Tiger Woods - Greatest Comeback Ever

  • Published: 16 April 2019
  • The Greatest Sports Comeback Ever - Tiger Woods won the Masters at a rainy Augusta National on Sunday, completing what was arguably the greatest career comeback in the history of golf nearly 10 years after injuries and scandal derailed his game.

    Tiger Woods waves during the final round at the Masters, Sunday, April 14, 2019, in Augusta, Ga. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)
    Tiger Woods won the Masters at a rainy Augusta National on Sunday, completing what was arguably the greatest career comeback in the history of golf nearly 10 years after injuries and scandal derailed his game.
    The golf legend walked up the 18th hole to the sound of roaring cheers to capture victory, a throwback to earlier years when he consistently dominated the most prestigious tournament in the sport. Woods shot a final round score of 70 to finish 13-under par. Sunday’s victory was his fifth green jacket since 1997 and his first since 2005.
    “When I tapped the [final] putt in, I don’t know what I did, but I know I screamed,” Woods, 43, said in Butler Cabin after the round. “To have my kids there, it’s come full circle. My dad was here in ’97, and now I’m the dad with two kids there.”

    Tiger Woods on the 12th hole during the final round of the Masters, Sunday, April 14, 2019, in Augusta, Ga. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)
    Woods made history 22 years ago when he won his first Masters at age 21, the youngest champion ever. But until Sunday, he hadn’t won a major in more than 10 years, having last captured the U.S. Open in 2008. Woods’ 11-year drought between majors was tied for the longest drought ever.
    His victory at Augusta gives him 15 career major titles, just three behind all-time leader Jack Nicklaus.
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Comments • 127

  • Tim Dillard
    Tim Dillard  2 months back

    Can u believe that Tiger is human? We all mess up! Forgive and move forward! A Master and legend he will forever be!

    • mehdi ibrahimi
      mehdi ibrahimi  4 months back

      the combak of tiger is soo pain ful for alots of loosrs

      • toney ingram
        toney ingram  4 months back

        One thing about satan and his people can't take what God have done him and them try so hard

        • galit dol
          galit dol  5 months back

          Tiger is capricorn, and elen is capricorn. So it was ment to be. They do not match to be together !!

          • Morgan Bmgtow
            Morgan Bmgtow  5 months back

            Congrats TW..President Obama another great Black man returned this shit hole country to stable ecomonic status; TW like Obama are the stuff of pure dreams forged with the hand of God....

            • Donald Campbell
              Donald Campbell  5 months back

              *former president Obummer

              • Eden Alcantara
                Eden Alcantara  5 months back

                A lot of the naysayers, the likes of Stephen A Smith, colin cowherrd, woody paige, brandel chamblee, greg norman, on and on and on...only a very few had faith in his winning the masters

                • nimrod geronimo
                  nimrod geronimo  5 months back

                  What a joke anyone can win a golf game .before this victory there were ten different golf winners none of them the same .i bet after he got detained and handcuffed he knows hes black now just like hus father before him.

                  • SunGod Asiatic
                    SunGod Asiatic  2 months back

                    @nimrod geronimo oh ok...I see your mental thinking ability operates on a certain frequency....so with that being said ...later.

                  • nimrod geronimo
                    nimrod geronimo  2 months back

                    @SunGod Asiatic golf is not a sport sobim not impressed by that at all .i respect serena williams for what she has done for tennis in a reak sport then anything tiger could ever do .

                  • SunGod Asiatic
                    SunGod Asiatic  2 months back

                    @nimrod geronimo are you impressed by all the records Tiger has set during his 21 year career so far???

                  • nimrod geronimo
                    nimrod geronimo  2 months back

                    @SunGod Asiatic the hard truth genius that what it is .

                  • SunGod Asiatic
                    SunGod Asiatic  2 months back

                    What was that??

                • Fran Dickey
                  Fran Dickey  5 months back

                  Most of you news people make me sick. He fought back hard over the last several years to get physically better and discovered he could swing a club again and he could win again and he did!!!!! Doesn't have anything to with he and his wife which by the way

                  • K C
                    K C  5 months back

                    jjust like comecomebacks of JON JIZZY JONES THE PICO JIZZER CIALIAS DIK PILL PICO INJECTOR the dominator...the cormier cry producer....the disman tler ... the man bending over ur momma after fifteen cialis vodka shots THE PICOMAN FLYING HIGH DRAWING PICTO GRAMS 💯💯💯💯💯💯

                    • k Bact
                      k Bact  5 months back

                      Imagine what he could have accomplished both on the field and financially if he wasn't injured, had those female issues or those tiger proof golf courses. Freaking unreal!!

                      • Charles A Townsend
                        Charles A Townsend  5 months back

                        Nobody cares what Obama thinks...

                        TigerWoods is _____________.
                        Tiger Woods is no way done yet.

                        The only people who thought he was done is the media. Tiger has tons of golf left. He will get two more Masters.

                        • P H - 1961
                          P H - 1961  5 months back

                          Just to note that Ben Hogan won 6 major championships after being hit by a bus that crushed the left side of his body. Hard to say that Tiger’s win measures up to that.

                          • SunGod Asiatic
                            SunGod Asiatic  2 months back

                            Actually the car he was in was hit by the bus....Ben Hogan was technically not hit directly by a bus, the car he was in was hit by the bus. Big difference

                          • Gary Wile
                            Gary Wile  5 months back

                            Yes Ben's accident was horrible. His overcoming it to win majors great! We like him too! Tiger's acomplishments are great too. Hope that all can marvel at both.

                        • Me Too
                          Me Too  5 months back

                          Who gives a shit about sponsors, he doesn't need them

                          • I. Army
                            I. Army  5 months back

                            Ffs EX president corrupt Obama

                            • Daniel Caskey
                              Daniel Caskey  5 months back

                              14:47 DUSTIN JOHNSON FOR PGA REALLY? The biggest active career choke artist in the sport and you'd take him over anyone else. I NEVER consider DJ at all for majors. For fucks sake even in the 1 he managed to win thanks to a classy 76 from Lowry, he still managed to get a stroke penalty. If I'm taking anyone non-Tiger for the PGA, it's the in form Jason Day who historically does well at the PGA, or the new generational talent and clutch as fuck Brooks Koepka.

                              • Brett D
                                Brett D  5 months back

                                They put Obamas quote and ignored a Trump giving him a medal lol.

                              • Jim Glass
                                Jim Glass  5 months back

                                Welcome back Tiger/AKA Rudy, Rudy

                                • Luke F
                                  Luke F  5 months back

                                  Greatness can't be held down. Tiger woods has outscored his opponents since he was 3. Think about that..

                                  • Hasan x
                                    Hasan x  5 months back

                                    It may have been the greatest comeback in golf. Ali beating Foreman in Africa certainly surpasses this accomplishment by Tiger Woods.

                                  • Oliver Rowen
                                    Oliver Rowen  5 months back

                                    Tiger is great. He needs to tell the world to kiss his ads especially Stephen ASSHOLE Smith. But the greatest comeback ever is Muhammad Ali. He literally put his life on the line to beat Foreman. Tiger didn't go that far. Sorry but don't diss the real CHAMP.

                                    • jeff gallant
                                      jeff gallant  5 months back

                                      He cheated on his wife, so what, Who hasn't?  He drank and drove, Who hasn't?  He won the masters, Who has?  Of course he is not perfect. Who is?     If you do not  like Tiger, you are probably racist !

                                      • SunGod Asiatic
                                        SunGod Asiatic  2 months back

                                        @Pens Suck are you impressed with what Tiger has accomplished on the golf course over the last 20 years????

                                      • Wendy Tabon
                                        Wendy Tabon  4 months back

                                        No one ☝️ is perfect we all make mistakes some get caught some don’t and that’s his personal life who cares

                                      • LRN_News
                                        LRN_News  5 months back

                                        Pens Suck Yeah I agree he's probably a shitlib. Only they can find racism in literally everything. As though they're obsessed with it.

                                      • LRN_News
                                        LRN_News  5 months back

                                        jeff gallant I kinda liked your comment until you had to throw in "muh racism". Who hasn't cheated on their wives? Well probably more men than you think.

                                      • Keith Bell
                                        Keith Bell  5 months back

                                        @Pens Suck - Pens, I recommend you change your YouTube I'd as soon as possible. Right now your living up to your identity as one who completely SUCKS to high heaven. Your obviously triggered because when I mentioned about some going after Tiger, black man, having the audacity to cheat on his "white wife", I was referring to white racist idiots and of course you couldn't resist the chance to proudly identify yourself as one of them. FACT: There were at least a couple of sports journalists who made it a point to constantly bring up, not how offended they were that Woods cheated on his wife, but that he cheated on his wife who was from Switzerland. Perhaps your just too fuckin stupid to recognize what they were implying. But plenty of other white folks went after them in droves and called them out for their blatantly obvious racism and suggested they STFU. I would wager they would love to go after you for the way you bypassed common sense, got emotionally stirred up to try to go after me. So I'll do it for them:
                                        Pens Suck

                                    • Walter Palmer
                                      Walter Palmer  5 months back

                                      Tiger found a woman who’s supportive and loving. No prima Donna. Therein lies the story.

                                      • JOHN SMITH
                                        JOHN SMITH  5 months back

                                        the big cat is back ......y oooooo Tiger legend !!!!

                                        • Murachu O'Flionn
                                          Murachu O'Flionn  5 months back

                                          Tiger - a major at 50? I wouldn't bet 'agin' it. Why not? Jack at 46, Boros at 48. I hope I live to see it

                                          • Jhhwang Hwang
                                            Jhhwang Hwang  5 months back

                                            Murachu O'Flionn .
                                            YES. INDEED.

                                        • Duane Aguilera
                                          Duane Aguilera  5 months back

                                          Great Job Tiger # this is my take on Life. (( The passed is the passed and
                                          Life is a constant evolution of change , each day everything is changing ! everything in life has a passed , within a person , place , or thing. Its 2019, I will not let the passed define my future , we must keep pushing forward because the future is what awaits us all.

                                          Duane Carl Aguilera

                                        • Dave Story
                                          Dave Story  5 months back

                                          Obama!!! Who cares. He will be hung for treason. Mark my words.

                                          • Dave Story
                                            Dave Story  5 months back

                                            @Oswalla Joseph And what a comback it was. Tigers already the best ever but for the haters/doubters would love to see him get to 19 majors.

                                          • Oswalla Joseph
                                            Oswalla Joseph  5 months back

                                            Put a sick in it. Enough about Obama its about Tiger and his comeback

                                          • Mark Smith
                                            Mark Smith  5 months back

                                            Lol ok I will...

                                        • MIKE
                                          MIKE  5 months back

                                          Tiger needs to be carefull with merry womens golddiggers

                                          • elmexiastro
                                            elmexiastro  5 months back

                                            Every hater who laughed at Tiger are the same ones who are now kissing his butt for a 30 minute interview (If lucky). 😎✌

                                          • Eduardo Magan
                                            Eduardo Magan  5 months back

                                            DON’T EVER UNDERESTIMATE THE HEART OF A CHAMPION

                                            • rob ruly
                                              rob ruly  5 months back

                                              Molinari , kepka fillou etc all around , it was incredible , destiny

                                              • Johnny
                                                Johnny  5 months back

                                                It’s not the greatest comeback ever, everyone is so emotional right now 😂😂😂😂

                                                • SunGod Asiatic
                                                  SunGod Asiatic  2 months back

                                                  @Johnny how can you compare a boxing match to playing 72 holes over 4 days against the best players in the world on a tough golf course.....outdoors also exposed to the windy conditions etc etc?? Tiger's 5th Green Jacket is way more impressive than a boxing match. Not even close.

                                                • Johnny
                                                  Johnny  5 months back

                                                  Mike Jones Thank you

                                                • Mark Smith
                                                  Mark Smith  5 months back

                                                  @Johnny I agree with you, great comeback yes, the greatest ever? We cant really make that claim right now...everyone's too much on hype train to see at the moment

                                                • Johnny
                                                  Johnny  5 months back

                                                  Mike Jones My point is people have short term memory. There’s also George Foreman beating Moore at age 45 to win a belt. Don’t disrespect the past. Tigers comeback is great, yes indeed but let’s not forget is all I’m saying.

                                                • Mark Smith
                                                  Mark Smith  5 months back

                                                  @Johnny ok...yep that's a great comeback...what's ur point..ur sitting here trying to explain why tigers comeback is not the biggest...I said it's a great comeback and time will tell how it ranks

                                              • judith burns
                                                judith burns  5 months back

                                                Now it’s a must to watch golf again. I don’t play golf or really like golf, but this is different. Think he has paid his dues. Go Tiger. The Masters was such a thrill.

                                                • Jhhwang Hwang
                                                  Jhhwang Hwang  5 months back

                                                  judith burns .
                                                  THANK YOU JUDITH.
                                                  WELL SAID.
                                                  WELL SAID.
                                                  WELL SAID.

                                              • Nena George
                                                Nena George  5 months back

                                                N IT'S DA MASTER, CHEERS...

                                                • Joseph Flaherty
                                                  Joseph Flaherty  5 months back

                                                  The MASTERS is in no way the pinnacle of golf. Tiger’s always had the skill and the will but all the way back would mean more majors an Open or a US Open would be bigger. Red Sox coming back down 3 games to none against the Yankees was bigger. And FUCK all Patriot haters who don’t think coming back from 3-28 to beat Atlanta 34-28 in a Super Bowl isn’t also bigger. Today’s crop of PGA tour pros are a bunch of ELITIST A-Holes.

                                                  • ron Chad
                                                    ron Chad  5 months back

                                                    All these pseudo-analysts have been proven to be buffoons.

                                                    • Kent Mains
                                                      Kent Mains  5 months back

                                                      If you've been watching him from the beginning there was a 10 year time period where he was like the Terminator, he was unstoppable. So glad to see him scratch and claw his way back to the top again, it would have been horrible if he just faded away.

                                                    • Eric Collins
                                                      Eric Collins  5 months back

                                                      I'm not surprised Tiger Woods won the Masters for the 5th time. And all this sports talk about can he catch Jack well, I know one thing for sure. He is currently the only Pro Golfer playing today that can catch Jack.

                                                      • Jhhwang Hwang
                                                        Jhhwang Hwang  5 months back

                                                        Eric Collins .
                                                        YES TIGER CAN.
                                                        THANK YOU TIGER.
                                                        THANK YOU GOD ALMIGHTY.
                                                        LIFE IS A DELIGHT

                                                    • OnYourKillList
                                                      OnYourKillList  5 months back

                                                      7 wives who were cheated on thumbs downed this video! 🤣🤣🤣

                                                      • Jhhwang Hwang
                                                        Jhhwang Hwang  5 months back

                                                        IS THE GREATEST.
                                                        TIGER IS GOLF.
                                                        SUCH A DELIGHTFUL WORLD,
                                                        TIGER IS BACK.

                                                        • Busta Bass
                                                          Busta Bass  5 months back


                                                          • Paul LaPointe
                                                            Paul LaPointe  5 months back

                                                            Ummmm... president obama? I don’t think so. MAGA ! We noticed your slight of our awesome president Donald trump who also congratulated him and is giving him the medal of freedom.

                                                            • Trevor Sanso
                                                              Trevor Sanso  5 months back

                                                              I could listen to that Nantz call all day.

                                                              • Jhhwang Hwang
                                                                Jhhwang Hwang  5 months back

                                                                Oscar Robinson . THE GREATEST
                                                                THE WONDERFUL SUPPORTIVE CHILDREN AND MOTHER AND PARTNER AND RELATIVES AND LOYAL FRIENDS.
                                                                THE POSITIVE AND
                                                                THE SUCCESSFUL,
                                                                ALL GOD'S BLESSINGS. AND MILLIONS OF
                                                                BEST WISHES
                                                                FOR TIGER.
                                                                PLEASE HEAR
                                                                THE ROARS OF
                                                                JOY FOR TIGER AND FOR GOLF.

                                                              • Jhhwang Hwang
                                                                Jhhwang Hwang  5 months back

                                                                Trevor Sanso .

                                                              • Oscar Robinson
                                                                Oscar Robinson  5 months back

                                                                Too bad his wife couldn't!!! LOL!! She divorced his ass!

                                                            • Nuff Said
                                                              Nuff Said  5 months back

                                                              Message to all Haters: Get offa the Bandwagon. You know who you are and what you said. Tiger has nothing else to prove. He's done ENOUGH.

                                                              • John Z
                                                                John Z  4 months back

                                                                Tigers fist pump after dropping that par put to win his 5th Masters jacket was him saying, those of you who doubted me,, KISS MY ASS. Whether or not Tiger ever wins another tournament OR Major doesn't really matter does it. He's done what at times he didn't know he ever would again. Jack was great, there's no disputing that what so ever, however Jack did not endure the difficult surgeries that Tiger has. Tiger to all of we fans of his IS and perhaps will be for many years to come the Greatest to play the game. Is there another Tiger out there? Of course there is, he or she may be in high school or in the amateur ranks but rest assured, he or she is out there, playing their heart out, just looking for that first win. If Tiger never playes another professional round of golf,, it's Ok with most of us, his fans.

                                                              • Mark Smith
                                                                Mark Smith  5 months back

                                                                Yes he has

                                                            • Christina Pankey
                                                              Christina Pankey  5 months back

                                                              For such a racist country ,are you sure about that. Quit the democratic party because all my family is white and we all cried when he won

                                                              • marlonious76
                                                                marlonious76  5 months back

                                                                All the talking experts but none have ever been in the winner circle at the Masters.

                                                                • Brian L
                                                                  Brian L  5 months back

                                                                  Golf is a recreational sport, like bowling or darts. Definitely would not say greatest comeback in sports.

                                                                  • SunGod Asiatic
                                                                    SunGod Asiatic  2 months back

                                                                    Its only recreational if you suck at it.

                                                                  • Brian L
                                                                    Brian L  5 months back

                                                                    LRN_News yes they do get injured, usually the same way as golfers like tiger, driving drunk into a tree.

                                                                  • Brian L
                                                                    Brian L  5 months back

                                                                    HypeWrecks only sport where over weight men can lean on a club and rest, drink water and eat fruit, walking not even carrying their own bag, Also, to say it is the most difficult sport is a overstatement. Proof? A man with a broken back won.

                                                                  • LRN_News
                                                                    LRN_News  5 months back

                                                                    Brian L You're kidding right? Do dart and pool players frequently get injured? And are both these games anywhere near as difficult as golf?

                                                                  • Jhhwang Hwang
                                                                    Jhhwang Hwang  5 months back

                                                                    Brian L .
                                                                    Absolutely YES.
                                                                    THE GREATEST.
                                                                    THE FREEDOM MEDAL.
                                                                    TIGER NEVER GIVES UP.
                                                                    LIKE AMERICA
                                                                    TIGER IS THE
                                                                    ONLY GOLFERS ARE
                                                                    ABLE TO TELL ABOUT
                                                                    TIGER BEING
                                                                    THE GREATEST.
                                                                    TIGER IS THE
                                                                    TIGER IS GOLF.

                                                                    GOD BLESS
                                                                    TIGER WOODS.

                                                                    GOD BLESS AMERICA

                                                                • The Race Analyst, PHD
                                                                  The Race Analyst, PHD  5 months back

                                                                  ...over use of the word "change"...He's just Tiger...no narratives ever fit...