• Published: 16 August 2019

    If you are preparing for a special occasion or simply want to cook something really special for your family, you totally should watch this video as it is full of incredible ideas. You will learn how to cook homemade pasta of various shapes and colors, how to fold dumpling to create a very beautiful one and crazy delicious recipes from ramen noodles. Nothing compares to the homemade pasta as it is very delicious and you can create any shape you like. Besides, you can choose any color you like, for example, if you have a party with one major color or simply to have fun. Watch our easy tutorials and use your imagination! I adore dumplings and love to make them at home. In this video, you will find a whole collection of tutorials that will teach you how to fold dumplings in incredible ways. Also, it’s a very fun process of making dumplings with your family and friends. It’s a cool way to spend an evening and enjoy a delicious dinner. Watch our video and choose your favorite stuffing and folding method! But before you start cooking you should know a couple of important moments: it’s important to seal properly every dumpling especially if you are going to boil them in water, do not use too much flour otherwise it will be very difficult to seal dumplings. The next collection of recipes is really crazy! I bet you didn’t know that you can cook cupcakes, pizza, hot dogs using ramen noodles. Yes, it might sound weird but you will be surprised how delicious these dishes could be! Eating ramen noodles out of the packet is too boring and it’s time to upgrade this habit and turn ramen into a culinary masterpiece.

    00:09 Homemade pasta
    00:57 Colorful pasta ideas
    04:22 Cool ways to fold dumplings
    05:32 The rose fold
    08:25 Crazy ramen noodle recipes
    10:04 Ramen cupcakes

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    Farida Aamer  1 months back

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      Amo sus vídeos, algún día en mi canal seré tan buena como ustedes, sigo intentando felicidades.

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          • Irmmy H.
            Irmmy H.  1 months back

            Awesome hack, but... who cares for shape of pasta, pasta have to be good to eat! Good taste!

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              TheLastGame  1 months back

              Now please take my advice. It's not good using big letters and colored background or adding extremely word in the thumbnail so please never do it again it's not gonna be unique doing the same thing over and over again

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                I give u credit for the amount of effort u put into making these hacks that r really delightful to watch😘

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                  dónde vivís?

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                    Im not believe it!!!!!(?)

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                      Kitty Cutie  1 months back

                      The first hack Ya'll copied Avery from whats up moms and never credited

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                        Mukhtar Ahmad  1 months back

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                          فاطمة فاطمة  1 months back

                          شتركو بقناتي فدوه مردوده والله العظيم

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                                  Lavender Kisses  1 months back

                                  0:12 made me go 😑🤔

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                                    who watches but doesn't do them

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                                        • Tabeer Fatima
                                          Tabeer Fatima  1 months back

                                          I have tried your hacks but they were true some true some false

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                                            elisa pku  1 months back

                                            GOOD THE BLASH👌👍

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                                                        To be honest, im just watching this to sleep...😅

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                                                                        Nice channel, my friends :) 🤜 🤛

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                                                                          • The Different GachaTubers

                                                                            The one that you cut the ramen: your supposed to sLurP iT!

                                                                            • The Different GachaTubers

                                                                              5 Minute crafts: *Makes Chinese food better*
                                                                              Whoever invented Chinese food: *Is my effort a joke to you?*

                                                                              • Анастейша Блич

                                                                                Сколько блюд из дошика, я балдею

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                                                                                  juanita auelua  1 months back

                                                                                  Is it safe to eat spagetthi after its been through a hair straightner

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                                                                                    Probably not, plus why would you put your noodles in a hair straightener?

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