Fat Joe - The Intro ft. Dre


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  • George Gomez
    George Gomez  4 months back

    The rap game under appreciates Don Cartagena it’s a crime 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Dwayne Davis
      Dwayne Davis  2 years back


      • Engel Muntz
        Engel Muntz  2 years back

        A weak version of "Rick Ross - Ten Jesus Pieces (Explicit) ft. Stalley"

      • Dwayne Davis
        Dwayne Davis  2 years back

        This shit is hard

        • Deep Chaudhary
          Deep Chaudhary  3 years back

          Fucking 3years and no most views WTF ??

          • Gabe BX
            Gabe BX  3 years back


            • Gabe BX
              Gabe BX  3 years back

              I had a st Lazaro piece

              • TheLU83
                TheLU83  3 years back


                • Walter Lima
                  Walter Lima  3 years back

                  mostro hip hop 😎😎😎😎😎😎

              • Josineide Ferreira
                Josineide Ferreira  3 years back

                degustações el y

                • jbmjbm21
                  jbmjbm21  4 years back

                  this clown is rappin about havin shooters and sellin crack in a church

                  this old clown needs to retire

                    8,891,000 views  2 years back

                    jbmjbm21 you need to retire you still believe in man made religion a religion slave masters gave to you 😂

                • Anne Flores
                  Anne Flores  4 years back

                  An absolute beast! This guy never get's to old! He is maybe one of the most hated by his own former or present so called friend's. However real lover's of this hip hop shit; give mad respect the U2BfatJoe. A for sure top ten rapper of all time... Fabio from 8900 Collins

                  • Fuckin A Jared
                    Fuckin A Jared  4 years back

                    You're too old give up

                    • Bx Boro
                      Bx Boro  4 years back


                      • Ken Sniffey JR
                        Ken Sniffey JR  4 years back

                        this shit fire b

                        • Pedro Ortiz
                          Pedro Ortiz  4 years back


                        • Outlaw Gonzalez
                          Outlaw Gonzalez  4 years back

                          Niggaz Crack's Da God! Don't front .Asap mob?Who dat!lol Mofo's got their skinnies on to Tight! lol

                          • Nick Chambaz
                            Nick Chambaz  4 years back


                            • pito nevarez
                              pito nevarez  4 years back


                              • TheMinato707
                                TheMinato707  4 years back

                                god damn feel like the beat movin you

                                • Leonardo
                                  Leonardo  5 years back

                                  50 Cent and Fat Joe, two great rappers that lost the gangsta style :(

                                  • Tony Top
                                    Tony Top  4 years back

                                    get the fuck out, eminem always the best rapper

                                  • Wooda
                                    Wooda  5 years back

                                    they are no gangster no more, they made it, but they still can rhyme!

                                • Javier Rosa
                                  Javier Rosa  5 years back

                                  Trap beats is what I think it's called

                                  • Javier Rosa
                                    Javier Rosa  5 years back

                                    Joe. I like your music but if you want to get out there again, you need to change up the beats like how the generation likes it right now. Beats like how ASAP mob have or something similar. I want to see you up there again and people bumping your music.

                                  • Bobby Worthon
                                    Bobby Worthon  5 years back


                                    • Dorian  Mohammed
                                      Dorian Mohammed  5 years back

                                      Joe crack hot as fux

                                      • Rahim Shakur
                                        Rahim Shakur  5 years back

                                        Yup Joey let'em loose on em. Crack bitch!

                                        • Isaac Gomes
                                          Isaac Gomes  5 years back

                                          meu deus aonde foi parar o hip-hop modinha do caralho aprendam reper´s de verdade foram 2PAC,EAZ-E,NOTORIOUS BIG kkkkkkk vocês não são nada mano se for pra escutar essas merdas vou ouvir a putinha do Justin biba aaaa saudade do rap da antiga STILL GANGSTA é assim que sou GANGSTA ATÉ A MORTE!!!! 

                                          • André Moretti
                                            André Moretti  4 years back

                                            @ZANO .beats Não sou fã, mas curto algumas musicas, assim como o Fat Joe!!!

                                          • Zanobeats
                                            Zanobeats  4 years back

                                            e quem disse q eu falei q ele eh o melhor ?!?! tu deve se um fan de wiz kalifa ...

                                          • André Moretti
                                            André Moretti  4 years back

                                            @ZANO .beats Calma mano não exagera, existe um MONTE de rapper melhor do q o Fat Joe kkkkk

                                          • Zanobeats
                                            Zanobeats  4 years back

                                            isso eh ! mas o cara tem o talento e ta na historia do rap...

                                          • Isaac Gomes
                                            Isaac Gomes  4 years back

                                            era.... :/

                                        • Fadzli Realtor
                                          Fadzli Realtor  5 years back

                                          It's Dre from cool and dre, terror squad!

                                          • Dulce Adiccion Repostería y decoración

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                                          • Djabelkhir Mohamed
                                            Djabelkhir Mohamed  5 years back

                                            joe arrete stp

                                            • Whangadu
                                              Whangadu  6 years back


                                              • Afi James
                                                Afi James  6 years back


                                                • Dmitriy Pymil
                                                  Dmitriy Pymil  6 years back

                                                  rich fat fucker

                                                  • J's Adventures
                                                    J's Adventures  6 years back

                                                    Fat joe still got it.

                                                    • Luis Rivera
                                                      Luis Rivera  6 years back


                                                      • Jürgen Schatzmann
                                                        Jürgen Schatzmann  6 years back

                                                        Very good!!!!!!!!

                                                        • Dave Pala
                                                          Dave Pala  6 years back

                                                          i came here for Dre

                                                          • KEITH B ANGOLA
                                                            KEITH B ANGOLA  6 years back


                                                            • hiphopflow1000
                                                              hiphopflow1000  6 years back

                                                              }:) :t

                                                              • Aleksi Nieminen
                                                                Aleksi Nieminen  6 years back

                                                                The Game - The Drill

                                                                • Jean Eudes Djah
                                                                  Jean Eudes Djah  6 years back

                                                                  (y) (y) (y)

                                                                  • Baker D.
                                                                    Baker D.  6 years back

                                                                    Joey is back..... yes sirr

                                                                    • Imagine Dragons - Tops
                                                                      Imagine Dragons - Tops  6 years back

                                                                      kkkkkk clipe e musica muito fodas, quero ver oq o filho da puta do 50 cent vai falar agr

                                                                      • xswords
                                                                        xswords  6 years back

                                                                        Came for dre, left disappointed =(

                                                                        • Luis Rivera
                                                                          Luis Rivera  6 years back

                                                                          Always on point

                                                                          • D.O. Gizzle TNB
                                                                            D.O. Gizzle TNB  6 years back

                                                                            Dope track. It's been a while I didn't hear a crazy ass old school beat. And Crack killed it!

                                                                            • Davì
                                                                              Davì  6 years back


                                                                              • Jérémy Refoia
                                                                                Jérémy Refoia  6 years back


                                                                                • biodapesada
                                                                                  biodapesada  6 years back

                                                                                  Dre? Change the name man... Exists only one dre!