Derrick Jones Jr. Literally Bent The Rim After Wild Dunk


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  • Mr.E
    Mr.E  1 days back

    I want to see Giannis or Zion break the hoop like shaq did. I know these are reinforced so that not even shaq can break them, so if anyone does break it, it would be amazing

    • Edison De Jesus
      Edison De Jesus  1 days back

      Being so tall that u dont need to jump reaching the net 🤣 in the Philippines ur a God if u can touch the board HAHAHA

      • Kwstas KazZrr
        Kwstas KazZrr  1 days back

        Shaq is like, hold my beer young fella
        Whole basket down twice

        • Blunt Sessions
          Blunt Sessions  2 days back


          • Luc Wijngaard
            Luc Wijngaard  2 days back

            Terrence Jones was also gud

            • G G
              G G  2 days back

              boy easier said than done but better ball handling skills would make DJJ a monster. Just too explosive to contain.

              • Stone Cold
                Stone Cold  2 days back

                Most bounce in the nba

                • makis papachristou
                  makis papachristou  4 days back

                  DJJ is one of my favourite players.

                  • D.B Jr.
                    D.B Jr.  4 days back

                    He may be thin but what goes up high comes down hard 🤷🏾‍♂️

                    • DE 360
                      DE 360  5 days back

                      Should’ve broken backboard

                      • Xstremz
                        Xstremz  2 days back

                        @saeed senpai thanks to shaq

                      • DE 360
                        DE 360  4 days back

                        saeed senpai that’s true

                      • saeed senpai
                        saeed senpai  4 days back

                        the backboard can't break no more cuz of the new backboard design

                    • MCH
                      MCH  5 days back

                      Airplane Mode has to be one of the best nicknames in the NBA.

                      • Lanre Akerele
                        Lanre Akerele  6 days back

                        Derrick Jones Jr is currently the best Heat dunker to have on our team

                        • Doran Mitchell
                          Doran Mitchell  2 days back

                          He's probably the best dunker in the NBA next to Zion.

                        • Gg0ver9000
                          Gg0ver9000  3 days back

                          Best nba dunker

                      • Nick Vanhorne
                        Nick Vanhorne  7 days back

                        Dude be hanging so he don’t fall n shit🤣

                        • Angelo Jones
                          Angelo Jones  7 days back

                          Why the announcer get so hype at Poeltl 0:23😂

                          • no future at all
                            no future at all  1 days back

                            I didn't notice that at first. lmao

                          • Anderson King Gaming
                            Anderson King Gaming  3 days back

                            Sounding like a 2K announcer glitch😂

                          • D.B Jr.
                            D.B Jr.  4 days back

                            Had to be that announcer instinct lmao

                          • STEW
                            STEW  6 days back

                            That shit was weird😂😂

                        • Radomvidzz
                          Radomvidzz  7 days back

                          feels bad to be the guy that has to fix that

                          • Lynn Loud
                            Lynn Loud  7 days back

                            Damn great dunk

                            • Tony Smith
                              Tony Smith  7 days back

                              Not even gonna lie thought this was a jxmy high roller vid

                              • JAVON
                                JAVON  7 days back

                                Tony Smith I love jxmy

                            • i dunno
                              i dunno  7 days back

                              0:23 he saved himself lol

                              • Shaun Ferguson
                                Shaun Ferguson  7 days back

                                That rim is lucky it was Jones Jr he's rail thin could you imagine if Zion hung off the rim like that good bye entire back board

                                • Saleem Mohamed
                                  Saleem Mohamed  3 days back

                                  Lmaoo after Shaq the NBA made sure the backboard won’t fall again. But I hope Zion does just so we can see it. Shit would be fye

                              • Khalid Brown
                                Khalid Brown  7 days back

                                Imagine having to fix the rim after getting dunked on like that

                                • Novembers Finest
                                  Novembers Finest  37 minutes back

                                  Aries Anderson cus you rather sit out then go and seek redemption

                                • Brooklyn Nets
                                  Brooklyn Nets  2 hours back

                                  He didnt even get dunked on

                                • Aries Anderson
                                  Aries Anderson  2 days back

                                  Uncle Ade it was a joke how is that soft

                                • Uncle Ade
                                  Uncle Ade  2 days back

                                  Aries Anderson cuz ur soft

                              • thejanglezclan
                                thejanglezclan  7 days back

                                thumbs down for these horrible comments ruining my experience

                                • ShowTimeGaming
                                  ShowTimeGaming  7 days back

                                  And Shaq broke the entire hoop...twice 😂😂 yo...damn..that muthafucka Shaq was strong as shit 😳😂😂

                                  • iLLLOGIC
                                    iLLLOGIC  7 days back

                                    Has he ever been in a dunk contest?

                                    • pum
                                      pum  6 days back

                                      He was called up from the g league like two weeks before the dunk contest

                                    • iLLLOGIC
                                      iLLLOGIC  6 days back

                                      @Big Boy oh ok

                                    • Big Boy
                                      Big Boy  6 days back

                                      iLLLOGIC pretty sure he went undrafted

                                    • Nick Vanhorne
                                      Nick Vanhorne  7 days back

                                      2017 guys

                                    • iLLLOGIC
                                      iLLLOGIC  7 days back

                                      @Big Boy damn he was on the Suns i thought the Heat drafted him

                                  • Cool Kid
                                    Cool Kid  7 days back

                                    Like if Derrick Jones should be in the Dunk Contest

                                    • Adama Jalloh
                                      Adama Jalloh  7 days back

                                      Nah diallo was tferg replacement

                                    • LP6 Sports
                                      LP6 Sports  7 days back

                                      Brandon A. He was supposed to be last year but he got injured and I think diallo was his replacement

                                  • Neil Davis
                                    Neil Davis  7 days back

                                    But can he dunk?

                                    • Swiftyyy Sneed
                                      Swiftyyy Sneed  7 days back