Lions' MNF loss to Packers was due to Stafford's shortcomings — not officiating | NFL | THE HERD


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  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    Who is responsible for the Lions’ loss against the Packers?

    • Ken Sturm
      Ken Sturm  3 weeks back

      The Herd with Colin Cowherd The suck Lions are responsible.

    • Pig Y Bakon
      Pig Y Bakon  3 weeks back

      The Herd with Colin Cowherd The Refs.

    • Gale Pike
      Gale Pike  4 weeks back

      I think the one score the Lions turned into a TD... Wasn't a score. The closest ref said not a touchdown, Packers ball... Overturned by the ref 20 yards away.
      No one thinks about that. Because it was early in the game.
      So if the refs are to blame... Why did they give the Lions 6 points

    • 313moneyteam P
      313moneyteam P  4 weeks back

      @Yooper eh? wow I really couldn't see if kj got in or not. You must have a super duper definition TV. But I did see the missed calls

  • Dave Nguyen
    Dave Nguyen  3 weeks back

    Stafford was 3 for 13 on 3rd down. Thats why they lost.

    • Camping in the forest
      Camping in the forest  3 weeks back

      This guy is a terrible personality.

      • George
        George  3 weeks back

        I normally disagree with everything Cowherd says, but as 50 year Lion fan, there is absolutely zero doubt he is correct on this one. We all want to love Matty Stafford cuz he's such as "Aw shucks" nice guy, has the cannon arm, is WAY better than other Lion QBs of the past 35 years, the wife issue, etc. etc. etc. BUT, there is a reason we have never won a division, a playoff game, or ANY meaningful game since we drafted him. He doesn't have IT. The IT that Brady and Rodgers have. The IT that tells you when you gotta have a TD and when a FG is ok. The IT to wring the neck off a down opponent, the IT to convert a 3rd down late in the 4th quarter, the IT to be a WINNER. Rodgers, Brady, Brees, Mahomes, Wilson, - these are the guys we'll continue to see in the post season, not good ole' Matty. Hard to take. Hard to take.

        • Adam Wayne
          Adam Wayne  3 weeks back

          you are owned by the nfl, nba, nh,l mlb and every other 3 letter string of yourself. You do NOT report the news or anything objective. Easy to see news and rating tactics with you, get better at your job so we can remain your fan . you recently became too obvious. you only lost the intelligent fans, you will always keep your lost fools of sports news. Guess again...Colin maybe your next report will be closer

          • Liberty At Large
            Liberty At Large  3 weeks back

            I disagree, if the first hands to the face call wasnt made, greed bay would have been punting the ball to detroit with under 5 to go in a 2 possession game. That definitely makes a huge difference

            • Ken Sturm
              Ken Sturm  3 weeks back

              2-3-1. Lions suck again lol

              • Mason Z
                Mason Z  3 weeks back

                Yeah the lions could have made mor plays,but that doesn't change the fact that the refs cost them the game.

                • OFF The BackBoard
                  OFF The BackBoard  3 weeks back

                  No Stanford was running out the clock the refs made multiple bad calls that gave the packers points. And there’s also is a bad o line.

                  • Brandon Hall
                    Brandon Hall  3 weeks back

                    why is he paid, who pays this guy, why do they pay him?

                    • Jamero Hatter
                      Jamero Hatter  3 weeks back

                      Fair point Colin, but when the QB or offense doesn’t get it done you ask the defense to step and they did. Stafford may look the part but when the League wants to make sure Aaron Rogers wins what can you do? Stafford and his team had the lead the whole game until the end. Some points beats no points and Stafford can’t throw and catch the ball too. There were some crucial drops that should have been caught.....that said the refs stole the game from Detroit point blank.

                      • Abdul Hadarah
                        Abdul Hadarah  3 weeks back

                        He’s always been known to be a Stafford/Lions hater. I agree but let’s be realistic, the zebras robbed Detroit from that win.

                        • Brad Pirochta
                          Brad Pirochta  3 weeks back

                          Speaking on behalf of Browns, Lions, Jets, Buffalo, etc... fans. Telling someone who's team ALWAYS gets the short end of the stick that their team should have done more when a ref screws them over sounds condescending. Do you think its a coincidence that in 5 YEARS in NE, Flowers never got called for hand-to-face, then within the first 5 GAMES in Detroit he gets called TWICE?

                          • Calvin Williams
                            Calvin Williams  3 weeks back

                            Here's the thing the officials didn't make calls when Staff and company were on offense like pass interference so it works both ways. Refs take away good defense and on offense refs allow stuff that should be called to pass thus hurting the offensive game then try to blame Staff for it smh

                            • Lebowski Savage
                              Lebowski Savage  3 weeks back

                              I'm convinced these media puppets tow the same line as head coaches because they get memos saying not to criticize the officiating because it's bad for the overall product and marketing of the league. Whoever says the refs didn't affect that finish is a delusional puppet of the league narrative.

                              Speak up. Some of these games are obviously pre determined and the refs make calls to sway the games.

                              • Chris DePoy
                                Chris DePoy  3 weeks back

                                Except for one thing in regards to Stafford:

                                He has given the Lions the lead in all 5 games with 1 minute left - and the defense could not get a stop EVEN THOUGH the opposition had to go at least 70 yards...

                                • Shane Towne
                                  Shane Towne  3 weeks back

                                  Botched calls shouldn't decide a game, but in both cases it did. The lions are victimized every year and we just get ref apology's. Lions fans are getting sick of the team messing up at the most crucial times

                                  • Tavoris Dixon
                                    Tavoris Dixon  4 weeks back

                                    Y'all know he's talking bs. They robbed theses dudes. It's fixed.

                                    • Chromium Dragon
                                      Chromium Dragon  4 weeks back


                                      • Matt Akridge
                                        Matt Akridge  4 weeks back

                                        3K dislikes to 1.8K likes should answer your question about the refs

                                        • Brian Krueger
                                          Brian Krueger  4 weeks back

                                          Boycott the NFL it's the new WWF

                                          • rhodesi926
                                            rhodesi926  4 weeks back

                                            COLIN: “WHY DO THEY ALWAY LOSE THESE GAMES?”

                                            ALSO COLIN: “THEY FINALLY HAVE THE COACH, GOT A NICE SECONDARY...etc”


                                            • Sage Antone
                                              Sage Antone  4 weeks back

                                              No, it actually was the refs, dipshit.

                                              • Martin luther Kennedy III

                                                Matt stafford has accrued 178 mil in contracts. 0 for life in the playoffs and a below .500 career record. Tim tebow has more playoff wins than matt Stafford. Most overrated and overpaid QB in the history of the league.

                                                • Brandon Weilburg
                                                  Brandon Weilburg  4 weeks back

                                                  Sorry coward but the refs have ruined the game now that a fan can slo mo every play focus on the atrocity’s it’s an invalid outcome
                                                  And appears to be a mob gambling controlled industry that hides the negatives exploits make believe positives diminishing its overall appeal while players get lives ruined

                                                  • Chris Lehman
                                                    Chris Lehman  4 weeks back

                                                    Colins face in the thumbnail tells you all you need to know about this take

                                                    • Real Detroit Lions Fans

                                                      This is not a hot take, this is an absolute joke of a take. We were leading against Aaron Rodgers in Lambeau. Do you know how hard it is to win in Lambeau? Extremely hard. Are you going to blame Stafford for the Hockenson drop in the endzone? Or the refs not calling PI on the defender that took out marvin jones before the ball got there? On top of that officiating blunder you have a multitude of terrible calls by the refs that went Green Bays way. Yes, there were things we could have obviously done better, but how can anyone possibly say that Stafford is to blame? This is why everyone thinks media analysts are jokes and do not respect them. I am honestly kicking myself for clicking on this video and supporting this clown.

                                                      • Your Dude Onyx
                                                        Your Dude Onyx  4 weeks back

                                                        What a lazy and ignorant take lol

                                                        • Kyle Hol.
                                                          Kyle Hol.  4 weeks back

                                                          These calls were constantly in favor of the packers. They got lucky period. The lions where beating them the entire game.

                                                          • Critical Thinker presents the Critical Thinking Chronicles

                                                            Packers have greased palms to win games. It does not matter what opportunities are missed by opposing team. Corrupt refs will find a way to help their palm greasing teams win. Reviewing calls in the last two minutes will not stop corruption. The stats of Stafford do not matter when corrupt refs will help opposing teams incl. Patriot, Packers and Chiefs win!

                                                            • Robert Edwards
                                                              Robert Edwards  4 weeks back

                                                              I'm a lions fan through and through, but, when we get out in front, I always say, well, we lost. The calls were trashand called only when the game was on the line for green bay, but we normally lose so it's kinda our thing. We normally forget about the fourth quarter

                                                              • Nicholas Duncan
                                                                Nicholas Duncan  4 weeks back

                                                                Yes they should have scored more so it wouldn't have been close, but GB may have missed that field goal or we would have had time to still win. Watch Matt Patricia rack up the score for now on with this amazing Lions team! Starts this week vs Vikings. Go Lions! One Pride!

                                                                • Fredy Leeson
                                                                  Fredy Leeson  4 weeks back

                                                                  Those who like the video are Packers fans. Those who dislike, are people who just tuned in to watch a football game on Monday night and got dissapointed. #DetroitStrong

                                                                  • showsomemoxie
                                                                    showsomemoxie  4 weeks back

                                                                    just bc they had a chance to over come the blown calls doesnt mean bad calls should be over looked like its no big deal.

                                                                    • El R.
                                                                      El R.  4 weeks back

                                                                      Cowherd, spare me the diatribe garbage, it's called BAD officiating against the Lions.

                                                                      • Buddy Vogler
                                                                        Buddy Vogler  4 weeks back

                                                                        So it wasn't just the penalties in the second half. Jimmy Graham was not held on 3rd and 5, it should have been 4th and 5 and a FG at best, makes score 13 - 3. Packers get a call on Walker PF on receiver... MNF Rules analyst didn't see forcible contact. So lets say that defenders don't have same right to the ball from now on. Score at half is 13-6. Pack comes out gets a FG to start 2nd half 13-9. Detroit answers with 16-9 and 19-9 then 22-9. Then illegal use of hands #1 comes in, should have been 4th and 15-16 yards. No Pass Interference call which would have been easy FG for Prater makes score 25-9. Final illegal use of hands call not called would have resulted in 4th and 4 with score of 25-9... So Rodgers threw for 24 more yards with an interception and GB had two fumbles. The FACTS are very clear if these calls were not made incorrectly, this would not have gone GB way. So to pin this on Stafford is ignorant of the facts. Every Packers scoring drive had a defensive penalty... what are the odds?

                                                                        • Brian Guthrie
                                                                          Brian Guthrie  4 weeks back

                                                                          Stafford didn't call short neither did the entire lions team. Stay together boys we got your back.
                                                                          DETROIT VS EVRYBODY!!!

                                                                          • Brian Guthrie
                                                                            Brian Guthrie  4 weeks back

                                                                            Your an idiot. Field goals are a part of the game . The officials gave that game to gb Packers the lions played a tough game in hostile territory and without the ghost calls Arron Rogers would not have scored either game over. You can keep loving Arron Rogers all you want take away the plays after the Arron Rogers welfare calls and what did he do to win this game. Nothing!!!

                                                                            • BIG BUCK
                                                                              BIG BUCK  4 weeks back

                                                                              thought you would have taken this video down by now - I mean, only if you want to save your show ~

                                                                              • Johnny Montes
                                                                                Johnny Montes  4 weeks back

                                                                                You have to be dumb to believe that refs can't can't change the game.

                                                                                • Martin Price
                                                                                  Martin Price  4 weeks back

                                                                                  Colin, you are missing the point completely. Yes Stafford is not a top-5 QB but he and the Lions team played well enough to win on Monday night. The much bigger issue is this. If the referees were trying to throw the game for the Packers it would have looked exactly the way it played out on Monday Night. That is a HUGE problem for the NFL. The NFL is a multi-billion dollar per year industry. There literally is NO EXCUSE for them not being able to find, train and implement competent officiating in 2019. PERIOD. But they are not doing that and it is making their competition a farce because the Lions should actually be in first place right now in the NFC North and instead they are in last place because of the refs. Yes, I understand that "more people" would rather see Aaron Rodgers in a playoff game than Matthew Stafford but football is a TEAM sport. Not a "STAR" sport like the NBA. Have a nice day.

                                                                                  • Dan Fen
                                                                                    Dan Fen  4 weeks back

                                                                                    The thing about your opinion is it's based on nothing but your experience of watching football. Perhaps you should listen and learn from all the people who have experience instead of all this nonsense that spewing in an attempt to get someone to click on your video.

                                                                                    • ken wesaw
                                                                                      ken wesaw  4 weeks back

                                                                                      Another moronic opinion from cowherd

                                                                                      • Arturo Lopez
                                                                                        Arturo Lopez  4 weeks back

                                                                                        Some people have it and if you don’t say it you don’t get paid that’s why you said “it “ Collin.

                                                                                        • Coyote112 12
                                                                                          Coyote112 12  4 weeks back

                                                                                          If this and other calls this year lead to a new rule, I hope it’s the final 2 minute umbrella rule. But why isn’t there outrage over ties?

                                                                                          • Adiat Muyeen
                                                                                            Adiat Muyeen  4 weeks back

                                                                                            Never talk about sports ever again

                                                                                            • Zachary Mikuta
                                                                                              Zachary Mikuta  4 weeks back

                                                                                              This is a bad take, Colin forgets that the Lions would have had a TD if Hockenson hadn’t dropped a pass.

                                                                                              • Jeremy Gallagher
                                                                                                Jeremy Gallagher  4 weeks back

                                                                                                This was for a lead in the nfc when was the last time the lions had that this was a playoff game to the lions who is the awful team in our division no one the lions have been cheated year in and year out I'm about done with the nfl