Youtube Vlogger & Celebrity Cars at SEMA 2019 Rob Dahm, B is for Build, TJ hunt, Stradman, Alex Choi


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  • nouxoid
    nouxoid  4 days back

    Oscar did a fantastic job

    • Matthew _G59
      Matthew _G59  5 days back

      Whats the name of the song at 3:30 ?

      • Nikoxion
        Nikoxion  5 days back

        1:08 I can't wait to hear what makes this RX-7 tick

        • Bustedknuckles47 bustedknuckles47

          It's amazing what you can build with a fuck ton of cash and donations of parts for the project from various vendors. Just imagine the possibilities if the average Joe could now afford to build his or her dream car.....

          • Adrian
            Adrian  6 days back

            B is for build : lets make crazy lambo with LS engine
            Alex Choi : lambo engine, without any lambo body, so noone recognise its a lambo
            TJ: Clean Build
            Rob Dahm: 3-4 years saga

            • Old Mate
              Old Mate  6 days back

              B is for build pisses on DDE!

              • Clarke Miller
                Clarke Miller  6 days back

                No motionauto tv Supra :(

                • Ethan Power
                  Ethan Power  7 days back

                  U forgot jack ultra motives r8😥 it's at the meguiars stand

                • Dan W
                  Dan W  1 weeks back

                  I'm itching to see some competition between Rob Dahm's AWD 4 rotor RX-7 and Dave Mazzei's 'Formula 7' 4 rotor whenever Rob finally gets his finished!😁👍

                  • Robert Middleditch
                    Robert Middleditch  1 weeks back

                    Oscar did a great job :D

                    • Hamster Smash
                      Hamster Smash  1 weeks back

                      Nice vid should of captured TJ's Supra though

                      • Edwin Encinias
                        Edwin Encinias  1 weeks back

                        ​@Internal Combustion Black / Magnaflow Booth

                      • Internal Combustion
                        Internal Combustion   1 weeks back

                        i didnt realize he had a supra here as well. what color and what booth?

                    • Ace Hardy
                      Ace Hardy  1 weeks back

                      Keep at it

                      • MoonMan
                        MoonMan  1 weeks back

                        Rob wins

                        • dogboy0912
                          dogboy0912  1 weeks back

                          2:44 B is for Build

                        • Ivan Ivanov
                          Ivan Ivanov  1 weeks back

                          Chris's Huracan is insaneeee! Other cars pale in comparison to the uniqueness of that Lambo!

                          • d.7
                            d.7  5 hours back

                            Rob's rx7 is pretty damn unique too. Its the only awd 4 rotor "rx7" in the world and it makes a shit ton of horse power. Its got a carbon drive train, a huge ass turbo and the same suspension as ken block's mustang.

                          • Ivan Ivanov
                            Ivan Ivanov  4 days back

                            @Julius Kwak I wasnt going into technicalities with the names and all lol. Im not emphasizing the uniqueness of the LAMBO, but the UNIQUENESS of the Lambo. A more neutral term would be "build". Nevertheless, best car at SEMA imo.

                          • tim wegman
                            tim wegman  5 days back

                            You can call it whatever you want but I say B is for Bad Ass. That car is insane and as beautiful as any Lamborghini I had ever seen.

                          • uni nani
                            uni nani  5 days back

                            @Bustedknuckles47 bustedknuckles47 ahh......ok

                          • Bustedknuckles47 bustedknuckles47
                            Bustedknuckles47 bustedknuckles47  5 days back

                            Thank God for Oscars hard work

                        • CarGuyTy
                          CarGuyTy  1 weeks back


                        • Skylar Grey
                          Skylar Grey  1 weeks back

                          Stradman's supra and alex choi's 🦄 v3 👍

                          • Tess Aguilar
                            Tess Aguilar  1 weeks back

                            THE STRADMAN😍

                            • larry baker
                              larry baker  1 weeks back


                              • Terrance Anderson
                                Terrance Anderson  1 weeks back

                                @TheStradman's Supra is legendary. Sema was flooded with Supras and his still stands out. Can it hold it's own against the #BabyMac #570S? ....maybe so, in terms of looks. What do you guys think?

                                • Jf Hebert
                                  Jf Hebert  1 weeks back

                                  Trying to make money on YouTube and can’t even spell one of the top you tubers name properly. You stooge

                                  It’s Stradman. Not strandman you dolt

                                • its_me_ruff 24
                                  its_me_ruff 24  1 weeks back

                                  Stradman came a long way from digging trashcan for SEMA pass to Having his own car at the center aisle of SEMA👏

                                  • John
                                    John  1 weeks back

                                    Thank you Internal Combustion for posting this. I wanted to see TheStradman's cars and you hooked us all up.

                                    • Internal Combustion
                                      Internal Combustion   1 weeks back

                                      *WHO’S GOT THE BEST CAR?*

                                      • carbikenetwork
                                        carbikenetwork  1 weeks back

                                        go live

                                      • Jason Sanghera
                                        Jason Sanghera  1 weeks back

                                        That purple supra tho🔥🔥

                                        • John
                                          John  1 weeks back

                                          That's the Stradman's supra and i agree fully 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 it looked like a hot wheels toy for a sec