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  • Hannah Cate Silver
    Hannah Cate Silver  2 days back

    We all know my cousin’s girlfriend is wayyyy to good for him, I love her and don’t want them to break up but I have no idea why she’s still dating him

    • Kyra Kentish
      Kyra Kentish  1 weeks back

      I had this happen to me twice. The first time I dated a senior when I was a freshman and his parents (particularly his mom) loved me and invited me to everything that she hosted. I broke up with him after 3 months and last I heard he was still very much a loser but doing better for himself.

      Second guy was my most recent break up. He was so obsessed with me in the beginning that his mom (a born again lesbian shortly after giving birth to her son) messaged me. She would y’all me through life issues and the like, particularly when we talked about my sexuality (bisexual). She was sweet and supportive and always asked me to date her son. When we did date, she practically begged that we get married. I didn’t meet her in person until a few years ago when she married her partner of 12ish years. My ex’s mom flat out stated that she liked me because I didn’t seek her approval, that I was myself and I was her son’s entire world and that it meant everything to her that I was so kind and accepting of her son, who has a pretty rare, but minor to middling disorder. She also admitted that she didn’t want him dating anyone else because I was the right amount of sane and weird that fit perfectly in her family.

      I did mention that we broke up. That relationship and I are currently thinking about bringing back that relationship, so, time will only tell if things get better.

    • Jesus Osvaldo Broch
      Jesus Osvaldo Broch  1 weeks back

      I would say my first girlfriend was too good for me, she was my fist so I was still imature even though I was already 21, at first I dated her just to experiment and expected to leave her for someone more attractive later, I then fell in love and discovered there is more important things than just looks, but I had already been a complete jerk to her and she left me for an ex. I suffered for months after she left me but I don't blame her, one year later and she's is already married to that other guy, I haven't heard of her but I hope she's happy.

      To this day I haven't found someone as sweet, and that I can connect with in such a deep level, I spent all my time with her I loved every second of it.

      • BWMagus
        BWMagus  2 weeks back

        My ex was on methadone when we first met. It's what they put you on to ween you off heroin. But she wouldn't ween off of it, she just kept getting the methadone. But she finally started forcing herself off of it, after years, when we were going to meet in person and not just talk online (long distance thing). I didn't see her mom much but I always got the feeling she really liked me as I was the only guy to get her to really do something positive like that (I talked to her constantly and tried to support her through it and tell her how proud I was of her). Lovely girl, too bad it didn't work out.

        • Benrex 777
          Benrex 777  2 weeks back

          The trading dad story was my favorite.

          • collegebandi
            collegebandi  2 weeks back

            i thought my parents were ok with my ex but when i was finally done with him for good they were SO HAPPY. lol

            • Sothbeachboy 21
              Sothbeachboy 21  2 weeks back

              That’s funny with the fish cleaning business

              • Lana
                Lana  2 weeks back

                My grandmother was the other way. Literally nobody was good enough for her children 😂

                • Frank Olivieri
                  Frank Olivieri  2 weeks back

                  Biased question. These parents probably don’t even realize that their child is the scrub.

                  • Bruno Anyakudo
                    Bruno Anyakudo  2 weeks back

                    Can someone tell me or send me a link of the background music??

                    • Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access

                      My parents can't relate

                    • GinEnTonic PUBG
                      GinEnTonic PUBG  2 weeks back

                      Why wasent there a comment that said.

                      Every human being and every doggo we had

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                        • FailerShino
                          FailerShino  2 weeks back

                          I hate babies so I will never have children

                          • Benrex 777
                            Benrex 777  2 weeks back

                            @FailerShino If you say so. I don't mind.

                          • FailerShino
                            FailerShino  2 weeks back

                            @Benrex 777 I will continue to think dis

                          • Benrex 777
                            Benrex 777  2 weeks back

                            @FailerShino If you think so. But I'm pretty sure there is one point in your live where having children could be a nice thing even for you. As far as I know people who really hate children all the way are pretty rare.

                          • FailerShino
                            FailerShino  2 weeks back

                            @Benrex 777 They are annoying

                          • Benrex 777
                            Benrex 777  2 weeks back

                            Maybe you don't hate babies but the way babies are treated by the people around you. At least that was the case with the friend of my father. He didn't like how families raise their kids to some kind of pedestal. When he saw how my parents raised their children he changed his mind a bit. He still has no kids though.

                        • Petrina Wilmot
                          Petrina Wilmot  2 weeks back

                          My boyfriend wasnt too good for me in the way of looks but damn he was one of the kindest most trusting and loyal people youd ever meet. He broke up with me because my mental health problems became a burden to him and he turned around and dated the one girl I was concerned about the entire relationship

                          • Petrina Wilmot
                            Petrina Wilmot  5 days back

                            @Maple Strip general anxiety, depression and PTSD which makes me feel really insecure and I need reassurance constantly

                          • Jan Slavotínek
                            Jan Slavotínek  5 days back

                            I was in a similar situation with a girl. It was draining life out of me. I was unable to be happy and had to end it. It was very hard, she did not made it easy for us. I hope you are doing ok though. Seems that you are taking very healthy approach to it. I respect you for that very much.

                          • Maple Strip
                            Maple Strip  1 weeks back

                            May i ask what could your mental problems be?

                          • Petrina Wilmot
                            Petrina Wilmot  2 weeks back

                            @Francisco Serna-Jimenez I'm doing good! Thank you ❤

                          • Francisco Serna-Jimenez
                            Francisco Serna-Jimenez  2 weeks back

                            Hope you're doing well

                        • Sketchmations
                          Sketchmations  2 weeks back


                          • AidenMax Playz
                            AidenMax Playz  2 weeks back

                            Fresh video

                            • Phoenix._. love
                              Phoenix._. love  2 weeks back


                              • un poco loco
                                un poco loco  2 weeks back

                                Lmao, I'm dating nobody. Therefore nobody is too good for me ;)

                                • FailerShino
                                  FailerShino  1 weeks back

                                  @un poco loco malawas are wild. A chance to understand u doesn't exists

                                • un poco loco
                                  un poco loco  1 weeks back

                                  @FailerShino bruh, dating isn't supposed to cause stress. I think maybe you should talk to your partner, especially if they're giving you anxiety ?? Idk

                                • FailerShino
                                  FailerShino  2 weeks back

                                  @Rishith Yerramsetti exactly, no stress

                                • Rishith Yerramsetti
                                  Rishith Yerramsetti  2 weeks back

                                  un poco loco i like what u did there

                                • FailerShino
                                  FailerShino  2 weeks back

                                  Better, u don't have stress

                              • Liam Ferguson
                                Liam Ferguson  2 weeks back


                                • DepressedNDank
                                  DepressedNDank  2 weeks back

                                  My parents: Literally always...

                                  • FailerShino
                                    FailerShino  3 days back

                                    @Stay Toasty he is honest

                                  • Stay Toasty
                                    Stay Toasty  3 days back

                                    DepressedNDank Haha you are so funny. Ok this comment is definitely funny because you have insulted yourself. Awesome laughter moment. 😁

                                  • FailerShino
                                    FailerShino  2 weeks back

                                    They funk?

                                • GOOSE SAYS 00F
                                  GOOSE SAYS 00F  2 weeks back

                                  Uh oh stinky

                                • R9
                                  R9  2 weeks back