Cleveland Browns 2019 Training Camp Preview

  • Published: 16 July 2019
  • WKYC's Ben Axelrod and Bud Shaw preview the Cleveland Browns' upcoming Training Camp.

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  • Lamont Jackson
    Lamont Jackson  2 months back

    this was a huge failure... the first 30 seconds makes me not even want to watch.. low energy, bringing old sad browns feelings.. couldn't be more creative than that?? 👎🏿

    • DylonW
      DylonW  2 months back

      Holy mother of effen Christ, is there anyone that doesn't want to stab Axeldouche in the eye with a rusty fork?

      • Edward Oorjitham
        Edward Oorjitham  2 months back

        Very little new info but a good overview of the past year or so.

        • David Matz
          David Matz  2 months back

          You are being too hard on Kareem Hunt. Football is a violent sport. Running backs have to be tough people to succeed. He is in his twenties. This is not synchronized swimming. Not saying he didn't do wrong, but I wonder how you would react to being insulted to the point of verbal attack.

          • The1Manager
            The1Manager  2 months back

            They are overt blowing this, she was drunk most likely a prostitute. Had pushed him called him racist remarks and obviously on drugs. The president is in a case with epstein for beating and rapping a 13 year old girl with a witness and we're act like Kareem is a murderer.......WHY???

          • Edward Oorjitham
            Edward Oorjitham  2 months back

            David Matz true. Alcohol doesn’t help though