Bryson DeChambeau Hole-In-One


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  • Survival Silly
    Survival Silly  1 months back

    This slow player is why I don’t watch golf anymore. Sponsors should note....

    • Alex Dechambeau
      Alex Dechambeau  5 months back


      • Petaldancer
        Petaldancer  5 months back

        I'm amazed it just missed the other ball.

        • Ron Raducanu
          Ron Raducanu  5 months back


          • Joshua Garbe
            Joshua Garbe  5 months back

            Amazing that this guy has won so many huge tournaments and hit so many dead straight irons and yet this is the first ever ace he's ever made in his life. Another reason why golf is the greatest game on earth.

            • Jimmyqballs
              Jimmyqballs  5 months back

              Thanks for watching everyone! I was so happy when the ball went in. Mulled over using a 9 iron but decided to go with the wedge, pretty happy I did.

              • Mike F.
                Mike F.  5 months back

                love this guy, and his irons!!

                • Jon Dingwall
                  Jon Dingwall  5 months back

                  had a grand on that at 8/13

                  • Coogie
                    Coogie  5 months back

                    Love him or hate him, the dude was so overcome with emotion that he just went straight to hugging everyone. Really made me smile and I'm really happy for him.

                    • BEASTMODE123850
                      BEASTMODE123850  5 months back

                      The guy in the yellow shirt he hugged was like what the f*ck is happening to me why is he crushing me lol.

                  • Beautiful Life
                    Beautiful Life  5 months back

                    This is the next Jack Nicklaus!!!

                    • Trvr Shoe
                      Trvr Shoe  5 months back

                      Such a wholesome reaction. What a place to get your first hole in one!

                      • barthj21
                        barthj21  5 months back

                        Who cares?

                      • Hi Kon
                        Hi Kon  5 months back


                        • Alexander
                          Alexander  5 months back

                          Tiger got it

                          • Stephen Holbrook
                            Stephen Holbrook  5 months back

                            Like here if you are part of Bryson’s Brigade!

                            Keep grinding Bryson! Your first major isn’t far off!

                            • Alex Roth
                              Alex Roth  5 months back

                              @Cjxk Rjsn 😂

                            • Cjxk Rjsn
                              Cjxk Rjsn  5 months back

                              Stephen Holbrook that kid is cheeks

                          • MetallicaRules
                            MetallicaRules  5 months back

                            This was his first ever hole in one, and he did it at the Masters. Congrats DeChambeau

                            • masonotp332
                              masonotp332  5 months back

                              And on 16 which is something special. What a day overall...

                            • Dawei Zhao
                              Dawei Zhao  5 months back

                              He even said after his first post-round interview he never ever hit a hole in one, not even in practice

                          • Matteo Blanchfield
                            Matteo Blanchfield  5 months back

                            Bet you can’t put it closer than I just did Bryson Hold my Beer

                            • Platinum Pineapple
                              Platinum Pineapple  5 months back

                              Justin Thomas just hit one as well on this same hole

                              • MA
                                MA  5 months back

                                @Paavo yeah he did

                              • Paavo
                                Paavo  5 months back

                                Platinum Pineapple he hit Hole In One? No way

                            • What do the 5 fingaz say to the face?

                              Hold my beer...

                              • angusjc16
                                angusjc16  5 months back

                                Love the reaction.

                                • Alex Heimberger
                                  Alex Heimberger  5 months back

                                  Pretty sure this is his first hole in one. Congratulations!

                                  • Bob Wright
                                    Bob Wright  5 months back

                                    What a Lucky $hit

                                    • Sandy Knowlton IV
                                      Sandy Knowlton IV  5 months back


                                      • Herbie Shapiro
                                        Herbie Shapiro  5 months back

                                        Meh I do that all the time

                                        • Charl Van As
                                          Charl Van As  5 months back

                                          Louis Oosthuizen hole in one on the 16th is still the best.

                                          • Johnny Polo
                                            Johnny Polo  5 months back

                                            Nah nothing beats his double-eagle on #2 a few years back