Gagged by a law, this woman can finally tell her story | 7.30

  • Published: 13 August 2019
  • An archaic law, that exists only in Tasmania and the Northern Territory, prevents victims of sexual assault from speaking publicly - ever. For survivors who want to tell their stories it's deeply frustrating, especially since there's no law preventing their perpetrators from speaking publicly. Thanks to a court exemption, Grace Tame is now able to reveal her identity and speak openly for the first time.

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Comments • 47

  • Shawn Messick
    Shawn Messick  3 weeks back

    Yep, another one that is lucky I am not the girl's father. In the U.S., we complain that we have the highest rate of incarcerated in the world. They say this not realizing that other countries don't hold people accountable for their crimes in proportion to the severity of the crimes.

    • Frances Lockhart
      Frances Lockhart  1 months back

      Bettina Arnt is a female misogynist with a few Uni degrees that just make her more insidious and dangerous to women.

      • JewTube
        JewTube  1 months back

        less than two years of jail for raping a minor? wtf

        • Gerik Mirkujan
          Gerik Mirkujan  1 months back

          WE should know the heroes - as media disabled comments Ill post it here - Alex Roberts, Lee Cuthbert, Luke and Paul O'Shaughnessy chased down a man who went on a stabbing rampage in Sydney CBD. The Prime Minister and the NSW Police Minister have praised bystanders who put themselves at risk by tackling a man armed with a knife in central Sydney and holding him down until police arrived.)

        • Alen Sayed
          Alen Sayed  1 months back

          These dumb law's were mad by men for men 100s of years ago, in this day and age and human kind should stand together and get rid of these law's that protect the scum not the victim. Grace and all the other Grace's out there should not be silenced and made to feel they did wrong, all the best Grace.

          • Alen Sayed
            Alen Sayed  1 months back

            Great Job Grace, I still don't understand how scum get off the hook, he should be in prison for life for stuffing up ur life.

            • Azzamatic
              Azzamatic  1 months back

              How about the stabbing in Sydney, are we like communist China and restrict the freedom of speech?

              • VaselineLenz
                VaselineLenz  1 months back

                Where do you even start to protect these kids, if they can just drop their clothes on request.. Back to the drawing board..

                • An Ex-Mystic
                  An Ex-Mystic  1 months back

                  The strong always go for the weakest in the pack. Teachers know this well.

                  • Evergreener
                    Evergreener  1 months back

                    She even had time to do her hair -_-

                    • jason4275
                      jason4275  1 months back

                      *The Blame also goes to her parents for living in a country with such a barbaric law that protect criminals.*

                      • Noelle Sefton
                        Noelle Sefton  1 months back

                        Does anyone know all the laws relating to any issue that might arise in their future, when they settle down and raise a family ? Rather than blaming the family of the victim who, lets face it , had no way of knowing what was going to happen ( Tassie isn’t exactly the sex crime capital of the world ).
                        Better to blame the lawmakers and lobby for change, than to blame the victims.

                      • Luke Dennis
                        Luke Dennis  1 months back

                        It's not the country, its a state issue

                    • Luke Warm
                      Luke Warm  1 months back

                      Thank you for telling your story you have a huge amount of courage, society owes you for unmasking this monster Thank you again Grace, it is sticking to think he only got 23 months what a joke the Tasmanian justice system.

                      • ian pennack
                        ian pennack  1 months back

                        In the 1950s pedophiles used to do what they liked in schools. Then they used legal violence to keep the victim quiet.

                        • Radical Greek 3
                          Radical Greek 3  1 months back

                          She looks 30 for a 24 year old girl.

                          • Ali S
                            Ali S  4 weeks back

                            Wtf are you for real? She looks younger than most 24 yr olds. She still looks like she is in her teens. I bet she looked like a child when she was in her teens, hence the teacher was attracted to her because he is a pedo

                          • VaselineLenz
                            VaselineLenz  1 months back


                          • Annalisa Du Gard
                            Annalisa Du Gard  1 months back

                            Is your surname 'Bester' by some chance? What a random and nasty thing to say :-/

                        • Crow Eater
                          Crow Eater  1 months back

                          23 months total?! He should be swinging from a rope.

                          • MrLunithy
                            MrLunithy  1 months back

                            For once I agree with you .

                          • Stephen Bachman
                            Stephen Bachman  1 months back

                            Agreed. There is no justice in this world. We need real justice. A complete rewrite of the whole system.

                        • ThatBadGuy
                          ThatBadGuy  1 months back

                          19 Months. What a joke.

                          • ronald rogerson
                            ronald rogerson  1 months back

                            If she was above the legal age this wouldn't be a news story. It's not because of the age difference, my parents have a age difference not too far off this... And there are some 15 year olds that are granted some rights that above 18 year old normally have... A young female looking for love that could have gone through puberty but is not legally old enough, what percentage of men would break the law with the same circumstances? We don't want a answer to that question... there needs to be Less opportunities for teacher to be alone with a student in schools since this wouldn't be the first time it's happened...

                            • Annette Burns
                              Annette Burns  1 months back

                              I could slap him silly 😑 Best of luck Grace

                              • Stephen Bachman
                                Stephen Bachman  1 months back

                                Slap is not punishment. A crowbar to the head sounds like a fair punishment. If he dies he dies. If he gets brain damage so what.

                                Damage for damage.

                            • Maryanne
                              Maryanne  1 months back

                              Is anyone else suspicious of the American cop?

                              • Justin M
                                Justin M  1 months back

                                Clearly the rule is in place to protect the identity of minors, which no one thinks is a bad idea, but once they are adults the ruling should be changed at their request.

                                • Floyd Mayweather 50-0
                                  Floyd Mayweather 50-0  1 months back

                                  Lock him up again

                                  • no el
                                    no el  1 months back

                                    Poor woman, how the hell does this go unnoticed by parents and teachers?!

                                    • no el
                                      no el  1 months back

                                      @me heretoday this guy was a creep from the start, I don't mean to judge form appearances but if my daughter was spending time in his office alone I would involve the police immediately

                                    • me heretoday
                                      me heretoday  1 months back

                                      absolutely agree Dan theman, totally agree with you on that.

                                    • Dan theman
                                      Dan theman  1 months back

                                      @me heretoday not just male's teachers either, every day after school i talk with my daughter about her day, us as parents have to be ever vigilant

                                    • me heretoday
                                      me heretoday  1 months back

                                      you would be surprised at how many are out there, mingling with your very own group of friends or work mates or what ever groups you are in... ... they are very adept at covering up what they do... I speak as a survivor ...

                                  • Jacleen Allen
                                    Jacleen Allen  1 months back

                                    Standing beside you, Grace x

                                    • Payhole Everdouche
                                      Payhole Everdouche  1 months back

                                      She's got such an arrogant smug face, she's definitely 'gag worthy.' They don't call it 'Hoe-Bart' for nothing.

                                      • Neatz Davis
                                        Neatz Davis  1 months back


                                      • Payhole Everdouche
                                        Payhole Everdouche  1 months back

                                        @Annalisa Du Gard
                                        Penis in your mouth...Again...???

                                      • Annalisa Du Gard
                                        Annalisa Du Gard  1 months back

                                        I just threw up in my mouth a bit reading your comment

                                      • me heretoday
                                        me heretoday  1 months back

                                        Payhole Everdouche, I take it you are related to the perpetrator or possibly even him, or are you a pedophile yourself and are upset that people are starting to see you for what you are... just wondering

                                      • Jacleen Allen
                                        Jacleen Allen  1 months back

                                        @Meriones Ignore the misogynist.

                                    • Let Go
                                      Let Go  1 months back

                                      Geez , that’s unfair . All the best young woman

                                      • Being There
                                        Being There  1 months back

                                        Well done Grace, I don’t know you but you are a brave, intelligent woman.
                                        Just a day at a time. 🤗💖

                                        • Cooler Cooler
                                          Cooler Cooler  1 months back

                                          Ok so now we can gag the guy right