Terry Crews Reveals His Workout Secrets | Men's Health


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  • Radel Munive
    Radel Munive  4 months back


  • Army Boi
    Army Boi  4 months back

    Real goat

    • Ross Martinez III
      Ross Martinez III  4 months back

      How do these videos get such few views, while a useless Kardashian that'll do nothing for you will get a million?
      Edit: Oh God I can't stop laughing. Those goats are crazy.

    • mr_wright_official_
      mr_wright_official_  8 months back


      • Teratik Koanan
        Teratik Koanan  9 months back

        Big fan of Terry. Always funny.

        • Tabata Songs & Timers
          Tabata Songs & Timers  9 months back

          Really a joyful video

          • Jose Bonilla
            Jose Bonilla  9 months back

            Why not just say Devil worshiped. Everyone else admits that Baphomet is their god without all the b.s.

            • Omar Omar
              Omar Omar  5 months back

              Jose Bonilla true it’s kind of messed up

          • YungFuego25
            YungFuego25  9 months back

            A year from now Terry Crews is gonna make allegations about the goat molesting him & making him feel less than a man. I’d b careful if I was that goat 🤷🏾‍♂️

            • Xar'Azoth
              Xar'Azoth  9 months back

              He sure seems like the animal loving type. Also fitness with animals is always great ... in summer we often have open air fitness events with dogs, which is awesome.

              • armando carrillo
                armando carrillo  9 months back


                • Ethan Aleman
                  Ethan Aleman  9 months back

                  Too much poop nasty

                  • Sam Paroxysm
                    Sam Paroxysm  9 months back

                    Terry is a workout god