Checking Out Kondor Buildz Totaled Wrecked 2017 Nissan GTR, 2018 Mustang GT, 2015 STI Copart Auction


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  • Marcos dos Santos Andrade

    Good job, Max! I have a questions for you: #1: when you will do your first burnout? After the repair of PT Cruiser your Dad do it! Kkkkk
    #2: House keeping: have other cars or parts that I see, that or not be used in future projects or waiting to be recicle! #3 Projects SUBARU and Nissan GTR: Have News? Your Dad nas your are biggest exemplos for you...and funny a lot! Sucesso!

    • Jason Stewart
      Jason Stewart  3 months back

      Are you 13 year good little work

    • Legendary Explorer
      Legendary Explorer  3 months back

      Nice I hit your red button and liked the video!

    • David Karpov
      David Karpov  3 months back

      все хорошо, продолжайте в том же духе

      • Matt Pratt
        Matt Pratt  3 months back

        I know when you get it fixed you going to make the ultimate sleeper right? Lol

        • Mike Bernstein
          Mike Bernstein  3 months back

          Nice I want him to show us around but your better!