Hereditary | Meet the Graham Family | Official Featurette HD | A24


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  • Diego Almeida
    Diego Almeida  2 months back


    • pisceanrat
      pisceanrat  1 years back

      Generational curse

      • Destiny
        Destiny  1 years back

        are there any jump scenes???

        • WaffleNova
          WaffleNova  7 months back

          More visually scares that send shivers down your spine. Jump scares are dont proper tho absolutely

        • G-dawg
          G-dawg  1 years back

          im des a couple.

      • yourboybrian
        yourboybrian  1 years back

        didn’t know dustin from stranger things was in this...

        • Junaid Inam
          Junaid Inam  1 years back

          I am your mother, what does this remind u of?

          • TheDCTVshow
            TheDCTVshow  1 years back


            • Adriauna Xx
              Adriauna Xx  1 years back

              I really wanna watch this movie it seems amazing

              • Chelsea Darnell
                Chelsea Darnell  1 years back

                Thank god the real little girl is cute in personality, cause she’s creepy af on film😂😂😂😂

                • The Rebel One
                  The Rebel One  1 years back

                  oh man, I'm so in...but I might be out of the theater room fast too.

                  • Brandon K
                    Brandon K  1 years back


                    • Maru
                      Maru  1 years back


                      • Carson Denny
                        Carson Denny  1 years back

                        I am a huge fan/proponent of A24 and am very excited for Hereditary. But the constant clips of the same movie are not why I subscribe and are getting very old. We’re already in.

                        • Shes Comeundun
                          Shes Comeundun  1 years back

                          Omg I forgot she had an accent

                        • SlothGiraffe
                          SlothGiraffe  1 years back

                          This is a movie about family

                          • Psycho XXXDDD
                            Psycho XXXDDD  1 years back

                            Get ready for something insane

                            • : P
                              : P  1 years back

                              Did she just cut the head off a pigeon!?!

                              • Htx457
                                Htx457  1 years back

                                Scarlet Witch i think it was already dead

                            • Shady Pikachu
                              Shady Pikachu  1 years back

                              ah can't wait

                              • Bohun Bermusscini
                                Bohun Bermusscini  1 years back

                                So gay

                              • Jack Durston
                                Jack Durston  1 years back

                                AMAZING FILM!! I cant wait to see it again when it comes out in two weeks in my country

                                • Dayvisson Thiago
                                  Dayvisson Thiago  1 years back

                                  I super excited

                                  • Dayvisson Thiago
                                    Dayvisson Thiago  1 years back

                                    Jorge Flores just one more day. 😦

                                  • Jorge Flores
                                    Jorge Flores  1 years back

                                    Dayvisson Thiago me too ahhhh one more day one more day

                                • JoelR 853
                                  JoelR 853  1 years back

                                  Im happy for Alex Wolf getting into a lot roles. He deserves it. Hes a good actor.

                                  • JoelR 853
                                    JoelR 853  1 years back

                                    Jonathan Perez No I havent. Il check it out forsure then

                                  • Jonathan Perez
                                    Jonathan Perez  1 years back

                                    JoelR 8D09 did you see Coming through the The? One of my recent favorites

                                • The people’s Channel
                                  The people’s Channel  1 years back

                                  New knew she was Scottish

                                • Kev Low
                                  Kev Low  1 years back

                                  *tongue click*

                                  • 西施小狗Ling Ling
                                    西施小狗Ling Ling  1 years back

                                    I’m a cute puppy 🐶

                                    • 西施小狗Ling Ling
                                      西施小狗Ling Ling  1 years back

                                      Oh this is a good movie

                                      • K. K.P.
                                        K. K.P.  1 years back

                                        A24 Did it again!👏🏿

                                        • Fabuu #
                                          Fabuu #  1 years back

                                          CAN’T FUCKING WAIT 🔥🔥