Hannah B Put Mashed Potatoes On My Face | We Said Whaaat? with Cosmo Assistant Sam Feher


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  • msbutterfly1010
    msbutterfly1010  1 months back


    • Little Flower
      Little Flower  2 months back

      Lol enough milk to make a paste and Hannah dumps in a cup of milk! She’s like, “I’ll just take the Botox please!”

      • Hannah Tovar
        Hannah Tovar  2 months back

        Was I the only one wishing they would just start making out?!? lol 😉

        • P P
          P P  2 months back

          Love Hannah!

          • Chantelle Farrugia
            Chantelle Farrugia  2 months back

            It would be awesome if the year of the magazine each month would be according to the birth year of the guest and one time of the host herself, Sam.

            • Allie
              Allie  2 months back

              The content we want from sam!!!

              • Sam Feher
                Sam Feher  2 months back

                well this was fun

                • Jaclyn Vlahos
                  Jaclyn Vlahos  2 months back

                  Sam Feher omg obsessed you two are hilarious together

              • Storm Cloud
                Storm Cloud  2 months back

                What a good idea! Takes me back to when I was a teen/20ish something reading cosmos and trying these things. I never did write Mario though.

              • Sydney Kong
                Sydney Kong  2 months back


                • Brittany Cox
                  Brittany Cox  2 months back

                  Please put young Instagram influencers on the show too! *me😂 @itsbrittanycox ❤️

                  • Brittany Cox
                    Brittany Cox  2 months back

                    I love this

                    • Vamp5253
                      Vamp5253  2 months back

                      Any positions open at cosmo in 2020, about to be a college graduate and wanting to pursue a career like this!

                      • Rosa Heyman
                        Rosa Heyman  2 months back

                        ** adds 35 potatoes to my shopping list **

                        • Stiller Racha
                          Stiller Racha  2 months back


                          • Patricia Camerota
                            Patricia Camerota  2 months back

                            Sam: they say it's either a good date or a good story
                            Hannah B: I have lots of stories!!!!

                            • Tinfoil Boi
                              Tinfoil Boi  2 months back

                              I love u both

                              • Caitlin Adams
                                Caitlin Adams  2 months back

                                Hannah b!!!!

                                • Joshua Brown
                                  Joshua Brown  2 months back

                                  Can we get more challenge with the merrell twins

                                  • Mia Lardiere
                                    Mia Lardiere  2 months back

                                    this is gonna sound creepy, but i want both of their hair

                                  • Maxwell Conrad Losgar
                                    Maxwell Conrad Losgar  2 months back

                                    what. did. we. say!?

                                    • cody james
                                      cody james  2 months back


                                      • Patricia Camerota
                                        Patricia Camerota  2 months back

                                        i need to see this mashed potatoes sitch...like wut?!??!