Neymar's PSG debut was on the money | FOX SOCCER


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  • Eric D
    Eric D  2 years back


    • Matias Avalos
      Matias Avalos  2 years back

      He'll probably score 50 goals in that pitiful excuse for a top European league...

      • jailbirdx0x
        jailbirdx0x  2 years back

        Hoping his compatriot Paulinho will be a good choice to fill up Neymar's spot in Barca.

        • Alejandro Chavez
          Alejandro Chavez  2 years back

          jailbirdx0x Paulinho playing left wing would be funny 😂

      • A kid From China
        A kid From China  2 years back


      • AsianGuy1111
        AsianGuy1111  2 years back

        Neymar at Barca:
        Uruguay foward and Argentina right-winger

        Neymar at PSG:
        Uruguay forward and Argentina right-winger

        • LeoAngel67
          LeoAngel67  2 years back

          They won't play the same in the champions league. Way more competitive lol

          • Frannxoo
            Frannxoo  2 years back

            Guingamp and neymar, really thoight i'd never hear that in the same sentence

            • True Money19
              True Money19  2 years back

              Yes very nice performance

              • mr spacley
                mr spacley  2 years back

                PSG will be fine, but Barça will have sellers remorse

                • gary grizzly
                  gary grizzly  2 years back

                  mr spacley there was a buyout clause they didn't sell

              • galagogoo
                galagogoo  2 years back

                no doubt the psg purchase is going to benefit them considering on how class neymar is but the price tag shouldn't be an issue as in the end it's psg we're talking about :P

                • 2678dhetysjk
                  2678dhetysjk  2 years back

                  Was on the money 😂

                  • Cars And Cleats
                    Cars And Cleats  2 years back

                    neymar will be go anywhere

                  • Aditya
                    Aditya  2 years back

                    It's funny because nobody knows who Guingamp are yet they don't realize PSG lost at that stadium last year

                    • Jaysinho75
                      Jaysinho75  2 years back

                      It's actually true 😂😂😂😂😂

                  • Alex Aguirre
                    Alex Aguirre  2 years back

                    I wouldve gone to man u juve and even dortmund instead of france

                    • Elias Ray
                      Elias Ray  2 years back

                      He went for the money, and france delivered

                    • Haja Rakotoarivo
                      Haja Rakotoarivo  2 years back

                      None of those clubs could afford his release clause except maybe United.

                  • Victor Vasquez
                    Victor Vasquez  2 years back

                    Psg will be happy but as we saw from yesterday's clásico Barca need someone to fill up Neymar's absence

                    • Edler Alce
                      Edler Alce  2 years back

                      Victor Vasquez don't worry we'll got dembele in the next few weeks

                    • K
                      K  2 years back

                      LeoAngel67 Pique is good, even though I hate him I don't see why he needs to be replaced. mascherano tho

                    • LeoAngel67
                      LeoAngel67  2 years back

                      Victor Vasquez not really? Barca needs to replace Pique! They need a new CB

                  • Fed2000
                    Fed2000  2 years back

                    The club and Neymar will be happy, end of discussion

                    • Nature Boy
                      Nature Boy  2 years back

                      There's a lot of back and forth about who got the better end of this trade. I think this is one of the rare occasions where both sides got a lot. PSG got a top flight star who will make them competitive in Champions League and sell millions in tickets and merchandise for them. Barca clearly got a huge payday that could help their roster for years. Win-win

                      • Gustavo Gutierrez
                        Gustavo Gutierrez  2 years back

                        Nature Boy they haven't even bought anyone yet.

                      • K
                        K  2 years back

                        Nature Boy For years? $250 mill can be gone with two purchases in today's market

                      • Ben Pantera
                        Ben Pantera  2 years back

                        Nature Boy i believe psg value is increase by 350milion euro to 1.6bilion euro

                    • FAR LEFT
                      FAR LEFT  2 years back

                      He could've been playing against Real Madrid alongside Messi for the super copa but instead he's playing against who for what ???????? Smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

                      • SergioM4
                        SergioM4  2 years back

                        White Girls Are My Weakness get used to it. Real Madrid will stay in this form for the next 10 years

                      • Vega1130
                        Vega1130  2 years back

                        White Girls Are My Weakness Barcelona are still going to lose the final lol

                    • eli tobar
                      eli tobar  2 years back

                      he was worth 130m at most bruh

                      • Hanivel Jones
                        Hanivel Jones  2 years back

                        gareth bale PSG paid his release clause bro. Do you understand what that means? Ronaldo's is €1 bil. so if PSG wanted to pry him from Madrid's hands against their will they would have had to pay it, doesn't mean he's worth that, as a matter of fact he's worth less than Neymar right now in the value due to his advanced age. smh.......

                      • Flavio Tucci
                        Flavio Tucci  2 years back

                        gareth bale Yes is worth somewhere €130M and €150M, but if a club wants him and has long contract ahead, then buyers are expected to pay a premium. Premiums on football players can be as little as hundreds of thousands to as much as €30M. So buyers could potentially pay as much as €160 (130+30) to €180 (150+30). So to me anything between that is fair game, anything above it is not a fair current market value. But with the case of Neymar, his contract had a €222M ($260M) buyout clause, which PSG activated.

                      • Alejandro Jaime
                        Alejandro Jaime  2 years back

                        gareth bale he's still on his prime . That's why

                    • Edgar Santos
                      Edgar Santos  2 years back

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