AirPods Pro vs Powerbeats Pro


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  • MoChaser Jay
    MoChaser Jay  17 hours back

    Which one louder

    • Jordan Trae
      Jordan Trae  1 days back

      why would you sub before hearing the content?

      • David P
        David P  2 days back

        anc is good, but that isnt a huge different compared to the powerbeats.

        • Dangelo Paramore
          Dangelo Paramore  2 days back

          Def prefer the Powerbeats pro, airpods pro annoy me and they don’t stay in your ear well at all and disconnect to much.

          • Jacob Simpson
            Jacob Simpson  3 days back

            They are both great but the airpods feel better for me because I have weird and sensitive ears and the hook on the PBP annoy me

            • Kanji Santos
              Kanji Santos  3 days back

              The noise cancellation is like 60-70%, you could still hear stuff in the background. Bose QC 20 is far best noice cancellation for me.

              • Kanji Santos
                Kanji Santos  2 hours back

                Xracess if they were selling the new AirPods Pro for 50 used, you’d buy them and buy a new set of ear tips right?

              • Xracess
                Xracess  3 days back

                Kanji Santos used earbuds? ew

              • Kanji Santos
                Kanji Santos  3 days back

                @Jacob Simpson yeah your right, but the Bose QC20 you can find them slightly used for less than 100. They are retailed for 250 still for a reason lol. Been YEARS since Bose released those

              • Jacob Simpson
                Jacob Simpson  3 days back

                Kanji Santos yeah but paying $250 for wired earbuds doesn’t sound like a good deal

            • Celtic Tech, The Tree Of Life

              I tried both for two weeks. In the end, I decided I like the Powerbeats Pro’s better.

              • gavino orozco
                gavino orozco  1 days back

                The volume control was a bothering so much on the air pods pro. The only reason I got them was the find my air pods mode since I lost my Powerbeats pro so that swayed me to the AirPods pro

              • Garvens Perrin
                Garvens Perrin  2 days back

                Appreciate the feedback!

              • Celtic Tech, The Tree Of Life
                Celtic Tech, The Tree Of Life  2 days back

                Garvens Perrin I like the sound on the Powerbeats Pro’s better. I also like the buttons on the earpiece, especially volume control.

              • Garvens Perrin
                Garvens Perrin  2 days back

                What swayed your decision?

            • Junior D Gutierrez Frano

              I have original apple airpods 1 I like sound I don't like a battery life 5 hours I want new apple airpods be 9 hours or 12 hours battery life and I used airpods every go to 100% to 20% 10% that why I have a powerbeats pro like a sound like a airpods

              • Paul Williams
                Paul Williams  3 days back

                Junior D Gutierrez Frano you should just buy the Powerbeats

            • Victor Ryan
              Victor Ryan  5 days back

              After about 20 minutes the Powerbeats begin to hurt the insides of my ear

              • Victor Ryan
                Victor Ryan  5 days back

                But I’d say the best feature on the Powerbeats is that you can adjust the volume with buttons on the actual earphones. Most truly wireless earbuds can’t do this

            • Josh Brown
              Josh Brown  6 days back

              I use my PowerBeats Pro for high-intensity interval training and running — AirPods Pro for easy listening and phone calls 👍🏼 Both have their place

            • 757gametime
              757gametime  6 days back

              Powerbeats pro are better. This dude a weirdo who clearly likes the AirPod pros better.

              • 757gametime
                757gametime  3 days back

                LuisGp 77 I have them both and The pros have a tendency to fall out of ear VERY easy. Great sound though.

              • LuisGp 77
                LuisGp 77  4 days back

                @AyoTechnology I do go to the gym but I also want them for watching youtube and stuff like that. Still recommend the beats in this situation?

              • AyoTechnology
                AyoTechnology  4 days back

                LuisGp 77 i have both. Buy the beats if you go to the gym. Buy the airpods for outside of working out.

              • LuisGp 77
                LuisGp 77  4 days back

                Im still deciding on which ones to buy. Why do you prefer beats?

            • Roy Giesbrecht
              Roy Giesbrecht  7 days back

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              • Drew Rosenberg
                Drew Rosenberg  7 days back

                I got the airpods pro!! I have the power beats pro which i loved for working out BUTTTT these airpod pros BLOWWWWWW AWAY power beats pro, the noise canceling is AMAZING! I had no clue it would be this good, like seriously

                • Drew Rosenberg
                  Drew Rosenberg  4 days back

                  siorai1 airpods pro, louder volume and also with the noise cancellation it makes them complete, powerbeats pro have slightly better bass and stay in better, but airpods pro blow them away because i feel as though u can use airpods pro in more environments then the power beats

                • siorai1
                  siorai1  5 days back

                  Which ones sound better ?

              • Josue Barahona
                Josue Barahona  7 days back

                I love men

                • Anthony C Brown
                  Anthony C Brown  1 weeks back

                  I travel on European airlines that have strict carry on bag weight limits. The Airpod Pros cut a fair amount of weight when you consider the headphones and case of the Bose QC 35s. I was in a pub with the AirPod Pros in transparency mode ordering food and drinks with a lot of background music. When I switched back to ANC mode the difference was scary - in a good way. The whole room dropped away instantly with a faint hint of sound. A welcome addition to my tech bag for 2019.

                  • Peter Whelan
                    Peter Whelan  1 weeks back

                    I like air pods

                    • John Huynh
                      John Huynh  1 weeks back

                      You got me at “and of course a higher price point” 🤣😅

                      • Thomas Siegers
                        Thomas Siegers  1 weeks back

                        Beats suck

                        • DookB
                          DookB  1 weeks back

                          I have both. They’re both equally great for different reasons. Sound quality is superb on both, with the added features on the AirPods Pro. The Powerbeats Pro is perfect for active use, such as running and working out.

                          • carlovespa
                            carlovespa  1 weeks back

                            Please don’t listen to this man regarding sound quality. I owned both and returned the APP. PBP have noticeably better sound quality overall. This applies to a variety of genres of music including pop, rap, rock, and classical. The bass alone is miles better on the PBP. I also have zero issues wearing the ear hooks for long periods of time.

                            Where the APP shine is the tiny carrying case, wireless charging, and ANC/Transparency. Otherwise PBP have superior sound, battery life on a single charge, and volume controls.

                            • Das Boot
                              Das Boot  6 days back

                              carlovespa yeah Powerbeats pro have a better sound, but you have to have them fit correct. If not they have no bass. I use mine to work out and my Apple AirPods pro for at work or lounging around. The noise cancelling isn’t that good, I have the Amazon echo buds and those have better noise cancelling. I wonder if it’s because they are not so plasticey lol is that a word? But they are both good headphones just the Powerbeats pro are awesome for the gym.

                          • DrugTalk 101
                            DrugTalk 101  1 weeks back

                            Why does your audio quality get bad after your intro? When you're off camera talking it sounds better than when you are on camera it almost sounds like you're recording the off camera stuff right next to your phone and you're recording that on camera stuff with your phone and not getting equal audio I would recommend in your edits going to the audio volume and trying to make the whole video equal quality thanks for the review though

                            • Baconface McGee
                              Baconface McGee  1 weeks back

                              I’ll stick to my Lightning EarPods.

                            • Joe K
                              Joe K  1 weeks back

                              For true hearing protection (such as when on a riding lawnmower), IsoTunes Pro are pretty awesome.

                              • Gerald Deus
                                Gerald Deus  1 weeks back

                                I have both and hate both.. Powerbeats pro sound really thin and low.. AirPod pros give me a head with that suction noise cancellation.. I should've just stayed with my AirPods 1and 2's...

                                • Brian
                                  Brian  1 weeks back

                                  How is the mic quality between the two

                                  • studivan
                                    studivan  1 weeks back

                                    Airpod's Pro's are mid heavy, there is no such thing as ear fatigue with Powerbeats pro's, the microphone quality is better on Powerbeats Pro's, the superior sound quality goes to the Powerbeats Pro's, the better battery life goes to the Powerbeats Pro's, you don't need noise cancellation with power beats Pro's and finally you don't need to make a purchase justification video with the Power beats Pro's.

                                    • George Edmondson
                                      George Edmondson  4 days back

                                      I agree with everything but they mic quality. When it comes to making phone calls the air pods sound better to me. I love both of them.

                                    • James M.
                                      James M.  1 weeks back

                                      studivan too bulky in my pocket though

                                    • Jacob Montoya
                                      Jacob Montoya  1 weeks back

                                      studivan 😐

                                  • Drew Rosenberg
                                    Drew Rosenberg  1 weeks back

                                    Omg thank you, just bought my airpods pro and i have the beats pro, wanted to know which was better,

                                    • Drew Rosenberg
                                      Drew Rosenberg  1 weeks back

                                      studivan stop, 😂 ive realized this, done goofed myself

                                    • studivan
                                      studivan  1 weeks back

                                      Then you should feel like Boo Boo the fool then, because you already had what was better.

                                    • WinnerMatt11
                                      WinnerMatt11  1 weeks back

                                      Drew Rosenberg you rich

                                  • John Constable
                                    John Constable  1 weeks back

                                    thank you for the great review

                                    • studivan
                                      studivan  1 weeks back

                                      This was not a great review it was a biased review, you can tell this when the reviewers star out by making things up to put the newest product over, like ear fatigue, size, weight, instead of talking about things that matter like call quality or sound quality, battery life.

                                  • Mail Mail
                                    Mail Mail  1 weeks back

                                    Am I the only one that thinks design wise this is a huge step backwards? The flexible white doesn't even seem to match the solid part in some videos. Please make a solid version more sweat resistant. IMHO the great thing about AirPods is that they did NOT have the condom feeling ... and for f... sake give me a black version and accept the slight branding downside ... thats just paranoid and greedy thinking.

                                    • Howard Davidson
                                      Howard Davidson  1 weeks back

                                      More bullshit from Apple at a ridiculous price ..These look the same as a pair of in ears I had many years ago...Are the crush proof?

                                      • Robert Prejs
                                        Robert Prejs  1 weeks back

                                        AirPods Pro silicon tips have mesh to protect the speakers grills from clogging with wax . Battery is larger and located in the body not the stem like rice grain size battery in AirPods. That makes them a bit more cold resistant in cold climate outside. I prefer the sound of them with ANC OFF as this gives more bass and is more dynamic when running. Therefore I configured the haptic button to toggle OFF / Transparency - that is very good when talking to other people. To activate ANC I use AppleWatch or ask Siri. I also use for example: "Hey Siri Volume 35%" - and it mostly works! ANC is pretty decent for low frequencies that are most annoying as airplanes, aircon but also cut away the noise of car engines - so be careful in the city. However proper over ear like Sony WH100M3 are better for ANC. I noticed that they can hurt external ear lower part when pressed downwards as when wearing a warm hat with head lamp that is pushing them down - the body of AirPods Pro is larger than AirPods. I am not a big fan of the in-ear headphones but so far AirPods Pro are fine and with the new battery type and placement I hope would last longer then my 1st gen AirPods.

                                        • Terescular
                                          Terescular  1 weeks back

                                          studivan apparently, you can’t read; he said the AirPods Pro have THEIR OWN mesh to protect the speaker grills, which already have their own mesh seal. This would provide a double coating.

                                        • studivan
                                          studivan  1 weeks back

                                          All in ear earbuds have mesh to protect the speaker grills from clogging with wax and the battery is not larger than the battery in Powerbeats pro's but to justify your purchase that does sound good though.

                                      • Scout Novemberlight
                                        Scout Novemberlight  1 weeks back

                                        I have both the PowerBeats Pro and the AirPods Pro. I’m one of those people who has never been able to use the original style AirPods, but the Pros do stay in my ear fairly well. That said, they actually do hurt my ears a bit after a while. Not so much the ear canal, but the outer ear. So, I use the AirPods Pro during commutes on public transport or when my neighbours are being inconsiderate you-know-whats, but I use the PowerBeats Pro the rest of the time, because they are just a little more comfortable and feel a bit more secure in my ears. Also, when going for walks/runs I prefer the PowerBeats Pro. In that situation I don’t need the noise cancellation, because I like to have more of an awareness of traffic etc, and as they stay more securely in my ears it makes sense. Also, a lot more convenient to adjust the volume on the actual earbuds, rather than having to take out my phone or use my watch in those situations. On the tube commute I don’t mind using my watch to adjust volume for the AirPods Pro, but while running it’s just more intuitive to change it on my earbuds. The latency when watching video is excellent in both earbuds, when using Apple devices. Haven’t tested on non Apple devices, so don’t know about latency with those. (I have tried Jabra Elite 65t and Sennheiser Momentum’s with my Apple devices, and both went back to the shop due to terrible connection and latency issues.) Overall, sound quality between AirPods Pro and PowerBeats Pro is comparable for me; I’m not into super base heavy music - more of a singer/songwriter kind of person, and audiobooks sound great on both. Hope this helps someone out there. Have a lovely day!

                                        • PR Synths
                                          PR Synths  3 days back

                                          Scout Novemberlight Thanks for sharing your experience. Your down to earth analysis helped me more than the videos I've seen👍

                                        • studivan
                                          studivan  1 weeks back

                                          I have owned both two, but sent the AirPods Pro's back, yes they are better than regular AirPods, but if you had to buy one pair earbuds the Powerbeats Pro's beat out the AirPods Pro's in battery life, bass, looks, control, call quality and overall sound quality.

                                        • Sherry x🌻
                                          Sherry x🌻  1 weeks back

                                          Scout Novemberlight Appreciate people like you who take the time to give detailed personal experiences and thoughts to help others make an informed decision. Sending you love and joy 💖

                                        • Joyce Koh
                                          Joyce Koh  1 weeks back

                                          Scout Novemberlight Thank you for sharing your experiences! I have the Powerbeats Pro and I’m wondering if the AirPods Pro will be a good buy. This helps a lot.

                                      • Gregory Albert
                                        Gregory Albert  1 weeks back

                                        People disappointed battery didn’t increase... what did you expect? They made them smaller, added ANC and other features - pretty difficult to increase battery.

                                        The only thing is the volume - I’d love if apple adds a gesture... hint hint Apple

                                        AirPods pro are suppose to arrive tomorrow.... (I have power beats pro and AirPods 2 but the convenience and form factor of the AirPods are a win for me)

                                        • Jeri Kourkoumelis
                                          Jeri Kourkoumelis  2 weeks back


                                        • Bryan Campbell
                                          Bryan Campbell  2 weeks back

                                          Apple headphones never seem to stay in my ear. I realize this is a slightly different design but I like the hooks the Powerbeats Pro offer and the much longer battery life over the AirPods Pro. I’m also a little tired of white products it seems kind of last decade to me.

                                          • Dangelo Paramore
                                            Dangelo Paramore  2 days back

                                            Damn bro you basically typed exactly what I was going to type yo🤭😯

                                          • Amanda Cerny
                                            Amanda Cerny  4 days back

                                            ANE Give it some time and it will. It’s not about the size of the tip but rather the hook or some other parts of the earphone that hurts your ear. It gives you ear fatigue after wearing it for more than 2 hours.

                                          • ANE
                                            ANE  4 days back

                                            Amanda Cerny I think that depends of the size of your ear because I have the Powerbeats pro and my ears have a medium-small size and actually they doesn’t hurt at all.

                                          • Amanda Cerny
                                            Amanda Cerny  1 weeks back

                                            But after wearing the Powerbeats, your ears hurt because of the feel of the ear pods. In AirPods pro, that’s not the case. And it fits better now because of the in ear design

                                        • Miguel Alejandro Lopez Rodas

                                          I really don't know wich of these buy😐. Hey also a question. I'm an android user and I'm not buying a new phone just for the airpods butttttt I have an iPhone 5c. Can ai connect them to it by just opening the case and not opening Bluetooth?? Hope you read it

                                          • mitra reddy
                                            mitra reddy  1 weeks back

                                            Not compatible with iPhone 5C

                                          • thanos R
                                            thanos R  1 weeks back

                                            you can check on apple's website on airpods pro if they are supported on 5c...bluetooth is fast too nowadays you can use them with your android no prob i am actually considering getting these with an android phone too i already use a bluetooth over the ear set of headphones with bluetooth 4.2 and its instant 99% of the time...and these have bluetooth 5.0

                                        • Ausländerzocken HD
                                          Ausländerzocken HD  2 weeks back

                                          How Is the Isolation? Do the Powerbeats isolate better ?

                                          • studivan
                                            studivan  1 weeks back

                                            Yes! that's why they don't need noise cancellation.

                                        • David Veale
                                          David Veale  2 weeks back

                                          I prefer the Powerbeats Pro because Air Pods have a hard time staying my ears. The ear hooks are a key feature for me.

                                          • Jaden Halstead
                                            Jaden Halstead  6 days back

                                            studivan the power beats pro are $250 and don’t even have noise cancellation. That automatically puts the AirPods ahead

                                          • Amanda Cerny
                                            Amanda Cerny  1 weeks back

                                            The AirPods pro and Powerbeats pro have the same in ear design now. And the Powerbeats pro give pain when you wear them for a long time. The AirPods pro’s tips are identical to the Powerbeats pro so AirPods Pro won’t fall out.

                                          • Nicky G
                                            Nicky G  1 weeks back

                                            Big O Kickz lol

                                          • Big O Kickz
                                            Big O Kickz  1 weeks back

                                            studivan they’re both $250...

                                          • studivan
                                            studivan  1 weeks back

                                            You should prefer Powerbeats pro's because they are actually better in every way and you should expect the YouTube videos saying AirPods Pro's are better because they are the newest apple product and people have to justify spending $250.00 on the new earbuds.

                                        • niceshyguy
                                          niceshyguy  2 weeks back

                                          It’s like comparing Apple’s to...Apple’s. 

                                        • nKrandom
                                          nKrandom  2 weeks back

                                          What about wind noise? The PBP are awful when riding a bike or when it's windy outside...

                                          • Jaden Halstead
                                            Jaden Halstead  6 days back

                                            nKrandom AirPods pro cancel out wind noise pretty well

                                          • nKrandom
                                            nKrandom  1 weeks back

                                            @galax That was NOT the question. Ty 4 nothing.

                                          • galax
                                            galax  1 weeks back

                                            nKrandom I wouldn’t use any headphones on a bike, best of luck with that.

                                        • TheWebStylist
                                          TheWebStylist  2 weeks back

                                          The main issue I had with the AirPods Pro (I tested at Apple Pasadena last Fri) was the mic is muffled which makes it useless to me. That would be poor sounding client call conversations on what they'd be hearing, or verbal text messages. Really surprised I haven't seen more reviews mentioning this. They still need a black option so they are more discreet. Do the Powerbeats have a mic?

                                          • TheObiareus
                                            TheObiareus  1 weeks back

                                            Briefly testing out a demo model at an Apple store is hardly a rigorous test. From basically all the reviews on the AirPods Pro that I’ve seen people say the mic sounds great.

                                          • Liverpoolfan 242
                                            Liverpoolfan 242  1 weeks back

                                            The powerbeats pro also have a mic and if your client calls are normally longer than 4 hours you should go with the powerbeats pro for the longer battery life.

                                        • Robert Cowling
                                          Robert Cowling  2 weeks back

                                          Do Air Pods Pro wirelessly charge? I haven't heard that they do, or, oddly, don't. *shrug*

                                          • Dale Kerr
                                            Dale Kerr  2 weeks back

                                            Who doesn’t know that they charge wirelessly? Have some people been asleep this year? Remember AirPods 2, they added wireless charging.

                                          • MacRumors
                                            MacRumors   2 weeks back

                                            The case wirelessly charges and the airpods charge wirelessly inside the case. So yes.

                                          • Mel Looney
                                            Mel Looney  2 weeks back

                                            They do

                                          • MisGamer Sshh
                                            MisGamer Sshh  2 weeks back

                                            They do charge wirelessly

                                          • Red Hood
                                            Red Hood  2 weeks back

                                            Robert Cowling they don’t

                                        • ShadowMars 69
                                          ShadowMars 69  2 weeks back

                                          Good choice

                                          • Felipe Buccianti
                                            Felipe Buccianti  2 weeks back

                                            Something no one has talked about. Hinges on the case are pretty loose (left to right). Makes it feel a little cheap. Also, when noise cancellation is “on” there is no air pass through so you will feel the pressure in your ear. Otherwise good earbuds.

                                            • Felipe Buccianti
                                              Felipe Buccianti  5 days back

                                              John Gulpo that is true but you can feel the pressure change when noise cancellation is on. I know there is no mechanical part to close the tunnel. Now sure how that works 🤷‍♂️

                                            • John Gulpo
                                              John Gulpo  6 days back

                                              There actually is a tunnel covered by the black mesh on the outside of the Airpods Pro allowing for pressure equalization...

                                            • Felipe Buccianti
                                              Felipe Buccianti  7 days back

                                              @Anthony C Brown I'd say they're all "early builds" at this point? Regardless, based on your reply I went back to the store. All display units as well as the employee's personal AirPods had the same flimsy hinge.

                                            • Anthony C Brown
                                              Anthony C Brown  1 weeks back

                                              You must have a different model or an early build. 1) No hinge issue 2) Not experienced this at all

                                          • 包皮過短
                                            包皮過短  2 weeks back

                                            The only reason I replaced my Powerbeats Pro with AirPods Pro is its fat stupid charging case.

                                            • Juan Passi
                                              Juan Passi  2 weeks back

                                              I got allergy to the material of the ear tip on the Powerbeats pro so I had to return them. I just got my AirPods pro and it seems they chose a different material for the ear tips because so far I haven’t had any issue with my ears.

                                              • Juan Passi
                                                Juan Passi  1 weeks back

                                                Scout Novemberlight could have been the allergic reaction to the material or the fact that the ear tip on the Powerbeats pro is so hard and tight that irritates the ear channel.

                                              • Scout Novemberlight
                                                Scout Novemberlight  1 weeks back

                                                I suppose the upside with the PowerBeats Pro is that they do use a universal stem for fitting eartips on, so you could have just popped a different tip on them (assuming you liked them apart from the allergy issue). Also, it is possible to get Comply or Comply style foam tips for the PowerBeats Pro, which I think a lot of people like. This isn’t available for the AirPods Pro, owing to the different way the eartips connect to the body of the earbuds. That said, it’ll be a matter of time before there are third party knock-offs available, I’m sure.

                                              • Juan Passi
                                                Juan Passi  1 weeks back

                                                Flip The Rat totally worth the switch Hehe

                                              • Flip The Rat
                                                Flip The Rat  1 weeks back

                                                Juan Passi nice thanks. I like the Powerbeats but I want the AirPod Pros. I’ll probably get the AirPods and hand the Powerbeats down to my son

                                              • Juan Passi
                                                Juan Passi  1 weeks back

                                                Flip The Rat Powerbeats pro have too much bass. Terrible for jazz and blues. AirPods pro have a more clear and wider range sounds without losing bass. They sounds pretty good.

                                            • John Pamplin
                                              John Pamplin  2 weeks back

                                              What about microphone quality? Do both products have good mics?

                                              • j07242054
                                                j07242054  4 days back

                                                you can consider powerbeats pro as a non-microphone product.

                                              • Amanda Cerny
                                                Amanda Cerny  6 days back

                                                Jaydee it’s better than every wireless ear pod out there. Tf are you on about. It’s better than the Sony’s, Beats’, and pretty much every wireless ear pod out there

                                              • Jaydee
                                                Jaydee  6 days back

                                                Wtf air pods mic is trash gonna go return them for solo pros

                                              • Neville Mathew
                                                Neville Mathew  7 days back

                                                TF? Why are so many people shitting on the AirPods mic? It’s better than the rest of the truly wireless headphones out there.

                                              • Amanda Cerny
                                                Amanda Cerny  1 weeks back

                                                PaddonPlayz stop being biased smh

                                            • Paul Appleby
                                              Paul Appleby  2 weeks back

                                              You should have compared the noise cancellation. That's all I'm interested in.

                                              • studivan
                                                studivan  1 weeks back

                                                One pair doesn't need the noise cancellation, because all you hear is the music anyway.

                                              • Ethan T35
                                                Ethan T35  2 weeks back

                                                I’ve tried both and think the earphone clamp creates more isolation than the ANC on the airpods, basically a gimmick for it to sell

                                              • Paul Appleby
                                                Paul Appleby  2 weeks back

                                                @Khubs Well don't I feel silly. :|

                                              • Khubs
                                                Khubs  2 weeks back

                                                Paul Appleby well, one pair literally comes with noise cancellation and the other doesn’t.