My Mom Locked Me Up. She Said I'd Die If I Get Out

  • Published: 08 October 2019
  • Hi, everybody. I'm Ellie. You know, sometimes some disasters can turn a person's life into their own personal hell. But my case is a little different. We avoided the disaster, but my life changed completely anyway.

    It happened a few years ago. One summer my parents surprised me and said that we were going to spend three months on a fabulous island somewhere in Asia. They were going to rent a villa, and we were going to enjoy living in paradise for the whole summer. But the thing is, I didn't want to go at all! It was my last summer at school and I wanted to spend it with my friends! Next year we would all go to different colleges, and maybe we'd even lose touch. Plus, my birthday is in July. I didn't want to celebrate my birthday sitting on an island with my parents, even if it was in paradise. But, unfortunately, no one asked my opinion. My parents had already bought the tickets, and they weren't going to leave me alone at home. So basically, I had no choice. But I was determined to stay home, so I decided to disrupt the trip. Yes, I knew that my parents were going to lose a lot of money, but understand me - it was about three months of my life, thousands of kilometers away from my home and my friends.

    So, our day of departure arrived. I packed my things for the scheme I was planning, and we did a final check of our stuff. I only participated in this to see where my mom put our documents. All I had to do was distract my parents, get that file out of her bag, and hide it at home. My mother called a taxi and we sat down and waited for the car. I thought this was the perfect moment to create a panic. So I went out for a second, called the taxi service, and canceled the request. I was hoping that when the car didn't arrive, my mother would start to worry, and she would move away from her suitcase at least for a couple of seconds. The car didn't show up at the agreed upon time, and soon my parents began to get really nervous. And when my mom called the cab to find out what the problem was, she realized that I was sabotaging our departure. Exactly as I had planned, she started to panic, and she and dad ran outside to catch a cab somehow.
    Excellent. That was enough time for me to steal the file and throw it in the closet. Then we rushed to the airport. The whole way my parents were shouting at me, and saying that if we did not arrive in time, that I would be punished. It didn't scare me at all. I was ready to endure being grounded, being deprived of my allowance money, and whatever else they could think up. We arrived a little late, but still had time to catch our flight. Mom and dad ran to check in for the flight, and when the woman asked for our documents, mom was horrified to find them missing. There was no time to go back for them, so I won. I could barely stop myself from shouting, "Hurray!" But when I caught the evil eye of my parents, I realized that things were bad. Ooh, should I even tell you how my parents scolded me after that? I swear, my mom was willing to kill me for what I'd done. My punishment began as soon as we got back home. I had to go through all the suitcases and then do all the housework. Plus, my parents said I'd be grounded for the rest of the summer. Yeah, that's not exactly what I wanted and I didn't expect my parents to react so strongly. So I was already starting to feel sad that I'd ruined the trip. It would've been better if we had gone to that stupid island. But one event the next day completely changed everything.

    That next evening, I was in my room, talking to my friends on the phone. After all, I couldn't communicate with them any other way because I was grounded. I was tired after a day of doing housework and I was glad that the day was over. But suddenly my mother called me down, she said it was urgent. In the living room, my parents were looking at the TV screen in horror. There was a story about a plane crash. The fact is that this was the same plane that we were supposed to be on. And now I stood at home and watched the report that this plane had crashed. It was awful... No one survived. For a few minutes we tried to understand the fact that if we had not missed the plane yesterday, we would not be alive right now. And I can't say it was a feeling of joy... I was just really confused.

    My mother reacted to it more sharply than anyone. She believed that we were given a second chance. And it was simply by coincidence, or fate, or all of that together. Anyway, since then, something changed in my mother. She became very superstitious. But worst of all, she forced it on me too.

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    Isn't she the one who saved her family

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                      excuse me if my mother gets obsessed with anything she make's everyone in the house believe in that and no one could oppose her.

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                                                  All of these stories are about bitchy people.........

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                                                    This video goes from a brat ting kid not wanting to go on a nice vacation, to a mom being crazy about good luck and bad luck😕

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