I will rebuild my WRECKED LAMBORGHINI (totalled)


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  • OP KarmaGamer
    OP KarmaGamer  8 months back

    RIP huracan avio

    • 2Moza
      2Moza  8 months back

      Check out this company might be ok to see for second hand parts https://www.exoticpartsusa.com/ there are a lot of parts in the USA from car rental company's from renting the cars out and get wrecked and sold to Copart Company in the usa think there is a complete car there now that comes with parts to repair it check out youtube Tarvarish

      • Blubayou 2016
        Blubayou 2016  8 months back

        Also you can get a lot of parts used.

        • Blubayou 2016
          Blubayou 2016  8 months back

          I would work on getting suspension fixed first, frame work and body work last. Your car is not too bad. It can be fixed.

          • HARLEY D
            HARLEY D  8 months back

            Take it to Donauworth to Eurocopter. They can repair it.

            • Timo Lindroos
              Timo Lindroos  8 months back

              Hello sir! Maby you are not an Schumacher? :) But keep up the good work anyway!

              • Herb H
                Herb H  8 months back

                Nico, you should of buy another salvaged Lamborghini.Huricon.for spare parts, you over spent for parts ? Hats off for taking on the project without having experience.

                • Israfil nobody
                  Israfil nobody  8 months back

                  Disassemble it then Sell it as a spare parts .

                  • Robin Hollgren
                    Robin Hollgren  8 months back

                    if it were possible I would be more than happy to receive the broken parts from your lamborghini.

                    I am completely serious and gladly take the rest via PM if this would be possible?

                    • Nuno Fernandes
                      Nuno Fernandes  8 months back

                      You have there a very nice chance take some good moulds out of the repaired or new panels and parts and than make them in carbon fibre.. I wish I have a chance like that... I would have started to spend material on the moulds by now

                      • LNC COLLISION & CAR CUSTOMIZATION

                        Good stuff 👊🏼

                        • Geoffrey Price
                          Geoffrey Price  9 months back

                          glad to see you uploading on this channel again, thanks for this.

                          • jose cancello
                            jose cancello  9 months back

                            Pal, one tip: too much speech for very little action.

                            • jose cancello
                              jose cancello  9 months back

                              Man, for one Weisswurstfresser your english is pretty good. Your name remember an old brazilian F1 pilot called Nelson Piquet. Very similar. LOL

                              • Tech Tipps
                                Tech Tipps  11 months back

                                I think you could be much more famous with your english chanel, if you would make more videos here! Please keep on making english too and get some more subs!

                                • Tech Tipps
                                  Tech Tipps  11 months back

                                  *Please keep on making English VIDEOS too!

                              • descz.
                                descz.  11 months back

                                Feel so bad for you

                                • FreeUBEER
                                  FreeUBEER  12 months back

                                  WTF??? Your insurance don’t cover nurburg ring? It’s a Lamborghini ffs ditch that company

                                  • Saeglopur89
                                    Saeglopur89  8 months back

                                    It's well known thing but I'm sure that you could buy some extra insurance just for the track. Wouldn't be surprised if that would be like 10 000 EUR just for insurance. Awful thing for Nico :/ It's a lesson for all of us!

                                • Benedikt Kallweit
                                  Benedikt Kallweit  12 months back

                                  You have crashed your lambo ;) ;)

                                  • DΛN
                                    DΛN  12 months back

                                    _I recommend selling it and buy a limited edition R8._

                                    • DΛN
                                      DΛN  12 months back

                                      I watch both channels for learning German. I just understood that Insurance won't pay you, my German is not that good I guess LOL! :)

                                      • 7Frankbrockmann
                                        7Frankbrockmann  12 months back

                                        German Insurance pays not for crashes on Racingtrack.....

                                    • Checkyoursix77
                                      Checkyoursix77  12 months back

                                      Wow! That sucks! This was the reason I sold my GTR. I just couldn’t risk crashing it on the ring or any another track. Today I race shifter gokarts instead and it’s more fun than a 700 hp street car on the track! I hope you get your Lamborghini back on the street.

                                      • Antti Pietilä
                                        Antti Pietilä  12 months back

                                        Great to have you back with English content, and sorry about the car. Now that Tavarish has finished his Lamborghini, it’s great to have a new Lambo rebuilt to follow.

                                      • Heidi and Franny's Garage
                                        Heidi and Franny's Garage  12 months back

                                        Great to see you here again! Been following on the German channel. Super sorry about the damage. I hope you can make a solid determination soon. Good luck with the work! Franny

                                        • KT P
                                          KT P  12 months back

                                          Heidi and Franny's Garage 💓🤗

                                      • Syed shahroz Ali Jafri
                                        Syed shahroz Ali Jafri  12 months back

                                        Sell it,it ain’t worth 4-5 months go sell it and go buy something else

                                        • Brad Bellick
                                          Brad Bellick  12 months back

                                          Guess how much it‘s worth at this condition

                                      • Car Spotting Chicago
                                        Car Spotting Chicago  12 months back

                                        Yes he’s back!

                                        • xmemokxk
                                          xmemokxk  12 months back

                                          Erster 😂