Embedded With Special Forces in Afghanistan | Part 2

  • Published: 18 November 2018
  • Watch Part 1 here: superiorjanitorial.pro/video/wFpIrVPrdSs/video.html

    Coffee or Die Magazine’s Marty Skovlund Jr. was given exclusive access to embed with a Special Forces team in the mountains of Afghanistan, and accompany them on a combat mission into ISIS-held territory.

    These Green Beret’s fit the common tropes associated with Special Forces: beards, long-ish hair, and relaxed attitudes along with a few sleeve tattoos sprinkled in for good measure.

    Although they sport ball caps and Glocks in lieu of cowboy hats and six-shooters, they are frontiersman all the same — charged with taming the Mohmand Valley.

    The team operates out of COP Blackfish, an isolated outpost in the Mohmand Valley and only a short walk from where the controversial “MOAB” was dropped last year.

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Comments • 3 385

  • Jedi 365
    Jedi 365  10 months back

    Where is part one please? Can't find it

    • John Smith
      John Smith  4 weeks back

      @ExplosiveFetus thankfully their not over there THEN lol

    • slick back
      slick back  1 months back

      Dude drinks coffee and bullshits, no action don't worry

    • Kate Carlson
      Kate Carlson  2 months back


    • Barry Shanks
      Barry Shanks  2 months back

      @ExplosiveFetus appliances!? 😂🇬🇧

    • Rich Anderson
      Rich Anderson  2 months back

      Okie Rider Smaller group bases are Combat Outposts, or COPs.

  • God Particle
    God Particle  51 minutes back

    Killing people you don't know in lands where you don't belong is nothing to be proud of

    • Jess Connelly
      Jess Connelly  9 hours back

      Forget all the valleys drop a dozen moabs on the whole mess

      • Herbert M.
        Herbert M.  1 days back

        If i sit on the position of the Guy with the red Cap,i will not wear my Head so high,and lay me down on the ground,because ISIS sniper good too,Greetings from the German Bundeswehr

        • Calling All Hands On Deck!

          Oh Turkey, they're definitely gonna be a major player very soon. When Iran the ram decides to butt its way west towards the shaggy goat "Turkey", it's on. And, look what's going on right now. Iran is attempting to flex their muscles. I personally pay close attention to these 2 countries & their shenanigans. Then you have the Saudis but, yep Turkish coffee. I'd love to try it. Gotta admit, I like tea too. Been trying a lot of different types & ways to brew. Wow, you could cater to the females with tea after the "Boston Tea Party" & "Taxation Without Representation". Flavors like Paul Revere, Liberty Bell, Sons of Liberty, Valley Forge, Patriot, Samuel Adams (oh wait, that's a beer) & of course, FU British..... These videos are great. I'm not sure how I missed them. Hope there's more.

          • Edward Bernays
            Edward Bernays  2 days back

            18 years on and you’re still at war......?
            Thats Special for sure.

            • Neil Mathews
              Neil Mathews  1 days back

              Special forces don't fight everyday wars

          • Nathan Cody
            Nathan Cody  3 days back

            Just watched combat obscura. This videos pisses propaganda for recruitment.

            • paws057
              paws057  4 days back

              Thanks guys for the insight! Stay safe or as safe as you can!

              • JanJan Saggot
                JanJan Saggot  4 days back


                • Chuck Mellette
                  Chuck Mellette  5 days back

                  why is your camp in a valley? blow every cave... deny the emeny

                  • Tino Pacino
                    Tino Pacino  5 days back

                    Fuck That . Can’t trust any of those savages!!!!

                    • falcata91
                      falcata91  6 days back

                      what is the name of the song played at minute 10?

                      • 405 BOY
                        405 BOY  6 days back

                        I love our American Special Force's from all branches. They've been so successful at going into dangerous missions and taking out high ranking terrorists..

                        • Maurice Jones
                          Maurice Jones  1 weeks back

                          God bless out Americans troops in the dead ones as well

                          • Aatma Parmatma
                            Aatma Parmatma  1 weeks back

                            America will win every war round the globe

                            • Iman Behdani
                              Iman Behdani  1 weeks back

                              Damn! Afghanistan is so beautiful!

                              • 73Corbin
                                73Corbin  1 weeks back

                                I am supposed to call a doctor if it stays hard longer than four hours right?

                                • Yousaf Khan
                                  Yousaf Khan  2 weeks back

                                  Hahaaha America pissed of begging mercy from Taliban

                                  • Yousaf Khan
                                    Yousaf Khan  2 weeks back

                                    Just for nothing

                                    • Frederick Merle
                                      Frederick Merle  2 weeks back

                                      Which SF are these?

                                    • Laikmuay
                                      Laikmuay  2 weeks back

                                      On the pile of boulders it looks like a human head on the bottom of one of the big rocks on 9:41

                                      • Thebass
                                        Thebass  2 weeks back

                                        I never should have got out. I got out and worked a job I hated for years just to get laid off. Now I watch these videos and dream about the good ol times.

                                        • metalnat27
                                          metalnat27  2 weeks back

                                          At least you went through it. I never did. Despite joining the U.S Army was my biggest dream right out of High School. I never ended up joining for many bullshits reasons. Biggest regret ever.
                                          Though, it'd make sense to why I now play a shit-ton of military games more than ever. Allows me to lose myself in em by becoming something I've always dreamed for.

                                      • Dave
                                        Dave  2 weeks back

                                        where is the Aussie SAS guy thats part of the group

                                        • Ron
                                          Ron  2 weeks back

                                          Good "Cuppa Joe"!

                                          • Steven Hunter31
                                            Steven Hunter31  3 weeks back

                                            God bless all you guys protecting us over there. For keeping those bastards over there, before they can come over here again. Godspeed! Come home safe.

                                            • king chicken
                                              king chicken  3 weeks back

                                              nice mini gun

                                              • Jason Juggler
                                                Jason Juggler  3 weeks back

                                                sound is awful LOUD QIUET LOUD QIUET

                                                • White Cloud
                                                  White Cloud  3 weeks back

                                                  Awesome brothers, Be safe and we were out with 7th and 3rd in unknown areas at unknown times. Thanks for this epic video and praying for all you guys.

                                                  • SnideLmao
                                                    SnideLmao  3 weeks back

                                                    Fuckin send it

                                                    • theseeker oftheway
                                                      theseeker oftheway  3 weeks back

                                                      Were those condoms? Why do you need condoms???

                                                      • Sharrieff Vincent
                                                        Sharrieff Vincent  3 weeks back

                                                        @12:25 He fucking SENT IT !

                                                        • gul khan
                                                          gul khan  3 weeks back

                                                          USA ur dirty people will never win. You sent all druggies and mass shooters who mental killing even Americans in our own country then your trying to mess around in Afghanistan. We wil never forget what ur marines did to the innocent people for no reason. Some killed just because they’re Muslims. Hope none of you survive

                                                          • KILLUMINATI 4 WAKE UP
                                                            KILLUMINATI 4 WAKE UP  4 weeks back

                                                            Earth is flat

                                                            • Convicted not Convinced

                                                              anyone else get a throbbing hard on from this?

                                                              • Joseph Coates
                                                                Joseph Coates  4 weeks back

                                                                Green beret with a Serpa :( 8:13

                                                                • Valkyrie5685
                                                                  Valkyrie5685  4 weeks back

                                                                  Did someone give them brand new gear and weapons to use and wear for this? Cause no ones Shit looks that long in country..... their vehicles didn’t even have any dust in them or our around the cvc/com cords. My Bradley still has that shit after a visit to the wash rack

                                                                  • harold button
                                                                    harold button  4 weeks back

                                                                    Terrain Denial, thats quite a term.

                                                                    • tango dad
                                                                      tango dad  4 weeks back

                                                                      Afghanistan is super beautiful.

                                                                      • Wax
                                                                        Wax  4 weeks back

                                                                        O hey look, it's a bunch a dumb red neckd who got suckered into fighting a war for the Jews portrayed as heroes from jewish propaganda.
                                                                        Military intelligence TRUELY is an oxymoron!

                                                                        • Schy Mark
                                                                          Schy Mark  4 weeks back

                                                                          Stay safe

                                                                          • John Smith
                                                                            John Smith  4 weeks back

                                                                            I swear I was watching Medal of Honor L.E.

                                                                            • John Smith
                                                                              John Smith  4 weeks back

                                                                              I know 1 of these guys does a Pod Cast Now. And Hes Guvking Hysterical.

                                                                              • cedrik9
                                                                                cedrik9  4 weeks back

                                                                                waste of time. America DEFEATED IN IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN ! nuff said.....

                                                                                • Eric Davidson
                                                                                  Eric Davidson  4 weeks back


                                                                                  • michael yucon
                                                                                    michael yucon  4 weeks back

                                                                                    Spent time on that very piece of dirt, brings back memories

                                                                                    • arii marines
                                                                                      arii marines  4 weeks back

                                                                                      good work Team America

                                                                                      • canii haveurnumber
                                                                                        canii haveurnumber  4 weeks back

                                                                                        Operation northwoods that is all.

                                                                                        • d sheb
                                                                                          d sheb  1 months back

                                                                                          16:46 proof that some people appreciate us coming to relieve the pressure of totalitarianism and religious slaughter. Love from the United States to the PEOPLE all over the Middle East.

                                                                                          • Dominus Providebit
                                                                                            Dominus Providebit  3 weeks back

                                                                                            Believe me, you too would be “gratefull” if a couple of guys who were armed to fuck would be standing in front of you.
                                                                                            Or would you tell them to fuck off?