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  • StevenCrowder
    StevenCrowder   2 weeks back

    What do you think? Is Thanksgiving racist? And how familiar were you with its history?

      AARON VDB  6 days back

      It is incredible how much flack (or praise) White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPS) receive today because of the persuasive interpretations delivered to American youth by educators in a position of trust (power, authority, influence, responsibility). Without hearing strong reasoning from both sides of every issue, students become conditioned to behave predictably, one-sidedly. Unfortunately, these students and many adults do not realize they are parroting the interpretations of others instead of truth. Many are unaware that what is personally convenient or feels good does not necessarily equate to truth.

      All this to say, the Spanish and the British came to the Americas — according to various historians. In the Americas: settlements, trade, war, and disease took the lives of many men, women and child on all sides. The weaponry, immunity, and ideas of the European settlers prevailed. The European colonists in America and European imperialists in Africa, Asia and Australia prevailed. It was the prevailing survivors who wrote the tale. Now, English language and the US Dollar, as well as Capitalism and Judeo-Christian values of the West (Asia) are the prominent currency and commodity around the globe, and envied by most.

      At one time, it was Egypt. Another time, China. Rome has its day, too. Various cultures have produced great works of art, in depth philosophies as well as enlightening spiritual practices. Great leaders, mathematicians, artists, athletes, military, and insights have come from every corner of the globe. However, today it is the USA that is supreme. The USA, like many empires before it, has inherited the accumulated wisdom and practices of the empires before it. And, like those empires, the USA cannot live forever. But, is short-sighted and self-loathing to hate everything American, or representative of American national and patriotic feeling because of past or present wrongs occurring in America. We need to do better, sure. But, let’s not forget the progress made here by the heterogeneous group here, and let’s ALL take pride in our biodiverse tribe and home.

    • l ANYEP l
      l ANYEP l  2 weeks back


    • R
      R  2 weeks back

      Fuckboy troll bitch. I'm from the 80's where you white boys ain't cool. Change my mind cornball.

    • Dino Donati
      Dino Donati  2 weeks back

      I personally truly do not care if these brats think it’s racist.. I’m going to celebrate anyway, and enjoy every minute of it.. Happy Thanksgiving patriots.

    • Israel-Did-9/11
      Israel-Did-9/11  2 weeks back

      If cookie monster takes 1 hour to bake a batch of cookies, how long does it take him to cook 6,000,000 cookies?

  • keimo Clayton
    keimo Clayton  4 minutes back

    An argument isn't just saying "no it isn't.

    Yes it is.

    "No it isn't"

    • Quasi Stellar Primate
      Quasi Stellar Primate  16 minutes back

      These Change My Mind segments are so troll. Because a sane, normal person would shrug at the "Thanksgiving is not RACIST." sign or just completely ignore it and go have Thanksgiving.
      The only humans to respond are the neo-social-Marxist brainwashed college students who think everything is sexist, racist, phobic, and that all "white" men are bad.
      Gotta love these reactions if you love the trolling. I know I do.

      • SteadyChasin MoneyBags
        SteadyChasin MoneyBags  29 minutes back

        2nd girl needs a safe space...

        • TKCoutside
          TKCoutside  36 minutes back

          She says, “Just because you don’t agree or understand something doesn’t make it barbaric.”

          Exactly, exactly sweetie 🤷‍♂️

          • Lee R.
            Lee R.  39 minutes back

            >Defends native barbarism because "it was their land"
            >Against the wall, because it's racist

            • TKCoutside
              TKCoutside  52 minutes back

              No, it is not inherently racist. Yes, I was very familiar with the history of the holiday. First girl, seems confused, went way off the topic of Thanksgiving, reasonable though. I think she missed the Spanish aspect of the whole Mexico thing too. To Communism, starting from Thanksgiving, and back again. (The Indigenous People of North America migrated from elsewhere, as have all other people groups since humanity began.)

              Second girl is a train wreck, a product of liberal left indoctrination with no clue about her professed religion or the history of the country she lives in. I’m sad for her and all that think like her.

              Third guy was pretty chill, and yep, Epstein didn’t kill himself for the win.

              Last girl, gave all the kudos to her mom and dad, her parents messed up I guess. The relativism is strong in this one. Liberal arts? Say no more.

              • Austin Z. Jones
                Austin Z. Jones  3 hours back

                Saying that they hadn't domesticated horses is disingenuous since they didn't have horses until the conquistadors.

                • Rico Butler
                  Rico Butler  3 hours back

                  Of course ya Mayo munching ass doesn’t believe thanksgiving isn’t a racist holiday,fuck outta here. White people stay trying to forget the history of this country. Well the indigenous people and POC will never forget. So fuck thanksgiving and fuck you @StevenCrowder. Bitch ass.

                  • Truth Hertz
                    Truth Hertz  2 hours back

                    Poor colored person doesn't understand plain English...

                    Or write, punctuate or pronounce either... LOL

                • Essential Liberty
                  Essential Liberty  3 hours back

                  The Epstein comment was perfect

                  • King Ray P
                    King Ray P  4 hours back

                    You appear to be speaking for white people who feel the new "PC" age white guilt of the woke society. So often people are woke and yet don't know what they are speaking about. I DO believe that people could speak to the differences they have with white American culture in ways that don't offend. So I believe minorities could express differences in ways that don't offend white people. But at the end of the day white people are the current race on top. Minorities would gladly eat turkey with you. The problem is white culture does exactly what you did in this video and argument. You suggest that white people are somehow more civilized than other races by highlighting the atrocities of those races, even though other races have peaceful practices as well. Then you use this bougie idea of white people being more civilized as the notion that helps you feel it was for the better that white people took over other peoples land. If white people were so genius, caring and thoughtful they would have helped changed those societies for the natives not just take the opportunity to say "hey, these people are fighting amongst themselves. Lets hop in between that, help instigate arguments between them, take their children and women for our own purposes and in the aftermath lets take the greater part of power over this land once the mess is all done" You don't end up taking over peoples land by accident and by helping them and then oops now that this moment is over somehow we end up on top and in charge of the land. You come in with intention to take their land.

                    Minorities are not arguing that white culture is the only evil on earth. Minorities are pointing out the fact that you paint yourselves as so civilized and perfect while simultaneously ignoring your imperfections. Making hero stories out of atrocities you've committed against the very people you want to help you celebrated these hero stories with you. Why is it that you can acknowledge some of the wrongs white people have done in your discussion in this video. Yet you can't acknowledge the fact of the very people you did those wrongs too find those wrongs as enough reason to not want to celebrate your white man made holiday. Once again if you cared about us you would see us have way. (Though you probably now feel like I'm telling you what to do. Intrusive like telling you to also think of the wrongs that were done while you have thanksgiving with your family. Though suggesting we have to agree with you is just as intrusive. Which is not very intrusive at all its just someone else's opinion.)

                    Now putting the past aside. Today we just want white people to stop acting like minorities will just forget the past and break bread and eat turkey with you when there are so many points in history up to recent day where white people get uncomfortable with the social and economical progression of minorities. We would believe in you and have some good old American love for you if it ever seemed like you would check your own white brothers who still treat minorities wrong to this day. We just want peace and to progress. Yet you aren't as passionate about stoping your racist white brothers from terrorizing minorities in all kinds of ways to this day. Just because it isn't as wide spread as the past doesn't mean you are off the hook and can just ignore things that still go on to this day. Things that are uncivilized and barbaric.You can't ignore that your white brothers will listen to you before they listen to minorities.

                    Its funny how logical you can be about arguing for thanksgiving(something a white man wants to exist). Yet somehow you don't use such logical arguments to change laws and differences in how minorities are treated. We never hear white people who think like you make such strong arguments in minorities favor. It goes to show that you only care about a white agenda. You don't really want to eat with us on thanksgiving. You just don't want to hear minorities making you uncomfortable about the fact that minorities disagree with thanksgiving.

                    Also if Americans have the true history of thanksgiving wrong. You wcould have simply did a video explaining the true history.

                    • Mic Morgan
                      Mic Morgan  4 hours back

                      50 years of peace was more of a surrender for preservation. If I was to come to your home and you let me move in and not pay rent but I also start helping my self to your amenities start doing renovations without your permission and then when you attempt to have me removed I thrashed you for and hour straight until you said fine “you can stay” that doesn’t sound like a sharing of culture to me. More like they were tired of getting their ass handed to them.

                      • Jason Melton
                        Jason Melton  4 hours back

                        If possible, one should always refer to an indigenous person of the United States by their particular nation (Cherokee, Black Foot, Navajo, etc.). Columbus was imprisoned by Spain for refusing to murder natives of San Salvador who would not be converted to Christianity.

                        • Caiden Humphrey
                          Caiden Humphrey  5 hours back

                          Lol I learned something during this

                          • My Journey To SpaceX
                            My Journey To SpaceX  5 hours back

                            Im hungry now... Trying to overthrow corrupt ideology really makes one insatiable... Ima go eat some left over thanksgiving turkey #thankspreservatives

                            • My Journey To SpaceX
                              My Journey To SpaceX  5 hours back

                              This is clearly a video of stephen crowder selling out to cooperate america in this publicity so they can take away out our days off and pay us exactly the same.

                              • Simon Leuschel
                                Simon Leuschel  5 hours back

                                Didn't know that other countries have the holiday issue too.
                                In the Netherlands the snowflakes already managed to get rid of a big tradition called 'zwarte piet' because of "racism" which (if you know what the holiday is actually about) it is not.
                                Furthermore, there is already discusion about getting rid of Christmas.

                                There is no denying that snowflakes, and mass immigration is destroying our western national cultures.

                                • My Journey To SpaceX
                                  My Journey To SpaceX  5 hours back

                                  Who is trying to get rid of christmas? Our goverment is not powerful enough to do that? Cooperate america wouldn't let them. To much profit

                              • My Journey To SpaceX
                                My Journey To SpaceX  5 hours back

                                Bruh why is no one mentioning the fact that if we get rid of Thanksgiving we get rid of 1-2 days off a year for the majority of people. I dont know anyone tjat celebrates pilgrims just down time and food

                                • janajera24
                                  janajera24  6 hours back

                                  If Lincoln wanted a holiday after the end of the civil war he shouldve just made a holiday not connected to the original Thanksgiving for example like Reunited day or something like that cause even though at that time the natives and pilgrims were at peace, Lincoln made it a holiday after all the shit the pilgrims did to the natives

                                  • Amanda Powers
                                    Amanda Powers  6 hours back

                                    What is so ridiculous is the fact that these kids are being taught to hang their heads in the shame of this “white guilt” while ignoring the fact that evil has existed through all races, creeds, religions and cultures. But we aren’t allowed to talk about that because I’m sure just pointing out that FACT would be considered “inherently racist”...#talkingpoints #rhetoric #progressive #haveanoriginalthoughtwhydontcha

                                    • Arktikice Frost
                                      Arktikice Frost  6 hours back

                                      Obviously the first person was afraid of coming across as racist. The cultural relativism was pretty apparent with her. Actually, the second person did that too. So filled with buzzwords. You've got to love it when they try to change topics and make excuses for what they like when Steven calls them on it. I mean, the second girl was completely normal when talking about anything that wasn't Islam.

                                      • janajera24
                                        janajera24  6 hours back

                                        He sure likes to point out they havent domesticated horses

                                        • janajera24
                                          janajera24  6 hours back

                                          So if aliens landed on earth have a peaceful feast with us then after 50 years they realise were barbaric cause we have inferior technology , the genocide throughout history or putting pineapple on pizza then wipe most of humanity either directly or indirectly by bringing new diseases but give us back a piece of land, (just hope it isnt florida) should the day the aliens landed be celebrated cause they were originally peaceful?

                                        • michael faron
                                          michael faron  7 hours back

                                          The first woman is legit reading a script.

                                        • The CQB’s Essay
                                          The CQB’s Essay  7 hours back

                                          5:45 when has it ever been taught that Columbus raped women? Even in knowing better’s video on Columbus where while he agrees that Columbus isn’t really important enough to have his day about him since to the United States he is really just a footnote in our history, he still goes out of his way to debunk many of the myths behind Columbus (he still says that by modern standard Columbus was not a good person, but still), and he never ever mentions in the video this myth about Columbus raping women, so my question is, if a channel like knowing better never mentioned it, where the hell did this myth come from?

                                          • nigelk91
                                            nigelk91  8 hours back

                                            Steven is so goddamn smart, he starts off by being charitable and siding with their argument, then completely blows it out the water with his vast knowledge and logic.

                                            • Daniel Bowman
                                              Daniel Bowman  8 hours back

                                              Jewish holidays:

                                              Passover celebrating....inflicting ten plagues upon the Egyptians....
                                              Purim celebrating.....Throughout the Persian empire 75,000 of the Jewish peoples' enemies are killed....

                                              • Pranav Mahanubhav
                                                Pranav Mahanubhav  9 hours back

                                                Lol.. who is saying it is..

                                                • Carlos Ochoa
                                                  Carlos Ochoa  10 hours back

                                                  I love how you all feel so smug about yourselves for holding the popular opinion that the muslim girl is just playing the victim. I would urge you to see what it feels like to show empathy and compassion and stand up for the vulnerable. This makes me sick that this guy thinks he is a man but he is a disgrace. Real men show compassion and understanding, what a child.

                                                  • Yanni J
                                                    Yanni J  10 hours back

                                                    Im prolly not gonna finish this video just here to say I love the first girl.

                                                    • Miko
                                                      Miko  10 hours back

                                                      So what you’re saying is that even though land was stolen and genocides was committed we should all be thankful. 50 years of peace? The end doesn’t justify the means.

                                                      • Illuminati Gamer
                                                        Illuminati Gamer  10 hours back

                                                        Muslim girl got destroyed

                                                        • Trevor Smith
                                                          Trevor Smith  11 hours back

                                                          The newer generations are so sensitive it pisses me off. Thanksgiving is a holiday get over it!! I’m happy he goes and does this.

                                                          • Spiffymind AllDayLong
                                                            Spiffymind AllDayLong  12 hours back

                                                            The first girl doesnt believe in interfering with cultures? What about the middle eastern cultures that sell little girls into marriage to grow men who molest them? Or the culture that allowed adults to put their mouths on babies genitals? What about the African warlord who rape molest and kill tribesmen and kidnap their children? She thinks that should be allowed and noone should interfere? WTF! Then nothing anyone does is morally wrong in her eyes.

                                                            • MXbass
                                                              MXbass  12 hours back

                                                              Suddenly every video on my suggestions is cnn. Literally every other video is cnn.

                                                              • The Weasel
                                                                The Weasel  12 hours back

                                                                Thanksgiving isn’t racist, proceeds to dress like the European Pilgrim that he is....My name is Steven Crowder and I’m here to stir the shitpot.

                                                                • Unique Name Here
                                                                  Unique Name Here  13 hours back

                                                                  Racism: Discriminating one’s color, and entire race, assuming bad for everyone in that specific race or races.

                                                                  Prejudice: Can be racist but is basically just assuming someone is going to do something because of their skin color

                                                                  Thanksgiving: A feast between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans that lasted for three days.

                                                                  Columbus Day: Celebrating the day that Christopher landed in “America” and basically started a whole thing with murder, slavery, and rape between the Pilgrims and the Natives.

                                                                  • Hugh Mann
                                                                    Hugh Mann  14 hours back

                                                                    Holy fuck I think that woman's whole idea of self was changed after this

                                                                    • Ty Perez
                                                                      Ty Perez  14 hours back

                                                                      I rlly liked the first girl

                                                                      • Ben Yaeger
                                                                        Ben Yaeger  14 hours back

                                                                        Why is it so hard for someone to admit that they just might not know everything. Humbleness is a characteristic that should be sought after more than it is.

                                                                        • Ben Yaeger
                                                                          Ben Yaeger  14 hours back

                                                                          I love it, "well that's pacular".

                                                                          • Ben Yaeger
                                                                            Ben Yaeger  14 hours back

                                                                            The arrogant Muslim girl needs to take a few vacations to Islamic countries to actually see how blessed she is to live in America

                                                                            • Ben Yaeger
                                                                              Ben Yaeger  14 hours back

                                                                              How do u lift the veil on people who are so brainwashed?

                                                                              • Thomas Page
                                                                                Thomas Page  14 hours back

                                                                                He can't just use percents he needs to understand the actual # of native americans versus colonists, 50% of native americans would majorly outnumber 30% of colonists. And I understand the 20% difference may already seem like a lot, but actually considering the real populations of both societies would blow thee numbers out of proportion. This is his main argument against the term "mass genocide", but I think he used these percentages intentionally because, in the heat of the moment, the other side may not consider the populations. Just my opinion.

                                                                                • Thomas Page
                                                                                  Thomas Page  14 hours back

                                                                                  Great arguer though, lots of respect to you.

                                                                              • Willie Stansbury
                                                                                Willie Stansbury  15 hours back

                                                                                White folk love to say "look what they do to themselves dont blame us for stepping in ad getting a piece

                                                                                • Lord Voldemort
                                                                                  Lord Voldemort  15 hours back

                                                                                  Thanksgiving is not racist.... the pilgrims literally sat with another race....THE NATIVE AMERICANS.

                                                                                  • Ben Yaeger
                                                                                    Ben Yaeger  16 hours back


                                                                                    • oli B.
                                                                                      oli B.  16 hours back

                                                                                      The second girl should know that 'mental illness' is not used. We refer to it as 'mental disorder'. Take a psychology class, girl.