PART TWO: Our Thoughts on T.I. Taking His Daughter to the Gyno


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  • Annie K
    Annie K  7 hours back

    If this is "old school" then isn't racism also just people being "old school"....give me a break people. This has nothing to do with religion since TI is fine with his son having sex left right and centre. Also it's terrifying how you see it as a good thing that your parents scared you and guilted you out of having sex. That's so backwards to me. Tell them what you think BUT teach them a safe way of having sex as well. Cause you may believe in abstinence but don't leave it at JUST that. And never shame/guilt/scare your kids out of having sex. That can have serious ramifications for the future.
    Do y'all even know what kind of trauma some kids have who are being told that "if you have sex before marriage you aren't pure and clean and you'll go to hell" or "if you masturbate you're dirty and you won't go to heaven" etc. It's damaging and wrong. Do y'all even know with what type of shame, guilt, fear and self hatred that comes with? Y'all are insane.

    • Doc Broski
      Doc Broski  12 hours back

      Women...🙄 A world full of harlots criticizing a father who is making sure his daughter has not joined your ranks.

      Porn... Great.
      Stripper... Great.
      Abortion... Great.
      Live-in boy friend... Great.
      Playboy bunny... Great.

      Attentive father... Monster!

      Silly Harlots...smh

      • BabySpice MUA
        BabySpice MUA  17 hours back

        Jeanie NOOO I cant believe you said all tht

        • Shaila Scott
          Shaila Scott  19 hours back

          I hope deyjah getting her ankles knocked off regularly. Also what if she broke it masturbating ?....

          • DarcyKnox21
            DarcyKnox21  19 hours back

            Disgusting. This show NEVER calls out celebs. I’m glad Jeannie and Adrienne aren’t parents if this is how they act

            • LalA JAEY
              LalA JAEY  21 hours back

              Never ever ever watching this show again or following these trifling hypocritical bitches again. Where’s woman’s lib?? Where’s no more sexism or double standards????pendejas except Loni. Thank God.. just give her the show

              • Cassidy Pavlick
                Cassidy Pavlick  1 days back

                Unrelated but Adrienne has never looked better

                • Ramon C
                  Ramon C  1 days back

                  This show is awesome!

                  • KOKAINE KEY
                    KOKAINE KEY  1 days back

                    The problem is he’s doing fucking interviews about it... it’s too far and not the business of the rest of the world !!

                    • Thatgirl Destanyy
                      Thatgirl Destanyy  1 days back

                      My mom always told me I’d rather you talk to me about sex rather than your friends because I’m going to tell you what you need to know .

                      • NATASSCIA BRYCE
                        NATASSCIA BRYCE  1 days back

                        so.... he's commending his son for doing what he's preventing his daughter from to someone else's daughter?

                        • jessicca frank
                          jessicca frank  1 days back

                          It's funny how the only one who feels some type of way is THE ONLY ONE WITH A SON AND DAUGHTER. YALL CAN NOT RELATE. He teaching her to be sneaky. He acts like that's the ONLY sexual act in the fucking world. She can still get her pussy ate and suck dick. Smh.

                          • Wonders Of Crimson
                            Wonders Of Crimson  1 days back

                            Point blank period he is only doing that because he doesn't want his daughters name in other people's months. He would rather have a MALE HOE ! Because it's okay for men to have several women that is acceptable. It proves your manhood. Other way around . Not so much.

                            • TaQuoyia Harris
                              TaQuoyia Harris  1 days back

                              He does not need to take his daughter to the gyno her mom should keep him away from her that's way too much of a privacy issue HELL NO!!

                              • Cityofdreams4
                                Cityofdreams4  2 days back

                                What happened to empowering women and letting women chose what they do with their body??? Jeanie and Adrienne, who dare them defend and justify what he’s done

                                • Afsana Ali
                                  Afsana Ali  2 days back

                                  They really need a perspective from a young woman on this show to...educate them on some things... offer a new vision because jeez this discussion was Not it. Jeannie really surprised me. Not one woman brought up the point that TI is essentially treating her like an object...his property.. the girl is 18. an adult. it seems like its just "father's love" but thats not what it just is. one should love in a non invasive way. although his intentions are not bad (debatable), it's still a sickening approach. a complete invasion of privacy. just disgusting. disappointed as hell in Jeannie.

                                  • Starlight Fevoura
                                    Starlight Fevoura  2 days back

                                    Lol he didn't/ doesn't have that convo with his daughter tho, he said so himself when he was being asked about this

                                    • loren. a
                                      loren. a  3 days back

                                      There is no fucking hymen yall need to go to school

                                      • XPOZA
                                        XPOZA  3 days back

                                        They need to fire everybody, except Tamara. Get rid of Jeanie first, and hire Amanda Seales. Wtf is this?

                                        • Christina
                                          Christina  3 days back

                                          Y'all sound crazy ... TI was so wrong

                                          • Denard Jones
                                            Denard Jones  3 days back

                                            Was I the only one who didn't get the "Ms. Darlene" joke? ... just me? OK. NVM lol

                                            • made man mic
                                              made man mic  3 days back

                                              So tired of all these mofos hating on t.i. men are like this with there daughters an honest they won't change anytime soon he is old school ASF

                                              • made man mic
                                                made man mic  2 days back

                                                I'm sorry was my comment not PC enough for you did you not like the truth hmmm must be a millennial men are protective over there daughters always have been always will be an honestly agree with it or not who are you to tell a successful man at that how to raise his own children

                                              • Lydia Tahsoh
                                                Lydia Tahsoh  2 days back

                                                Old school isn't an excuse for treating his daughter differently from his son and exposing her PRIVATE information without her permission

                                            • Yasline Gonzalez
                                              Yasline Gonzalez  3 days back

                                              Old school nah I don’t think so but I know he care for her daughter yea I agree to some extent but what t.i was doing was weird n too much he should’ve trusted n have faith in her n that it n lastly t.i should have think twice before by blasting his daughter information regarding her in existing sex life n ruining her image to the whole wide world look how dangerous the world is n it’s usually toward woman let be real in the podcast day t.i didn’t care or was thinking of his daughter well-being while laughing n joking around disgusting now because t.i fault I’m more worried for his daughter I’ve read she deleted her instagram cuz perverted men was offering her money to loose her virginity n I think another reason is for her safety too plus I’m really am disappointed in you ladies seeing this video as a young woman myself you should have been talking about the after effect the podcast would bring in sick perverted man killer,human sex trafficker and serial rapist killer we’re still dealing in this world targeting mostly girls of all age

                                              • A. N
                                                A. N  3 days back

                                                Adrienne, God is love, not fear, so if your parents are using fear to control your sex life and calling it the 'fear of God' then that's simply manipulation not caring. I don't know why they didn't let Tamera talk cos I could feel she had some real stuff to say, esp as she has a daughter.

                                                • Brainiac Bold
                                                  Brainiac Bold  3 days back

                                                  Nobody does life perfect and half of y’all got kids with no father figure for your own.. yea he tripped out making this public and I would have been strict but not to the point of what he did. This is his little girl Not the rest of the world. Kids not only getting pregnant catching stds but also abducted and sex trafficked.

                                                  • Camille Lake
                                                    Camille Lake  3 days back

                                                    I can't believe you're defending T.I. on this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a violation of his daughter = by her father. Like a rapist, because this is against her wishes. Thank you, but screw this show!

                                                    • Pan Dita
                                                      Pan Dita  3 days back

                                                      First time I EVER disagree with Jeannie !!! terrible doesn’t matter!! The girl is 18 YEARS OLD. And ALSO THE HYMEN BREAKING DURING SEX IS A MYTH

                                                      • Lali Almendariz
                                                        Lali Almendariz  3 days back

                                                        I have a very close relationship with my dad and what Tamera says is true your parents can come to you and build that trust. It worked I never had sex until I got married. I thank God for it. <3

                                                        • Jake Marko
                                                          Jake Marko  4 days back

                                                          Why not respect your daughter's bodily autonomy rather than violate her reproductive rights/freedoms? This was a violation of her privacy. It's also a crime in California after the age of 16.

                                                          • Angelica Huber
                                                            Angelica Huber  4 days back

                                                            Nahh I get the difference between boys and girls tho...not about trust I regret my first time and my second and my third...young women are soo naive most the time and I wouldn’t want my daughter regretting and it not being special and rememberable...most boys don’t really see it like a lot of girls do...I didn’t regret my first time until I fell in love and then I definitely wished I would have waited at least until it was someone special.

                                                            • King Me
                                                              King Me  4 days back

                                                              T.I. got the whole internet talking about his daughter's private parts SMH
                                                              That must be so humiliating to her 🙄

                                                              • E. Diamond
                                                                E. Diamond  4 days back

                                                                sounds pretty invasive to me, not to mention double-standard.. AND not to mention an invasion of privacy/medical records?

                                                                • Myrna Skogland
                                                                  Myrna Skogland  5 days back

                                                                  He is just creepy, makes me think something is going on that shouldn't be going on. like incest.

                                                                  • Chloe Rose McConnell
                                                                    Chloe Rose McConnell  5 days back

                                                                    No. This is all wrong. T.I. is violating his daughter.

                                                                    • Dekroxx Kroxx
                                                                      Dekroxx Kroxx  5 days back

                                                                      It's his daughter people.he created her and provides for if he chooses to protects's ok

                                                                      • Jenai Vogt
                                                                        Jenai Vogt  5 days back

                                                                        Where tamar at...

                                                                        • Jenai Vogt
                                                                          Jenai Vogt  5 days back

                                                                          They dropped the ball with this one.

                                                                          • Jho Petion
                                                                            Jho Petion  5 days back

                                                                            T.I gonna freak tf out when he learns that some hymens don't always break during intercourse.

                                                                            • Joaquin Rivera
                                                                              Joaquin Rivera  5 days back

                                                                              Na fam he most likely threatened to cut her off financially if she has sex and is why she continues to go with her dad

                                                                              • Sunshine
                                                                                Sunshine  6 days back

                                                                                And this, kids, is what happens when you try to make a show about strong independent women, christian friendly. Tamera is the only one who was abstinent until she got married. The only one who could have had an excuse for talking this way(although she has a degree in psychology so she really should know better) the rest of them really have no excuse for condoning this kind of behaviour. Each one of them had a little reason to let him off the hook, to sugarcoat things a bit. Not one of them completely disgusted and repulsed. To me, that's not a damn coincidence.
                                                                                P.S.:Please excuse my English

                                                                                • K P
                                                                                  K P  6 days back

                                                                                  How dare you...

                                                                                  • Ayana Acosta
                                                                                    Ayana Acosta  6 days back

                                                                                    T.I is very sexist n I’m disgusted if your daughter don’t want u to know about her sex life than live it be it’s not your job to control her. He could’ve talked to her if he wants to know the truth not force her to go get her hymen checked out.

                                                                                    • VONiiE8
                                                                                      VONiiE8  6 days back

                                                                                      Tamera is the only one who I’m fucking with rn, in this segment.

                                                                                      • VONiiE8
                                                                                        VONiiE8  6 days back

                                                                                        My father is an old school parent, he has NEVER asked about my hymen nor asked if I can give the doctor permission to talk to him about it. Get tf outta here. I wish tf he would. And idk if this is caring, it looks controlling.

                                                                                        • Laini D
                                                                                          Laini D  6 days back

                                                                                          If someone is a frequent guest or cohost on the show, best believe The Real will not be REAL on any topics about them or their family.

                                                                                          • Laini D
                                                                                            Laini D  6 days back

                                                                                            Also, the hosts forgot to mention (cuz they didn't research), that TI did not seem to have this perspective when Zonnique turned 18. Yes she's not biologically his but he's her dad

                                                                                            • Annietta Bangura
                                                                                              Annietta Bangura  6 days back

                                                                                              This segment is disappointing he doesn’t own her body this is a violation not “caring” or “old school” it’s abusive

                                                                                              • OEIL DE SAURON
                                                                                                OEIL DE SAURON  6 days back

                                                                                                Thats not old school thats nasty period