Will Chi-Town Rapper Dae Jones Be Able To Make A Hit In The Studio? Part 4 | Armchair A&R


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  • Daniel Ngongang
    Daniel Ngongang  6 days back

    If Orlando Jones and Jess Hilarious had a child...it would be her. Definitely

    • Lynda Starr
      Lynda Starr  1 weeks back

      I need more episodes!!!!! 🤤🤤🤤

      • AchtzigZwanzig
        AchtzigZwanzig  2 weeks back

        i hear the same bars over and over again

        • james Barber
          james Barber  2 weeks back

          I'm just glad she doesnt have that hair hat on

          • Sylence Johnson
            Sylence Johnson  2 weeks back

            I got some real top hook line for her.....on dat first beat...simple and will effectively get all chicks in the world singing their butt off as soon they hear it. controversial but HOT ...real talk...

            • izzojunior
              izzojunior  2 weeks back

              The Rap track sounds Cardi B-ish

              • CQ Channel
                CQ Channel  2 weeks back


                • Mally Mall
                  Mally Mall  2 weeks back

                  Like this comment if you like French Fries 🍟

                  • second wind
                    second wind  2 weeks back

                    Yes I speaketh from experience. Great talent voice and attitude.

                    • 1blessedbrotha
                      1blessedbrotha  2 weeks back

                      is that a female with tha headband?????

                      • Carson G
                        Carson G  2 weeks back

                        1blessedbrotha shut up

                      • Ahfirmative LLC
                        Ahfirmative LLC  2 weeks back

                        1blessedbrotha stop tryna be funny BROTHA

                    • Sty Beats Music
                      Sty Beats Music  2 weeks back

                      Conversation 💪💪

                      • Rehman Desiigner
                        Rehman Desiigner  2 weeks back

                        Girl dae Jones..
                        Hold my BLUNT 💨

                        • zee mee
                          zee mee  2 weeks back

                          One thing I can say it only gets better just Watch

                          • Big Kunta
                            Big Kunta  2 weeks back

                            Females and whit folk killed rap

                          • Sheritta Young
                            Sheritta Young  2 weeks back

                            Girl u better get it do ur thang for the Chi I’m from Indianapolis but I’ll roll this in the truck

                            • Manny Manhattan Music
                              Manny Manhattan Music  2 weeks back

                              Who neeed beats🔥🔥

                              • Saddik Laaraiche
                                Saddik Laaraiche  2 weeks back


                                • semow
                                  semow  2 weeks back

                                  To all the random people reading this comment, I hope you achieve all your biggest dreams in life !💖

                                  My biggest dream is to become a great YouTuber ;) 🌹

                                  • Big Kunta
                                    Big Kunta  2 weeks back

                                    I hope 🤞🏾 u actually do something that makes u rich instead posting this stupid shit for likes 😂🤮🖕🏿

                                  • semow
                                    semow  2 weeks back

                                    @Sheritta Young appreciate that ✌🏽💖

                                  • Sheritta Young
                                    Sheritta Young  2 weeks back

                                    semow back at you let’s keep the positive blessings to you