Oppo levels up with one of the cheaper 5G phones


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  • John Dettra
    John Dettra  2 months back

    In 3 years these phones will be $250.

    • Nilesh Kumar Routray
      Nilesh Kumar Routray  2 months back

      Shameless maker of iPhone clones........I love dat comment.......oppo vivo OnePlus realme mi every one in some point of tym have copied big brands like Samsung and Apple......dats Chinese philosophy...........copy from others and sell it in cheaper price than competitors..........

      • Mercury Grand Marquis
        Mercury Grand Marquis  2 months back

        5G = Brain Cancer

        • Adrian Denila
          Adrian Denila  2 months back

          It looks fine, but here in the philippines we'll probably be getting 5g next year.Not worth buying yet if our city doesnt have 5g.

          • Joakim Nylund
            Joakim Nylund  2 months back

            The Opporino 5G.

            • The River of Faith
              The River of Faith  2 months back

              5G is incredibly dangerous!

            • Masters Technology
              Masters Technology  2 months back

              False false , the cheapest 5G phone is the xiaomi mi mix 3 5g wihch costs 500€ only

              • Help me
                Help me  2 months back

                Xiaomi?? Hahahahah

            • RayRay
              RayRay  2 months back

              Just great, even more cancer causing radio signals in your pocket at a cheaper price.

              • Be Happy
                Be Happy  2 months back

                5G will turn us into the LawnMower Man movie? 😎>🤖>🙈

                • Alban Sadiki
                  Alban Sadiki  2 months back

                  Avoid 5g is harmful

                  • Wendy Koek
                    Wendy Koek  2 months back

                    Great video

                    • SaithusX
                      SaithusX  2 months back

                      Crazy expensive... lol I'm more interested in the Samsung a80

                      • Maddie Loves Jesus
                        Maddie Loves Jesus  2 months back

                        5g is deadly. Don't fall for this merchandise of DEATH!

                        • Kevin Ventura
                          Kevin Ventura  2 months back

                          How is $1030 cheap? That’s more than the iPhone XS

                          • Shivdeepaklin B
                            Shivdeepaklin B  2 months back

                            This video sponsor by oppo

                          • Trevor Taylor
                            Trevor Taylor  2 months back

                            @Masters Technology oh yeah! That makes sense Kevin

                          • Masters Technology
                            Masters Technology  2 months back

                            Trevor Taylor the xiaomi mi mix 3 5g. For 550usd only

                          • Trevor Taylor
                            Trevor Taylor  2 months back

                            is there a cheaper 5G-enabled phone? (i don't think XS is 5G-enabled bruh)

                        • Eragor the Kindhearted
                          Eragor the Kindhearted  2 months back

                          It will be interesting to see what happens when sub-$1,000 5G phones become available. And I know they will, considering at one point the only 4G LTE phones were over $800-1,000 each, and now LTE can be found on $100 phones.

                          • boyzone119
                            boyzone119  2 months back

                            nice notch haircut

                            • jian chen
                              jian chen  2 months back

                              Oppo pronounces “Oh-poh”. You need to respect their name

                              • SidewindeR
                                SidewindeR  2 months back

                                Oppo is slowly taking centre stage and getting the attention of many markets which once dismissed them as Chinese clone makers.

                                • Murphy Carey
                                  Murphy Carey  2 months back

                                  1000 dollars for a phone??

                                  • Shawn
                                    Shawn  2 months back

                                    There are plenty of phones far less than $1000 which are good. This is for a 5G phone, any new tech will come with a price, just like 8k tvs right now. Give it a year or two and the price will halve.

                                  • Maddie Loves Jesus
                                    Maddie Loves Jesus  2 months back

                                    Yes, and you are purchasing your death certificate!

                                  • Murphy Carey
                                    Murphy Carey  2 months back

                                    Xalen Maru last time I checked apple doesn’t control the prices of other brand’s phones

                                  • Xalen Maru
                                    Xalen Maru  2 months back

                                    Sadly you can thank Apple for that but the other manufacturers have been quick to hop on board.

                                • MrTehnoGuy
                                  MrTehnoGuy  2 months back

                                  What about the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G?

                                • David Li
                                  David Li  2 months back

                                  Moto z: am I joke to you?

                                  • David Li
                                    David Li  2 months back

                                    And that's why I don't have one

                                  • Masters Technology
                                    Masters Technology  2 months back

                                    David Li
                                    Moto z is indeed a joke coz you have to attach that silly 5g module

                                • Erdem Alsırt
                                  Erdem Alsırt  2 months back

                                  I think when 5G LTE or 5G+ (Plus) comes, the Upload speed can reach high as Download speed.

                                  • luvcrim
                                    luvcrim  2 months back

                                    Same thing was said about lte, 😫

                                • Sinner Stephen
                                  Sinner Stephen  2 months back

                                  🤯 F 5G, and anyone marketing it !!! 🤯

                                  • Kristian
                                    Kristian  2 months back

                                    ColorOS should not be a problem as you're on Android. Get a launcher, a new notifaction shade and you're good.

                                    • Crypto Zen
                                      Crypto Zen  2 months back

                                      5G is a dangerous and unhealthy technology. Watch '5G apocalypse' on youtube for details

                                      • maldita peppas
                                        maldita peppas  2 months back

                                        never trust youtubers they are crack heads lmao

                                    • Calvin Jenkins
                                      Calvin Jenkins  2 months back