Let's Talk About That $699 iPhone 11


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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee   4 days back

    Do you think this marks a shift in Apple's plan?
    I REALLY like this price tag. It's still an expensive phone but I think Apple is finally paying attention to the market.

    • Krystian W
      Krystian W  21 hours back

      Tech is not all about Apple and I couldn't care less - especially that they're miles behind the competition innovation-wise.

    • Turtles
      Turtles  22 hours back

      Apple is not losting any dollar in sales. They expect to sell more phones as well more services! So, in fact reducing 50 dollars will result increasing the iPhone sales and also direct and indirect collecting more money!!

    • Geffá Oliveira
      Geffá Oliveira  1 days back

      I will disagree with you. Apple won't lose a dollar whatsoever. Check the prices in other countries. All rising up

    • Aayush Dhuria
      Aayush Dhuria  1 days back

      I think they'd be expecting more sales to make up for some of the loss due to lower price.

    • Elevator Filmer SG
      Elevator Filmer SG  1 days back

      qiufuyao It all depends on the price elasticity of demand for the product. If the price elasticity if demand is inelastic (ie. a price increase will lead to a more than proportionate increase in sales and profits) than lowering the price might help them not help them make more money because consumers don’t respond much price changes. But if the price elasticity is very elastic, Apple couldn’t indeed make more money by reducing the price

  • Jan-Peter Schuring
    Jan-Peter Schuring  36 minutes back

    I think your second reason...services revenue....is the valid one. I don’t think Apple still cares about competition price point pressures. Apple does care about market share and seeing that they can capture more people into their ecosystem...and selling them services.... is the actual strategy behind lowering the price as well as keeping a lower priced previous model in the lineup.

    • Ishan Ali
      Ishan Ali  52 minutes back

      Looks trash. When’s the preorder haha

      • Ronakit Virasak Nyland
        Ronakit Virasak Nyland  55 minutes back

        Wasn’t it $899 when the iPhone XR launched? That’s $200 less

        • Ro Ro
          Ro Ro  1 hours back

          iPhone 11 is the same phone that released two years ago

          • Sincerely Yoann
            Sincerely Yoann  1 hours back

            I’ve also got a feeling that Apple are don e with phones and are focusing their energy in new technology, their watch series. They did the same with iPods, soon they’ll be know as a luxury smart watch company.

            • Sincerely Yoann
              Sincerely Yoann  1 hours back

              Elasticity of demand, Apples demand is very inelastic, therefore dropping the price in theory would only mean that demand would exceed quantity by far too much. Meaning Apple would easily make the gain back they would have lost by decreasing the price, but I also do think they are pushing for services too, for example the base storage for an iPhone is still 64GB in 2019 that’s nothing for what people use phones for today; which would only lead people to buying more cloud storage (a service).

              • Chad Porter
                Chad Porter  1 hours back

                They want you to upgrade now, and then slam the 2020 iPhone redesign in your face.

                • dzonikg
                  dzonikg  2 hours back

                  Iphone is dead ...that phones look so outdated ..i would be embarrassed to have them

                  • fibya indah
                    fibya indah  2 hours back

                    Of all the reviewer of the new iphone 11, you're the one talking about the price logic, that's very inspirational 👍

                    • P
                      P  2 hours back

                      Just like jio selling cheap Jio phone India. Perfect analysis!

                      • Gavin Burnes
                        Gavin Burnes  2 hours back

                        WHAT IS HE LOOKING AT. jarring

                        • 優Swish
                          優Swish  3 hours back

                          Duration of Video 4:20


                          • User Name
                            User Name  3 hours back

                            it’s pretty ridiculous that $699 is considered cheap for a phone nowadays, that’s literally average flagship price not a ‘budget alternative’

                            • Dennis Z
                              Dennis Z  3 hours back

                              699 is still expensive. Never gonna buy iPhone again. Use 699, you can buy a top spec phone in other brand.

                              • kamysamaa
                                kamysamaa  3 hours back

                                No offense...but I sense a lot of bu*****t in this video.

                                • Rafael Castelo Branco F. Costa

                                  Hey Dave, that 1 dollar you mentioned is called marginal cost in economics. The thing is, the lower the price, more people are willing to buy, this, more units are sold. The aggregation of how much people would buy one unit of a product for each price point is called supply curve. So a direct call that apple lost 1bi because they lowered the price in 1 dollar is an error. In fact, stratechery did a very good explanation on apple becoming a service company and that does involve having more users, so lowering the price of the phones to keep a little margin is actually a good move in the overall. There are rumors on apple bundling several services for a fixed price with a phone included

                                  • qihang xu
                                    qihang xu  4 hours back

                                    Maybe low price leads to more sales

                                    • Florian Popescu
                                      Florian Popescu  4 hours back

                                      I wish Apple would also make midrange phones.

                                      • Sketch Boy Tyro
                                        Sketch Boy Tyro  4 hours back

                                        A-ha-ha 4:20 long video, I see what you did there Mr.Lee. ;)

                                        Or is this a long shot and am I the only one that noticed this? 💀

                                        • Puggii Montages
                                          Puggii Montages  5 hours back

                                          How does your brain work. When something gets better but cheaper. It means there will be way more sales then last year’s iPhone XR. So basically those 1.3 billion dollars you were talking about aren’t necessarily left on the table. Because they will make that money back with the more sales of the iPhone 11. And they now have the arcade stuff, which will make them some good money too.

                                          • Chhay Sothet
                                            Chhay Sothet  5 hours back

                                            Come on d2d

                                            • ajith tg
                                              ajith tg  6 hours back

                                              calling a 700 dollar price tag cheaper is the real comedy here and apple is making way more money than anyone with their expensive products.just because of the fact they reduced the price tag of an overpriced product doesn't mean it is cheaper or has value for money like other products in the market

                                              • TesGon
                                                TesGon  6 hours back

                                                Now I understand why there so many dislikes.

                                                • Nathanael
                                                  Nathanael  6 hours back

                                                  No CEO actually thinks to themselves, "I'm ok with losing profit from this sector, since another part of the business is doing really well".
                                                  CEO's don't arbitrarily compromise. Every part of the business needs to function as optimally as possible.
                                                  Yes Tim Cook is ok with the price dropping to $699, but it's not because services have been doing well. It's because the net impact on shareholder profits is positive. That's the financial mindset of the executive.

                                                  • Lipbuzz
                                                    Lipbuzz  7 hours back

                                                    Slept through economics 101

                                                    • Geo A.m
                                                      Geo A.m  7 hours back

                                                      Great vid as always even I made a on iPhone 11 it would be great if anybody could check my channel out

                                                      • Armin
                                                        Armin  7 hours back

                                                        You're such an android cuck

                                                        • soham roy
                                                          soham roy  8 hours back

                                                          Apple is finally feeling Market Pressure: I guess that's why their phone looks 2 years old, with that ugly notch and a stove shaped camera in the back. Dave, maybe you can make Apple see the pressure, they obviously don't. For $700 you get the latest One plus, with that superb display.

                                                          • jose f avellaneda-barbarito

                                                            Very nice video

                                                            • Hugh Mungus
                                                              Hugh Mungus  8 hours back

                                                              720p lcd screen!!! Eh no thx.

                                                              • Misty Aka Mista
                                                                Misty Aka Mista  8 hours back

                                                                Is the iPhone 11 thicker or same size as the 10xr

                                                                • D3NT4L FL055
                                                                  D3NT4L FL055  9 hours back

                                                                  500 bucks for a phone and tablet combo hell ya

                                                                  • MobileGamerCAT
                                                                    MobileGamerCAT  9 hours back

                                                                    They lowered price by 50 dollars? They just released the new XR BUDGET SHIT PHONE and renamed it Iphone 11. iPhone 11 is now XR BUDGET LEVEL, up to last year it used to be a higher level phone.

                                                                    Besides that’s the way they could make 2 pro versions to rip off people even more. A pro version with screen smaller than 6’ in 2019? Smfh.

                                                                    • Laurence Goldkamp
                                                                      Laurence Goldkamp  10 hours back

                                                                      So pretty much instead of making $50 on one sale, they are focusing on making $50 a month off subscriptions.

                                                                      • Marshy Marsh
                                                                        Marshy Marsh  10 hours back

                                                                        Me on my 7plus😔

                                                                        • Jamie Khan
                                                                          Jamie Khan  11 hours back

                                                                          Damn I came here to learn stuff about the iPhone 11 but I didn’t learn jacks squat

                                                                          • Ca Reem
                                                                            Ca Reem  11 hours back

                                                                            What are you talking about? This phone costs 300$ in components, maybe less, so what they leave on the table? They just now fuck apple users 30% less

                                                                            • Chris Le
                                                                              Chris Le  11 hours back

                                                                              anyone know the background music?

                                                                              • Rogelio Padilla
                                                                                Rogelio Padilla  11 hours back

                                                                                I hate my iPhone 10r. It’s dumb slow.

                                                                                • Frank Castle
                                                                                  Frank Castle  11 hours back

                                                                                  This guy is actually really stupid

                                                                                  • Hussein Mohammed
                                                                                    Hussein Mohammed  11 hours back

                                                                                    shut up

                                                                                    • Magic
                                                                                      Magic  11 hours back

                                                                                      If literally ANYONE else released a phone like thos for 699$ noone would buy it

                                                                                      • Cloudless Vision
                                                                                        Cloudless Vision  11 hours back

                                                                                        Wow that's crazy this video was very informative but for the reduce price the demand will increase now. Basic supply and demand

                                                                                        • C Stealth
                                                                                          C Stealth  11 hours back

                                                                                          Gotta luv how $1 billion is penny change for Apple.

                                                                                          • EMAN-GAMING
                                                                                            EMAN-GAMING  12 hours back

                                                                                            The tech market is not looking for innovation. It’s looking for compromise.

                                                                                            • LilEggsy
                                                                                              LilEggsy  12 hours back

                                                                                              if they could get the phones down to $550 - $600 thatd be great. Hoping the lower price of hardware trend continues for Apple Products

                                                                                              • karis gregory
                                                                                                karis gregory  12 hours back

                                                                                                That's makes so much since, thanks for breaking it down like that.