• Published: 09 October 2019

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    *Please don't go out of your way to "witchhunt" anyone that I have talked about in these videos. This channel's purpose is to entertain people and not to spread hate to anyone else's channels. I have no ill will towards anyone I make videos about.* ITS JUST SATIRE AND COMEDY NOTHING IS REAL DON’T BELIEVE ANYTHING I SAY IN MY VIDEO ITS ALL A JOKE.

    Footage used is under fair usage 106. I can not confirm the accuracy of the information I am sharing, and so this should be viewed for comedic purposes only.

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  • Dresses365daysayear
    Dresses365daysayear  2 hours back

    Love rich but I think he loves trish too much to be honest

    • Paul Tacoma
      Paul Tacoma  2 hours back

      Great video! What a sweetie pie! I wish him all the luck going forward.

      • Julia Homola
        Julia Homola  4 hours back

        Aw hellllll nah, Trisha is just an attention seeking troll the house! Not hating on her though, she can do her thing but I call BS

        • Tam - My Private Account

          Trisha reminds me of Anna Nicole Smith & with that being said, if you’re Trisha’s friend, you won’t let her get away with bad behavior & all the nonsense. She needs help! Her friends should try to get her to seek mental help before she ends up dead like Anna Nicole.

          • Cassandra Jindra
            Cassandra Jindra  10 hours back

            I want to believe her but she literally identified as a chicken nugget sooooooo

            • Ana Ssassin
              Ana Ssassin  15 hours back

              what the actual fuck.. lemme find out rich is hot af without that makeup on

              • TheEmmarulez
                TheEmmarulez  17 hours back

                Aww I really feel sorry for her and think she needs some proper help. I love that Rich is so understanding. Your amazing. Xxxx

                • mimi smith
                  mimi smith  18 hours back

                  I couldn’t agree with you more

                  • Elle Marie
                    Elle Marie  18 hours back

                    I thought Rich’s friend was a relative of his. They look kind of alike!

                    • Tylie Aron
                      Tylie Aron  22 hours back

                      “Who am I to say somebody’s not something that they say they are”
                      Trisha: “Im a Chicken Nugget”

                      • Genny Music
                        Genny Music  23 hours back

                        Ah, to your friend that was transitioning saying “men just want me for the sex and not for me”... welcome to women’s world, only we have to live with that. Guys want to get into the girls pants and then if for whatever reason she gets pregnant or have been together forever and wants marriage, or be together formally, they run away. We can’t scape.

                        • Genny Music
                          Genny Music  23 hours back

                          Yes to “if someone tells me they’re trans, who am I to say nothing “, but you don’t take people’s sexual orientation “as a joke”, for views like she did.

                          • diA goddess
                            diA goddess  23 hours back

                            Its funny how they don t understand that those some fizical aspects they feel and don t like wile on the hormones ... wemen go thru on and on during their lives : tender breasts , mood swings, water retainence , lack of libido ... plus pains, period, giving birth, being used only for the looks and feminine feelings and sexuality, men don t care to get to know you...
                            so reapect for women!!

                            • Desi Von Feldt
                              Desi Von Feldt  1 days back

                              "The world is not ready"
                              This is the truth! Especially in the professional world.

                              • Karen Dover
                                Karen Dover  1 days back

                                This is based on Zira's interview, not the Trisha Paytua mess...when I was much younger, I was a shift manager at a restaurant and one of the assistant managers hired a transgender person (MtF) "thinking" she was a woman. Long story short, they eventually fired her for lying on her paperwork. I was angry then, but I'm more angry now. At the time, I thought he was just a guy who preferred being a girl; it breaks my heart to know that she was fired for telling her truth and so many people there were okay with it.

                                • Liasweetie
                                  Liasweetie  1 days back

                                  I’m sorry but she’s racist and the only reason she has gotten away with all this trolling is cause she is white. She made comments talking about she’s tired of Mexicans and illegals are taking our jobs and talking about why can’t she use the N word and using the N world all over the place. Nah I’m done with her now everyone wants to have an uproar where was everyone when she was saying these racist things

                                  • Denisa Dellinger
                                    Denisa Dellinger  1 days back

                                    This vid was very informative. I don't totally understand the transitioning stage. Oh my, I could not do it with the hormones being out of wak with all those emotions. I pray that Zyra will find a place that she will be satisfied.

                                    • FlaNnel VolTage
                                      FlaNnel VolTage  1 days back

                                      Like I don't know. I watched her video and just think she's a very lost person. Something is wrong.

                                      • Warren Treadwell Jr. Treadwell Jr.

                                        Every time Kalvin Garrah is in my recommended, I watch his video. From information him and Jazz Jennings, one FTM and the other MTF, their doctors stress you are transgender if you have gender dysphoria. Body dysphoria is NOT gender dysphoria. How dare anyone tell Trish that just because she is a beautiful female, her brain cannot tell her certain body parts are wrong. I’m not a doctor, just an Internet geek. If her skin feels wrong, like her chest should be flat, like her vagina should be a penis, then IMHO, this is dysphoria. is she Transgender or Transtrender, a medical doctor and psychologist need to diagnose her. Not me, you, not the public.

                                        • Brandi J
                                          Brandi J  1 days back

                                          💀💀💀 I saw the title of this video and thought you was trolling or something

                                          • Fairy Mimi
                                            Fairy Mimi  2 days back

                                            Where's that Instagram link?
                                            Sorry to hear of the struggles. Where I'm from the LGBTQ community has it rough. My husband was a general manager at a restaurant chain. He met a sassy male to female and hired her. People didn't like it. But if they wanted that chain again they'd have to get their food made by her. People got wayyy better. Not great but normalizing seemed to help. Because she was normal. It made no difference what was in her pants or dressed like to slap some cheese on a sandwich.
                                            People care to much about what other people are doing.

                                            • Wes Watson's hitter aka snake

                                              Dam this nigga super gay

                                              • beth s
                                                beth s  2 days back

                                                anyone that thinks she is trans is a freaking dummy and we should be upset with trisha she is a vile horrible person

                                                • Amanda Meisner
                                                  Amanda Meisner  2 days back

                                                  LOL THERE WAS A BUSTED HUDA BEAUTY AD IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS VIDEO

                                                  • Carmen Walker
                                                    Carmen Walker  2 days back

                                                    As a Transsexual Woman, I find this rather annoying at best. You have to have gender dysphoria in order to be a Transsexual. Considering Trisha's past videos and such it's pretty obvious she's doing this for clickbait. However, she has no true understand of the struggles of what we face.

                                                    • Sassa Gaki
                                                      Sassa Gaki  2 days back

                                                      So im so confused and im sorry for my ignorance but how do you go back to a man with the private areas once you have change it already ?

                                                      • Greta Hunt
                                                        Greta Hunt  2 days back

                                                        I wouldn't just say no, she not trans to her either but with her record of trolling and her own admissions that she does things for attention, I would warn her that saying these things, if she isn't actually trans, will be extremely damaging to her image and it goes without saying that it would be very insulting to actual trans people. She's always saying that she's Christian and she judges others for things they do, so she shouldn't be surprised when people judge her and/or don't take her seriously. I'm done feeling sorry for her, she acts like she doesn't know that doing this kind of shit will get her backlash and then she has the nerve to say that it's because she got BPD, she's admitted numerous times that she does these things for attention when she wants it. She's also got nothing else to put on her channel without this shit. She's one person who might actually benefit from getting cancelled, the Internet is not good for her at all.

                                                        • Angela Drummond
                                                          Angela Drummond  2 days back

                                                          Remember when Trisha posted a video saying she was black? Does that mean black people have to accept this and can't tell Trisha she isn't black? Trisha was def trolling as usual and offended so many people.

                                                          • Mommy2Rae
                                                            Mommy2Rae  2 days back

                                                            I feel bad for saying this however, I don't believe Trisha is trans, especially with her track record. & The way she explained being trans was nothing but stereotypical crap honestly. & Before anyone comes for me, I have always and will always support the LGBTQ+ community, no matter what. If it comes to light that Trisha really is trans and taking the necessary steps then I will profusely apologize.

                                                            • Ally Galindo
                                                              Ally Galindo  2 days back

                                                              Correct me if Im wrong but I always thought that being transgender had nothing to do with sexual orientation. If what i believe is right, then Im confused as to why Rich's friend said he stopped the process because of the way men behave. What does that have to do with being transgender? I seriously believed that transgender people where people that were born in the "wrong body". If a naturally born woman felt like a man inside her brain and was born in the wrong body. That would be a transgender man correct?

                                                              • DeathStarDiva
                                                                DeathStarDiva  2 days back

                                                                Trusha is an attention whore. Shes trying to stay relevant. Cause shes loosing steam. I used to be a huge trisha fan. But after the crap with jason, and her breakdown. It showed she will never learn to grow, she loves drama and staying off the rails so i unsubbed from her. Doing this stunt is a slap in the face to the lgbtq community. Its not funny or a game. Its life

                                                                • Anya Whitlow
                                                                  Anya Whitlow  2 days back

                                                                  Rich, there’s a big distinction between being non-binary identifying trans and a trans woman! I transitioned because as a child imagining adulthood I saw myself as a woman. I did this to accept myself, not looking acceptance from others. I always had that as a man and it felt totally fake. This shit is so agitating. Fully transgender people exist, though yeah, we are uncommon, and your friend is clearly not one of them. Nobody thought I was uncomfortable because I was good at being what people wanted and acted like a dude before my transition. I wanted to be a woman. I tend to find gay men to be a bad match for me as partners because they are too sensitive and I am able to hold down straight men because that’s who is the best emotional match for me. Honestly, I’m disappointed in you rich. This video has the same impact as Trisha’s and makes way for non-binary people while erasing me.

                                                                  • GREATNESS 1
                                                                    GREATNESS 1  2 days back

                                                                    Trisha paytas is the best....sooo funny

                                                                    • sammyj zebra
                                                                      sammyj zebra  2 days back

                                                                      wow im not subbed to rich,never even watched his vids, but im subbing just for this.I totally agree, you can be what ever you want to be even if you are not sure what that is,its your journey and its not always clear. I love Trish because she is flawed, as we all are, but instead of hiding her flaws and pretending that life is all perfect(like a lot of youtubers) she shows us all,remember none of us are perfect, sometimes we are nasty sometimes we are ugly.sometimes we look good, sometimes we say the wrong thing sometimes we say the right thing,we are only human so lets try and be kind to each other and maybe a bit more forgiving xxxxxx

                                                                      • Spook Wylie
                                                                        Spook Wylie  2 days back

                                                                        I've Seen the comments, she is getting very little hate. Opinions are not hate, concern is not hate. Just because a comment isn't agreeing with or kissing your ass, does not make it hate. BTW...she offended a lot of people, she is not innocent here, even if (NOT) she is trans.

                                                                        • Trap Trina
                                                                          Trap Trina  2 days back

                                                                          I find that’s it’s weird when cisgender people talk about trans issues when they have no idea what they’re talking about. Being transgender is more than just saying you are

                                                                          • Marian Elesha
                                                                            Marian Elesha  9 hours back

                                                                            Exactly why no one should buy her story. I watched the video and she is either clearly confused on what being a transman entails, or truly thinks she can be trans because she likes dressing like a boy sometimes. Likeeeeee....... She needs help.

                                                                        • blueeyedgirl 19
                                                                          blueeyedgirl 19  2 days back

                                                                          I think if trisha has any real friends in her life they sit her down look at her in the face,ask trisha what the mess is wrong with you...can we find you a therapist to talk to about your issues?? Really trisha needs to be educated and think before she speaks

                                                                          • Say My Name
                                                                            Say My Name  2 days back

                                                                            She is just playing plain ignorant !!!!
                                                                            She is joking about serious subject that affects people on a different level!

                                                                            • sheep& chic
                                                                              sheep& chic  2 days back

                                                                              Rich. you look so cute in this video! you always look cute but I love your look today!

                                                                              • 2short99
                                                                                2short99  2 days back

                                                                                Given trishas track record I don’t buy it. If she genuinely is that’s fine, but knowing her she’s doing this for shock value and attention...and I don’t respect it when people are trying to make a mockery out of trans people or the LGBT community in general for their own gain. A few weeks from now she’s gonna claim to be giraffe 🙄

                                                                                • A P
                                                                                  A P  2 days back

                                                                                  I don’t understand why everyone is so mean to Trish. She seems like a sweet person with some baggage. Much like almost everyone else.

                                                                                • Anjelas Happy
                                                                                  Anjelas Happy  2 days back

                                                                                  I BLAME JASON NASH 🐸☕

                                                                                  • Anjelas Happy
                                                                                    Anjelas Happy  2 days back

                                                                                    Jason fucked trishs head so hard

                                                                                    • amy anderson
                                                                                      amy anderson  2 days back

                                                                                      I have supported her for so long and I will continue to do so. I relate to her so much with a lot of her struggles. She’s helped me tremendously this past year. But this was a bit too much I don’t understand where this came from from how she’s acted sooo feminine for so long.

                                                                                      • josh shanks
                                                                                        josh shanks  2 days back

                                                                                        Please make sure to bring him back. So real and truthful!

                                                                                        • Marie Z
                                                                                          Marie Z  2 days back

                                                                                          Do you think she was a chicken nugget to? Serious question

                                                                                          • Christina Spasaro
                                                                                            Christina Spasaro  2 days back

                                                                                            She has mental issues. I know many u tubers are gaining clout over Trishas video. But ppl that truely know her, thats been following her for many yrs. We all know she needs major help. Im also upset with what she did, but i wont give up on her. She really needs major help.

                                                                                            • Kylee Sarver
                                                                                              Kylee Sarver  2 days back

                                                                                              Are you serious? She has a borderline personality disorder,.. she has something mentally wrong with her,