I Dated My TEACHER In High School


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  • 박미래
    박미래  2 hours back

    im so sad I can't play the game because its only for windows :(((

    • Shogun Polarzzz
      Shogun Polarzzz  3 hours back

      9:32 it do really be like that sometimes

      • Joseph Fuller
        Joseph Fuller  6 hours back

        Click bait

        • toxic_ lemonX
          toxic_ lemonX  7 hours back

          My death wish whould be to watch your videos! :)

          • insert random name
            insert random name  8 hours back

            vati... is like papa but in german isn’t it??

            • Gachaverse Boi
              Gachaverse Boi  8 hours back

              Jack:I hit people when I was young
              Me:detective pickachu meme

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                17:40 when your tribal father calls your name

                • The weird friends Lol
                  The weird friends Lol  8 hours back

                  Hey mutti and vati is german


                  • Troy Mahoney
                    Troy Mahoney  8 hours back

                    It was a patato

                    • Renan Biagioni
                      Renan Biagioni  8 hours back

                      What’s the name of the game

                      • Lark St-Amand
                        Lark St-Amand  9 hours back

                        In case you haven’t noticed, I game. I’m a gamer. I don't fit in. And I don't want to fit in. Have you ever seen me without this stupid beret on? That's weird.

                        • Joseph Harvey
                          Joseph Harvey  9 hours back

                          Uma thermon bet me till I cofise

                          • KID W25
                            KID W25  10 hours back

                            What game called?

                            • Wee Tod
                              Wee Tod  10 hours back

                              Did your teacher teach you sex ed?

                              • The silly dude
                                The silly dude  10 hours back

                                NADIA GET IN HERE

                                ad pops up loz for dayz

                                • Amber Huyett
                                  Amber Huyett  11 hours back

                                  You run up to somebody and slap them and say "wapoosh top of the morning to your ladies"

                                  • THE JIM
                                    THE JIM  11 hours back

                                    Tell my dog I love them hmmmm

                                    • Jayden Vermeend
                                      Jayden Vermeend  11 hours back

                                      19:38 I lost it. Funniest shit ever

                                      • Fluky
                                        Fluky  11 hours back

                                        ohhhh, so you broke your teachers ankle

                                        • Kayla Johnson
                                          Kayla Johnson  11 hours back

                                          This game looks fun af lol

                                          • Mrs.Pablo
                                            Mrs.Pablo  12 hours back

                                            bruh what game is this

                                            • Western Echidna
                                              Western Echidna  12 hours back

                                              *choose a high school sport*
                                              I cant. There's no Swimming or Water Polo there.

                                              • Chance Shaw
                                                Chance Shaw  12 hours back

                                                "Why don't we pick something more productive"
                                                I'm sorry is this YOUR life or is it MINE
                                                Don't tell me how to live MY life.

                                                • cat girl345
                                                  cat girl345  12 hours back

                                                  Jack:non of these are football
                                                  Me:um jack-ohhhh oh yea you live some where completely different from me-_-im stuipd

                                                  • xXDa_ Nugget_187Xx
                                                    xXDa_ Nugget_187Xx  12 hours back

                                                    If Seán started playing Minecraft, I'm surprised he didn't try Gacha xD

                                                    • AtsusunoアツスノChresolaくれそら

                                                      6:05 right he’s from the uk

                                                      • Tempest Eve
                                                        Tempest Eve  13 hours back

                                                        The mom and dad variations at the beginning are just in different languages.

                                                        • Gabriel Huerta
                                                          Gabriel Huerta  13 hours back

                                                          What game is this

                                                          • Dylan’s Plush Show
                                                            Dylan’s Plush Show  13 hours back

                                                            Jack with a man bun... ok then.

                                                            • Very TallMidget
                                                              Very TallMidget  14 hours back

                                                              N O O T N O O T

                                                              • Jakdakthe5th 11
                                                                Jakdakthe5th 11  15 hours back

                                                                What's this game called

                                                                • Clement Duchateau
                                                                  Clement Duchateau  15 hours back

                                                                  17:40 tribe incoming

                                                                  • SirThickNick
                                                                    SirThickNick  15 hours back

                                                                    Jack: theres no football here
                                                                    Everyone watching this video: LOOK TO THE LEFT

                                                                    • Jakdakthe5th 11
                                                                      Jakdakthe5th 11  15 hours back

                                                                      Me a fellow Irish boy reading comments yeah none of these are football

                                                                      • Dragon Slash365
                                                                        Dragon Slash365  15 hours back

                                                                        What happened to ‘ swore’?

                                                                        • W26 Qx1Gz
                                                                          W26 Qx1Gz  17 hours back

                                                                          U should do a video and just talk irish just fir the craic

                                                                          • Ian Alexavier
                                                                            Ian Alexavier  17 hours back

                                                                            Voice: "choose a size of television"
                                                                            Jack: *immediately without any thought chooses the large television

                                                                            This is me!!!

                                                                            • Menthols
                                                                              Menthols  17 hours back

                                                                              Deep down I want to pick Female because I'm clearly a straight male, buuuuuuttttt I don't want to offend the SJW lunatics, so I'll pick both and swipe left on everyone. Then when I have the choice between 2 males and a female, I will claim I'm not picking the female because I'm straight, but that I'm picking her because "her name is the most fun to say LOL!". - Sean

                                                                              • Cason Scarce
                                                                                Cason Scarce  17 hours back

                                                                                Jack: Picks 13 friends
                                                                                Also Jack: "See-saw, yeah right. You need friends to play that."

                                                                                • Joakob
                                                                                  Joakob  17 hours back

                                                                                  this reminds me of ODER BLODER BINDR

                                                                                  • Ghost God Gaming
                                                                                    Ghost God Gaming  17 hours back

                                                                                    Nobody -
                                                                                    Not even air -

                                                                                    Jack - mMMmMmmM

                                                                                    • HighOnAesthetic
                                                                                      HighOnAesthetic  17 hours back

                                                                                      ok but what is this game

                                                                                      • Flamel Camel
                                                                                        Flamel Camel  17 hours back

                                                                                        Jack when he died:


                                                                                        • Habibak Habibi
                                                                                          Habibak Habibi  18 hours back

                                                                                          Boy you do know that those words in the first screen are the words mom and dad in different languages, right?

                                                                                          • Bradley Smith
                                                                                            Bradley Smith  18 hours back

                                                                                            Hmmmmmm my 1st period teacher is Mrs . Robinson Hmmmmmm

                                                                                            • Just a Witchling
                                                                                              Just a Witchling  18 hours back

                                                                                              1:34 who else thought of zelda?

                                                                                              • 0l1v3r h4m1lt0n YT
                                                                                                0l1v3r h4m1lt0n YT  18 hours back

                                                                                                Choose your firsts words


                                                                                                • Looney Cubes
                                                                                                  Looney Cubes  18 hours back

                                                                                                  Oh yeah look at that baby
                                                                                                  - Jacksepticeye