Brooks Koepka's Round In Three Minutes


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  • BldgWha7
    BldgWha7  6 months back

    0:23 amazing shot!!

    • Christopher Franklin
      Christopher Franklin  6 months back

      Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs has better quality content than this....obviously not previewed before posting.

      • ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn
        ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn  6 months back

        Excellent highlights...not really

        • RolinSweetsSmkinSour
          RolinSweetsSmkinSour  6 months back


          • 4Stanzas
            4Stanzas  6 months back

            The PGA should farm out all of their video content creation to whoever produces the videos for the European Tour. ET is vastly superior to PGA in that regard. Garbled audio and watching a 6-inch putt is an embarrassment to the senses.

            • Joseph Boyat
              Joseph Boyat  6 months back

              Brooks is in great shape. After listening to Chamblee, I was expecting him to look more like Kevin Durant.

              • lionel messi
                lionel messi  6 months back

                Worst highlights ever!!

                • Books-4-Bums
                  Books-4-Bums  6 months back

                  The pga tour and this tournament always have horrible content on YouTube lol they need to hire a 20 something year old

                  • Conor Barry
                    Conor Barry  6 months back

                    Wow unwatchable

                    • Calder Dryden
                      Calder Dryden  6 months back


                      • The Truth
                        The Truth  6 months back

                        No front 9, no commentary, awful sound interference, worst highlights I've ever seen

                        • vt3188
                          vt3188  6 months back

                          This guy only when major will turn up

                          • TJ Power
                            TJ Power  6 months back

                            Terribly made video

                            • David Lane
                              David Lane  6 months back

                              Hate to say it, but this tournement is over.

                              Welcome to the club Brooks, just don't win the next two, I want Tiger to keep his glory of 4 in a row

                              • N. H
                                N. H  6 months back

                                Now that is embarassing

                                • Matthews Everything
                                  Matthews Everything  6 months back

                                  Messed up audio lol

                                  • Andy M
                                    Andy M  6 months back

                                    I would put your money on him and also to be the dominant player in the next ten years

                                    • Barry Foxall
                                      Barry Foxall  6 months back

                                      sound quality ruined it, shame bye video

                                      • fdgfgdf
                                        fdgfgdf  6 months back

                                        Left the audio in the oven a little too long me thinks

                                        • Twitch Law
                                          Twitch Law  6 months back

                                          this is so well put i love it

                                      • Gregory Thew
                                        Gregory Thew  6 months back

                                        Contact, "European Tour" and have them do your highlight content.

                                        • Banjothere27
                                          Banjothere27  6 months back

                                          Gregory Thew what about no highlights just full rounds

                                      • Topper Harper
                                        Topper Harper  6 months back

                                        Awful Audio

                                        • dean robinson
                                          dean robinson  6 months back

                                          That's some applause at around 00.20 !

                                          • golfeverysecond
                                            golfeverysecond  6 months back

                                            RIP Headphone users 0:22

                                            • Karim Habib
                                              Karim Habib  6 months back

                                              should've read this sooner, my ears are bleeding at work

                                          • mconjeo njwioce
                                            mconjeo njwioce  6 months back

                                            What happen to the sound? Or just me?