How to Win a Street Fight | Professional Fighter Roger Huerta


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  • ekacnap
    ekacnap  16 hours back

    There's this annoying dude from texas and wants to fight me just because im bigger than him.

    • John Tucker
      John Tucker  4 days back

      You ruined a perfectly good collar... smh

      • Elliott Witt
        Elliott Witt  4 days back

        R.i.p t shirt

        • Daniel Dujmovich
          Daniel Dujmovich  6 days back

          What if the person your fighting is shorter than you?

          • MISTIKMEX
            MISTIKMEX  1 weeks back

            Thanks grandma didnt stand a chance

            • gurvinder singh
              gurvinder singh  1 weeks back

              Boii I’m a girl and I want to create my own gang to help people that r just minding there business and then a random child comes and starts just getting rude ( do not know what other I could use but rude ) so that’s why I’m watching this but no the shirt Amit coming off 😂😂😂

              • Dylan Mounsey
                Dylan Mounsey  2 weeks back

                The straight seems to be the best deterrent in my experience. I’ve tried to feint and pump jabs at people only to have them shoot a huge double on me .
                Headbutts seem wild lol nobody fucks with a head butter

                • Dio_icey
                  Dio_icey  2 weeks back

                  Pray for me

                  Update: i won

                • John Dickinson
                  John Dickinson  2 weeks back

                  Normal Videos: Get a good fighting stance keep your distance
                  This dude: Fucking head butt him

                  • William Blaze
                    William Blaze  2 weeks back

                    Never fails the guy with tattoos ends up with his shirt off, ha.

                    • phoenixaayas ad
                      phoenixaayas ad  2 weeks back

                      Headbutt works real fine.

                      • rebel without a comma
                        rebel without a comma  2 weeks back

                        Thumbs up so the tall guy can buy a new shirt

                        • WolfieExE
                          WolfieExE  2 weeks back

                          Thanks my grandma didint stand a chance

                          • Frank Sanchez
                            Frank Sanchez  2 weeks back

                            the guy on the right is like dude i do this shit every weekend

                            • Jeff Paggett
                              Jeff Paggett  2 weeks back

                              I've won every fight by 150 yards.

                              • NJ Sentinel
                                NJ Sentinel  2 weeks back

                                Fawked the neck of his shirt all up 😂😂😂

                                • Muhamad Zulkifli Hamdan

                                  To much word

                                  • keith turbin
                                    keith turbin  3 weeks back

                                    what's a streetlight? is it like a rumble? did you and your boyz remember to wear your matching leather jackets and put enough hair grease on your switchblade combs before you group dance in junkyard garage to see who owns the turf? did dropping fonzie's name not intimidate Biff enough to coward down to the big bad bobisox boyz? THE DOUCHEBAGS AT THE BAR STARTING FIGHTS ARE YOU JERSEY SHORE. Did you really say "lays a hand on a lady? those aint ladies, they're whores that didn't deliver on what they were paid for, and they're adults, and it's between us and them. you want to "rescue them" fine , come to the hotel and you can get get fucked in the ass by the 23 guests at the bachelor party that Gina and Maria got paid to do but didn't show up to the party to entertain and escort the cocks into their colons as they were contracted to do. run on home to mom while before your noodle and ketchup gets cold Anthony, take little Joey with you. can you believe john Travolta jr. and scott baio here thinks anyone takes them serious.

                                    • RJ Mar
                                      RJ Mar  3 weeks back

                                      That head butt stuff dont work, i tried it one time and damn near knocked myself out, luckily for me i was fighting my neighbor's 7 year old and he took it easy on me and only knocked out 2 of my teeth with his playstation remote control.

                                      • Jef Kaplinger
                                        Jef Kaplinger  3 weeks back

                                        Wow. Great advice! If someone pushes you, hit them in the face. I would have never thought of that!

                                        • TsF_ LoChNeSs
                                          TsF_ LoChNeSs  3 weeks back

                                          What about for taller guys, I’m looking for tips because I have been in a fight before when I was taller than the person and I am tall for a 7th grader, I am 5’9” and the other person who was engaging me was about 5’3” and he hit me and I personally though I beat the crap out of him but I feel like I could have handled the situation better. I’m just look for tips for taller people.

                                          • D00NBU66Y
                                            D00NBU66Y  4 weeks back

                                            Best way to end tension is to challenge them in rock/paper/scissors one and done NO EGO CAN DENY THE CALL

                                            • Pat Green /Wadlowman
                                              Pat Green /Wadlowman  4 weeks back

                                              Good luck all of you lmao !! 😂

                                              • Pat Green /Wadlowman
                                                Pat Green /Wadlowman  4 weeks back

                                                Know your going to have a bunch of badass drunk guys at the bar Headbutting people are at least trying to rip in each other shirt off

                                                • Chilly Chase
                                                  Chilly Chase  4 weeks back

                                                  Thanks! My grandma didn't stand a chance!

                                                  • Wilson Wang
                                                    Wilson Wang  4 weeks back

                                                    Just kick them in the nuts

                                                    • Wilson Wang
                                                      Wilson Wang  4 weeks back

                                                      Just kick them in the nuts

                                                      • yaseen Gs
                                                        yaseen Gs  4 weeks back


                                                        • Reaper 430040
                                                          Reaper 430040  4 weeks back

                                                          First always try to avoid the fight. Never get surrounded. Never throw the first punch unless they are putting you into a position where you feel for your safety, other wise you cannot use self defense if it goes to court. If you cannot avoid the fight, try to keep your distance. Make them reach for you, when they do look for an opening and aim for the temple next to either eye on the side of the head. This will give you the chance of knocking them out in one punch, and will also mess up their vision. If they try to grab you, again try to push them off you and back up. If they grab and pull you, go with the flow. Let them pull you in, as you are being pulled in, try to duck while at the same time throwing hard swings upwards where you think their head is. This will almost always win the fight, and discourage them. If you are scared of getting kneed to the face, then grab their hand from the side as hard as you can, and pull them towards you and downwards to either side. This will cause them to fall under alot of pain, if they go down you can kick him in the head, or just back up again. If they try to tackle you, just back up and push down wards with both hands. Also the head butt is a terrible idea, you risk injuring yourself and it will almost always miss unless they are extremely close to you or just really stupid. Any questions just ask, i learned most of what i know from combatives training in the military. I was level 2 before i got out. But i also took some muay thai after i got out. I spent years sparring in the octagon on fort drum, learned alot from it all. Best thing to do to prepare your self, is practice with a buddy. Grapple/wrestle, try moves, maybe spar alittle. You can spar with out getting hurt, set rules like no punching in the face, throat, groin, or any dirty moves such as eye scraping, ball hitting etc. Just keep it friendly, body punches, grapple moves, and submissions. Doing this will allow you to feel more confident, and move comfortable with your fighting ability. But always remember, always try to avoid the fight at all costs. There is no reason to fight if you do not have to.

                                                          • Ty S
                                                            Ty S  1 months back

                                                            That was queer

                                                            • MISTAH SLICK
                                                              MISTAH SLICK  1 months back

                                                              I want Roger huarta knocked out

                                                              • DoWhutNow
                                                                DoWhutNow  1 months back

                                                                Street fighter II Animated movie Ryu headbutt lol

                                                                • Confused person With a cat profile picture.

                                                                  Thank you, my great grandparents won’t stand a goddamn chance.

                                                                  • Okay 47
                                                                    Okay 47  4 weeks back

                                                                    WOW SO ORIGINAL

                                                                  • Gaming wolfs
                                                                    Gaming wolfs  1 months back

                                                                    😅😅😅😅bruh you got me dying

                                                                • HattXn
                                                                  HattXn  1 months back

                                                                  Just wear black air forces and nobody will fight you

                                                                  • Carl
                                                                    Carl  3 days back

                                                                    HattXn Ong

                                                                  • ASIX Shoreline
                                                                    ASIX Shoreline  1 weeks back

                                                                    Arky because people who wear them are menaces to society

                                                                  • Arky
                                                                    Arky  1 months back

                                                                    why is that?

                                                                • Joshua Keane
                                                                  Joshua Keane  1 months back

                                                                  if you go for a head butt you’ll get hooked

                                                                  • saintquinn007
                                                                    saintquinn007  1 months back

                                                                    Rodger looks like Dean Cain...Great advice here....

                                                                    • Digger Nick
                                                                      Digger Nick  1 months back

                                                                      I have no idea why this street fight video mentions nothing about dirty fighting. Hand webbing or speared finger to the throat and eyes, kick or backhand to the groin, etc...

                                                                      Always remember the great quote by John Steinbeck...
                                                                      “If you’re in a fair fight, your tactics suck!”

                                                                      • Theodoros Patapiou
                                                                        Theodoros Patapiou  2 months back

                                                                        You Are an idiot if you want to fight do IT right in that close use wrestling grappling fight that headbut Is weak to any off us either se throw IT or také IT in that Space no Power exists nor pushing that headbut Will lead you to an angry opponent end put you in danger He Will not fall cut thé crap

                                                                        • Tony BP
                                                                          Tony BP  2 months back

                                                                          Best tip I can give is stay calm... adrenaline is going to start doing its thing for you and the other guy as well, no matter how tough he seems to be. If you control your breathing and temper and he doesn't you already have a huge advantage. If you're calm and cool and he's not, you'll see his punches coming from a mile away.

                                                                          • BubblyStars666
                                                                            BubblyStars666  2 months back

                                                                            Damn he looks delicioussss, i need some private lessons please!!

                                                                            • Derek Schellenberg
                                                                              Derek Schellenberg  2 months back

                                                                              Step One: always be covered head to toe in lube
                                                                              Step Two: get Naked
                                                                              Step Three: engage in mortal combat

                                                                              • GamingwithCuyler6
                                                                                GamingwithCuyler6  2 months back

                                                                                I got the shit beat out of me today and now I know a better idea... bring a Glock and or knife to kill him. I have officially gone insane lol (this comment is a joke don’t take it seriously)

                                                                                • Kelp Hyglo
                                                                                  Kelp Hyglo  1 months back

                                                                                  GamingwithCuyler6 that’s an actual good idea, you know

                                                                              • Awakened Pisces Boston bitch

                                                                                I had a situation some dumb broad got really close like a fool. I actually handled it well and kept everyone around me safe. Thing is I will see her again. If she doesn't. Want to be an adult and let it go she will end up hurt

                                                                                • Michael Keehn
                                                                                  Michael Keehn  2 months back

                                                                                  You could break your head on a nose big...massive target. Also not covered was the beer mug to the face.. works like a champ

                                                                                  • Oduo Ll
                                                                                    Oduo Ll  2 months back

                                                                                    I hope the guy I would fight haven’t watched this video

                                                                                    • Saint Jerry The Goat Fucker

                                                                                      This one guy was saying shit and hitting me at the bus i wanna fuck him up but he got his brother and possibly other guys that would back him up but i got my friends too i wanna get him somewhere alone so we can jump him any ideas?

                                                                                      • NathanDaniel
                                                                                        NathanDaniel  2 months back

                                                                                        Go straight for the ballz everyone always says that’s a cheap shot and yeah you’re damn right it is lol

                                                                                        • President Camacho
                                                                                          President Camacho  2 months back

                                                                                          Best way to win an unavoidable and deadly confrontation is to get a CCW. There is no such thing as a fair fight in the street because you never know what people have on them these days.