The Downfall Of Channel Awesome (Without Music So You Can All Stop Hating Me)


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  • fg
    fg  5 days back

    Hilariously, I think Obscurus Lupa and the others completely tossed the creator of this video under the bus recently.

    • Juan Maidana
      Juan Maidana  1 days back

      @Kyle S. So all of that shit... just for a stupid joke?....

    • Kyle S.
      Kyle S.  3 days back

      Rich Harris
      Dang, thanks for filling us in. Do you have those screenshots available?

    • Rich Harris
      Rich Harris  3 days back

      @Nathan R Didnt I just fucking say it doesnt excuse what CA did and they have my sympathy for what they went through?

      Do you idiots not listen? 😂😂

    • The Cinematic Mind
      The Cinematic Mind  3 days back

      Rich Harris and E Joy, who is also a piece of shit who has a superiority complex.

    • Nathan R
      Nathan R  3 days back

      @Rich Harris Word of advice: don't ever defend the actions of one terrible group of people by saying, "Yeah, well, the people on the other side are bad, too, so there. The offenders are no longer responsible." That's like saying, "yeah, I punched out three of my wife's teeth, but she said I had a tiny dick, so both people made bad decisions." One of those is way worse than the other.

  • Dustin's Review Station
    Dustin's Review Station  12 hours back

    I can't wait for GamerFromMars to watch this documentary and still defend his point on all these "minor complaints" and how "NO ONE PUT A GUN TO YOUR HEAD TO DO THIS!!" I have never seen a Ginger that angry before in my life. He could've gone Super Sayian

    • Kyle S.
      Kyle S.  24 hours back

      Just realized something...
      Channel Awesome dropped their second response (the one that called the previous producers “vindictive”) on April 11th.
      ...Which was also Justin/Jewwario’s birthday.

      “Happy birthday! We’re gonna tell the public you were a predator!”

      FFS these people are unreal.

      • horaciosi
        horaciosi  2 days back

        Channel Awesome now:

        • Coconut Ducks
          Coconut Ducks  2 days back

          Dan Olsen is a pedophile though or someone so extremely stupid he made himself look like one. He literally spammed 8chan with tons of child porn to "expose it as a child porn site" and it backfired cause they traced it back to him lol

          • Jamie Weir
            Jamie Weir  2 days back

            What a bunch of fucking spergs, jfc....

            • mavis elliott
              mavis elliott  3 days back

              the nostalgia critic can be pretty annoying i will admit especially in the beauty and the beast review with rob

              • The Cinematic Mind
                The Cinematic Mind  12 hours back

                Rob in that video looks like he is ready to give up with Channel Awesome

            • Conner Fields
              Conner Fields  5 days back

              Is that "holy crap" dude Strongbad?

              • TheJandTStudios
                TheJandTStudios  5 days back

                When I watched a video that talked about this document and, I’m not gonna lie, I was in denial. I loved the Nostalgia Critic, so yeah i was going to be in denial. I didn’t know everything on the list since it didn’t go over every point on the document. But then I saw this video and, I’m really glad I saw this. It was way way way way worse than I thought. I no longer love the Nostalgia Critic and I no longer watch him & Channel Awesome. They are terrible terrible terrible terrible people. And I’m infinitely sorry for those that suffered from this

                • Phill Davis
                  Phill Davis  5 days back

                  to be fair id fire that chick too

                  • Building Jumper
                    Building Jumper  5 days back

                    Jeez dude, the title of this video makes you sound insecure LOL

                  • XxTaiMTxX
                    XxTaiMTxX  5 days back

                    Hate to be a dick... but I'm gonna be a dick...

                    Channel Awesome was a place where pretty much everyone there were terrible people. They put up with terrible treatment because they wanted to desperately be in the spotlight. They did nothing about it because the whole thing was supposed to be "easy money". It was full of people who did not want to get actual jobs. Or, if they had actual jobs, they didn't want to work those actual jobs full time.

                    This was a place where actual illegal crap went on nearly daily and nobody did anything about it or cared about it, until it affected them directly. Even then, it was shrugged off by the standards of the place because nobody wanted to have to "make it on their own". Nobody wanted to upset the apple cart. Nobody wanted to lose the ability to post their own content and try to use the platform to make their own money. It was very much an attitude of everyone involved in the company knew what was going on with pretty much everyone there and just being happy the truly terrible things weren't happening to them.

                    That is, of course, provided that anything claimed in the released document were ever true. Some of that stuff has very long "statute of limitations" on it. Some of the very illegal things going on could've been actually reported to proper government agencies to get the place shut down or at least investigated. Including things the IRS would be extremely interested about... or various state Labor Boards... or even OSHA. Wage Theft is a very serious crime, after all. As are some of the working standards claimed. It is also notable that if the allegations of sexual misconduct are true as well as harassment, and the company did nothing about it... It actually turns it into a FEDERAL CASE.

                    I suspect that Channel Awesome was a terrible place to work with terrible people who know nothing about managing a business, talent, or even people. I suspect that the employees who went to work there were the same level of terrible people who mostly just wished they had been in charge instead. People who became jaded when they discovered that turning a bunch of recorded videos you made into a career is actually harder than getting a job at McDonalds, is less rewarding, and you can't really put it on your resume.

                    It is worth noting that most of the complaints about the place came from people who weren't watched as much, or didn't have as large of a chunk of an audience as they used to. It is worth noting that those who continued to maintain large audiences on the site said very little initially until there was a bandwagon to jump on.

                    Channel Awesome is a garbage place full of garbage people. From management to creators. People who did nothing to improve their own working conditions. People who did nothing to help each other out when they knew abuses were going on. People all seeking to make an easy and quick buck to avoid getting a real job and only requiring that they put together a single 10 minute video every week.

                    I have no sympathy for anyone who ever worked there. I have no sympathy for the company itself.

                    However, I do enjoy watching the dumpster fire that is that place. The dumpster fire that is the careers of everyone involved in that place. It's cathartic, in a way, to watch people who thought they were the epitome of entertainment and comedy come to grips with the reality that they aren't as great as they thought they were. Watch them come to the slow realization that they haven't changed with the times and continued to adapt. There's an interesting sense of sick satisfaction I get from sometimes delving back into the "controversy" that was Channel Awesome.

                    Don't get me wrong, I used to visit the website and watch my favorite content producers. I enjoyed "Nostalgia Chick" until her videos got preachy and political and started looking like she put absolutely zero effort into them. I enjoyed "Phaelous" until he started packing his reviews with about a hundred gore sketches and nonsense. I enjoyed "Angry Joe" until he started filling his videos with a ton of crap unrelated to the game he was reviewing and stopped calling out corporations for being shitty (I have since started watching Jimquisition for this, despite his political views being 100% opposite my own). I enjoyed "Todd In The Shadows" until he stopped talking about the music he was reviewing and was instead spending most of his time bashing people who enjoyed music he didn't (his own taste in music is absolutely nothing like mine, songs I found absolutely annoying or beyond simplistic from a musical standpoint, he seemed to love... which does hurt his credibility when he seems to know Jack and Shit about music despite playing it). I enjoyed "The Nostalgia Critic" before he spent most of his time doing cutaway gags. I enjoyed "Video Game Confessions" for the drawings and the genuinely funny/interesting stories being told. But... it all had a time and a place. Rather than any of them improving their craft and getting better at their jobs, they all put less effort into their work.

                    The only one I would even consider watching from that website anymore is probably Brad Jones as his reviews were incredibly informational as well as funny (alas, I've found a replacement for him in Deusdaecon Reviews, who seems to do the shtick better). I used to watch his reviews for movies he just saw from a parking lot. I liked the unscripted stuff with his friends better. It was something I've yet to see duplicated.

                    So, what is the legacy of such a website?

                    A crap place for crap people who all got tired of being treated like crap when it became painfully obvious that their career choice would never work. People who self-imploded. People looking for one last "hurrah" at fame and fortune and relevance again.

                    Channel Awesome is dead. It's been dead for quite some time.

                    There are no victims in the story of Channel Awesome. Only perpetrators. So, I'll be the asshole in pointing that out. Since nobody else wants to be.

                    These are terrible people who did terrible things and let others get away with doing terrible things, because they were selfish and lazy. The controversy was a last-ditch effort to remain relevant. I didn't even know Channel Awesome was still around until 4 years after I'd quit viewing any of its content and the document about all their complaints came out.

                    So, come be an asshole with me. It's far more interesting when you remember that these people were active and willing participants in all the terrible crap Channel Awesome did to all its contributors.

                    • The Cinematic Mind
                      The Cinematic Mind  12 hours back

                      XxTaiMTxX I highly recommend Ashens

                    • XxTaiMTxX
                      XxTaiMTxX  3 days back

                      @The Cinematic Mind Not sure who Ashens is... I watched Film Brain for a while until every review of his was splashed repeatedly with him shouting something or other (the "Symbolism!" thing was funny for a while, but not forever). I'm not sure who MikeJ is. I did watch the guy who did "MMOGrinder" though. His stuff was pretty funny as well as informative. His release schedule just wasn't all that often, so I stopped watching.

                    • The Cinematic Mind
                      The Cinematic Mind  3 days back

                      XxTaiMTxX What about MikeJ, Film Brain, Ashens?

                  • ULGROTHA
                    ULGROTHA  5 days back

                    In case you all missed it, and were ever longing for more of that old-school feeling of camaraderie that the anniversary specials had on-screen (CLEARLY unintentional from the creative staff...) go watch "A Voice From the Dark", a recent audio play that brings together over twenty people from back in the day for a fantastic crossover piece. It's fun and spooky and well-handled in each part of production. It's the only YouTube production this year I favor more highly than this great documentary.

                    • Generous Hermit Crab
                      Generous Hermit Crab  6 days back

                      I’ve loved the NC since I was 8 years old. Now I see what’s behind the scenes, I’ve unsubscribed and I don’t plan to watch him anymore. If you don’t care for your employees then you don’t deserve respect from your fans.

                      • OpathicaNAE
                        OpathicaNAE  1 weeks back

                        This is a good video, but you at the beginning state that you're going to go into both sides, unbiased.

                        You really go into one side, and it's obviously biased. I'm not sure if it was sarcasm and I just missed it, but. Maybe it was a play on how Channel Awesome's moderation says such shitty & weird backwards things. I'm not sure. I mean, you're not wrong to be biased, Channel Awesome sucks, but I was looking forward to actually seeing both sides from a neutral ground without jabs. This was still good though.

                        • Cinematic Venom
                          Cinematic Venom   7 days back

                          I gave CA the benefit of the doubt several times, and commend Doug for when he WAS sympathetic. It's difficult to see it from both sides when one side refuses to state theirs.

                      • Green Light Studios
                        Green Light Studios  1 weeks back

                        "Without music" First 5 seconds have music

                        • Cinematic Venom
                          Cinematic Venom   7 days back

                          The intro was edited separately. I didn't have the raw project files to mute the music in that part.

                      • Controlled Chaos
                        Controlled Chaos  1 weeks back

                        Do people still go to CA? I mean all their content is on YouTube from what I've seen.

                        • Nathan R
                          Nathan R  1 weeks back

                          Doug: Why can't you all notice when something sucks?
                          Also, Doug: Sucks.

                          • Rylee Foreman
                            Rylee Foreman  1 weeks back

                            DAMN FAIR ENOUGH WOW 😂 Again, wonderful video man

                            • Qwopout p
                              Qwopout p  1 weeks back

                              He's fricken joking in the making fun of him disagreeing with people

                              • Droo Bastard
                                Droo Bastard  1 weeks back

                                This is the most scrutiny i've ever seen against a most unprofessional company. I will tell you why Channel Awesome failed, it's really easy, they mixed business and friendship. It will always end in disaster. Also, notice how people today use everything you have ever said against you. Childish fucking adults.
                                Nitpicking about working conditions and arguing about developing a character in a shit film is really embarrassing. This is squabbling over scraps.
                                I knew you were going to compare Doug to Hitler and lo and behold you finally did.
                                Okay, so i watched your entire bullshit documentary. First you tell us you're just wanting an apology but at the end you equate Doug to Bill Cosby and ask us if Channel Awesome should be allowed to exist. Also, how do you groom an 18 year old? Also, pretty easy to pin [email protected] on someone who's dead. Also, are you trying to be the next Geraldo? Why did YT recommend your clown channel to me? I have so many questions. I know fuck all about channel awesome but somehow you convinced me to care even less about them. If they weren't such a shit company and so disorganized they could probably sue you for all the lies you spout.

                                • The Cinematic Mind
                                  The Cinematic Mind  1 weeks back

                                  Then again some of the people on Change The Channel are no better

                              • McLovin McLovin
                                McLovin McLovin  2 weeks back

                                You could have cut out the entire part of them making fun of people who have different opinions. I cant think of a single online reviewer who doesnt insult those who disagree with them.
                                Its funny to see people act like cunts sometimes.

                                • Ruby Studio
                                  Ruby Studio  2 weeks back

                                  The moment you give a channel power over your emotions. That's the moment you offer them power over yourself.

                                  • JaredTheCat88
                                    JaredTheCat88  2 weeks back

                                    I still watch some of Doug's videos. However, it makes me glad I retired my Nostalgia Critic cosplay for good. Also, while I hate Marzgurl for ruining Vic's career, but here, I can agree with her.

                                    • JaredTheCat88
                                      JaredTheCat88  1 weeks back

                                      @ULGROTHA I had looked at the allegations against him, and always had two questions. 1: Why go to social media, instead of law enforcement? and 2: Why wait so long to report it? I aim the blame at her for starting the entire movement. I do believe Vic is innocent. Maybe I'm wrong.

                                    • ULGROTHA
                                      ULGROTHA  1 weeks back

                             DO realize that she wasn't the first person to bring this crap up, right? That, even if you believe those he (allegedly) hurt or not, that Ms. Saucedo _wasn't_ the first one to report on this? at most, she codified it with the hashtag? How is SHE to blame for "ruining his career"?

                                  • Brock Meeks
                                    Brock Meeks  2 weeks back

                                    I never liked this guy. I don’t think people that abuse crystal meth are funny.

                                    • MassiveConspiracy AgainstHumanLife

                                      I loved NC in the early years... Let's say until season 7 or so... But the more sketches he included, the more dragged out his videos became, the less and less funny... Now I only watch him if the movie interests me.

                                      • RazielTheLost
                                        RazielTheLost  2 weeks back

                                        apologizing for saying faggot, that is lame, modern western society is truly pussified.

                                        words are just words, if they bother you so, grow a spine. you clearly used it as comedy and if anyone was or is offended they need to toughen up and grow up. someone elses words and beliefs are irrelevant if they dont have to even deal with you lol

                                        • ULGROTHA
                                          ULGROTHA  5 days back

                                          @RazielTheLost ...da faq is wrong with you??

                                        • RazielTheLost
                                          RazielTheLost  1 weeks back

                                          @Trent Mansly aww did i use the big words and the thinky thoughts before you could so you had to resort to a counter stance of insults and not knowing what irony means xD i don't even know the channel owner, or you, or anyone else here, and i don't care what anyone thinks about me, i just love to tell the truth and watch it really bother people like you. bigotry against bigotry IS bigotry, so much for irony huh. keep going, you bored me now resorting to exactly what i knew you would, i wont reply after this but i will read it so get your metaphoric jabs in and have the last word big boy :D

                                        • Trent Mansly
                                          Trent Mansly  1 weeks back

                                          @RazielTheLost I'm going to ignore the irony of you accusing me of virtue signaling and then proceeding to type a paragraph about how virtuous you claim you are.
                                          Sorry, bud. You can't take a live and let live stance on bigotry. Tolerance of intolerance IS intolerance. Turing a blind eye to the usage of slurs is simply giving such hatred an opportunity to thrive. Bigotry, in all forms, is to be called out and shamed.
                                          IDEK why I'm replying to this though, I'm half-convinced this is some kind of copypasta due to the sheer concentration of empty buzzwords.

                                        • RazielTheLost
                                          RazielTheLost  2 weeks back

                                          @Trent Mansly the fact that you would force your own standards on others, use them to push people around with your values and ideology you were brainwashed into by others. one i remind you that ALWAYS ends in a purity spiral casting all out and crushing the rest in the end and destroying itself because no one is perfect and therefore no one is good enough. people like you weaponize a word spoken by someone you can ignore or block and thus NEVER have to deal with unless you CHOOSE TO. you shame people for something that harms only those weak of character and mind enough to allow it to, and crybully to virtue signal so you can gain points in your identity politics crusade. it is a joke to me, but what you do is the real danger to society.

                                          if you have grievance please just find some other content to view, all you have to do is watch something else, then you can stop filling the careeer mass grave that all of you people love to.

                                          my opinion is that all groups of people by race are the same as any other, some people are law abiding, some are law breaking, some are smart and some are dumb, some are assholes, and some are not, some are productive and some are not, some move up in their careers and some do not, what should decide this is their choices and their actions, NOT THEIR WORDS!

                                          i do not treat people well or badly based on their skin color or sexual preference, i treat them based on their actions and the respect they have EARNED and built with me. if it is someone i do not have to watch or listen to or deal with or if i disagree with them, i always at least hear them out in the first place so i can at least understand their position, even if i disagree with it and cut it apart in my head with facts and reasoning, or better yet if i attack it with all the things i know and research about it and it withstands the attacks and still holds true it replaces whatever faulty reasoning or ideas i had and i learn and grow as a person. that doesn't mean i have to know or like or befriend the person, i am just better and more well informed person having shared ideas with them.

                                          if you are so damn set on oppressing peoples freedom of speech and right to hold and express their own opinion you are far worse a person than anyone holding what you deem to be the worst beliefs because unlike them, you are the oppressor, you are the tyrant, and you are using identity politics to achieve it. such is the core of all "hate-speech" law, to oppress those you disagree with, to create villains where none really exist, and to weaponize "victimhood/victim status" for benefit of yourself and your group versus those you deem the out-group.

                                        • The Cinematic Mind
                                          The Cinematic Mind  2 weeks back

                                          Trent Mansly If you listen, he actually apologised for people taking the joke the wrong way. You forgot about that

                                      • KellieSand04
                                        KellieSand04  2 weeks back

                                        What am I watching?? It’s weirdly interesting

                                        • John Duncan
                                          John Duncan  2 weeks back

                                          Wait, hitting on 18 year olds is sexual assault now? What the fuck is this bullshit. Fuck off.

                                          • Julio R.
                                            Julio R.  2 weeks back

                                            I unsubscribed from CA some time ago but part of me still really wanted to believe Doug and Rob had nothing to do with it, and that had died by the end of the video but oddly enough it was that horrible comment from The Cinema Snob in the end what destroyed what little respect I had left for them.

                                            • rye556 Daley
                                              rye556 Daley  2 weeks back

                                              Fuck you channel awesome for screing over people that work for you for years

                                              • GippyHappy
                                                GippyHappy  2 weeks back

                                                I truly believe Doug once was a good person, but he let fame get to his head. He new he was on top, but couldn't see the people whose backs he was standing on to get him there.

                                                • Bridges Royale
                                                  Bridges Royale  2 weeks back

                                                  Jesus, so much better with no music.

                                                  • Miss Conception
                                                    Miss Conception  2 weeks back

                                                    I feel really guilty now... I still watched them after the whole scandal happened, but thanks to your video, I will never watch them again. #changethechannel

                                                    • Dade Lee Murphy
                                                      Dade Lee Murphy  3 weeks back

                                                      now make a video on Mars girl #metoo bullshit

                                                    • 311 Jazzy 🌸🎀💖
                                                      311 Jazzy 🌸🎀💖  3 weeks back

                                                      The only channel awesome people I even liked were Rocked , Rap Critic and Todd In The Shadows and they’re still going so I’m all good. This story is just so damn interesting though.

                                                    • ryan barker
                                                      ryan barker  3 weeks back

                                                      there was a company behind those videos? yikes.

                                                      anyhoo, kids, take care of the people taking care of you.

                                                      • Fox Hamilton
                                                        Fox Hamilton  3 weeks back

                                                        I once made a positive comment on a Nostalgia Critic video and some guy started harassing me in the comments. Channel Awesome highlighted the comment so everyone could see. After seeing this, I'm no longer surprised that they advocate bullying.

                                                        • Blue Diesel
                                                          Blue Diesel  3 weeks back

                                                          45:30 You do realize that it is illegal and does not stretch as broadly as people think.

                                                          • Scsigs
                                                            Scsigs  3 weeks back

                                                            I wanted to say this since I saw your Tweets on the subject, CV. Nobody's perfect & the way some of the people who once championed your videos on this subject treated you is shitty. However, this is a minority. Only a small number have actually ever talked to you more than maybe once if at all, as far as you've said. Why? We'll probably never know.

                                                            However, to take back making these videos & helping spread the info about CA & their wrongdoings isn't the answer. You've helped spread awareness of the situation in easy to digest videos that do a great job of breaking things down & putting things in perspective. The rest of the people that were a part of CA, I assume, most likely appreciate it & a lot of other people appreciate it. I know I do. This wasn't a mistake. Sometimes things just don't pan out, though, which we can't really foresee sometimes.

                                                            Thanks for the videos & thanks for keeping them up. No one expects you to be friends with the people you've talked about here & no one's perfect. Sometimes we don't get answers to why things happen in life, but the best we can do is keep going on. It's not like this documentary was for nothing & it'll serve as a piece of media on both how not to run an indie company & how not to do business, which a lot of people need to know about, as well as not to partner with CA in the future if they approach new people. This video serves multiple purposes & that's its greatest strength.

                                                            • ThatZillaGuy2
                                                              ThatZillaGuy2  3 weeks back

                                                              Thank you for keeping this documentary up.

                                                              • Matthew Richter
                                                                Matthew Richter  3 weeks back

                                                                This was freaking awesome! I had never seen a documentary made for youtube before. kudos dude!

                                                                • Influx27
                                                                  Influx27  3 weeks back

                                                                  Good Lord. I never even heard about this website. Watching this, that's probably a good thing

                                                                  • Every Day is Rex Manning Day

                                                                    I had NO idea about this. Damn :( Btw; I find Cinema Snob way funnier

                                                                    • GammaCatch
                                                                      GammaCatch  3 weeks back

                                                                      Both Channel Awesome and Pat the NES Punk started to get weird and go downhill years ago after they started following a certain philosophy.

                                                                      Pat and Ian just shit on EVERYTHING good and The Critic has NO TEETH when making a show about an actual bad movie and spits on the good ones to boot. And BOTH are holier-than-thou operations.

                                                                      It's not like AVGN making fun of a good game, it's mean spirited and misses the substance.

                                                                      • The Cinematic Mind
                                                                        The Cinematic Mind  1 weeks back

                                                                        GammaCatch The way he can’t take criticism. Especially after the infamous Cheetahmen 2 campaign.

                                                                      • GammaCatch
                                                                        GammaCatch  3 weeks back

                                                                        @The Cinematic Mind Yeah, but dick picks and running out Bootsy is small potatoes in my book.

                                                                      • The Cinematic Mind
                                                                        The Cinematic Mind  3 weeks back

                                                                        Mike Matei has done some shady behaviour over the years

                                                                    • Joni Leppänen
                                                                      Joni Leppänen  3 weeks back

                                                                      Do the video, but without uploading a video. I'd say that'd fix it.


                                                                      • Star Platinum Gaming
                                                                        Star Platinum Gaming  3 weeks back

                                                                        Lindsey Ellis and Angry Joe were affiliated with those guys? Weird.

                                                                        • Ben Phillips
                                                                          Ben Phillips  3 weeks back

                                                                          Lindsey used to be The Nostalgia Chick. Her content was very different to how it is now though.

                                                                      • Spitfire! Lionheart
                                                                        Spitfire! Lionheart  3 weeks back

                                                                        I cannot imagine Emma Watson would care too much what that guy thinks to be fair.