Harrison Leema Kurukulasooriya
      Sunil Harrison Leema Kurukulasooriya  1 months back

      We are already travevelling in time. The only thing which matters is which one is at which speed. You mentioned about two situations...normal & low gravity situation. But when you put them together to compare the result,they will again experience same moment. That means during the period those two people were kept apart, whole universe has passed from t1 to t2. So my question is if going to past not clear, then is going to future not included in the universal changes, which makes the universal time-line which is a one direction way. It is not clear to me.

    • Soulife
      Soulife  1 months back

      9/10/2006 to save my fiance... But even if we do figure out time travel: the earth is spinning around the sun and the sun is swirling through the Milkyway, and the Milkyway is moving and expanding through space. I'm not just 13yrs apart from her, I'm also millions of miles away from where she was that September. Stupid Spacetime

  • Tethi
    Tethi  3 days back

    Chuck is Soo funny man hahaha

    • Gaurav Singh
      Gaurav Singh  4 days back

      shouldn't it be higher gravity field to get the clock slower.....the gps satellite, there clock is faster as they are in a lower gravity field than us

      • Halloran Illustrations

        That is a good question. We can learn about the past event, areas and even the people through books and articles written about and during different time periods. The future is a totally undiscovered country and uncharted territory. We can theorize and make predictions what may come, but will never truly know. I would like to travel to the future. To see things like colonize on other worlds, exploration, and us moving to the stars.

        • TheJimtanker
          TheJimtanker  1 weeks back

          I would definitely travel back in time to put all of the religious claims to rest once and for all.

          • Leo Hajder
            Leo Hajder  3 weeks back

            we're all just travelling to the future anyway... :)

            • Prateek
              Prateek  4 weeks back

              I don't understand how can twins age differently. I get the light speed, gravity, etc. I have a difficult time understanding how can one age different, the cells in the body or the Heat beat doesn't know that.

              • TJ Kaz
                TJ Kaz  1 months back

                I would travel to the present, crazy right?

                • Van Rozay
                  Van Rozay  1 months back

                  Curiosity dictates going to the future. Sure, we have questions about the past, but compared with the future? No contest.

                  • Soulife
                    Soulife  1 months back

                    I paused it at 6:08 and started working in another browser. I came back to this browser and he scared the crap out of me. 6:08 looks so angry

                    • Thirst Fast
                      Thirst Fast  1 months back

                      Con-duit to it!

                      • Brandon White
                        Brandon White  1 months back

                        Michael Crichton's book/movie Timeline is an amazing portrayal of time travel.

                        • Marton Dinnyes
                          Marton Dinnyes  1 months back

                          The best thought-through time-travel story is from Asimov, The End of Eternity. If you read that you'd know :D

                        • David Kubisa
                          David Kubisa  1 months back

                          It is possible to travel through time scientifically and this has been achieved. Its been scientifically acomplished by the man who built the time travel machine of Stonehenge and Giza. Of course you do not believe this but it is actually true.

                          • Only With Buts
                            Only With Buts  1 months back

                            Just imagine for a second you are able to travel to the other side of our Universe to a point of " Dinosaurs " just about to go extinct. You see the event, come back few seconds prior to you going there and your buddy asks you " Hey didn't you want to go see the dinosaurs go extinct "

                            And you just have this smirk on your face without saying a word…

                            Maybe one day, we will be able to do that and make it home for dinner x D

                            Universe baby... love it!

                            • Burton Pierre
                              Burton Pierre  1 months back

                              I would travel to the past to the year 1999.

                              • Dondatta Ford
                                Dondatta Ford  1 months back

                                There's no such thing as time travel example no future has been made or the concept of time is made up listening to these explanations for time they always say travelling or motion as you are standing still there is motion all around you motion in not time

                                • Stefan Langenhoven
                                  Stefan Langenhoven  1 months back

                                  Special thanks to WIX for allowing me to comment on this video...Wix, I always skip your ads

                                  • sailorbychoice1
                                    sailorbychoice1  1 months back

                                    I have a question I have posed to several people but never received an educated guess as to the answer.

                                    _Statement:_ As I understand it we are moving at {about} a thousand miles per hour, just by sitting here, but that doesn't take into account our movement with our solar system, the galaxy moving through the universe which is expanding at an incredible rate, etc.

                                    _Statement:_ Einstein 2 says we can't get faster than light. We have speed limit {which ironically has little to do with light itself, it's just that light happens to be the thing that can get close to that speed~ which has little to do with the question but cracked my mind a bit when I heard that and thought about it~and I wasn't even stoned}.

                                    _Query:_ If there is a maximum speed can there be a minimum speed? Is there a universal [stop/speed zero-nada-zilch- no movement] and if there is, what would be happening around you temporally? Would the clock of the universe seem to be spinning away at incredible speeds? Or would you die from old age in moments?

                                    _Query:_ I can't envision anyway to get slower than the clock rate on Earth. If I take a rocket ship I have to accelerate. I must go go faster. To deccelerate in space I accelerate in another direction. But once away from the influence of another body how can it even be gauged? 

                                        Ouch, I get lost. I think my brain hurts a little now.

                                    • christian babis
                                      christian babis  1 months back

                                      I need it. I want to change the past.

                                      • Fitness Mountain
                                        Fitness Mountain  1 months back

                                        What about interstellar?

                                        • Ma Joh
                                          Ma Joh  2 months back

                                          Ah nice one...

                                          • Clothing_That_Speaks
                                            Clothing_That_Speaks  2 months back

                                            Sling shot around the sun?

                                            • NinjaZXRR
                                              NinjaZXRR  2 months back

                                              I'd prefer to travel back in time
                                              With the winning lottery numbers from past draws, then collect the money.

                                              • NinjaZXRR
                                                NinjaZXRR  2 weeks back

                                                @christian babis
                                                Good for you I don't fucking care, I'd still take the fucking lottery

                                              • christian babis
                                                christian babis  1 months back

                                                What if you could change your ancestry. Id choose that over the fucking lottery.

                                            • raukoring
                                              raukoring  2 months back

                                              Neil should watch Red dwarf

                                              • Hearsheyboi *
                                                Hearsheyboi *  2 months back

                                                Yay Neil is back

                                                • Gerald Welch
                                                  Gerald Welch  2 months back

                                                  Your poll question depends on whether you could return to the present. Either way, I would travel to the future.

                                                  • Gerald Welch
                                                    Gerald Welch  2 months back

                                                    We know that the universe is based on cause and effect. It's why things in the past take precedence over things in the present and why things in the present take precedence over things in the future, at whatever scale you wish to describe. Therefore, if you kept your parents from meeting, your past existence would take precedence over your future non-birth.
                                                    That being said, when you came back to the present, no one would know who you are, but since you work at a place where time travel exists, they would hopefully understand and institute some kind of procedure to ensure that you could maintain your identity.

                                                    • Zack Zack
                                                      Zack Zack  2 months back

                                                      How do I time travel to the future again? Where do I go???? Go to a low gravity part of the world and what?????

                                                      • TL_Turn 1
                                                        TL_Turn 1  2 months back

                                                        I would go back in time to slighty change the out comes of wars, terrorist attacks, ect.

                                                        • Negan
                                                          Negan  2 months back

                                                          It would be nice to travel forward in time just to see what happens to this world.

                                                          • Marius Vermaak
                                                            Marius Vermaak  2 months back

                                                            where could we ask questions which Neill could answer cause i have one which has been burning in my mind

                                                            • Brian Lancaster
                                                              Brian Lancaster  2 months back

                                                              Love you Neil thanks being a source of a intellectual thought in an age of intellectually laziness!

                                                              • Ginelle Klein
                                                                Ginelle Klein  2 months back

                                                                Depends if i can go into the future get the lottery numbers, but return back in time to play that days lottery.

                                                                • The Curious Student
                                                                  The Curious Student  2 months back

                                                                  I would like to travel to the future to see if I actually end up with my engineering degree which I am doing today(materials engineering).

                                                                  • GodakuriOPTC
                                                                    GodakuriOPTC  2 days back

                                                                    you can do whatever you want as long as you want it hard enough and keep trying

                                                                • Vince Demo
                                                                  Vince Demo  2 months back

                                                                  Does Chuck have a YouTube channel? He is HILARIOUS 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

                                                                  • A Games
                                                                    A Games  2 months back

                                                                    Future, interested in how much advance we become with tech, etc.

                                                                  • kaj nieman
                                                                    kaj nieman  2 months back

                                                                    Half this video felt like an ad. When do you make enough to continue make the show..?

                                                                    • Aditya Singh
                                                                      Aditya Singh  2 months back

                                                                      I would travel feature

                                                                      Because :- it's feature...

                                                                      • Alex Wood
                                                                        Alex Wood  2 months back

                                                                        How to make time travel a good idea
                                                                        1. Invent time machine.
                                                                        2. Travel to the 23rd century.
                                                                        3. Invent a machine that can change probability in the 23rd century.
                                                                        4. Use probability machine to make probability certain that time travel is a good idea.

                                                                        • thebigjul
                                                                          thebigjul  2 months back

                                                                          I can move in the futur without anything and alone, just by living bits by bits i get to the future.

                                                                          • Jimmy Chaves
                                                                            Jimmy Chaves  2 months back

                                                                            Not to mention dragon ball z, whenever trunks travels back in time to change his current state,

                                                                            • Zakary Wilson
                                                                              Zakary Wilson  2 months back

                                                                              Look up Ron Mallett and time travel

                                                                              • shaun humphreys
                                                                                shaun humphreys  2 months back

                                                                                time travel has nothing to do with SR or GR. It is achieved through quantum measurements, a quantum trigger, retrocausality, the information theory and using the principles of wheeler's participatory universe. the time travel is instant, the same as decoherence which occurs in quantum mechanics. The few people who are actually actively working in the field of temporal mechanics in research and development-that means they are actually conceptualising, and developing the time travel technology. unlike tv scientists like neil degrasse, and brian cox. they are very close to developing the first working time machine.and they really know about what time is, and how to achieve time travel. As soon as a physicists starts mentioning SR or GR in relation to time or time travel,or say its impossible, they show they are complete amateurs on the topic it shows they know jackshit. Neil does not work in the field of temporal mechanics. which by the way you cannot time travel backwards in you own timeline. time paradoxes are protected in our universe. Any attempts to change the past or travel back in time result in the creation of a parallel universe with a new present and a new past which is completely disconnected to your original universe. so nothing you do in the parallel one affects the old one. this means you could travel back in time by going to a parallel universe copy of the past which becomes your present when you are transported there. you could got example go to california before the gold rush and start mining gold for yourself. They guy to follow for time and time travel is marshall barnes who is in research and development and is an expert in temporal mechanics, written a book on it, based on a presentation made to American congress and published many papers on the subject. he regularly updates his progress. To know about time and time travel a person should read up on the following

                                                                                1. Both theories of Relativity (just so you know what everyone else knows and why you can avoid it)

                                                                                2. Teleparallelism (Einstein's unfinished Unified Field Theory of gravity and electromagnetism. Because it provides the power solutions without the enormous requirements of General Relativity)

                                                                                3. The Principle of Resonance (just do it so you'll know how to apply it to #4)

                                                                                4. Rene Thom's Catastrophe Theory ( the study of how things can build up within a system and cause sudden changes )

                                                                                5. Crystallography (the study of crystalline structures, i.e. metal - think fuselages, craft bodies)

                                                                                6. Buckminster Fuller's designs (think fuselages, test chambers, and time stations)

                                                                                7. Black holes (as an extension of GR)

                                                                                8. Wormholes (as an extension of GR and understanding multiply connected spaces)

                                                                                9. Spooky Action at a Distance (beyond quantum entanglement )

                                                                                10. Bell's Theorem (standard entanglement)

                                                                                11. Quantum Teleportation (entanglement used to teleport information)

                                                                                12. John Archibald Wheeler's 'it from bit' (pertaining to the information basis of the universe)

                                                                                13. Torsion physics (the effects of twisting on space-time structures)

                                                                                14. Closed Time-like Curves (to understand theoretical space-time geometries which others think are connected to time travel)

                                                                                15.The Five Factors Proving the Parallel Universes of Hugh Everett III and John Archibald Wheeler (so you can know why parallel universes are now proved real and why)

                                                                                16. Tim Folger Discover's a Time Machine (time machine structure)

                                                                                17. Tesseracts (for geometric descriptions of multiple realities)

                                                                                18. Spatial 4th dimension (same reason as #17 and as how other spaces can connect outside of those that are compactified)

                                                                                19. Retrocausality (to understand a basic, conceptual element of time travel)

                                                                                20. Quantum Mechanics (to understand a key element of time travel and the nature of reality

                                                                                21. Temporal Mechanics (to understand the nature of time)

                                                                                22. Synchronicity (to understand a key link to the Participatory Universe)

                                                                                23. The Participatory Universe ( to understand the nature of reality and how to manipulate it)

                                                                                24. Nikola Tesla's Intelligent Energy (to contemplate the application of esoteric physics)

                                                                                25. Information physics and a digital universe (as a basis for reality, i.e. 'it from bit')

                                                                                26. Quantum and Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling (think travel methods)

                                                                                25. Time slips (anecdotal evidence of natural time travel geometries that mimic the latest time travel method discoveries)

                                                                                26. Time Travel Paradoxes (by reading my book, Paradox Lost: The True Geometries of Time Travel based on my special report for select members of the United States Congress)

                                                                                27. Chaos Mathematics and Fractal Geometry

                                                                                28. Differential Equations (As a means of mental programming and exercise to recognize relationships across multiple systems and causal relationships)

                                                                                • Tristan Evans
                                                                                  Tristan Evans  2 months back

                                                                                  What about interstellar. I think that would be the most accurate

                                                                                  • Touch Bionics
                                                                                    Touch Bionics  2 months back

                                                                                    Please stop bringing that stupid grandfather paradox, it’s for kids to explain
                                                                                    Talk in science terms, you cannot go back in time because of entropy and energy conservation laws. You are made out of matter which was something else in the past
                                                                                    If you go back to 10 years ago , the Universe will suddenly have a double amount of matter which you are made of. It’s not possible
                                                                                    Plus to travel back in time you should know the location of the Earth in space at that time but since we constantly moving throughout the Universe plus expansion, you won’t be able to calculate and can end up in the middle of nowhere or a bloody burning planet like Venus
                                                                                    I don’t know why peoples till talk about time travel back in time, this should be taught in schools

                                                                                    • Touch Bionics
                                                                                      Touch Bionics  2 months back

                                                                                      He’s got confused. It’s the higher gravity which slows down your time
                                                                                      Interstellar got it right

                                                                                      He says ISS clocks tick faster in lower gravity, but if it ticks faster that means their time goes faster and they will age faster relatively to us

                                                                                      • erudis morningstar12
                                                                                        erudis morningstar12  2 months back

                                                                                        It seems you either didn't listen fully to him or you didn't understand him. He says that going to a. Lack hole (with much higher gravity compared to earth.) would slow down time for you relative to earth thus when you return it would be like going to the future. He's totally correct on that one. The clocks he speaks of aren't near string gravity thus they want to tik even quicker than on earth hence they need to be regulated.

                                                                                    • Frank DeCesare
                                                                                      Frank DeCesare  2 months back

                                                                                      And we can create a low gravity field, right? So why don't the people who paid to be cryogenically frozen in hopes of preserving their lives, not decided to pay to be placed in a low gravity field in hopes of the same thing?