12-Minute Squat and Lunge Lower Body Workout


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  • conor regan
    conor regan  6 months back

    When squating you need to push your knees out and have feet slightly pointing out if you was doing that with high weight you wouldn't have any kness left

    • Xbox Fanboy
      Xbox Fanboy  6 months back

      Ah man this is a great workout

      • Dylan Martin
        Dylan Martin  8 months back

        Terrible Instructor form and cueing

        • Benny John
          Benny John  9 months back

          This is so underrated!

          • Logan Flood
            Logan Flood  12 months back

            It’s like listening to a children show

            • Logan Flood
              Logan Flood  12 months back

              You guys have NO calfs

              • TooN
                TooN  5 months back

                Calf size is all genetics. The tone of your calves says more about conditioned they are than the size. With that being said, they both have better conditioned calves than YOU.

              • Jikes Nnaji
                Jikes Nnaji  9 months back

                Fucking hater. Get a life.

            • Logan Flood
              Logan Flood  12 months back

              Less talking please

              • michymoodle
                michymoodle  2 years back

                Hello from Barcelona! I´m looking forward to trying this. Is 3 times a week enough?