The 8 Best Supersets (YOU’RE NOT DOING!!)

  • Published: 27 August 2017
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    Supersets are a workout technique that allow you to train multiple muscle groups (or the same muscle group) with more than one exercise without resting in between sets. This allows you to either speed up the pace of your workout, intensify the effects of your training, or both. In this video, I’m going to show you the 8 best supersets that you are not doing and tell you the specific exercises that will give you the best results if you start using them.

    Again, to be clear, a superset is not a drop set technically. A drop set will use the same exercise but progressively lighter weight with each successive consecutive set. What you want to do is make sure that you are picking two different exercises and pairing them together without resting at all between them. The most common way to perform supersets is with opposing muscle groups, such as the biceps and triceps.

    My favorite opposing muscle group superset is one that you perform for your arms and it consists of the db incline tricep extension supersetted with bicep spider curls. This gives you the advantage of getting the stretch on the long head of the triceps and then immediately perform a bicep exercise that puts the peak tension in the contracted position of the biceps. This is something that we don’t often do in our workouts let alone the same set combination.

    Next, you can incorporate muscle groups that tend to like to work together such as the lats and upper back muscles. Here, I like the combo of the straight arm pushdown with the cable face pulls. The lats not only benefit from the straight arm pushdowns but this helps you to perfect your form on the deadlift which is an exercise that requires strength in this position. The face pull is an incredible builder of the upper back muscles and overlooked rear delts.

    The UCV raise and Cavaliere Crossover combination is an example of a superset that targets the same muscle group. This one is better than the old classic bench press into pushups combo since neither of those exercises allows you to train the chest into adduction like both of the exercises in this superset allow you to.

    Beyond the pairing of muscles based on function, you can create supersets that rely on purpose. For example, if you want to pre-exhaust a certain muscle group so that you can use lighter than normal weights on an exercise that you normally exclusively train heavy you can do that if you pair them together as part of a superset. The shoulder “L” raise into db presses is a perfect way to do this. Grab a pair of 25 pound dumbbells and rep out to failure on this front delt and middle delt combo and immediately finish out your set by pressing those same “light” dumbbells overhead.

    Finally, you have options for open chain into closed chain exercises, loading and de-loading exercises and even strength or power potentiation combos. All of these are incredibly effective, especially if performed at the right time and for the right purpose in your training cycle. All of the ones shown here are part of my 8 favorite and should be something you try in your workouts.

    If you are looking for a training plan that shows you exactly when to perform these and all your exercises for the best results, head to and pick the program best suited to your current goals. Use the program selector tool if you are unsure what program is the best for getting you training like an athlete.

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    • hadden leak
      hadden leak  3 months back

      Now is this for an addition to when you're working certain areas of the body ?

    • Mitch Smith
      Mitch Smith  6 months back

      I can't see your legs on the scap pull. Are they in front or behind?

    • Isaiah 53
      Isaiah 53  8 months back

      Hey I just started working the past few months I enjoy watching your videos, however im brand new to working out and all your information is for advanced people. Im still trying to figure out how to do a push/pull split routine. can you please make a video strictly for beginners. Im 5ft'6 160ib. Can you make a video for people like me that is strictly amateurs. Supersets, Giant sets, Drop sets, all this gym language is alot to stomach.

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      69696 subscribers with no videos challenge  8 months back

      why the frick did you put this on a 1 year old video

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    Thiago Zhon  2 weeks back

    this thumbnail is so offensive

    • Alpha Male Lifestyles - AML

      For future reference:
      1:14 DB Incline Triceps extensions / 1:35 DB Spider Curls
      2:06 Y-Cable Straight Arm Pushdown / 2:39 Y-Cable Face Pull
      3:17 DB UCV Raises / 3:44 DB Cavaliere Xover
      4:38 DB Shoulder L Raise / 4:58 DB Shoulder Press
      5:38 Pancake Pushups / 5:58 Cobra Pushups / 6:14 Diamond Cutter Pushups
      7:16 DB Iron Cross Pushups / 7:36 DB Floor Fly
      8:23 BB Squat / 8:42 Hanging Scap Pulls
      9:51 Depth Jump / 10:25 BB Deadlift

        LITTLEDEVIL  2 weeks back

        Thanks!!! You’re the man!! Appreciate the knowledge.

        • eduardo ramirez
          eduardo ramirez  2 weeks back

          How do I go about super setting if I work out at planet fitness?

          • Nic Velasquez
            Nic Velasquez  2 weeks back

            If you're at a gym you may just want to get your equipment near each other if possible before each set or if you have: to leave a backpack or a water bottle by the second machine you need to use

        • Andres Cardona
          Andres Cardona  3 weeks back

          3:56 did he just said the F word?

          • xAC1DxTR1Px
            xAC1DxTR1Px  4 weeks back

            I've never seen dbs the roll like that

            • greentruck2wa
              greentruck2wa  4 weeks back

              Jeff, will you please do a video for more supersets like that last superset you described as “post activation potentiation”? But for different muscle groups? Doing that jump before doing the deadlift has really helped me. I like to do more supersets like that with more of the big lifts. Thank you!

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                  Are ur programs free?

                  • Cereal Killer
                    Cereal Killer  1 months back

                    I wish!!!

                    P.S no they're not, he just offers free programs within the first hour of the video. Legend has it that the people who may have won it, were never heard from....or of. (Chills)

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                    These 912 people are the most unluckiest species to understand how easy and fun, Jeff had made the workouts.

                    • Daniel Colucci
                      Daniel Colucci  1 months back

                      Do not belong to a gym. Not my style! Is Their any free weight exercise I can do to simulate the Pull Down, or Face curl? I do have legg attachment to one of my benches!

                      • Daniel Colucci
                        Daniel Colucci  1 months back

                        I like the Spider Curl!

                        • Raed Abdelkhaleg
                          Raed Abdelkhaleg  1 months back

                          God bless Jeff you are really the best

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                            Billy Erasmo  1 months back

                            still so relevant even now thank you

                            • Jeremias Anglero
                              Jeremias Anglero  1 months back

                              Ive always been in love with supersets and wanted to know more about supersets and how to do it. I just would like a workout schedule with reps/ sets in every part of the body.

                              • Mauricio Rangel
                                Mauricio Rangel  2 months back

                                I gotta try these at the gym this week

                                • 321 Alive
                                  321 Alive  2 months back

                                  I am about to do all 8 of the supersets shown here and I'm excited about it.

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                                      Great vid thx !

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                                        CGDreamsTutorials  2 months back

                                        Thank you for these great informative videos. What confuses me is where do you fit a different type of type of training in when you already have say a 3-day split, do you stop your normal routine, where do all these different methods fit together?

                                        • Virgiliu Vieru
                                          Virgiliu Vieru  2 months back

                                          It says that the body is getting accustomed to the same exercise routine, so this way the supersets are coming in handy. But can we like avoid the supersets by doing same exercises but increasing the barbell weight, so the muscles feeling a heavyness in execution?

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                                                    I must say, I hate diamond pushups, they are for me the most difficult.

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                                                      Another great video Jeff 👍🏼
                                                      Thank you.

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                                                        Never seen Before Videos  2 months back

                                                        I love this guy. He’s incredible.
                                                        The quality content is above and beyond.

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                                                          Nice. I'm definitely going to start applying some of these. Thanks Jeff

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                                                            Jeff Cavaliere is the Bob Ross of fitness

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                                                                Bicep curl to Arnold press.. gives you the fattest pump

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                                                                  sir I want to work and learn with you I'm studying physiotherapy in india and in future I want to work under your guidance.. so please reply me sir if you can help me

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                                                                              noahkb80  3 months back

                                                                              The Cavaliere Crossover- bruh, you talk about a pump. This shyt right here gets me so blowed up. I dont do it during warm up but usually superset it with whatever chest lift i start with. Not only the pump it gives getting my chest full of blood, it really establishes the mind muscle connection. My chest workouts have increased exponentially and now i have a truly thick chest all the way to the top, when i still had a good chest, it was more sloped and just thick at the bottom. Chest is closer to my chin. Prob one of the top 3 best things I've learned from Jeff

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                                                                                I have noticed that body 'asks' for most of these one after another. I didnt know they have a name.. but i found out that jumps after and before the deadlifts are very good and hanging after the squats is a releave..

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                                                                                    I would like a different chest exercise instead of the second one you showed. Any suggestions for a great superset?

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                                                                                      Brahiim Bzd  3 months back

                                                                                      Thank you very much jeff for all the effort, i usually watch your videos with a pen to take notes, but often i cant, so it would be awesome and really helpful, if you can when you upload a video about exercises and techniques , you just add the exercises one by one in the description so we can screenshot them once we finish the video
                                                                                      Again thank you for everything you’re help

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